Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thunder on the Right

Obama has done was was previously thought impossible. His narrow minded maniacal obsession with health care led to a smashing defeat in MA. MA is the home of the mindless reflexive vote for Democrats even when they commit manslaughter, betray their country or run a brothel out of their home.

Of course the Euro elite and Commie epigones in the USA will rail about primitive angry voters.

Americans do not want big social programs. Americans want jobs and a decent economy.
This mindless obsession is going to sink the democratic party.

If Obama were capable of learning like Bill Clintoon. He would move to the center and try to focus on jobs. The problem is Bill Clintoon had experience as an executive and Obama has never held a job in his life.

Running with Obama is not a good idea. No doubt his supporters will yell racism. However, he needs to start acting like a leader and quit trying to market himself like a soft drink or breakfast cereal


CM said...


Well Obama can dance, he's handsome and he has compassion. He married a Black woman, should satisfy some people. He kept to his own race, and had only two children...huh? He is the most unracist person and tries his best to work with those who are, just as Clinton and Clinton has...now George used Mexicans and ignored the Blacks and the rest of humanity. He will be ok, if people could just get past his light Black Complexion!

This race is not all that important to me as a Native American, I have Healthcare and looking forward to being eligible for Medicare, yes we worked toward this too! Most everyone I know gets Military benefits, there is something for everyone if they seek it, and there will always be...at least I hope!

Too much, much ado about everything! Tea Party, The Cross, Blue People, White People, Black People, is White a Race? What color are Jews?.

The World is crumbling and everyone is fighting! Well, not fighting...really...discussion in a good way! As it should be.

As Abijik says "respect that Flag!" or he'll kick ***!


beamish said...

If you're going to talk about leftists learning anything, you might as well talk about fire hydrants composing symphonies and bowling balls engineering four-sided triangles.

Remember, Beak, for the left "the struggle is eternal" in their quest to build a better tasting crayon.

beakerkin said...


He was a member of a Marxist racist
church for twenty years. I could care less about his personal qualities. He has done a lousy job and has picked the worst cabinet in history.

He needs to stop promoting himself like a soft drink. He needs to do one thing, get people back to work.

CM said...


Of course you are right about the putting people back to work.

One thing I pride myself in is never lying, what I live and know is what I print. I never wish death upon another human, I trust in my Lord to take care of those that do these things. Especially for all to read.

I respect you and your posters and learn from you. I read many sites and post on only a few, but I never change my name, I am proud to be me!


Always On Watch said...

he needs to start acting like a leader and quit trying to market himself like a soft drink or breakfast cereal

Well, he can't. He doesn't have the experience to do so.

The Pagan Temple said...

Remember, this isn't just him. He is the product of a process of myth making that is actually bigger than himself. The Obama myth had and still has many proponents and enablers. Thankfully, a lot of the hot air has leaked out of that balloon, but it is still floating. He could and should rein it in, but I repeat, this isn't just him, it owes as much to the Rahm Emmanuels and David Axelrods of the world, and feeds off the frenzy of yet millions of nutroots activists.

The Pagan Temple said...


Just curious, why would white not be a race? Technically, the actual name is Caucasian. Nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Pagan Temple,

To me, White has just always been a discription, nothing more. I was curious, for within our Indian Nations there are separate bands. The White race must include many, many bands or maybe they would be called Communities? Wouldn't the White Italians Etc. Jews, Etc. also include other communities and so on....


The Pagan Temple said...

True, CM, but Italian, Jew, Irish, English, etc., are not races, they are ethnicities. White, or Caucasian, is broader and takes them all in, thus it is the White or, more accurately, the Caucasian race. Nothing to be afraid of, we aren't out to get you, bro.

CM said...

Thanks Pagan Temple,

But I'm not a bro....I'm a lady, I consider myself anyway, sometimes I may sound a bit ruff around the edges.

My friend Naiche calls me "Moonbeam". I like that!

4/4 FULL MOON(aye!