Sunday, January 10, 2010

Commie Cultural Abuse of Native Americans

Left unsaid in the Ward Churchill fiasco was that he had no genuine scholarly credentials and had zero DNA. The fact that he was able to have pulled off this charade for decades show how out of touch our Marxist Academicians are. A Bolshevik must think that a ponytail, sunglasses, dreadful clothing and repetition of Communist rants is all that one requires to be a Native American. Do not blame Ward Churchill for dancing to the tune his Marxist masters demanded. The more outlandish his comments were the more they applauded. Churchill tried to help Native Americans when Marxist assassins were abusing them. This makes his position superior to the commies who wanted this abuse swept under the rug.

Rigoberta Menchu is another person who danced to the tune demanded by Bolshevik masters. She grew famous for writing a fake biography that catered to their narrative.The fact that the entire book was false made zero difference to Communist hacks in higher ed who still assign this book. She also went on to defend Communist abuse of Indians by the Sandinistas.

The far left plays a dishonest game where the USA was born in original sin for the crimes of Slavery and those perpetrated against Native Americans. The newest variant
is Mazzola Marxism which is a modern green twist on the worn noble savage bit with scenes from Mazzola commercials as representative of Native Americans.

Slavery was a world wide phenomena. Its end and not its practice were historically unique. I will note that Communists who create gulags and practice forced labor are today's slavers. Their claim to speak for the working class is pure divide and conquer.

Communists claim they are heirs to the crimes committed against Native Americans. This is amusing considering they have rationalized these crimes in the 80's and pretended they did not exist. They are also guilty of exploiting Native Americans and other tribal people as cannon fodder for their power mad scams. While Gomer Kerry, Dodd, Harkin, Rangel and the fool Tip ONeil were sparing no effort to aid the Sandinazis they were slaughtering Native Americans. Even today academic clown Noam Chimpanzee still praises the Sandinazis.

Tribal people are a world wide phenomena. Marxist hacks in higher ed play a deceptive
game when they claim that Native Americans were proto commies because they lived communally. These same tribes often practiced trade extensively and people could accumulate more wealth than others. Idiot fake scholar Joel Kovel has claimed that Native Americans were the first victims of the red scare in America because they lived communally. This is a blatant attempt by political opportunists to steal the history and culture of Native Americans.

The history of Native Americans belongs to the tribes themselves. Most Americans are
more than happy and receptive to listening to the needs of Native Americans provided
they come from non communists. If Sid B a member of tribe x claims community x has a case for a hospital to be built we should be receptive. If a communist front group
makes a claim they should be ignored. Religious groups have done wonderful work in these communities without power crazed scams.

As an American patriot denying the historical crimes against Indians would be akin to
Holocaust denial. This is a case of a country failing to live up to its ideals, but evolving in the correct manner over time. It is important that we honor treaties and lend reasonable aid to communities as needed. The aid should be focused on building business and educational opportunities. The educational opportunities should be based
on creating Accountants, Entrepreneurs, doctors and skilled craftsmen.

As for the Nobel Savage bit or Mazzola Marxism, this is an infantilization of a series of vibrant cultures who are individually unique. Far left types tend to lump disparate tribes such as Oneidas and Apaches in ways they would never lump residents of Spain and Poland together. In fact residents of Spain and Poland share a religion
and have more in common than Native American tribes.

The Native American tribes represented a wide variety of different cultures. There were peaceful and war like tribes. Some tribes practiced slavery and human sacrafice.
Native Americans knew about hard work long before Conservatives. Native Americans did
not commune with nature. They hunted what they needed and planted plenty of crops.
It was by no means Eden, but they were also not savages. They just had different priorities and were certainly not Marxists and closer to capitalists. In reality they were just living their lives and being themselves. They were not all knowing shamans or savages. They were and remain rich and vibrant cultures that need to be appreciated in a realistic prism without political opportunism that rises to the levels of cultural theft.

As for who the real Savages are this remains obvious.

Will the butchers of 100,000,000 please take a bow.
Will the authors of Killing Fields and Gulags please rise.
Will the proponents of forced, prison and militarization of labor raise their hands
Will the group that deliberately starved its own people multiple times step forward.
Will the group that placed Muslims and other minorities in cattle cars to Siberia
own up to the deed
Will the group that created terrorism as a publicity stunt in a modern version of human sacrafice. Oddly these modern human sacrifices were a marketing tactic in a more vile form than anything cooked up on Madison Avenue.

