Friday, May 22, 2009

Islam and Well adjusted types

I want to point out that the recent terrorist cell members were anything but well adjusted types.
The bios of those suspects all reveal lengthy criminal records. It is easy to point the finger at Islam
for a chicken and egg routine. We do not see this type of behavior with Christian conversion of prison inmates.

If you are a Muslim, like a Stephen Schwartz, you are a well adjusted man seeking a path to God. Such a person is gainfully employed and has a history of respecting the laws of society. Maybe it is time to ponder if the variant of Islam preached behind bars sanctions a persons already marginal
social skills.


Anonymous said...

Obama's about to fill our American prisons with experienced jihadi's from Gitmo to recruit the next generation of American born Islamic terrorists. Osama bin Laden can hardly wait...

Z said...

That's right, FJ.
Let's hope they have them in solitary confinement or only confinement with the rest of the Gitmo terrorists.

America's becoming laugh-worthy...a country which doesn't respect its borders, does things like allowing terrorists ANYWHERE in the country even if it is prison, people who believe this man wouldn't raise their taxes and forgot lowering deductions and taxing their beer and cigarettes is also going to hurt their pocketbooks...the fun never stops lately. :-(

And, we have a president who thinks cities will be safe having detainees in their nearby prisons as if he's never heard of how those types can't wait to get their virgins in muslim heaven...nuke the prison, that'll show America. oh, man.

Ducky's here said...

Planning some field work, Beak?

Always On Watch said...

We do not see this type of behavior with Christian conversion of prison inmates.Take a look at the two kinds of proselytizers -- Christian evangelicals and Wahhabist imams. Therein lies the answer as to why the difference.

BTW, Islam doesn't teach about sin and repentance. Except for Sufism, Islam teaches that killing infidels brings salvation. With prison inmates of the hardcore and violent ilk, such a teaching as the latter has incredible potential for grave danger to all of society, once those inmates are released.