Tuesday, January 26, 2010

About Yeagley and upcoming interview

I understand some of you are having fun with Dr. Yeagley. I would ask those of you who visit to understand that he does respond to serious questions. I understand that many of you are understandably appalled by some of the things he has written about race. I do not share those views, but my response is different.

Dr. Yeagley often talks about the illogic of clinging to Christ and hating the people
whose prophecy he came to fill. For the Doctor Jesus is the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies. His message eminates and can only be understood from those traditions and not distinct from it. The Dr. is quite vocal about theological hatred of Jews. I do not know if we ever discussed Progressive Dispensationalism specifically.

In a similar vein I have been trying to explain that Americanism is inclusive to all who are citizens and share our values. Blacks are a part of our country and serve in every capacity. The essence of Americanism is that everyone should have equal opportunity under the law to aspire to their best. I am proud of a Nation that does not have second class citizens. I am proud of a nation whose traditions include intellectual diversity and whose birth right bestowed on the citizens is the First Amendment. One can not fully grasp Americanism while clinging to odious concepts about race that are anathema to American values.

I do understand that many of you are offended by his views on race. I share that revulsion albeit for an entirely different reason. My view is that it is not within
the noblest traditions of Americanism we both proclaim to love. Remember, that the Dr. is a theologian and I am more into history and results.

In a similar vein I am preparing an interview for a Professor who blogs under the handle of Kultur. I want many of you to understand that when I interview as host I am bound by the traditions of hospitality. My goal with these interviews has always
been to fully grasp what is behind the philosophy of the writer. I ask that those of you be respectful during the upcoming interview. At some point I may ask Pagan to sit for one of these interviews.

As people we learn and grow by listening to people in their own words. Many of you, including myself will object to anticapitalism. Yet, I suspect that as my encounters
with Kultur are in a forum with Marxist and Anarchist dimwits that our exchanges have not taken place in a logical setting conducive for a proper conveyance of his ideas. I have not deduced what Lichanos is, but he is distinct in a crowd of lemmings
and political criminals. As a rule I do not interview Marxists like Che Bob or a Renegade Spleen as they are not rounded individuals and are entirely predictable.

The Duck is not predictable and is fairly well rounded even if he has a peculiar disdain for Renoir and a more interesting appreciation of Chardin. Produce in a bowl
does not interest me as much as sweeping landscapes or humans in daily life. Some of the best posts on this site are the ones where the Duck and I ditch the political and discuss art and film. One of my favorites was the Duck vs Sonia on film. How the Duck has missed Zorba remains unknown. On the other hand if it had nude scenes Sonia would probably have seen it multiple times.

For the purpose of this interview when we use the term tribal people this does not refer to Native Americans alone. In my context we include African and Asian people who live in preindustrial traditional ways. I ask those of you who visit for the interview to wait until Kultur responds to ask follow ups.


Ducky's here said...

The Duck is not predictable and is fairly well rounded even if he has a peculiar disdain for Renoir and a more interesting appreciation of Chardin.


I appreciate the compliment, Beak but let me remind you that I find Renoir extremely sentimental and manipulative.
That is not the case with Chardin.

Some of Renoir's work such as "The Boating Party" are first rate but he is a favorite of the crowd that walks into a museum and asks "where are the impressionists" although they may throw in some baroque crap like Constable during their visit.

By the way, Yeagley is certifiable.

Ducky's here said...

How the Duck has missed Zorba remains unknown.


Still haven't seen it, though I may get to it some day.

I have a couple of the director's (Kakogiannis) other films and they have a "new wave" flavor. "A Girl in Black" is a pretty good analysis of Mediterranean honor cultures and would be a good double bill contrasting with Germi's "Divorce: Italian Style".
"A Matter od Dignity" is also excellent but it may be that both simply have the magnificent Ellie Lambeti in common.

He's a pretty good example of what can happen when you give a good B&W director a big budget to shoot color, see also Fellini and Kubrick and Truffaut. Often doesn't work out.

Ducky's here said...

Produce in a bowl does not interest me as much as sweeping landscapes or humans in daily life.


Not quite

The_Editrix said...

"My view is that it [racism] is not within the noblest traditions of Americanism we both proclaim to love."

So are non-Americans allowed to criticize racism? And if yes, what legitimate reason for that would you grant a non-American? (Seriously asking!)

"Remember, that the Dr. is a theologian and I am more into history and results."

