Saturday, January 30, 2010

Communism is a religion

Communism is not based on science. It is not based upon facts, logic or history. It is the insane musings of a mendicant failed philosopher and his criminal minions. No work
produced by a communist should ever be trusted. In fact given their history of lies, treason and crimes against humanity their opinions are worthless.

There is a place in society for religion. However, this place is relegated to the personal. As a whole the normal practice of religion benefits society. We are proud to associate with many wonderful religious people who are too numerous to mention. However, a normal practice of religion grasps the concept of utopia as something for the next world. There are finite rules of behavior that govern all from Kings to peasants.

Now our resident expert on Hunter Gathers claims in an odd fashion that my belief in Capitalism in much the same manner that a three year old says and so is your mother. Communist and other radicals have perpetuated a cultural theft of the lives of hunter gathers. They lead real lives that were often short and very violent. They did not sit around all day goofing off because survival was at stake. They traded and sometimes had slaves. Does this justify the crimes committed against them? In no way was there ever a green Eden. Their societies had challenges and solutions just like our own lives.

In nature and in life we differ in abilities and talents. It is not optimal or realistic to level the possesion of commodities. Alienation is not caused by Johny having more possessions or on sick divisive theories of class. It is a spiritual longing that is part of what makes us human. It is not solved by insane political power scams. This feeling may be filled by normal religion ( Non utopian religion) or by interactions with family and a local community.

To the communist mythology is more important than facts or history. There is much talk of the crimes against indigenous peoples. This is amusing as Communists committed this type of butchery in the 1980's while Chomsky and John Kerry cheered on the Sandinazis. Even today Commies use Indians as canon fodder in Chiapas in a pointless struggle.

Communism has always been a mixture of self loathing by spoiled rich kids like Bill Ayers who see themselves as benighted leaders of the unwashed masses. When the masses reject them they go into warped twisted idiocy called false consciousness. They are fond of saying "why do they hate us" with every lunatic group that has an axe to grind. They of course fail to ask this question of why Americans hate communists or why do people who lived under communist think they are nuts.

One can see people fleeing Cuba and Hugo's crack den by the score. You will almost never see a commie renounce his citizenship and join Kim Jong Ill. Commies are fond of calling people who do not serve in the military chicken hawks. However, this same logic of continuing to advocate communism while refusing to live under it is treated
as beneath the pale.

If I need religion I will kindly go to any house of worship other than those that have been plagued with liberation theology. The purpose of religion is to tend to the spiritual needs of the congregants. I do not seek or desire spiritual fulfillment from politics. The job of government is to protect, regulate, grow the economy and provide some public works. At times it is also to provide a minimal safety net in order to get people on their feet.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Personal Notes

I will be joining AOW in DC on Sunday. TMW is there and it will be fun to get together.
I will be bringing books for her students.

I am reading Walter Laquer's End of Europe. At some point I will probably discuss some of the oddities with the Editrix. Perhaps she can shed some light on exactly who Cemmaldin Kaplan is what the Khalifate group is. Maybe the translator was describing a Caliphate group and used the German version of the word. I have seen odd claims by some that the father of Turkey was descended from the followers of Shabetai Zvi or the Doenme. The Doenme were somewhat secretive and allegedly lived covertly in much the same manner as Jews did after the Spanish Inquisition. If it is true than it would seem that the false messiah may have had the last laugh. Generally, I do not spend much time on conspiracies and secret societies. This one appears interesting in that Muslims apparently take this seriously.

I will be trying to locate books on the subject of the Donme as this is a subject that is more of a curiosity than deserving major scrutiny. We do read some odd books that you do not encounter elsewhere. We still get hits from people looking for information of some of the odd readings.

One of the secrets about this blog is that we are generally more well rounded than our critics presume. I do not waste time on reading books by mendicant failed philosophers and psycho war criminal ice pick catchers. Like well adjusted people elswhere I attach meaning in my life to the loved ones and community around me. Oddly verbose elitist mazzola Marxists talk about the family life of Hunter Gathers,
but need look no further than your non Marxist house of worship down the block for these qualities. Those congregations that actually attempt to follow the scripture do a solid job of keeping those values in tact. I would add that my contacts within
the West Indian Hindu community do a great job of this as well. Of course this is hardly an insight to those who look at local matters without the gassy prism of mendicant failed philosophers and death cult religions.

I have been enjoying rock instrumentals from the 60's. The surfer rock music is quite catchy and some of the classical crossovers are fun. It seems purer for now and if my nephew ever gives me the car back it is probably the next best driving music behind standard classic rock. Nothing is more soothing than taking your car out for a spin after a tune up than a nice drive in the Northeast Kingdom with a loved one and classic rock on the radio. I have been buying up compilation CD's and I wonder at music that has been off the radio so long it seems fresh. It is interesting to listen to the same song being played by different bands. The Ventures were a rare band in that their versions of other bands classics were actually better than the original.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I want to thank Kultur

I want to thank Kultur for generously sitting for an interview.

Communism is a religion that is more doctrinaire than the folks at the 700 Club and its followers are much more deeply disturbed.

Normal well adjusted people have found meaning in their lives through their families
and communities for eons. Kultur points out that HG societies had a greater emphasis on family life. This is not news to religious Christians who go to traditional Churches
( not Liberation theology) who have been dedicated to their families and communities in the most noble of ways. They are not alienated because they find meaning in the loved ones around them rather than the psuedo religious words of Marx the mendicant.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In the Hot Seat With Kultur

Kultur and I have been having a series of debates at another blog. We have been bandying ideas back and forth. He has generously agreed to sit for an interview to discuss his rather unorthodox political philosophy.