It is obvious who the real savages are and there is nothing nobel, pun intended about Communists and their history.


Ducky's here said...

Will the proponents of forced, prison and militarization of labor raise their hands


That would be the British during the Boer War. We can thank them for the modern concentration camp.

Ducky's here said...

Will the group that created terrorism as a publicity stunt in a modern version of human sacrifice.


The state of Israel was founded through terrorism, Beak.

Ducky's here said...

Will the group that placed Muslims and other minorities in cattle cars to Siberia own up to the deed


Yes, the Ingush and the Chechen.s. Yet when they rebelled you called them Islamic terrorists you lousy hypocrite.
Damn, they were treated worse than Likud treats the Gazans.

beakerkin said...


The Israelis did not go to the Olympics and gun down British Athletes for media attention. Nor did they hijack planes or kill school kids in front of TV cameras.

Terrorism is a far left invention
dating to the French Revolution. Your Pal's messiah wrote extensively on the subject.

The most often cited example was the King David Hotel which was a military base and got repeated warnings.

The Boer situation does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath with Concentration camps. The Jews were not in revolt
against Germany. Nor were 90% of the people sent to gulags or their Chinese equivalent in any form of armed conflict.

Marxists are the planets real savages.

CM said...


Tell that to yeagley, thats him all rolled up into a little churchill. Add a beaded headband and the sioux choker betty ann blessed for him, and the man has the nerve to poke fun of us real Indian people!

I know this is not real the issue here, but we Indians do have to live in this world with the rest of the population, Mexicans, chinese etc. etc.also, and we have conformed and have to wear clothing. I am full blood, I sit here behind a computor wearing an OU sweatshirt and jeans and barefooted,my music is going as well as CNN. I own my own home, I can sit here barefooted if I want to, no Communits I am aware of exist in Comanche Land. Grown up KKK don't bother the Indians! Rednecks will be Rednecks grown up or not!

Thats what assimilation did to us. However in Comancheland I would be more afraid of the Mafia in the casino business than the Communists! I believe the sioux reservations are the only place where Foreigners might have an eye out for and maybe influence the Indians, primarily because of people like betty ann and david yeagley. Just the word Communist would get a person run off our Lands, no they do not stand a chance here among the civilized Indians. We love our Freedom, we respect the good ole U.S. of A., at least 99.99% excluding yeagley.

Here in Oklahoma we do not have what you call real isolated reservations. We live like just as you do in New York in the country side. I think most people know this, I hope anyway.

Yep, yeagley is a Ward Churchill wannabee, they do make the Indians look bad....but who put them where they are? Not the Indians....yeagley does tone down his dress atire here in Comanche land, he just dresses goofy on his site for baggy ann, he like those sioux trinkets!


beakerkin said...


Dr, Yeagley does have some Native American DNA. I think he would probably be amused at the comments about his attire. As you noted he does dress appropriately in Oklahoma.

The Doc spent much of his life as a scholar in New England. Of course I have zero idea what would happen if he showed up in LL Bean attire or dressed in the traditional scholar look of turtle necks and tweed.

The point of the post was really not about being afraid of Communists. The point of the post was that Native Americans own their
own history. Communists have no right to steal those crimes to advance a criminal political agenda.

As far as OU, this means a different thing to Jewish people.
I used to have OU cups and pennants
in my office. People asked if I was a Sooner. I explained that the letters OU in NYC stand for Orthodox Union and signify that a food is Kosher. It is a running joke in the office. I go back to the days of Elvis Peacock and JC Watts.

CM said...


At our Comanche Business Committee (CBC) meeting on Saturday 1/9/10 the idea of nons making money off of the Comanche Nation was brought up by the Chairman, it was brought to his attention by some respected Elders that they were concerned our Language and other materials were being sold by non-Indians and that we should be careful that our History, artifacts and language stay within our own Nation/People, but as I see, is it really possible!

