Monday, April 30, 2007


There is a genuine prospect of a military coup in Turkey. Part of advocating democracy is living with unpopular results. Islamism like Communism is ruinous to the future of any country that embraces it. The reality is that we should be watchful of a coup attempt. A military government in Turkey may also be more forceful in the Kurdish areas and create refugees into Iraq.

The Bush administration needs to borrow a page from the Reagan years. We need to help Contra movements inside Iran and Syria. The fact is that both regimes are providing arms and free passage to the insurgents. We need to create similar types of problems in both countries. The Iranian and Syrian Thugocracies may have to divert resources from the Insurgents and Narco-terrorist Hezbollah. The Azeris and Kurds want to be reunited across borders. The Baluch are yearning for independence
and have a greater case than the Pseudostinians. Even the residents of Brooklyn have a greater case than the Pseudostinians.

We also need to eliminate the last bastions of the far left once and for all. The far left has abused higher ed for too long.

1 Elimination of student loans for all Social Science majors with the exception of economics and psychology. History Majors with a minor in education should be eligible for loans.

2 Revamping the Liberal Arts base to include Accounting, Finance, Business Management
and Marketing. These classes are far more important than sociology.

3 Elimination of all government grants for victim studies research.

4 The creation of national standards for on line universities. On line Unversities need to compette on quality and there is a niche in the market for a Marx/Marcuse free University.

5 The elimination of tenure going forward. College Professors should not be protected anymore than any other employees. Let DePaul and MIT have to answer for the behavior of Professors who Jet set to Lebanon and endorse Narco-Terrorists. The Current system allows administrators to duck accountability. Free speech ends when you are using your position as an expert. Chomsky abuses MIT's reputation and the University should have recourse.

Beamish in 08 and 12

Jeff Bargholtz to be the VP

Sunday, April 29, 2007

What is a Psuedostinian

Pretty much a Pseudostinian is anything the illucid far left wishes him to be.The myth of Pseudostinianism is the final communist remnant of the failed idea of Socialist Pan Arabism. The gift of the genocidal Baath parties trace their lineage to the French Communist parties.

Prior to the Six Day War the Arab claim was eliminationist. There was no talk of Pseudostiniansbecause the notion itself was absurd. Gazans to a man considered themselves Egyptian and most of the rest considered themselves Southern Syrian. In 1964 Communist stooge Nasser created a myth with the formation of the Pseudostinian Liberation Organization. The atempt was create a myth of Pseudostine as the rallying cry of Pan Arabism or the creation of yet another ethnically cleansed Muslim state was preposterous and wouldn't market well with the sons of class genocide.

A closer inspection of the case for Pseudostine reveals that the residents of Brooklyn have a superior claim to nation status as Canarsie Indians with Spike Lee as our leader. Some of you will point out Spike wasn't born in Brooklyn but neither was Arafat or Said and many other alleged Pseudostinians. What is this Pseudostinian ethnicity based upon? It is based upon a myth concocted by the far left to chsnge the facts on the ground to rationalize their endemic anti-semitism

There is zero connection between modern Pseudostinians and biblical Phillistines who are not listed in the works of Josephus. Palestinians are Arabs and as such are heirs to a Jim Crow colonial legacy. There is already an abundance of ethnically cleansed Arab states. One needs look no further than the PLO charter with the words Arab unity and Pseudostinian Arab all over the place.

It is time to tell Arabs to settle their own refugees like the rest of the planet. The far left talks about aparthied but endorses ethnically cleansed Arab states.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Frequent Communist Games

Communists like to toss the term fascist and Nazi around. Chomsky and Finky like to make frequent America and Israel/Nazi comparisons. Commies also are quite fond of playing word games with Zionist/Joo or their pet slang term Neocon. Coulter is quite correct when she points out this means "eeeeevil Jooish Republican"

Chomsky talks about imaginary US-Nazi alliances but ignores Communist-Nazi aliances to divide Europe. In classic retro mode Renegade himself has defended this policy. This illustrates the Beakerkin axiom about communists having flexible morality quite well. Will the retrograde revelutionaries be defending ethnic cleansing and placing Muslims in Cattle Cars to Siberia and Kazakstan next? The Balts and those who lived in the sections of Poland invaded by Commies saw things differently. Members of my own family describe communist massacres in the region before the Nazis got there and created larger massacres. It seems Ren frgets about Katyn and a series of smaller crimes.

Then in typical mode Ren pulls out Pol Pot was a nationalist and not a Communist. Pol Pot was quite clear his inspiration was Mao's China. The roots of the Khmer Rouge as well as the BAATH parties are in the French Communist party. However, the game of nobody is a communist or everyone is a Nazi except for Communists who frequently align themselves with Nazis ( think Chomsky and Finky) is a bore.