Our dealings have come on a Marxist site where I am usually in a sarcastic mode. People who are on those sites would have a hard time believing that I am actually known
for my humor. When interviewing and being a host my job is two fold. Number one it is to be polite to my guest. Number two is to entertain and fascinate the readers.

1) What is it that you feel man has lost with the progression from Hunter gatherers to the industrial age? Are you talking about a spiritual loss or something more tangible?
2) What differentiates your philosophy from the earlier version of the "Noble Savage"? My take on it was it was traditional radicals disillusionment with society more than an honest look and indigenous people.

On a related note who and what was considered "Savage" may have been more nuanced over time. In Eagles and Empire by Clary on page 143 speaking about how other American percieved Texians ( not a spelling error) in the war of 1812 they were often viewed as "Savage" for their unkempt appearance and brutal style of fighting. The Mexicans were viewed as courageous but poorly led.

3) There are studies that indicate that contrary to your philosophy that hunter gathers were fairly violent. The studies of some groups in New Guinea and the Northern Amazon show that death by human violence is exponentially much more likely in those societies than in Capatalist NYC. Is this poor sampling of sub groups or is this violence part of the balance of nature and the human condition?

4)Is it fair to judge certain movements by key events. Any discussion of the merits of Nazism must eventually discuss kook racial lunacy and the Holocaust. In a similar
discussion are gulags, planned starvations inevitably tied to any discussion of Communism.

5) Are modern terrorist guilty of using a type of marketing strategy to promote brand awareness in the media with horrific crimes that seem pointless like the 9-11
attacks, the Beslan Massacre and the Munich Massacre. These attacks almost seem media driven from my perspective.

6) Is Communism a religion? It certainly is not based on science or economics. Many of the followers seem to view certain philosophers and leaders in ways that seem more religious than politically coherent. I call myself a "Rudy Republican" but this is more of a reflection of an overall philosophy than hero worship.

7) You seem to be very down on Obama and see him in an almost totalitarian fascist type of sense. Obama amazes me in that he seems to have pissed off the entire political spectrum. Not surprisingly he is unpopular with Conservatives like Mr. Beamish, Bardo, AOW. Many see him as a crypto Marxist who hangs out with Communist terrorists like Bill Ayers and went to a racist church that preaches a fusion of Marxism and Malcolm X known as Black Liberation theology. Has he failed to define himself and tried to be all things to all people and failed miserably?

My view is more optimistic in that either Obama moves to the center and listens to the American people or he destroys his party with his arrogance.

8) What is your view of the Tea Party Crowd?

9) Do you really view man communing with nature in Hunter Gather societies. It appears that the Maori hunted the Moa to extinction before the Europeans survived. The notion of preservation of species and managing resources and preserving species appears modern in origin. Tribal man polluted and his natural garbage heaps often been boons to anthropologists.

10) We are now in the informational age. Is this a step forwards or backwards from the industrial age?

11) Lets look at freedom. In America I may get the news from any source I desire. How is it possible to brainwash so many people into imagined happiness when choices are so abundant. This would appear easier in a place with state run media like Cuba.

12) Do you view the EU as the apex of civilization?

13) What are your views on the First Amendment and Intellectual freedom? I view these as my cultural inheritance as an American.

14) Are you familiar with the writings of Jared Diamond? He points to a more balanced
view of history as a product of opportunity, resources and natural human reactions.

15) Has the high cost of weaponry made conflicts like WW2 a thing of the past? Planes costing nine figures and ordinance costing six figures is very costly.

16) Is there some truth to the axiom that gainfully employed people do not riot? In the famous Crown Heights almost none of the people who were arrested for rioting were gainfully employed. Allegedly, these results were similar to recent riots in France?

17) Is there a natural human tendency within our psyche to view previous times as the good olde days?

18) Is the notion of tribalism itself behind much of the unrest in Africa and other regions such as Afghanistan?

19) When you formed your theories about the HG societies did you consider that some of societies had extensive trade and a few practiced slavery?

20) Do you think that people who flee places like Cuba are seduced by media images?
If so why do so few wish to return?

21) Did you consider the role that raids play in HG societies. Many groups steal from each other in order to survive?

22) Did non Europeans engage in colonialism?

23) Is the notion that indigenous people have rights and cultures that should be respected a Western Construct?

24) Do academics at times tend to over idealize the lives of pre industrial man?

25) Does fealty to a single philosophy having all the answers hinder the ability
of scholars to objectively study society within a coherent prism.

I want to thank Kultur for his time and well thought out responses. We do try to offer a fair framework for discussion.

My view differs from Kultur in that man himself with all his frailties and strengths need to be considered. I don't view indigenous people as all wise or all evil. My perspective is that they were different, but possessed many of the same issues we do as they are common human concerns.

Comming attractions

I am at work preparing a blog interview with Prof Kultur. At some point in the future
I am going to see if I can get Pagan and CM to sit for one. We will see if we can get our friend the Editrix to see if we can get Mac to sit for one as well.

The interview segments are widely popular. Many blogers even use them as biographical posts and cross post them on their own sites. Sonia even added pictures to hers. In an earlier time this was a very interactive site. However, Communist criminals invaded my
privacy, issued criminal threats and spammed my site. The dark side of doing a high quality post is it attracts unstable types.

From time to time I still offer these high quality gems. A good interview is entertaining and informative. The reader should not be able to predict the answers.

