Monday, January 04, 2010

Returning to Failure Jurasic Marxists

History has pronounced its verdict on Marxism. However, just like jihadists who never grasp that Theocracy is not a valid basis for a modern economy, Commies blame all previous attempts at Communism. The excuses are familiar.

1) The previous examples were State capitalism
2) The entire planet needs to be Marxist. ( I prefer removing them into quarantine in
North korea or Zimbabwe)
3) If only Trotsky won the power struggle. ( This ignores the real historical record of a war criminal who was one of the few people who deserved what Stalin did to him.)
4) Pol Pot wasn't a Communist. He was a Maoist trained in France.
5) Blaming the embargo and Batista for the police State in Havana. Batista is gone over 45 years and Cuba can trade with the rest of the planet. The folks in Gitmo all
have better health care, diets and more freedom than Cubans. Cubans can all read what the government tells them to read.

We could go on with these repeated lies from pseudo religious zealots who are far more fundamentalist and divorced from reality than they Christians they mock. They are way more bigoted than the rest of America. I went to the Tea Party and did not see a single bigoted expression. When one goes to a so called Peace Protest one will see claims that Jews run the government or the Iraq war was the work of a cabal of joooos. There are also claims about Jooooos being behind 9-11 that are a modern blood libel.

When I meet a bigot he is almost always a Communist. It is very rare one will encounter a Christian bigot. However, those few bigots generally are preaching Liberation Theology or its Black Corollary ala Pastor Wright. Liberation Theology is
merely a tool of Marxists to subvert Churches and empty the pews. Of course when Africans object Commies merely tell them to shut up and ignore them. The only African Rowan Williams can count on is Desmond Tofu who is a fellow Communist.

Communists make a mockery of higher ed and create fake versions of cartoon history.
Muslims are victims and their record of colonialism and Jim Crow abuses of non Muslims and role in the slave trade are not discussed. Imagine the outrage if Americans created a history with happy slaves and Native Americans thrilled to have injustice after injustice done to them. Commies talk about the evils of American history and pretend they own the injustices done to Native Americans and Slaves. Communism is in fact Neoslavery and their human rights abuses cause working class people to risk death and flee. When we last spoke Gnome Chimpanzee and most Commies are still defending the Sandinazis who brutally massacred Native Americans. When was the last time Euorweenies decided to try Daniel Ortega for his crimes. They are still up in arms over non crimes in Gitmo and some bad S&M pics at Abu Gharib. The folks at Abu Gharib should have asked for an NEA grant and would have gotten communist approval.

We are living in an era of Jurassic Marxists. History pronounces its verdict, but Marxists refuse to listen.

There was a movement out West to remove any professor who has committed crimes against the USA. This should be expanded to include elimination of research grants and student loans for Universities that employ professors who meet with terrorists.
Student loans for Social Science majors should be eliminated, with the exception of psychology.

The fate of the leftist latin American countries is economic ruin. The most talented
will flee at the first opportunity. Universities will see increasing costs and worthless paper erode the value of a degree. On line competition will force Universities to either improve and adapt or go the way of the dinosaurs. The days when a University could get away with feather bed jobs for spawn of Commies and be a jobs program for Weathermen and Black Panthers are coming to a close.

Even the dominance of far left journalism is ending as Fox News and the Wall Street Journal are ascendant and the NYT and CNN are in the toilet. The days of Dan Rather or Reuters perpetrating hoaxes are comming to an end.

In the future Commies should be in a museum next to Dodo Birds and extinct species.
Commies are now claiming to care about the environment and tribal people. This must come as news to the Indians butchered by the Sandinazis or the Indians being harassed
by Chavez the cocaine commie of Caracas. The Hmong and other groups must all be amused at this communist theft of history. Any look at the Soviet or Chicom record on the environment should end those notions.

Beamish and Bardo in 12 & 16.

No doubt if Americans ever did revolt it would not be the kind commies expected. It would be more of get government out of my life. Fortunately, Tea Party types are law
abiding, but tarring and feathering commies to patriotic music would be fun. Commies are all upset at the Tea Party crowd but should grasp that crowd unlike their own is law abiding.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, I finally got around to seeing "Blame It on Fidel" over the weekend.

The implications that a child brought up in a leftist home will become more open minded and stronger would truly trouble you. I suggest you watch it and try to have this foreign crap banned in the U.S.

Ducky's here said...

Dear Beak,

I know this is off topic but I feel I must continue to attempt to gain your assistance.
From time to time I have written to you about the state of the arts community in Boston. We must do something! The outrages continue.
Now the Museum of Fine Arts is holding an Iranian film festival and it includes a so called "documentary" film on the 1953 CIA coup in Iran. These scurrilous lies from an IRANIAN are being screened in the United States of America. How is this possible.
Other films include junk by hacks like Abbas Kiorastami and are probably being screened at public expense through subsidies.

How can I stop these outrages?

Yours truly,

The Pagan Temple said...

Ducky, why don't you go see some decent movies, with real American values? You might learn something yourself dude. Do you really like this crap you watch, or is it just a way for you to express solidarity with anybody that puts forth an anti-American bias? When you clap and cheer at certain lines, do you do so because the lines are really that clever and well-delivered, or are you just cheering that they are "sticking it to the man"?

Hell, if that's all it is, you can get the same thing watching old DVD's of old situation "comedy" shows like Good Times, where some character is always putting down the country (or more precisely, conservative Republicans) and you can always hear some old cow in the background from the audience going "Hehhhh-Hehhhh-HEEHHHHHHHH".

Ducky's here said...

Well Pagan, for one thing, I look for artistic merit and American films are often at the bottom of that barrel.
"Blame It on Fidel" is an interesting contrast to other films which have dealt with the aftermath of Franco's rule, "Spirit of the Beehive", "La Guerre Est Finie", "Cria Cuervos" ... see it really has nothing much to do with America one way or the other. You should get out more.

Ducky's here said...

... any suggestions on what expresses "American values"?

The Pagan Temple said...


So a movie about the CIA in Iran in 1953 and another about how a child raised in a leftist home will be more open minded has nothing to do with America one way or another? That's an interesting answer.

I wouldn't mind seeing either one of them, to tell you the truth. I might even like them on an artistic level. I like a large variety of different kinds of films. One of my favorites of all time is The Crying Game.

I don't judge a film by it's political content, or lack thereof, I just wish if it did have a political message, it wasn't ALMOST ALWAYS pro-Left.

Have you ever seen The Searchers? It's a John Wayne film. I think you might probably like it.