Monday, January 18, 2010


Obama was elected as a symbol more than as a person. It was foolishly dreamed that a
Black president could heal historic wounds. The notion itself was folly and Obama is just not up to this daunting task. His style is too narcissistic and you want him to step out and lead from the front. Perhaps his only achievement has been getting the second stupidest man in the senate out, Joe Biden.

Obama has spent too much time listening to University Marxists and not enough time looking outside of that narrow prism. It would go along way if he would take pride in America and state "Our country has no second class citizens". It would be nice if he respected the Constitution and praised individual rights and achievement.

We can still be patriotic about our history and grasp the wrongs committed against Native Americans and slavery. The point is how far we have come to extending the beliefs of the founders vision.

The problem with Obama is that he is an elitist. He spent his time in Prep schools and elite University. He has never held a job or understood how to communicate with average folks. A bad stint at a second rate law firm with a capricious boss would have given him the human touch he lacks.

Perhaps it is time to look past the narrow prism of Black and White. There are hispanics, Asians and multi racial people like Obama. My country is based on shared ideals and common values that make idiotic notions of race and class irrelevant.


CM said...


Of course I disagree with most of your views on Obama....I believe by having the color of his skin is the one thing he needs to handle the situations you say he cannot handle. His skin color allowed him to live the depredations, racism, and handle the challenges you will never have, though you have a good heart, you will never understand what he's gone thru. Death threats and hate that people like yeagley and his friends spew and spread and it keeps going.

All these challenges he knew of when he ran for President. He is NOT dumb. He accepted inspite of the prejudice he has always felt because of his skin color. He accepted in spite of loving his beautiful family and putting them in danger, over four death threats by our own stupid American white supremists, KKK, Neo Nazis, Wasps, Ntional Socialist Movement, and yeagley people like yeagley, these are the people that needs to be taken on....not our President.

However, we all have our opinion...and it pains me to know he has to go thru so much hate by his own American people, yet he has accepted this, they are not Dumb!

First time EVER, my Grandkids got out for Martin Luther King Day at our very prejudice redneck school! Wonder who influenced this???In a Redneck Repub. State.


beakerkin said...


Obama is sinking like a rock. He has been tone deaf on the economy and has promoted himself while the store burns.

Yeagley's comments are inexcusable and I have addressed Yeagley directly on them. The problem is that he defines white people in the same way he defines his local community.

I certainly understand a person wanting Comanche to marry other Comanche. Yet when we talk about preserving a white race it has an odious history. We aren't preserving a culture because Italians and Hungarians have little in common. Specifically America was not founded on race. It was founded on shared ideas and values.

Ducky's here said...

BEAK ! Are you posting at again?

Remember, one post is too many and a thousand aren't enough.

Please take a meeting at GayEagle Anonymous and do yourself a favor.

beakerkin said...


I have been critical of Dr Yeagley on many issues. I am somewhat more charitable towards the misguided Yeagley than a Renegade Eye.

Yeagley does not understand the American values he claims to cherish.Ren and Troutsky reject Americanism in their embrace of a death cult that is inimical to Americanism. In essence Yeagley is merely wrong while the rest are traitors to the USA.

CM said...


I had to take a friend near where yeagly lives, his Local Community is nothing to brag about. He places himself above the Indians with his education.

He lives in a fantansy world of false Grandeur and self importance, throwing names and his education around. Why he chose to use the Native American in conjuction with being a white supremists is just another ploy to lure. No Native American fell for this know who..and she was but a Breed.

America was established by the white euros, for the white euros, they just happened across some Brown People! All past history we know...but not all was told...we know this too!

Who shared WHAT and with WHO in the beginning. It doesn't matter anymore. What does matter is how we live today, how we treat other people, too simplistic, too down to Earth for some...but thats how it is!


beakerkin said...


Yeagley is very wrong about many things. However, he is a genuine scholar and should take pride in his achievement.

He is biracial and walks between the two worlds not exactly belonging in either. I empathize with him in many ways as it is a horrible place to be.

He has chosen to define himself in ways I find dead wrong. Sooner or later with the BAG off the board an adult conversation about what it means to be an American will take place.

I have tried this before but the BAG does not allow any discussion of Americanism.

The_Editrix said...

"However, he is a genuine scholar and should take pride in his achievement."

In which respect, Beak?

He is a religious wacko who lives to a "T" by the rules of that perverted "prophetesse" Ellen G. White who taught that blacks come from an amalgamation of man and beast. So much for his theological prowess.

As for his degree in piano playing, he may be a good musician, I wouldn't know, but it doesn't qualify him for anything BUT piano playing and certainly not for punditry.

He has a shallow patchwork knowledge of many things and throws about "clever" snippets of alleged erudition, most of them malapropisms. Come off your pipe dream. The Duck is right. You need to join GayEagle Anonymous.

Go here for a reality check.

That man tries to patronize you. Don't give him the opportunity. He isn't worth your spit.

beakerkin said...


The Dr. has a degree in Divinity.

He has some rather obnoxious views on race. You are correct he can be patronizing. I am absolutely perplexed at how he fails to grasp why Jews find talk of racial purity

I do grasp he wants to preserve his local community. However, that
being said he does not get how love
works in a free society. People do
not fall in love according to his
plans. Of all people he should be able to grasp this as he is multi ethnic.