About Yeagley and upcoming interview

I understand some of you are having fun with Dr. Yeagley. I would ask those of you who visit to understand that he does respond to serious questions. I understand that many of you are understandably appalled by some of the things he has written about race. I do not share those views, but my response is different.

Dr. Yeagley often talks about the illogic of clinging to Christ and hating the people
whose prophecy he came to fill. For the Doctor Jesus is the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies. His message eminates and can only be understood from those traditions and not distinct from it. The Dr. is quite vocal about theological hatred of Jews. I do not know if we ever discussed Progressive Dispensationalism specifically.

In a similar vein I have been trying to explain that Americanism is inclusive to all who are citizens and share our values. Blacks are a part of our country and serve in every capacity. The essence of Americanism is that everyone should have equal opportunity under the law to aspire to their best. I am proud of a Nation that does not have second class citizens. I am proud of a nation whose traditions include intellectual diversity and whose birth right bestowed on the citizens is the First Amendment. One can not fully grasp Americanism while clinging to odious concepts about race that are anathema to American values.

I do understand that many of you are offended by his views on race. I share that revulsion albeit for an entirely different reason. My view is that it is not within
the noblest traditions of Americanism we both proclaim to love. Remember, that the Dr. is a theologian and I am more into history and results.

In a similar vein I am preparing an interview for a Professor who blogs under the handle of Kultur. I want many of you to understand that when I interview as host I am bound by the traditions of hospitality. My goal with these interviews has always
been to fully grasp what is behind the philosophy of the writer. I ask that those of you be respectful during the upcoming interview. At some point I may ask Pagan to sit for one of these interviews.

As people we learn and grow by listening to people in their own words. Many of you, including myself will object to anticapitalism. Yet, I suspect that as my encounters
with Kultur are in a forum with Marxist and Anarchist dimwits that our exchanges have not taken place in a logical setting conducive for a proper conveyance of his ideas. I have not deduced what Lichanos is, but he is distinct in a crowd of lemmings
and political criminals. As a rule I do not interview Marxists like Che Bob or a Renegade Spleen as they are not rounded individuals and are entirely predictable.

The Duck is not predictable and is fairly well rounded even if he has a peculiar disdain for Renoir and a more interesting appreciation of Chardin. Produce in a bowl
does not interest me as much as sweeping landscapes or humans in daily life. Some of the best posts on this site are the ones where the Duck and I ditch the political and discuss art and film. One of my favorites was the Duck vs Sonia on film. How the Duck has missed Zorba remains unknown. On the other hand if it had nude scenes Sonia would probably have seen it multiple times.

For the purpose of this interview when we use the term tribal people this does not refer to Native Americans alone. In my context we include African and Asian people who live in preindustrial traditional ways. I ask those of you who visit for the interview to wait until Kultur responds to ask follow ups.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Thank You NY Jets

Even though they came up short they managed to capture the imagination of NYC. Coach Ryan and Sanchez have the charisma to take the city for a while. This city belongs to the Giants and Yankees. If you are the Mets, Jets or even Nets you need a special player with Charisma and rare talent to be relevant. Even Bill Parcels with his large personality did not make the Jets the top card in NYC. Coach Ryan has done this with
his energy, optimism and creative defenses.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Are we really ready for Coffee Shop Conservatism

I am starting to think of the Brown victory as part voter anger at entrenched arrogant elites who have never held a job in their lives. It is anger at the out of touch Democratic Party that has been infiltrated with Marxists and the Country Club GOP.

The Tea Party movement scares the far left. It is everything they want to be but are not. They can not control this movement or infiltrate it. This movement is hostile to Marx and his death cult minions on every level.

Commies talk of working class grass roots movements. The Tea Party crowd is ordinary working folk looking to get the country back on track. It seeks to return to our traditions of liberties and loathes the nanny state. What commies fail to understand is that even though the protests are numerous they are law abiding. Commies dreams of revolution in America will only happen if the out of touch elite impose Marx on people who are individualists.

I am seeing a more practical type of conservatism on the horizon. Its spirit has the can do attitude of Reagan with a mix of practicality. This is not the elites talking over golf, it is neighbors talking at a water cooler.

Obama sinks in the polls and Democrats long to capture the center. It can not do this with a bunch of clods who see the EU as the apex of civilization. The blame for the sinking of the Obama administration is the fault of two parties.

1) Obama has a tin ear. When people are hurting and nervous about jobs he ignores the real pain. He places all his energy in social programs instead of getting people back to work. Americans want to work.

2) The media built Obama up to such absurd messianic proportions in a classic cult of personality. The fact that there was nothing behind the packaging has left many disappointed. He doesn't seem to have a clue about leadership.

At a certain point a glimmer of hope comes through the darkness. We have survived depressions, recessions, Wars, disasters and Jimmy Carter. We will survive this economic meltdown. Who will emerge as the voice of optimism and can do remains unknown. However, the winds have changed and a new moment is at hand.

The mess at Bad Eagle- Part 2

I am an American. There is no other title I seek. I say these words with pride and a love in my heart. It unites me with people as diverse as Mr Beamish, Warren, AOW, Pagan Temple, Farmer John and Justin amongst others. I do not seek to emulate the EU, nor do I find them more enlightened. My traditions and values are found in the Constitution. When we have made errors historically it was because we failed to extend the wisdom in those documents to all.

It is with utter disbelief that I find myself sometimes dealing with over the top expressions of hatred directed mostly against Blacks from those who call themselves American and Conservatives. There is nothing conservative about mindless hatred of people for their race or religion. We celebrate individualism and grasp the basis of our country is individual liberty.

