Thursday, January 28, 2010

I want to thank Kultur

I want to thank Kultur for generously sitting for an interview.

Communism is a religion that is more doctrinaire than the folks at the 700 Club and its followers are much more deeply disturbed.

Normal well adjusted people have found meaning in their lives through their families
and communities for eons. Kultur points out that HG societies had a greater emphasis on family life. This is not news to religious Christians who go to traditional Churches
( not Liberation theology) who have been dedicated to their families and communities in the most noble of ways. They are not alienated because they find meaning in the loved ones around them rather than the psuedo religious words of Marx the mendicant.


Esther said...

Hey Beak, sorry it's taken me so long to check back with you. Looks like you're still doing great stuff over here! So what's going on with your job? Did things change like you thought they would?

beakerkin said...

Many of us may have our duties altered to help out the local Haitian
community. I will try and help where I can locally.

The gang is still around. AOW and many others still blog. My site was targeted by criminal communists so I no longer promote it as I once did.

We still do interviews, book reviews
and slices of life