Walking between two worlds is not an easy thing. I do it myself, but ultimately I only became happy when I defined myself.

Sadly, I have taken him to task over attending the AMREN meeting.
I would never be caught dead in that place. I do not get along with
racial arsonists and in the past those gatherings have had Holocaust

I am more prone to aggressive confrontation with those types. Republicans in NYC in the 80's were pit fighter types. We would take on Commies on their turf outnumbered and without the civility, it was war. The younger crew is more numerous and they make brilliant use of satire. The amazing thing is they are having fun.

I have no idea what he is thinking.

Brooke said...

I couldn't agree more, Beak.

Obama is a fool and nothing more than a symbol that will go down as a tragedy in the history books.

CM said...


You keep saying Local Community. yeagley lives in Oklahoma City. Thats his local, he does not associate with the Comanche People, as we define associate. I would not say he walks between two worlds either. He treads lightly into our Comanche world to look for financial opportunities, that it! If he were really concerned about our Politics etc. he would beat the bushes in OKC for any voting in our Nation. Maybe 10-15 out of over 500 Comanche who live in OKlahoma city/Norman area vote in our Comanche business. He should represent them instead of the White supremists and Iranians, he won't though, he isn't interested enough. He just wants us to keep to ourselves. Stay away from any other human contacts especially his White People keep to our own Indianess.

Thats simply not smart as he is, can't he figure that out? He is blinded with racism to keeping it White.... thats all he is about nothing more!

I was banned from his site because as a Comanche, I stood up to him and corrected him. He was wrong about some things..Comanche things. He took it as an attack. Gee, look how many times baggy ann, GMS, TS have attacked him. You and others even corrected him, just because I was a Comanche Woman and did not fall for his untruths he could not allow that.

Now look at his and mark and Amil. I hear he is e-mailing former posters to come back(of cours not me)but when he hasn't banned baggy ann what assurances do these people have for interesting discussions? None!


beakerkin said...


Many people walk between Americanism and their own cultures. Yeagley seeks
to define himself in his own way and I respect that.

There is nothing wrong with a scholar embracing other communities.I identify with many of my neighbors communities from Guyana to China.

Betty Ann is a curse upon the house of Yeagley. We can't have interesting discussions while she is doing the drama queen bit.

CM said...


You don't want to say anything negative about complicated as he understand HIM.

What is it about that little man that makes men want to remain his friend?

I know its not his knowledge about the Indian.

Got to be his Religious beliefs.
His politics stink!


beakerkin said...


I am not a religious man. People do
not have to agree with me to be a friend.

Most of the people who visit here are
to my right. I am a patriotic moderate and where I am viewed is more of a reflection of the reader than of my opinions.

Ducky's here said...

"I am absolutely perplexed at how he fails to grasp why Jews find talk of racial purity odious."

Because he's a Nazi, you dolt.

The_Editrix said...

"The Dr. has a degree in Divinity.

He has some rather obnoxious views on race."

Beak, his "obnoxious views on race" COME FROM his religious beliefs. No man with such beliefs ought to hold an academic degree in "divinity" (or ANY degree, for that). You Americans are nuts. You know that I am a scourge of my own people, but nobody with such beliefs would have even the chance of an icecube in hell to get a degree at a German university and, I dare say, at ANY European university.

""I am absolutely perplexed at how he fails to grasp why Jews find talk of racial purity odious."

Because he's a Nazi, you dolt."

With all due respect, Beak, but the Duck is right, even, as much as I hate to admit it, including the "dolt", when it comes to Yeagley.

The_Editrix said...

"I do grasp he wants to preserve his local community."

I do grasp that PEOPLE want to "preserve their local community".

Even if one accepts that the genetic differences between the human races are tiny, a lot of identification comes from cultural and ethnic differences -- and from skin colour. That is not necessarily a bad thing, and in that you are right. However, that's not what he wants. He is much more white than American Indian. The sane thing to do would have been to respect the decision his parents made, namely to opt for a white identity for themselves and their almost white children. He grew up as white, he thinks the white race is superior, yet he chose to adopt a faux Indian identity on the grounds of a blood quantum that -- just -- made him Indian to belittle and humiliate Indians.

Again: He opted for the Indian side of his heritage to gain attention and recognition as a "pundit", an heritage he was brought up to deny and despise.

If he wants to preserve any "local community", it's the white race. That's fine. He did a fair job already by keeping himself out of the gene pool, but no, he had to wax lyrically about the "Comanche girl" he couldn't find when the last thing he wanted was finding a Comanche girl (or any woman, for that) to marry.

"However, that being said he does not get how love works in a free society."

Don't you see it? He hates and despises his parents for having followed the call of love. His father, so he said, apologized because his children weren't white. Can you imagine anything like that? How much resentment and hatred must have been in that family!

"People do not fall in love according to his plans. Of all people he should be able to grasp this as he is multi ethnic."

Well, never forget he is homosexual or/and some other sort of sociopath. He hasn't a clue what makes people fall in love. Besides, he hates his "multi-ethnic" -- multi-racial -- identity, which means he hates himself. People like that tend to try to make other people as miserable as they are.

"Walking between two worlds is not an easy thing. I do it myself, but ultimately I only became happy when I defined myself."

I wouldn't know, but I think you are making a good job. All the more I am amazed that you are falling for that hate-filled freak of nature.