Communists talk some idiotic words about internationalism. The reality is that Americans live this concept every day at work and in our lives. How many of us are multi-ethnic? How many of us have had serious relationships with people of other ethnicities. The reality is despite empty words Europeans are less advanced than Americans.

Beamish in 08

Friday, April 27, 2007

Touchy about the Black Panthers

It would seem that Renegade Eye is upset about a remark that the Black Panthers were more Superfly than Marxist. The Black Panthers were a street gang that dealt drugs and shook down prostitutes.

Renegade seems my remarks were implying that some members had drug problems. Yes but when one is also dealing and shaking down dealers it becomes another discussion. This is a case of Commies can't take their own medecine. Talk about Iraq and some dolt will bring up Israel and Jooish/Neocon cabals.

The truth is that Communists are oblivious to truth facts and logic. While most of us study history they rewrite it. Thoseof you who cling to myths about the Black Panthers need to start reading Pearson.

Since when do Commies condemn terrorism. It would seem fairly obvious that the Old Bolshevik network provided Ayers and Dorn with cushy jobs. Mummia " cop killer " Jammal was more affiliated with MOVE than his time with the Panthers. Move was loathed in Philadelphia and the Mayor bombed their residence. Luckily it wasn't a Republican Mayor or we would be hearing it today.

The Black Panthers did not have a drug problem. They helped supply and create ones within their community. When the facts go against the party line cling to the myth.
Sorry there but there is no intelligent life among the sons of Marx.

Maybe the folks on the Left Coast will bankroll Super Fly 3 Huey Newton Progressive Drug Dealer of the People.

The Schwartz Enigma is the war on terror endless

Stephen Schwartz is a man of vision and courage. He is a muslim american patriot who cares about his faith and his country. We make a severe mistake when many of us assume CAIR seaks for every Muslim.

Many of us assumed that Communist terror in Western Europe would last forever. However, Schwartz points out the Red Army groups folded after a combined effort of cutting off the funds, police work and divide and conquer.

Hezbollah and the Taliban derive their money from heroin as well as from familiar Saudi sources. Are we prepared to apply defoliants agressively to kill the source of financing. Are we prepared to use the big stick policy on Saudi Arabia?

Shwartz does miss a minor point about Utopianism and Cult dynamics. The variant of Islam Schwartz embodies is a cosmopolitan variety. Yet the radicals envision a form of totalitarian hegemony. A true theocracy ( not advocated by Schwartz) must be totalitarian on a day to day basis. Can a variant of a Utopian cult accept being part of a larger whole.

Utopians by natire think that as possesors of a divine wisdom their actions serve a higher purpose. The mindset often includes a supreme leader who is treated as almost divine or as the representative of God on earth. This allows the supreme leader to violate all norms of humanity and decent behavior.

Ultimately we may under estimate the importance of the Charisma factor. Taking out the very top leaders creates power struggles that benefit us. Middle managers may be replaceable but cult like figures are not replaced quickly.

Beamish in 08

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Reminder Radio Interview

I will be the guest of honor on Winston and Aow's radio show. I am still working on the surprise guest. Maybe we can get a certain ex Detroit Lions fan to call in.

I also have some surprises for next week. My order should be in and we will be hacking away at a Communist icon ala Mr Beamish style.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye Rosie to Leave the View

Rosie O'Dumbell is leaving the view after one year. It seems odd that since she has been on the air the ratings have been better. However, those stupid 9-11 conspiracy comments probably scared the suits.

Rosie is a dumba$$, but she understood the same forces that claimed Imus would come looking for a scalp He comments were disgusting and far worse than Imus's lame attempt at humor. Yet this is likely an executive matter and the top brass is gun shy. They didn't want the potential headaches Rosie's mouth could create.

Sadly, she has revitalized her career and someone will give her a mediocre talk show watched by idiots. The show will become a lightning rod and generate its own publicity. The question is who is brave enough to risk it in the new environment.

Common sense

I want to talk about the serious matter of daily life. All of us have to enter mazes of paper and sometimes we get frustrated. Most of us have been to the DMV or other office and the lines are enough to drive us batty.

The fisrt thing one should do is resist the temptation to be obnoxious. Most of the time if you act like a jerk the paper pusher will find a way to pay you back. Most of the people who push paper do forget they are in the customer service business. However, if you take a profesional attitude it goes a long way. What do I need to do to fix this.

The next thing is do not lie as the consequences are very serious if one gets caught.
Paper pushers do not like getting lied to and then they go into Dick Tracy mode. It is much better to be honest and ask what you need to do to fix the problem. Most of the times the penalties for being untruthful are draconian, but they are there for a reason.

In complicated matters seek profesional help. Professionals are there for a reason and do not use just anyone. Do not attempt to be your own lawyer or accountant on serious issues. The reality is that poorly prepared forms are a waste of your time
and could cost you more to fix.