Oh for heaven's sake, Beak! Come off it! He isn't any more a "theologian" than a snake oil seller is a "health care professional". No serious university outside the US of A would have ever given him a degree. Have you ever bothered to follow the information 'gator supplied about the wacko "prophetesse" Ellen G. White, whose head-trauma-induced teachings he follows to a "T"?

Ducky's here said...

Yeagley is a theologian? Are you insane?

CM said...


This will be interesting, did you get permission from you know who?

I know yeagley is very Educated. I am proud to know many Educated Indians with Masters and beyond. Cornell Pewewardy,Doctorate, his brother Laneal Pewewardy, Juanita Pahdapony Mithlo, Wallace Coffee former Chairman}Lectures all over the country on Indians, Present Comanche Nation Chairman Michael Burgess, and so many, many more. Kevin Gover another Comanche, President of Smithsonian, will be giving a lecture soon at the Sandra Day O'Conner college of Law in Tempe Az., on "Whiteman's Indian" in Canby Lecture. He will be speaking to Promote the Native Americans and against people like Michael Steels' statement, "Honest Injun" and against stereotyping of the Mascots "Brave Indians honored by sports only...!" A tiny portion of what we really were and are he says is being brave!

The difference in these Educated Masters and Beyond Proud Indians and Yeagley is...they live and Honor their People. They don't go round the issue to USE and DEGRADE the Indian People, they tell it like it is and Honor them to the mixed but mainly White Audience. They support their People while living in the White World. Mr. Gover wants the Indians story told by the Indians themselves.
These Educated Indians Speak for ALL Native American Indians and I am Proud of them, why can't I be Proud of yeagley????

Maybe your interview will give me a different view, but I absolutely doubt it.


The Pagan Temple said...


"Kevin Gover another Comanche, President of Smithsonian, will be giving a lecture soon at the Sandra Day O'Conner college of Law in Tempe Az., on "Whiteman's Indian" in Canby Lecture."

Let me know when that is, okay?

CM said...

Pagan Temple,

Well...he is Pawnee/Comanche however more Pawnee, but we claim him since he is Wallace Coffeys'(past Chairman) cousin..brother Indian Way! He is definately more Comanche than Yeagley.

His Lecture is Thurs. Jan. 28/2010 at 4:30 ASU College of Law Great Hall.

For those of us who can't make it in person he will be line at:


beakerkin said...


The Dr has a PHD in divinity from Yale.What label would you care to use.

I will stick with Renoir or Goya you can keep the still life.

beakerkin said...


Of course as a non American you are free to object to racial hatred.

My conversation with Yeagley is from an entirely different angle that is unique. Yeagley and I both proclaim to share a common value of patriotism. Yet my point is that our ethos of a nation that does not have second class citizens makes his views at odds with how I define the American essence. His odd views of race are
relfective of a person who has not grasped the egalitarian essence of Americanism.

I concede it is a convoluted point.

The Pagan Temple said...


Thanks. I have a friend in Tempe who might be interested in this, I'm going to send her the information now.

Ducky's here said...

I can keep still life> Which mode?

The Spanish which showed the excesses of the court of Philip, the Dutch vanitas or the formal studies in shape and color of Cezanne?

Or do you just see objects?

Ducky's here said...

I can't believe I typoed initially and wrote Constable (outstanding) when I meant Gainsborough.

Ducky's here said...

A PhD in divinity? I doubt it.

And how has Doctor Yeagley used his education? Other than getting canned from a couple short term university posts he has a very checkered employment history.

The good Doctor is a bit of a fraud, you know as well as a serious racist. Read today's article over at GayEagle. This man is certifiable.

CM said...

Pagan Temple,

You are most welcome.

Proud Comanche

CM said...


Yeagley made me dizzy trying to understand what the Hell he is trying to say~repetitive rants.

yeagley can't be anything but White. He looks, thinks, talks and lives the White Culture. He said "Its particularly obvious when your...Black"(slap). I say "its particularly obvious yeagley is White".

Indians don't claim him, Black wouldn't want him, the White Supremist American reniassance Organization can keep him, after using him. They found him and love his views and invited him. yeagley finially found himself a place in the SUN....Yeagly sounds like an ANGRY WHITE MAN! I think he is a very Jealous Angry(not so young) White Man!


The Pagan Temple said...

I couldn't even read that shit to tell you the truth. I'll be flat out honest with you, I think he was drunk when he wrote that, and when he posted it. It was nauseating after about the fourth paragraph, I literally couldn't read past about the sixth or seventh.

The_Editrix said...

"Yeagley is a theologian? Are you insane?"