I wish those who venture into Bad Eagle good luck. You will meet a demented racist loser named Batty Ann. She wants to start her own movement Non white white supremacists. The KKK was never fond of any racial mixing and didn't care for Indians at all.

There is no place in my Americanism for racial arson.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I was surprised to see our good friend the Duck on Bad Eagle. I want to point out I have never called or implied Dr. Yeagley is gay. A person's lifestyle is not my business. Oddly his alleged defender Batty Ann is responsible for these rumors. Why the Marxist Duck who is pro gay except when the Psuedostinians or Cubans are mistreating them would raise this as an issue is unknown.

Now some of the comments at Bad Eagle are beyond the pale. There is ample reason to oppose Obama without going near race. In essence those racial supremacist kooks have more in common with Commies who are obsessed with classes and groups than with an American patriot who celebrates individualism.

Batty Ann does point out the Marxist Duck is a friend of mine. We have been having the same exchanges for five years. In general even though I despise Commies, it is rare that it gets to a personal level. The exception is a blogger who invades privacy and is very lucky I did not respond in kind. Having henchmen threaten children and spam blogs is also beyond the pale.

I will be visiting AOW next week with TMW who has never seen me in person. I will see if I can get some nice dead animals with BBQ sauce somewhere. It is too bad I forgot where the pancake house next to the Scientology HQ was. They have the worlds best pancakes even if the clientele is somewhat creepy even by rather low NYC standards.

I have never met TMW who is like a sister to me. Perhaps, if anyone else is in the area it would be fun to sit for a spell.

I want to point out Barak Obama's tin ear is the best thing to ever happen to the GOP. He is arrogant and has made being a Republican relevant again. The groundswell is similar to 1977 and the Carter debacle. Who will emerge from the grass roots remains unknown. I see a passage of the Torch from the Country Club GOP patricians to a younger more fun down home style. It is hard to remember being an angry lone voice. The new wave is young fun and embraces Americanism in a sunny way. They are swept to the fore by anger over the economy and the status quo. It is a different type of GOP that is more Coffee Shop than Croissant.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Paranoia about Tea Parties

I am quite amused at the way commies are literally paranoid about Tea Party types. I did go to the major even in DC with AOW. My experiences with the unhinged Obama derangement syndrome afflicted Dr. Yeagley had me fearing the worst.

I spoke with wonderful people from all over the country who wanted America to return to its traditions. I did not see a single racial supremacist or Jooo hater. My ethnicity is quite obvious to anyone from a major city and I identify myself as a Jew if asked. I did not hear a peep about Jewish conspiracies or 9-11 conspiracies.

This is the one group commies can not infiltrate. This group understands the basis of our nation is individual rights and liberties. We have our own traditions celebrated in our national founding documents. We do not seek to model ourselves after the EU or Canada. We are Americans with our own traditions.

After the MA debacle Democrats need to learn

1) Clinton was right it is the economy Jobs jobs jobs
2) Sams club parking lots are more important than faculty lounges.
3) Clinton understood that it is important to at least be viewed as a common person.
Obama is arrogant elitist, even more self centered than Clintooon and has a tin ear.
4) A president can not be marketed like a laxative
5) He has the most inept cabinet in the history of the USA
6) He does not lead from the front like Bush on Aircraft Carriers or at Ground Zero
7) He promises much and delivers nothing.
8) let the Move on types form their own party. Embrace Americanism
9) Mae you arguments based on American traditions not emulating the EU

Of course the Entryism started by clowns like Harrington has led to the great demise of the Democratic party. It can only win when Republicans fail to listen to the voices in Truck Stops and become arrogant. Obama was elected due to a series of financial collapses. He trailed McCain until the bank failures. Even with media connivance the election was closer than the elites thought and was not a mandate.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Non White White Supremacists

I am pleasantly amused by the absurd notion of the non white white supremacist. Racial supremacy itself goes against the ethos of Americanism. The matter is to absurd for anger and belongs in the realm of comedy. Will the products of behavior derided by racial power types as miscegenation please stop doing standup.

Love is a complex emotion and should not bothered with idiotic notions of racial idiocy.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thunder on the Right

Obama has done was was previously thought impossible. His narrow minded maniacal obsession with health care led to a smashing defeat in MA. MA is the home of the mindless reflexive vote for Democrats even when they commit manslaughter, betray their country or run a brothel out of their home.

Of course the Euro elite and Commie epigones in the USA will rail about primitive angry voters.

Americans do not want big social programs. Americans want jobs and a decent economy.
This mindless obsession is going to sink the democratic party.

If Obama were capable of learning like Bill Clintoon. He would move to the center and try to focus on jobs. The problem is Bill Clintoon had experience as an executive and Obama has never held a job in his life.

Running with Obama is not a good idea. No doubt his supporters will yell racism. However, he needs to start acting like a leader and quit trying to market himself like a soft drink or breakfast cereal

Noble Savage bunk

I am quite disdainful of the Marxist version of the noble Savage redux. In this case it represents a cultural theft by Marxists of the historic crimes against tribal people.

The hunter gathers of the Amazon and New Guinea were fairly violent. What we know of Native American tribes comes from missionaries and trappers. The tribes were complex societies that were a mix of many things. Some tribes were warlike and did practice slavery.

Commies like to wrap themselves in a fantasy of a green Eden. It was a hard brutal life that was often very short. One forgets scale when talking about groups that lived in small bands. If a person who lives in a band of thirty dies in combat this akin to a much larger number.

The truth is war is a very expensive enterprise. Missiles cost seven figures and planes may cost nine figures. War has out lived its practical utility.