Dealing with paper pusher can tax one's nerves, but lashing out, saving nickels and not telling the truth makes matters far worse.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Is Communism a Religon

This is not a new concept as historians and many writers have tossed this issue around for years. Religon at its best is a prolife frame of reference that serves to foster mans development. All religions with rare exceptions have a point of exclusion. The rare exception is the Cult of Angels that incorporates elements.

Communism is a failed idea that has been proven deadly in each application. We here
the convenient excuses blaming whomever the dolts want to castigate on a personal level. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot are all to blame for the diasasters, but this is unrealistic as Communism never seems to get one right.

Amusingly, the true believers attempt to paint someone like Chomsky or Finkelstein in another light. "Israeli Jews are a parasitic class" is a famous Finky quote. The fact that he recyles Soviet Propoganda uses communist jargon tells us all we need to know. Much like the Holocaust deniers he attempts to place absurd value in a minor point. For example if Weisel read Kant in Yiddish is a minor point. However, much like the 9-11 Freaks and the Holocaust deniers who are his fans they attempt to build a conspiracy on a non-issue. The fact is Finky was proven wrong as a copy of the book he claims doesn't exist sits in the Harvard Libray published in 1929.

Rather, than ditch a failed idea Commies cling to the hope that the next application will get it right. Meanwhile they live in a fantasy world where the fact that there is poverty in the USA is a problem. They merely ignore more severe aspects of poverty in Communist societies.

Communism has its high priests that act as televangelists. Want to hear a sermon by Noam Chimpanzee well you can for $12.00. You can buy his illucid musings for $18 and as Barnum said a sucker is born every minute. Chimpanzee likes to call himself a dissident, only his dissent is from reality itself. He may appear in a friendly forum like Democracy Now with the ever clueless Amy Goodman.However, Chomsky steers clear of aggressive scrutiny. The truth is he is petrified of what a Sean Hannity or even a Monica Crowley would do. They could pull out series of quotes that show Chomsky is in fact a moron. However, the true believers keep buying the product and Chimpanzee keeps counting the money.

Communists disparage genuine Christians who are their superior in every way. Genuine Christians ( Not the nuts of Liberation Idiocy) build schools, community resources
orphanages and rebuild lives. Communists build Killing Feilds, Gulags and when people want to rebuild their lives they become Boat People. Still the faithful cling to a elitist veneer of self deluded superiority. What this elitist delusion is based upon remains a mystery. Lab rats seem to be more capable of learning than communists. However, they delude themselves into claiming they know what is best for you.

Sorry people who stick with a failed idea are merely idiots.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I do not do meme but.....

I will not tag anyone else with the obsession bit.

1 Most of you have deduced I loathe Utopians. I have a particular animus towards Communist who are mental health defectives and morons. We do not do them a favor by treating their arguments in any manner more respectful than Nazis.

2 Obscure books. I like the books off the beaten path that many of us would not otherwise read. Many of us read the same books and our arguments become somewhat stale.

3 Geological oddities. For some unknown reason I enjoy Notches, Waterfalls and isolated rivers. There is something fun about these oddities.

4 Unusual wildlife. I can identify most species around me in seconds. For whatever reason I can not do this with sparrows. A coworker was amazed I can tell reptile species in seconds. I am amazed at the sizes of the local snapping turtles .

5 History I can read books on history for hours. Sadly many subjects I seek like Yezidi, Russo- Polish war and Coptic history are not found with ease.

6 The New York Giants and Yankees.

7 Exotic food I am still trying to get Canada Goose. Northern VT does not have Greek Dinner, Moroccan resturant or even a Kosher Deli. The joke about me is there is always food around. That is why Earl is always around. He was quite mischeivous, but a local fisherman tossed him some fish from his pail. He ate the fish but would not leave the Freezer chest.

8 The beloved Rav Roov. I even chose my pen name to honor my brother. He looked like the muppet and was known as the Beaker. Thus I made my pen name Beakerkin or relative of the Beaker.

9 The NFL Draft. I am one of those draft geeks and study for months. I am more amazed by failures than sucsess. Derek Strait was an amazing stoty as he overcame homelessness to be a four year starter in Oklahoma. He went to the NY Jets and never made it in the NFL

10 Comedy The secret weapon of this blog is comedy. We used to do satire posts and some of them are funny on many levels.

Book Review The Jewish Divide over Israel

We spend the time and effort to read books off the beaten path. This is not a book for the average reader. However, to those of you who loathe Communist Anti-Semites this book is a god send.

