Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome to North Korea

Not exactly, however the media's lack of scrutiny of Obama is getting to Dear Leader proportions.Obama was elected solely due to a financial meltdown and with near 100% media connivance.

There has been almost no critical scrutiny of his policies in the media.

Some people are not quite as dumb as the media makes them out. A nice coworker friend I thought was a lovable naive hippie chick has gone libertarian. The job does turn one into a cynic, but even she said "I hate Obama worse than Bush, how are we going to pay for this". Sunbeam is apolitical and is similar to me on individual issues excepts she is way more law and order. She has said almost the same thing.

1) Expect Social Engineering. We will see regressive taxation via alleged altruism like taxing soda. "We do it to fight obesity.
2) He will avoid going anywhere near immigration reform until the economy is better.
3) Less change than you thought on the policy of the war on terror. It is easier to criticize than to govern.
4) Zero moves to reign in big education or out of control health care costs.
5) There will be growth next year, but it will be stalled by ineptness of this far left demented program of screw business and reward connected special interest groups like big education.

1 Expect


Always On Watch said...

the media's lack of scrutiny of Obama is getting to Dear Leader proportionsI'm sick of it!

The media are sycophants for BHO -- worse than I've ever seen them.

And, yes, all Americans, of all classes, are going to get the soaked under this administration.

Thank God I own two houses outright! Otherwise....

Jungle Mom said...

I see where Israel is now saying Hugo is delivering uranium to Iran. Have I not been saying this for years????
Don't people realize mad men are playing with NUKEs and we are stuck with a clueless President!!!

Ducky's here said...

Beak, if you don't like it why not leave?

Ducky's here said...

Where did Hugo get the uranium. Venezuela has enrichment capabilities?

Why wouldn't he keep it or share it with Castro just to get your knickers in a knot.