As for the anarchist fools, most of the deaths come from failed states like the former Yugoslavia or where Commies and Jihadis needlessly exploit locals for canon fodder. The latter often talk as if they own morality, but the history of both prove otherwise.

As stated before tribal people should have their cultures studied, but be viewed without foul political opportunism. They are in no description savages. History proves that the real savages are commies whose history of wholesale crimes against humanity are widely known.

Onto a topic I find amusing

I do visit many sites. The fact that I visit a site does not infer that I agree with
everything the site writes. Some of you point to my association with Dr Yeagley and point out the dreadful comments he has made on race. I certainly do not agree with them and I state so there and here. For the most part my comments are in the Jewish forum.

Bad Eagle was at one time an amazing place with brilliant posters. A partial list of the best were the Hun, Kidst, Mac, Warren, TMW and Amil. The Dr is still a friend of mine albeit with views at time I disagree with.

The Dr. does not have a firm grasp of Americanism. America is a country based on individual rights and liberties. It is open to all who share those values regardless of race, religion and ethnic origin. My country ( non Americans and commies) has no second class citizens.

CM, Mr. Beamish and I can disagree on a policy, but we are within our American tradition in having our own opinions of how to make a better country. Debate over policies is part of our tradition. It is ok to disagree with Obama's policies, so long as it is not on racial grounds. Given our political history the position he occupies does call for some criticism. Every President has been lampooned and been castigated by some segment.

Yeagley is very wrong in his views on racial matters. I would never be invited to a conference like the dreaded racialist American Renaissance convention. My values an opposition to such an odious agenda would ensure those sponsoring would keep me far away. I also want to point out that talk shows like O"Rielly do interview odious people like Sammy Al Arian, Ward Churchill and Rosie ODonnel. This does not infer that the host endorses the views. The Political Cesspool is not a show I listen to or would bother with. For the record I like Mark Levin, but do not get a chance to listen.

I wish Yeagley would grasp how odious these appearances are. However, as a grown adult he has a right to make dreadful choices. I also want to remind the Yeagley critics, that he has a right to make poor choices. Part of America grants us the freedoms to say things others find vile. The worst of Yeagley's critics should note he has never sanctioned or endorsed violence of any kind. As a American, albeit very misguided, he has the same Constitutional protections the rest of us enjoy.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Obama was elected as a symbol more than as a person. It was foolishly dreamed that a
Black president could heal historic wounds. The notion itself was folly and Obama is just not up to this daunting task. His style is too narcissistic and you want him to step out and lead from the front. Perhaps his only achievement has been getting the second stupidest man in the senate out, Joe Biden.

Obama has spent too much time listening to University Marxists and not enough time looking outside of that narrow prism. It would go along way if he would take pride in America and state "Our country has no second class citizens". It would be nice if he respected the Constitution and praised individual rights and achievement.

We can still be patriotic about our history and grasp the wrongs committed against Native Americans and slavery. The point is how far we have come to extending the beliefs of the founders vision.

The problem with Obama is that he is an elitist. He spent his time in Prep schools and elite University. He has never held a job or understood how to communicate with average folks. A bad stint at a second rate law firm with a capricious boss would have given him the human touch he lacks.

Perhaps it is time to look past the narrow prism of Black and White. There are hispanics, Asians and multi racial people like Obama. My country is based on shared ideals and common values that make idiotic notions of race and class irrelevant.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beaneath the headlines

When people start quoting Rush I am somewhat skeptical. I have already seen things blown way out of proportion.

1) The point about our tax dollars is relevant. We have been giving aid to Haiti for years and have zero to show for it. Haitians have also been given more generous immigration benefits than any other country on the planet. Remittances from relatives is a huge part of the Haitian economy.

This is not to say that Haiti does not deserve aid. This is not to say that Haitians are a bad people. However, where is the tangible results for our aid. Haiti is poorer than ever and a certain amount of frustration is evident. One need look no further than the Brooks Op Ed piece in the far left NYT. Throwing money decade after decade has produced no results.

2) There is another nation who should be doing way more than it is. France has a colonial past and should be stepping up to people it wronged multiple times.

3) TPS is a temporary program and at the end of the 18 month program Haitians should return home. The problem is TPS has been awarded to Salvadorans for more than ten years. This is an abuse of the program and should not be permitted.

Of course if conditions are still dreadful there is room to reconsider TPS.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Gathering Storm

The Obama administration must be concerned about the poll results in the Senate race.
If the GOP challenger is within 10 points in MA Obama should take heed. The country wants first and foremost jobs.

The problem is that Obama is a University Marxist who is more concerned with the approval of deranged social science faculty hacks than those in Walmart parking lots.
He is reviving the GOP with his arrogance and maniacal big government policies.

Friday, January 15, 2010


The earthquake in Haiti has created a mess. There are those who point to racial reasons for Haiti's poverty. This is way off as one can find plenty of Haitian Americans who are business owners and professionals.

The problem is unstable governance and top to bottom corruption. After the relief we need to focus our aid in creating real changes. Just throwing money to corrupt politicians has not worked. We should try and encourage the fashion industry to move production from China to Haiti. Just a small amount would create some jobs in a country where jobs of any kind are scarce.

Do note as bad as things are in Haiti they do not sail to Cuba. Haitians may be poor and live in a country with problems, but they are not stupid. People who repeat cliches about Cuba are stupid and should be sent there to live permanently.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti and America

There will be a move to grant Haitian in the USA temporary protective status. Cash remitances sent back home are a major source of income. Haiti has been handicapped by political opportunists, corruption and instability.

