Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Noble Savage bunk

I am quite disdainful of the Marxist version of the noble Savage redux. In this case it represents a cultural theft by Marxists of the historic crimes against tribal people.

The hunter gathers of the Amazon and New Guinea were fairly violent. What we know of Native American tribes comes from missionaries and trappers. The tribes were complex societies that were a mix of many things. Some tribes were warlike and did practice slavery.

Commies like to wrap themselves in a fantasy of a green Eden. It was a hard brutal life that was often very short. One forgets scale when talking about groups that lived in small bands. If a person who lives in a band of thirty dies in combat this akin to a much larger number.

The truth is war is a very expensive enterprise. Missiles cost seven figures and planes may cost nine figures. War has out lived its practical utility.

As for the anarchist fools, most of the deaths come from failed states like the former Yugoslavia or where Commies and Jihadis needlessly exploit locals for canon fodder. The latter often talk as if they own morality, but the history of both prove otherwise.

As stated before tribal people should have their cultures studied, but be viewed without foul political opportunism. They are in no description savages. History proves that the real savages are commies whose history of wholesale crimes against humanity are widely known.

Onto a topic I find amusing

I do visit many sites. The fact that I visit a site does not infer that I agree with
everything the site writes. Some of you point to my association with Dr Yeagley and point out the dreadful comments he has made on race. I certainly do not agree with them and I state so there and here. For the most part my comments are in the Jewish forum.

Bad Eagle was at one time an amazing place with brilliant posters. A partial list of the best were the Hun, Kidst, Mac, Warren, TMW and Amil. The Dr is still a friend of mine albeit with views at time I disagree with.

The Dr. does not have a firm grasp of Americanism. America is a country based on individual rights and liberties. It is open to all who share those values regardless of race, religion and ethnic origin. My country ( non Americans and commies) has no second class citizens.

CM, Mr. Beamish and I can disagree on a policy, but we are within our American tradition in having our own opinions of how to make a better country. Debate over policies is part of our tradition. It is ok to disagree with Obama's policies, so long as it is not on racial grounds. Given our political history the position he occupies does call for some criticism. Every President has been lampooned and been castigated by some segment.

Yeagley is very wrong in his views on racial matters. I would never be invited to a conference like the dreaded racialist American Renaissance convention. My values an opposition to such an odious agenda would ensure those sponsoring would keep me far away. I also want to point out that talk shows like O"Rielly do interview odious people like Sammy Al Arian, Ward Churchill and Rosie ODonnel. This does not infer that the host endorses the views. The Political Cesspool is not a show I listen to or would bother with. For the record I like Mark Levin, but do not get a chance to listen.

I wish Yeagley would grasp how odious these appearances are. However, as a grown adult he has a right to make dreadful choices. I also want to remind the Yeagley critics, that he has a right to make poor choices. Part of America grants us the freedoms to say things others find vile. The worst of Yeagley's critics should note he has never sanctioned or endorsed violence of any kind. As a American, albeit very misguided, he has the same Constitutional protections the rest of us enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Beak, this is off topic.

Can you come over to the blog I follow, and correct me where I am wrong.

The Pagan Temple said...


This is off topic, but interesting.

Do you know Hebrew? If not, askyour brother what the words in Hebrew are for "Lightning" and "Heaven".

Or "Lightning from heaven."

The phrase is from the Bible and has something to do with Lucifer, or Satan, being thrown out of heaven down to earth, or something like that.

beakerkin said...

Lighning is Barak
Heavens is Shamaim

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Beak.

The Pagan Temple said...

I saw this video on YouTube that claims the heavens-or maybe it's "the heights"-is Bama, or Wo Bama, or something like that, with O being easily substituted as a vowel for the Wo, or whatever it was. Kind of silly. A commenter pointed out, rightly, that you can find "evidence" to make anybody seem a candidate for "Antichrist" which was the point of the YouTube video.