Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I want to wish all to wish all the mothers out there who fill our lives with love and occasionally drive us up the wall Happy Mothers day. Mothers like the rest of us are not perfect. The job of being a mother sometimes comes with a bumpy ride due to divorce, bad economic times and messed up kids. All in all they try their best despite rough odds and a tough task. Sadly, it is not often that we sit down and thank them.


Brooke said...

Happy mother's day to every mother trying to do right by her kids!

Z said...

the job of a mother is easier when she makes right choices for the right reasons early on and perseveres for her family.......
It's not by accident most of us turned out better than the dopey kids today; our mothers stuck with us and were strict and cared more about our futures and our character than their popularity.
end of lecture (don't get me started!!!)