I know yeagley has DNA but he doesn't have the Comanche Soul/spirit. I listened to others speak, I never mentioned yeagley at this time. The time will come however, he is one of those who tries to make a profit off of the Comanche Indians. Setting classical music to black and white 1930s' film on the Comanche(should be left as it is). Now its been almost impossible for the Comanche Nation to get this film because of the contraversy. Setting classical music to sacred Comanche hymns, written by our ancestors having white opera singers sing them....NOT recognizable at all...(so wrong)he had this on his site. Not even enough respect to ask permission from the Comanche People, just does it. That is stealing and really white of him. I found these things out among other things and he chose to bann me. His made up Bio....a cousin of his found me... she hates his lies, I know you are his friend, I know he hates me for telling the truth, but its so wrong for him to do these things to his supposely own people! He just became Comanche Indian maybe six years ago, our past Chairman knew of these deeds.

Had he embraced his people in a good way and respected our Leaders, and was open about these ventures, things could have turned out so much better for all parties concerned, especially with his education! As it is now he is dubbed a liar and a fake by his own cousin who he will not acknowledge.

With all his scholastic abilities, he should know how to treat people and not to diss his own. I say this is stealing from the Real Comanche for his recognition alone!

Sorry...I will say no more! But this may give a little insight as to the why I feel the way I do about yeagly. No hate at all, just disgust, as a full Blood Comanche, being used by one who holds a little DNA, as well as all kinds of degrees!

beakerkin said...


The Doc is around 50% Native American. We know his father was German.

Placing classical music to Comanche
scenes was likely not a good choice.
However, Yeagley is not unique in walking between communities. Most Jewish people experience this to some degree.

As far as profiting goes he is hardly alone. I do not see anything wrong with tourism at historical sites done with respect. One would not want a Disneyfied version of life. Production of new artifacts is a way to keep certain crafts alive.
I see nothing inherently wrong if
member X creates clothing in traditional style and sells it to

Someday Ecotourism might even outpace the casinos.

CM said...

The Casinos will eventually play out!

yeagley is at least 1/8 Comanche,
if that...had to be,to be enrolled. He is taking advantage of the One Drop, which he speaks of. I have no problem with that!

I agree about Tourism and Authentic Indian crafts. Tourism is what it should be about now, in this day and time. We do have a Tourism Bus Business called "Native Journeys", its a new Venture, In fact I took a trip last summer to Montana, Wyoming,(yellowstone Park), Nevada, S. Dakota, All Native destinations. Comanche working for our own, it was the best vacation ever, best hotels, didn't have to drive at all, just look and shop! Nature, love it!

Comanche Nation bought a 320 acres of beautiful moutainous and creek and nature scenic area butting up against the Wichita Wildlife Refuge as a getaway destination in S.W. Ok. We are in the talking and planning stages but we want RV set ups,cabins, teepees to camp in, primitive camping.

All plans are with healthy living and excersize in mind. Summer camp for the kids, Pow Wow Grounds. I have volunteered, I would rather be outside than in the house. I'll do anything, its a beauty!

Hiking trails, horse riding etc.,etc. returning back to Nature, looks like were going full circle, I think this is as it should be. We will keep it as Natural as possible, but the land is bought and paid for.

This will be Comanche promoting Comanche, and will be for the Public to use..I'm excited about it.


beakerkin said...

I guess I was ahead of the curve on the eco tourism. It will provide some jobs and crafts more.

I did want to see someone create a version of the silk industry on the reservation. I can only imagine the growth potential for silk grown by Comanche sold to upscale designers.
Some of the silk could be sold to craftsmen.

CM said...


Well..I have this friend. He is sweet as can be, Young Handsome Comanche man, very Artistic, love him to pieces..he does beautiful designs on large silk scarves,(among other Comanche items), but I cannot afford one! He is over our Nagpra(Native American Graves and Repatriation Program)

I don't think Comanches are into worms! We are proud of our Ethno-Ornithological Initative, the SIA Program, maybe we could feed the eagles the worms.

In fact Mr. Volker brought one of his Eagles to the meeting Saturday to show/educate the people, he is also thinking of the 320 acres as an alternative site for his program. He named one of his beautiful Eagles "Michelle" after the First Lady.

This 320 Project will be a teaching tool for our Comanche Culture also.


beakerkin said...

Silk is about high fashion. If it can be done in China it can be done in OK.

The_Editrix said...

"The Doc is around 50% Native American. We know his father was German."

He is nothing of that sort. There are several doubtful branches within his mother's family tree. She looks more Hispanic than Indian anyway in her photos. The entire Bad Eagle thingy was invented to get him attention and recognition. Not a bad idea, after all, it worked for Ward Churchill for a while. Sadly, he blew even that because a leopard can't change his spots and a poisonous, wacky little man with doubtful sexual orientation and almost as doubtful academic credentials not his vile nature.

