Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lot of good people hurting

I have had a bad break or two in the last week, and I am taking the time to catch up on old friends.
Many of them are in bad shape and career wise they are lost. The financial mess has impacted marriages and lives.

I was amazed at how many friends instantly remembered my name and voice. A few of the friends are dead and one who was allegedly dead turned up alive.

If you have a job in this mess consider yourself blessed. However, it is important to always network with old friends and see where life has taken them.


Anonymous said...

What, you're not on Facebook? You must be the last person in America not on it! ;-)

Always On Watch said...

it is important to always network with old friendsA network of friends is a support system in times of woe.

Losing one's job is a kind of isolation.