There are those who point to Haiti as a disaster. The problem is not the Haitian people as the best and brightest are apt to depart and become US citizens. One can find plenty of businesses in Brooklyn and elsewhere owned by Haitians. Like many others they decided the opportunnities were better in the United States.

Maybe a simple way to help Haiti is to create a business zone. The zone laws of workplace and employment will be under foreign law with taxes paid to the Haitian government. Haitians would work there and pay taxes as well. Investors could be lured by tax breaks. We can start by increasing the quota of goods of clothes that may be imported from Haiti.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Left unsaid Left out left behind

The interesting part of the comments by Reid are those made about politicians adopting fake accents depending on who they are talking to. There are You Tube videos of Hillary Clinton using a Southern Accent when talking in certain places. It might also
be funnier if she was to get a NYC accent or talk like Jackie Mason in front of other audiences. Some Vermonters swear Bernie Sanders loses the local accent in front of certain audiences.

Many politicians are said to do exactly what Reid described most notably Hillary Clinton.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Commie Cultural Abuse of Native Americans

Left unsaid in the Ward Churchill fiasco was that he had no genuine scholarly credentials and had zero DNA. The fact that he was able to have pulled off this charade for decades show how out of touch our Marxist Academicians are. A Bolshevik must think that a ponytail, sunglasses, dreadful clothing and repetition of Communist rants is all that one requires to be a Native American. Do not blame Ward Churchill for dancing to the tune his Marxist masters demanded. The more outlandish his comments were the more they applauded. Churchill tried to help Native Americans when Marxist assassins were abusing them. This makes his position superior to the commies who wanted this abuse swept under the rug.

Rigoberta Menchu is another person who danced to the tune demanded by Bolshevik masters. She grew famous for writing a fake biography that catered to their narrative.The fact that the entire book was false made zero difference to Communist hacks in higher ed who still assign this book. She also went on to defend Communist abuse of Indians by the Sandinistas.

The far left plays a dishonest game where the USA was born in original sin for the crimes of Slavery and those perpetrated against Native Americans. The newest variant
is Mazzola Marxism which is a modern green twist on the worn noble savage bit with scenes from Mazzola commercials as representative of Native Americans.

Slavery was a world wide phenomena. Its end and not its practice were historically unique. I will note that Communists who create gulags and practice forced labor are today's slavers. Their claim to speak for the working class is pure divide and conquer.

Communists claim they are heirs to the crimes committed against Native Americans. This is amusing considering they have rationalized these crimes in the 80's and pretended they did not exist. They are also guilty of exploiting Native Americans and other tribal people as cannon fodder for their power mad scams. While Gomer Kerry, Dodd, Harkin, Rangel and the fool Tip ONeil were sparing no effort to aid the Sandinazis they were slaughtering Native Americans. Even today academic clown Noam Chimpanzee still praises the Sandinazis.

Tribal people are a world wide phenomena. Marxist hacks in higher ed play a deceptive
game when they claim that Native Americans were proto commies because they lived communally. These same tribes often practiced trade extensively and people could accumulate more wealth than others. Idiot fake scholar Joel Kovel has claimed that Native Americans were the first victims of the red scare in America because they lived communally. This is a blatant attempt by political opportunists to steal the history and culture of Native Americans.

The history of Native Americans belongs to the tribes themselves. Most Americans are
more than happy and receptive to listening to the needs of Native Americans provided
they come from non communists. If Sid B a member of tribe x claims community x has a case for a hospital to be built we should be receptive. If a communist front group
makes a claim they should be ignored. Religious groups have done wonderful work in these communities without power crazed scams.

As an American patriot denying the historical crimes against Indians would be akin to
Holocaust denial. This is a case of a country failing to live up to its ideals, but evolving in the correct manner over time. It is important that we honor treaties and lend reasonable aid to communities as needed. The aid should be focused on building business and educational opportunities. The educational opportunities should be based
on creating Accountants, Entrepreneurs, doctors and skilled craftsmen.

As for the Nobel Savage bit or Mazzola Marxism, this is an infantilization of a series of vibrant cultures who are individually unique. Far left types tend to lump disparate tribes such as Oneidas and Apaches in ways they would never lump residents of Spain and Poland together. In fact residents of Spain and Poland share a religion
and have more in common than Native American tribes.

The Native American tribes represented a wide variety of different cultures. There were peaceful and war like tribes. Some tribes practiced slavery and human sacrafice.
Native Americans knew about hard work long before Conservatives. Native Americans did
not commune with nature. They hunted what they needed and planted plenty of crops.
It was by no means Eden, but they were also not savages. They just had different priorities and were certainly not Marxists and closer to capitalists. In reality they were just living their lives and being themselves. They were not all knowing shamans or savages. They were and remain rich and vibrant cultures that need to be appreciated in a realistic prism without political opportunism that rises to the levels of cultural theft.

As for who the real Savages are this remains obvious.

Will the butchers of 100,000,000 please take a bow.
Will the authors of Killing Fields and Gulags please rise.
Will the proponents of forced, prison and militarization of labor raise their hands
Will the group that deliberately starved its own people multiple times step forward.
Will the group that placed Muslims and other minorities in cattle cars to Siberia
own up to the deed
Will the group that created terrorism as a publicity stunt in a modern version of human sacrafice. Oddly these modern human sacrifices were a marketing tactic in a more vile form than anything cooked up on Madison Avenue.

It is obvious who the real savages are and there is nothing nobel, pun intended about Communists and their history.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Commies Perplexed

Commies frequently ask "why do they hate us" except that they never ask it about themselves. Commies live in a fantasy world where they think they speak for the planet.They attempt to co-opt a range of larger movements via subterfuge and pretend that they speak for entire movements.

