Friday, January 22, 2010

Paranoia about Tea Parties

I am quite amused at the way commies are literally paranoid about Tea Party types. I did go to the major even in DC with AOW. My experiences with the unhinged Obama derangement syndrome afflicted Dr. Yeagley had me fearing the worst.

I spoke with wonderful people from all over the country who wanted America to return to its traditions. I did not see a single racial supremacist or Jooo hater. My ethnicity is quite obvious to anyone from a major city and I identify myself as a Jew if asked. I did not hear a peep about Jewish conspiracies or 9-11 conspiracies.

This is the one group commies can not infiltrate. This group understands the basis of our nation is individual rights and liberties. We have our own traditions celebrated in our national founding documents. We do not seek to model ourselves after the EU or Canada. We are Americans with our own traditions.

After the MA debacle Democrats need to learn

1) Clinton was right it is the economy Jobs jobs jobs
2) Sams club parking lots are more important than faculty lounges.
3) Clinton understood that it is important to at least be viewed as a common person.
Obama is arrogant elitist, even more self centered than Clintooon and has a tin ear.
4) A president can not be marketed like a laxative
5) He has the most inept cabinet in the history of the USA
6) He does not lead from the front like Bush on Aircraft Carriers or at Ground Zero
7) He promises much and delivers nothing.
8) let the Move on types form their own party. Embrace Americanism
9) Mae you arguments based on American traditions not emulating the EU

Of course the Entryism started by clowns like Harrington has led to the great demise of the Democratic party. It can only win when Republicans fail to listen to the voices in Truck Stops and become arrogant. Obama was elected due to a series of financial collapses. He trailed McCain until the bank failures. Even with media connivance the election was closer than the elites thought and was not a mandate.


troutsky said...

I went to a Tea Party where a guy named "Red" Beckman spoke. Check him out. I'm not saying all patriots go there but it is a strand.

I wish the Truck Stop Party well.

Always On Watch said...

Those who didn't participate in the D.C. Tea Party don't have clue as to what it really was.

Beak and I were there. We know.

I did encounter ONE John Bircher. One. She was handing out literature and DVD's about the Bilderberger Group.

But the vast majority of participants were there to send a message to Capitol Hill and the White House: WE THE PEOPLE hold the Constitutional power, and we're fed up with out so-called elected public servants' arrogance in disregarding us.

Z said...

that's an amazing list,'re brilliant. I hate Sams Club but I sure do see your point (I hate big box stores in general because all the lovely privately owned shops are closing around me)...
Imagine OBAMA embracing the AMERICANISM WE know and love? You could laugh, coudn't you?
how sad. And don't forget we have a president who says "for profit" as some of us say "cholera"