Sunday, January 24, 2010

Are we really ready for Coffee Shop Conservatism

I am starting to think of the Brown victory as part voter anger at entrenched arrogant elites who have never held a job in their lives. It is anger at the out of touch Democratic Party that has been infiltrated with Marxists and the Country Club GOP.

The Tea Party movement scares the far left. It is everything they want to be but are not. They can not control this movement or infiltrate it. This movement is hostile to Marx and his death cult minions on every level.

Commies talk of working class grass roots movements. The Tea Party crowd is ordinary working folk looking to get the country back on track. It seeks to return to our traditions of liberties and loathes the nanny state. What commies fail to understand is that even though the protests are numerous they are law abiding. Commies dreams of revolution in America will only happen if the out of touch elite impose Marx on people who are individualists.

I am seeing a more practical type of conservatism on the horizon. Its spirit has the can do attitude of Reagan with a mix of practicality. This is not the elites talking over golf, it is neighbors talking at a water cooler.

Obama sinks in the polls and Democrats long to capture the center. It can not do this with a bunch of clods who see the EU as the apex of civilization. The blame for the sinking of the Obama administration is the fault of two parties.

1) Obama has a tin ear. When people are hurting and nervous about jobs he ignores the real pain. He places all his energy in social programs instead of getting people back to work. Americans want to work.

2) The media built Obama up to such absurd messianic proportions in a classic cult of personality. The fact that there was nothing behind the packaging has left many disappointed. He doesn't seem to have a clue about leadership.

At a certain point a glimmer of hope comes through the darkness. We have survived depressions, recessions, Wars, disasters and Jimmy Carter. We will survive this economic meltdown. Who will emerge as the voice of optimism and can do remains unknown. However, the winds have changed and a new moment is at hand.


Always On Watch said...

At a certain point a glimmer of hope comes through the darkness.

Yes, indeed.

America has proven herself resilient time and again.

The left will never understand the Tea Party movement. And that lack of understanding will make the Tea Party movement even stronger and more effective.

Anonymous said...

The only change Obama is planning is to re-crank up his pre-election RNC attack machine and go on offense against all things "Republican" and "Tea Party".

The nut-roots are about to be unleashed again.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, I assume you are aware that Brown has little experience outside the legislature and is hardly less of an "elite" than the "go along to get along" coat holder Coakley.