Native Americans are a unique people within America. Commies pick out a few unhinged types and pretend that these extremists speak for all Indians. Then again plenty of American Indians serve in the Armed forces. No doubt commies will claim they served because of poverty. However, this rationalization is only another part of a series of lies Communists regularly tell. The crimes against Native Americans belong to those communities. Any attempt by Commies to advance their cause via those crimes is cultural theft. This is especially amusing when Mazzola Marxists play the America born in original sin for crimes against Native Americans while rationalizing crimes of commies in the 80's against Indians. Have the folks in the Hauge decided to try Daniel Ortega yet? While the butchery of Indians continued Chomsky, Gomer Kerry, Dodd, Rangel, Harkin and Ed Assner sung their praises. No doubt the Mazzola Marxists also ignore Communist butchery of the Hmong.

Communists also never get around to wondering why they have to create front groups and conceal who they are. Their history makes any claims of moral judgment comedic.
Commies claim to speak for working class people who flee their utopias as every opportunity.

When commies have to defend their record, history and hypocrisy they cry McCartyite
and have no response.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Amusing Idiocy

I have to laugh at pompous Marxist hacks who proclaim themselves experts and reveal themselves to be imbeciles. Yours truly was compared to Hitler, Stalin and Columbus??? This person has a PHD that is obviously a degree from a rectal thermometer.

An American is a person beyond race. My country has no second class citizens period. Those communist and anarchist clowns who condemn my history cry a storm when their own history is discussed. They are welcome to depart this country for North Korea, Zimbabwe or any other mess. There are plenty of people from those countries who want to trade places.

This particular dullard worships tribal people. It is the standard theft of history by Marxist dullards trying to steal the historic wrongs in the name of Marx. When asked what he wrote when Daniel Ortega butchered Indians there was silence? When asked what he wrote when Hmong were persecuted by Commies silence? So we are supposed to condemn America for original sin but ignore identical crimes committed by Commies in the present. No doubt Junglemom can add volumes about Chavez and Indians in the present as well.

What type of thought is this.

John Wayne Obama???? This sounds like an incoherent Taliban spokesman after a few bong hits. If Obama had a love of American values and respected our traditions there would be no Tea Parties. Sarah Palin as the face of America is a nice thought. This shows disorganized thinking of a person who hasn't been outside a faculty lounge since the Bill & Ted flicks.

Even stating in jest a clearly identified Jewish American "should go back to Poland or the Ukraine" is bigoted. I suppose this phrase somehow different when said by a commie to a real Jew than a redneck telling a Blackman go back to Africa. Of course commies also reveal their ignorance in that those Jews in the Pale of Settlement had a land they revered as their home, but it was not Poland or Brooklyn. Their beloved
Soviet Union described Jooos as a nationality on their documents, but commies find it expedient to say I am merely a member of a religious group now.

The Duck is in bird brained mode when he proclaims I have a streak of violence. Ridiculing Marx and thinking individuals can decide their own fate is not violence. However, he is free to sit at a screening of Johny Cash videos with Kim Jong Mentally Ill or pretend theft of media outlets in Caracas is somehow in the spirit of spreading free expression.

What sort of racist claims democracy and freedom isn't for everyone. Were polls conducted of women and religious minorities under Shariah? Who decided that only candidates approved by a theocracy are valid? How long is a mandate for Marxist malfeasance good for? Why can't Marx compete in the arena of ideas and why do they need to build walls to keep people in? Only an arrogant pompous fool thinks people who flee Marx are incapable of knowing what is in their own best interests.

Onto the more coherent.Dr Yeagley gives a spirited defense of attending the AMREN convention when questioned. He is not a Holocaust Denier, but some have attended in the past and Yeagley's views on the subject are well known in any basic reading. I disagree with the concept of subordinating love for the sake of group purity. Love is too important for a persons life and group rights are toalitarian in nature vs American individualim. He also states without hesitation Christ's message is open to all.

The exchanges show how incoherent commies get when scrutinized. I disagree with Yeagley on many things but John Wayne Obama and Hitler, Stalin and Coloumbus are the products of dementia or intellectual inbreeding. Yeagley as a non Commie is used to being challenged and can formulate a response that has a thought process even if we disagree.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Watermellon Greens Stealth Marxists

This blog has not been amused by the antics of Communists like Che Sponge Bob and Troutsky to re brand Marx into a green stealth suit. In fact the green movement has discredited itself by allowing Marxists to infiltrate their ranks.

Progress is made by reasonable people reaching out to mainstream audiences. The antics of screaming out of control lunatics and nuts like the idiots at Act Up hurt their cause. People do not listen to crazy people. Thus when grown adults in the political
mainstream talk of balancing the needs of the economy and preserving nature progress is possible. When one hears recycled Commies talking about anti Capitalism it just is another power scam.

Greens need to purge Marxists from their ranks before they can be taken seriously.

Good Riddance

Senator Chris Dodd has decided to retire. He is an embarrassment to his state and has been involved in scandal after scandal. Perhaps his buddy Daniel Ortega can offer him a job as the ambassador to the United States. The job is currently filled by Gomer Kerry who also needs to retire.

The only good thing about Obama in the White House is Gomer Kerry will be too old in 2016. Any comparison of Gomer Pyle to Gomer Kerry is an insult to an American loved by many who did not betray his country.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Who owns the history of tribal people

Commies are under the delusion that they own the historical injustices against Native Americans who prefer to be called Indians. This is quite amusing as their kind is continuing to abuse the same people in the present. Did Gnome Chimpanzee and Ed Assner
lift a finger to help the Indians when the Sandinazis butchered them? No they created a fiction where they never existed and continued advocacy for a repressive government
that butchered Indians.