Ducky's here said...

Beak the Bobo loves to go on and on about the Miskitoes.

Now mind you a couple of hurricanes killed more Miskitoes than the Sandinistas but Beak has always been one for high drama.

So what would you do Beak? Continue to romanticize a group that engaged in civil war and lives primarily by hunting the green turtle to extinction? You have a bit of Rousseau about you, Beak.

Ducky's here said...

Darn, Beak the Bobo went on a rant without mentioning Chomsky.

I wanted to ask Beak what he thinks of Chomsky's criticisms of Leninism.

Why so down on Menchu, Beak? Simply because she exposed the mass extermination by some of your right wing favorites in Guatemala? My guess is you even have a soft spot for D'Aubisson.

You would have made a terrific brownshirt, Beak.

beakerkin said...


1) Menchu is Guatemalan and D'Aubisson is Salvadoran. You appear to have your countries mixed up.

2) Bull Crap ethnocide against indigenous people is a war crime. No doubt if a similar comment were made about Pseudostinians and Civil War by me commies would be outraged.

Sorry, but the Sea Turtle bit as pretext for genocide is a new low.


The Dr. is an enrolled member of the Commanche nation so he has at least 1/8. He claims his mother is descended from two tribes.

Some Indians in Tejas under Spanish rule took up Spanish sounding names.

At least you are not contesting the European half.

CM said...


I forgot he is 1/2 German, I just see him as White.... he don't claim anyone that is alive, just dead ancesters who can't talk back! I met his cousin, she gave me copies of pictures of several family members, several of them yeagley cut out of his pictures he displays. Quannah Parker did not run off with Badeagles' wife either, she was a very young girl who ran away in the middle of the nite thru dangerous wildlife and mountains from an OLD MEAN man who was very abusive to her.(Badeagle started spousel abuse!) Quannah Parker was her childhood sweetheart(if wild Indians had sweethearts!)...Anyway, Quannah took it all to the Courts and won the young lady away from the VERY MEAN BADEAGLE, giving up much tangible possessions for her. Comanche translation is "Mean" Eagle.

His living cousin told me more than I ever wanted to know about this Johnny come-lately yeagley fellow...who found his Comanche People and don't know what do do with them or how to Honor them in a good way! He started off wrong. Her mother wanted to come back home to die with her People, she did a few weeks ago, these are what I call Proud to be Comanche!

He's too Proud to say "I WAS WRONG", or "I MISUNDERSTOOD" or "I'M SORRY". Comanches are humble and Proud to be Comanche, he is Proud to be a Haughty Comanche! He's shown me to be a "Mean" man, got a lot of people fooled with his education.


beakerkin said...


At least we know Badeagle existed and had a relationship with Tonarcy.
Tonarcy if I recall was infertile.
In those days this was cause for a divorce.

The_Editrix said...

"The Dr. is an enrolled member of the Commanche nation so he has at least 1/8."

Indeed, but 1/8 doth not 50% make. So his claim that he is "half Comanche" is false.

"At least you are not contesting the European half."

Frankly, as far as I am concerned, his other half may be made up by little green men from outer space. He bases his claim of being Indian and to speak AS and FOR Indians on the obviously false claim of being half Comanche, so the other half is irrelevant.

If you look at this chart, he has probably even less Indian blood. Granted Bad Eagle Cruz Portillo was full blooded Indian (which I believe), there is no proof that any of the spouses of this man's various offspring was Indian. Not that I care, he isn't stealing from me, but from the Comanche people, it just throws some light on his general credibility.

But let, for argument's sake, assume that his mother was 1/4 Indian. Again, that would make him 1/8 Indian, not 1/2 Comanche.

There are Indians by enrollment that look even whiter than he does and I have no idea whether tribes perform DNA tests to substantiate a claim of being Indian, but I am sure nobody would have questioned his ancestry had he not pissed off everybody and his pet ferret with his racism, his presumptiousness and his hatred. Remember how he questions the Indian-ness of everybody he doesn't like? Rudy Youngblood, the actor comes to mind. Oh my good, that boy triggered of one of those maniacal racist frenzies with the usual disgusting homoerotic overtones, and the old queen almost ran out of "quotes". I repeat: Nobody would have ever questioned his ancestry had he not made himself assailable in the extreme.

