Saturday, January 30, 2010

Communism is a religion

Communism is not based on science. It is not based upon facts, logic or history. It is the insane musings of a mendicant failed philosopher and his criminal minions. No work
produced by a communist should ever be trusted. In fact given their history of lies, treason and crimes against humanity their opinions are worthless.

There is a place in society for religion. However, this place is relegated to the personal. As a whole the normal practice of religion benefits society. We are proud to associate with many wonderful religious people who are too numerous to mention. However, a normal practice of religion grasps the concept of utopia as something for the next world. There are finite rules of behavior that govern all from Kings to peasants.

Now our resident expert on Hunter Gathers claims in an odd fashion that my belief in Capitalism in much the same manner that a three year old says and so is your mother. Communist and other radicals have perpetuated a cultural theft of the lives of hunter gathers. They lead real lives that were often short and very violent. They did not sit around all day goofing off because survival was at stake. They traded and sometimes had slaves. Does this justify the crimes committed against them? In no way was there ever a green Eden. Their societies had challenges and solutions just like our own lives.

In nature and in life we differ in abilities and talents. It is not optimal or realistic to level the possesion of commodities. Alienation is not caused by Johny having more possessions or on sick divisive theories of class. It is a spiritual longing that is part of what makes us human. It is not solved by insane political power scams. This feeling may be filled by normal religion ( Non utopian religion) or by interactions with family and a local community.

To the communist mythology is more important than facts or history. There is much talk of the crimes against indigenous peoples. This is amusing as Communists committed this type of butchery in the 1980's while Chomsky and John Kerry cheered on the Sandinazis. Even today Commies use Indians as canon fodder in Chiapas in a pointless struggle.

Communism has always been a mixture of self loathing by spoiled rich kids like Bill Ayers who see themselves as benighted leaders of the unwashed masses. When the masses reject them they go into warped twisted idiocy called false consciousness. They are fond of saying "why do they hate us" with every lunatic group that has an axe to grind. They of course fail to ask this question of why Americans hate communists or why do people who lived under communist think they are nuts.

One can see people fleeing Cuba and Hugo's crack den by the score. You will almost never see a commie renounce his citizenship and join Kim Jong Ill. Commies are fond of calling people who do not serve in the military chicken hawks. However, this same logic of continuing to advocate communism while refusing to live under it is treated
as beneath the pale.

If I need religion I will kindly go to any house of worship other than those that have been plagued with liberation theology. The purpose of religion is to tend to the spiritual needs of the congregants. I do not seek or desire spiritual fulfillment from politics. The job of government is to protect, regulate, grow the economy and provide some public works. At times it is also to provide a minimal safety net in order to get people on their feet.


Ducky's here said...

One can see people fleeing Cuba and Hugo's crack den by the score.


Lot's of Guatemalans and Dominicans in my neck of the woods. What are you trying to say, dipstick?

The_Editrix said...

Beak, how can you as a Jew, one of the people who gave the Decaloge to the world, call Communism a religion? Communism is, like Islam, a cult. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Ducky: Name a country whose citizens are more familiar with capitalism and freedom than here.

Anyone wanting freedom and a chance to improve their circumstances, wants to live in a place like this. Where the only thing stopping your sucess is you.

beakerkin said...


I stand corrected

The Merry Widow said...

TE-It may also be catagorized as satan worship...after all, satan only came to; "...steal, kill and destroy." Seems that fits communism to a "T".


Ducky's here said...

Damn, I got banned at I bet Betty Boop is behind it.