Do not hold your breath for Spain to investigate the crimes of Daniel Ortega and Borge.Do not hold your breath for the Euros to lift a finger for Cuban or Venezuelan political prisoners. The Euros might visit Cuba and pay hard currency while sexually exploiting the locals while reminding everyone that in Cuba everyone can read. The Euros fail to point out they can only read what the government tells them to read.

The history of Tribal people belongs to those groups themselves. We should learn from the cultures and respect their traditions without idealization. Commies live in a fantasy world where Indians are proto Marxists because they lived Communally. This is a theft of history as tribes often engaged in extensive trade and sometimes slavery.

The truth is that only Marxists are savages. No tribal group has ever deliberately starved its own members. No tribal group created gulags or anything resembling the Killing Fields.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Returning to Failure Jurasic Marxists

History has pronounced its verdict on Marxism. However, just like jihadists who never grasp that Theocracy is not a valid basis for a modern economy, Commies blame all previous attempts at Communism. The excuses are familiar.

1) The previous examples were State capitalism
2) The entire planet needs to be Marxist. ( I prefer removing them into quarantine in
North korea or Zimbabwe)
3) If only Trotsky won the power struggle. ( This ignores the real historical record of a war criminal who was one of the few people who deserved what Stalin did to him.)
4) Pol Pot wasn't a Communist. He was a Maoist trained in France.
5) Blaming the embargo and Batista for the police State in Havana. Batista is gone over 45 years and Cuba can trade with the rest of the planet. The folks in Gitmo all
have better health care, diets and more freedom than Cubans. Cubans can all read what the government tells them to read.

We could go on with these repeated lies from pseudo religious zealots who are far more fundamentalist and divorced from reality than they Christians they mock. They are way more bigoted than the rest of America. I went to the Tea Party and did not see a single bigoted expression. When one goes to a so called Peace Protest one will see claims that Jews run the government or the Iraq war was the work of a cabal of joooos. There are also claims about Jooooos being behind 9-11 that are a modern blood libel.

When I meet a bigot he is almost always a Communist. It is very rare one will encounter a Christian bigot. However, those few bigots generally are preaching Liberation Theology or its Black Corollary ala Pastor Wright. Liberation Theology is
merely a tool of Marxists to subvert Churches and empty the pews. Of course when Africans object Commies merely tell them to shut up and ignore them. The only African Rowan Williams can count on is Desmond Tofu who is a fellow Communist.

Communists make a mockery of higher ed and create fake versions of cartoon history.
Muslims are victims and their record of colonialism and Jim Crow abuses of non Muslims and role in the slave trade are not discussed. Imagine the outrage if Americans created a history with happy slaves and Native Americans thrilled to have injustice after injustice done to them. Commies talk about the evils of American history and pretend they own the injustices done to Native Americans and Slaves. Communism is in fact Neoslavery and their human rights abuses cause working class people to risk death and flee. When we last spoke Gnome Chimpanzee and most Commies are still defending the Sandinazis who brutally massacred Native Americans. When was the last time Euorweenies decided to try Daniel Ortega for his crimes. They are still up in arms over non crimes in Gitmo and some bad S&M pics at Abu Gharib. The folks at Abu Gharib should have asked for an NEA grant and would have gotten communist approval.

We are living in an era of Jurassic Marxists. History pronounces its verdict, but Marxists refuse to listen.

There was a movement out West to remove any professor who has committed crimes against the USA. This should be expanded to include elimination of research grants and student loans for Universities that employ professors who meet with terrorists.
Student loans for Social Science majors should be eliminated, with the exception of psychology.

The fate of the leftist latin American countries is economic ruin. The most talented
will flee at the first opportunity. Universities will see increasing costs and worthless paper erode the value of a degree. On line competition will force Universities to either improve and adapt or go the way of the dinosaurs. The days when a University could get away with feather bed jobs for spawn of Commies and be a jobs program for Weathermen and Black Panthers are coming to a close.

Even the dominance of far left journalism is ending as Fox News and the Wall Street Journal are ascendant and the NYT and CNN are in the toilet. The days of Dan Rather or Reuters perpetrating hoaxes are comming to an end.

In the future Commies should be in a museum next to Dodo Birds and extinct species.
Commies are now claiming to care about the environment and tribal people. This must come as news to the Indians butchered by the Sandinazis or the Indians being harassed
by Chavez the cocaine commie of Caracas. The Hmong and other groups must all be amused at this communist theft of history. Any look at the Soviet or Chicom record on the environment should end those notions.

Beamish and Bardo in 12 & 16.

No doubt if Americans ever did revolt it would not be the kind commies expected. It would be more of get government out of my life. Fortunately, Tea Party types are law
abiding, but tarring and feathering commies to patriotic music would be fun. Commies are all upset at the Tea Party crowd but should grasp that crowd unlike their own is law abiding.

Friday, January 01, 2010

What a bunch of Bull

I was shocked to learn that Obama's pick to head the TSA had been caught violating the use of databases for a private matter. Not only was he caught , he apparently lied to congress when questioned about it.

Security databases are only to be used on an as need to know basis in conjunction with your work. The abuse of these data bases to snoop in a private matter should have at minimum ended his upward climb up the ladder. This matter is handled in basic orientation and is known to everyone on the job.

There are very strict rules and procedures about what information can be viewed. These procedures are there to protect the public.