"Some Indians in Tejas under Spanish rule took up Spanish sounding names."

Well, yes. So?

By the way, I seem to remember that he claimed that his father was English, not German, when I first joined Violent Hummingbird. But again, as far as I am concerned, he can be a little green man with pink polka dots from wherever.

The_Editrix said...

Oh by the way, it seems he has alienated Richard Poe as well. I wonder why.

CM said...

Fooled a lot of People!

Well...not a lot, of people, mainly baggy ann, and doesn't she keep raving on about her ownself?

I tried to make Indian Humor about yeaglys' relation(first abuser) and Indian sweethearts, but she gets raving mad. She makes fun of me all the time, I really can't stop her and yeagley knows its all lies. I actually like seeing her make a complete drunken idiotic fool out of herself, but she don't even know she's doing it, she Blacks it all out!!!All that education going to waste. I find it humorous to think I am sioux and Black, she kepts adding new Blood to me. Sorry.....I am not heinz 57 like her. I never denied my Mexican roots, fact is I told yeagley about my G.Grandfater being a full blood Mexican captive when I first posted and he thought that was ironic because the Mexicans caught his G.Grandfather as Comanche Captive. I never ever denied my Mexican side but I am not 1/2. My Comanche Certificate of degree of Blood states 4/4th. My Tribe decided to put the captives as Full Blood long ago in another Era. That was the Elders and Leaders decision to make. Betty should stick to her own Nation. Leave the Jew and Comanche alone....but she won't.

What she is spewing forth is actually yeagley speaking, she consults with him before she posts and he tells her to "Carry On, just back me when I need it".

His Forum rules apply to no one....!


CM said...


I noticed Poes' abscence a while back. My woman's intuition tells me that after their visit last Thanksgiving, his wife noticed his racists tone and disrespect of women(moi, aye)! They must be very nice people to come all this way and find such a bad non-Indian. "Badeagle",

Yeagley needs to attend one of those Un Training White Liberal racism programs. He stated "I will not be treated in a Racist manner by Liberal Whites", yet his treatment of others with his White racism is OK? Conservative, Liberal or Whatever, Its NOT OK!
He must think he is a newscast celebrity!

Statements made by participants:

"The needs to study racism by people to find yourself."

"Find your Culture...either white or Whatever, you need to find it for self-acceptance and tolorence of people not White!"

"Learn to be more Real and less judgemental!"

These are statements made by Whites who attended and want to learn what to do to change their attitude.

For me all this is elementary, but I guess there are some people who need a constructive enviroment of like people, I respect this, they recognize the issue and want to get let it go.


The_Editrix said...

"I noticed Poes' abscence a while back. My woman's intuition tells me that after their visit last Thanksgiving, his wife noticed his racists tone and disrespect of women(moi, aye)! They must be very nice people to come all this way and find such a bad non-Indian. "Badeagle","

That makes a lot of sense to me!

Cateran said...

Ducky said, That would be the British during the Boer War. We can thank them for the modern concentration camp.

Actually Ducky, I think the Brits used concentration camps on the Irish long before they got around to the Dutch.

The Beak says, As for who the real Savages are this remains obvious.

It's not all that obvious Beak, I could easily answer the British to more than half your questions.

The Beak asks, Will the group that created terrorism as a publicity stunt in a modern version of human sacrafice.

A modern version of human sacrifice.

CM said...

Something else I remembered on Poe.

A friend was doing research on Norma Portillos' family tree from They were directed to contact rlawrencePoe....something fishy here? Its a private tree, what does Poe have to do with yeagleys' family tree?


CM said...


Now I understand that Poe is a writer and is into network marketing, but yeagly dupped him into this badeagle myth and Poe fell for it, looking for a good story, published it and therefore is contributing toward the abuse of Native americans. When he visited him, last year, he is too smart a man to know what is fiction and truth, yeagley IS a pitiful example of a Comanche Indian, but he is a fine example of a lying White man with many degrees that lead people
into a sort of respect.

The rest is History! Truth prevails, though yeagley still maintains the myth, he admits to being less than 1/2 Comanche now. The research my friend found places him with one drop DNA, I can accept him as that, but not his made up Comanche Myth of badeagle.