No, Beak isn't. Yeagley even has an Ivy League degree in theology. That's from Wikipedia:

Yeagley received a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance and Composition from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, a Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies and History from Yale University, a Master of Arts in Literature and History from Emory University (1981), an Artist Diploma in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the Hartt School of Music, and a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Piano Performance and Composition from the University of Arizona (1994).

Emphasis added by me.

The_Editrix said...

"The Dr has a PHD in divinity from Yale.What label would you care to use."

No he hasn't. He has a Master (which is fair enough). However, I remain adamant that a snake oil seller remains a snake oil seller and is not a health care professional, even if he had an MD. People with an academic education have the obligation to put it to good use, not to misuse it.

The_Editrix said...

I went there yesterday and it's too funny for words. It seems that the Kidist has a blog called "Camera Lucida". Isn't "camera lucida" a kind of idiomatic term in Latin? I mean one doesn't even need to have in-depth knowledge of Latin to know what it means. Obviously, neither the term, nor the word "lucida" meant anything to him. He read "Lucida" and all he could think of was the female given name "Lucinda". Proof positive that he doesn't even have some basic knowledge of Latin.

I don't want to beat that old nag of German vs American education to death, but in Germany you need to have proof of in-depth knowledge of Latin, Greek and Hebrew before you are even allowed to register as a theology student, less for a teacher, more for a "full" theologian, but in-depth knowledge anyway.

What a joke!

Ducky's here said...

Beak, check out hos front page today.

Stormfront is in awe.

Given the way he writes and his monstrous ignorance I wonder if his claims to a divinity degree have been vetted. His claims to being a Comanche were crap so why do you believe this silliness.

Check out his claims to being a "portrait artist" The pure stinky cheese.

The_Editrix said...

Duck, I think he is Comanche. Even his most avid detractors don't insist on the adoption version anymore. He is just not half Indian (and certainly not half Comanche) as he used to claim. His mother plainly wasn't a full-blooded Indian. At Brent Michael Davis' blog is a clever chart of his ancestry. I don't know what the required blood quantum is, but his was sufficient for the Comanches to enroll him. Likewise, I doubt that he has the cheek to boast publicly degrees he doesn't have. I think at the very blog (BMD's) there is an account of somebody who knew him from Yale Divinity.

The question is not whether he HAS those degrees, but how somebody with such qualifications can be so toenail-curlingly ignorant.

Here's his latest howler:
Germany has recently dramatized a rather interesting aspect of the difference between man’s laws, and the wonderful, mysterious concept of divine law. Some say that religion is a kind of coercion itself, and its claim of divine authority is a ploy, usually made by those not in power, but, once established, divine authority becomes the ultimate raison d’ĂȘtre, the final justification of law. The Constitutional Court of Germany reaffirmed (December 2, 2009) an exlusively religious law about Sunday observance in Berlin.

[Blah blah yabber yabber yack yack]

The law is to be enforced in 2010, this year. It is apparently based on a mandate in the 1919 Weimar Constitution (Article 139). It is clearly a religious law. There is no other reason for it, and religious organizations (Catholic and Lutheran, according to the article quotes) are the impetus for its enforcement.

The impetus for this enforcement are the trade unions, but because the moron has this love affair with Germany not IN SPITE, but BECAUSE of its Nazi-past, he doesn't bother to get any in-depth information but blabbers about what suits him best. "The wonderful, mysterious concept of divine law" my behind.

This is priceless as well:

REG // Jan 31, 2010 at 10:02 am
Hitler’s Germany had a split personality. The NAZI SS would not allow Christians, (Thank God) and the German Army considered itself Christian and would not allow NAZI members.

This is so incredibly dumb that it defies belief. While a non-Christian worldview was certainly hoped for, it was far from required in the SS and if the Wehrmacht hadn't allowed Nazis it would have had about the size of the Papal Swiss Guard. How can the army of a highly totalitarian state exclude those who subscribe to this state's ideology?

This is precious as well:

David Yeagley // Jan 30, 2010 at 9:00 pm

I advise my readers not to respond to “Ducky.” He was sent here from another site, and has nothing to contribute here. I delete his posts, until I learn how to ban on WordPress. Never banned anyone on WordPress before.

Emphasis added.

WHO, I wonder, might have "sent" the Duck to Violent Hummingbird? What a lying, slippery, slimy bag of excrement he is. Oh and by the way, he IS ABLE TO and DOES ban people. Did I say already that he is a lying, slippery, slimy bag of excrement?