Most normal people view communist as freaks and psychos. These freaks and psychos tend to congregate around institutions of higher ed and to a lesser degree in media.
Communists are exponentially over represented in faculty and the question of if an old Bolshevik network exists is obvious. Mumble a few words about Marx and commit terrorist acts and you can get a job that you are unqualified for in higher ed. Wear Sunglasses and a ponytail and claim you are a Native American who repeats Marxist cliches and you become a department chair. The fact that University Marxists could not tell a real Native American from a Communist tells us how inbred the Old Bolsheviks are. Produce no scholarship and you can get a high paying job as long as you have a relative in the NYC Communist party.

The reality is that Communists are psychos who are extreemly anti-semitic. The far left plays a Groucho-Marxist game with pretending that Chomsky, Finkelstein, Seymour Hersh are just regular Jooos who disagree with zionism. Finkelstein does collaberate with actual Neo-nazis and provides interviews and accsess as well as hawking his books on their site. The stench of Marx is quite obvious in the statements of most os these psychos who play with quotes, accuse others of accademic fraud and are amazingly ignorant. When one is dealing with a Finkelstein supporter you are dealing with a hardened anti-semite. " Isreali Jews are a parasitic class" seems to have a logical source. The quote by Finky would be true is the Israelis in question are Communists.

The material on Chomsky is covered in the anti-Chomsky reader. The chapters on Finkelstein and Hersch are well writen and worth reading. It seems 60's trash Hersch
has a history of idiotic unproven charges. His book the Sampson option was based on the source of a Walter Mitty type of psycho Ari Ben Menashe. An entire book should be written about Herch's mendacity.

The Chapters of Salon Anti-Semite Tony Judt and George Steiner are less fun. Judt is basically annoyed he has to defend Israel at faculty parties. The chapter on Steiner should only be read by Farmer John. Steiner's knowledge of Judaism is based upon the musings of philosophers. He sees nationless as the soul of the Jews who are guests and dedicated to the texts. He then blames Jews for their own persecutio and wonders if mankind would be better off without them.

I am reminded of Flynn's work Intellectual Morons. In the cases of Finkelstein, Hersch and Chomsky we are dealing with actual morons. The book is not for everyone
and those looking to nail Chomsky have a better book available. Bogdanor has mentioned a possible sequel and I hope he does write another. On his website he slaps around the comedic Mark Elf. Elf claims he isn't a Communist but he just happened to write for the infamous Lenin's Tomb blog until a personality conflict set it. His commenters are to a man communist and included 167. 167 left Mark Elf when he dared criticize Peter Taschel in unflattering terms. 167 was upset by the satire of myself and Warren about his identification with a group that would kill him for his lifestyle.

This is great book if you enjoy giving wedgies to communists. Most Communists need to hear from the public you are freaks and psychos. We make a great mistake in treating them any different from Nazis, Racial Power freaks and Conspiracy clowns.

Beamish in 08

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yes we are working on Cyber wedgies

This site has always been commited to non-violnce even for the most odious of freaks.
Nazis, Jihadis, Racial Power Nuts, Communists and bigots deserve to be humiliated for their general stupidity. Now actual voilence would be uncivilized so we are working on a cyber wedgie icon.

In reality Communists are freaks with deep psychological problems. They advocate dangerous utopian solutions that are dangerous to human welfare. They castigate their superiors Christian, but while Christians build Schools, hospitals and orphanages, commies build human suffering.

Communists like their Jihadi and Nazi peers feel that they as heirs to the divine truth they know what is best for the unwashed masses. This arrogance is only exceeded
by their general stupidity. A typical example is the American Communist idiocy on Cuba. American Commies seem to think they know what is going on in Cuba based upon a short stay in a tourist trap. Meanwhile perplexed Cuban-Americans like my coworkers,
who fought as Communist mercenaries in Angola, still have relatives who live in the mess created by Fidel's Groucho Marxist idiocy. These commies also know more about Native Americans than Dr David Yeagley and more about being black than Prof Thomas Sowell. In short they select voices that parrot their idiocy like Fake Native American Ward Churchill. They also present lies as truth when it agrees with their idiocy like Rigoberta Menchu.

In an effort to promote real justice we will be issuing cyber wedgies to Utopian clods. The reality is that self righteous freaks are ripe and deserving of humiliation in real life. The Marxist morons cry America isn't perfect, but ignore the fact their creations like Cuba and Zimbabwe are worse.

There is a fellow that lives down the hall from me. He is a Canadian who lives and works in the USA as taxes back home are crushing. He is hobling around on crutches waiting seven months for knee surgery back home. I listen to Canadian Talk radio and the complaints about the medical system are nonstop. This is not to castigate Canada
but their problems are different from ours. Any system is going to have some problem
but Marxist solutions make everything worse.

Tommorow I am taking a trip to the VT Bayou. I have a stack of books including one on Jewish Communist Anti-semites and more. Earl has been known to jump in the car when he smells food. I will be looking in the local swamp for a snaping turtle. I caught a glimpse of a huge one based upon the size of the head I saw. In the Northern Swamps they are the top predator, unless I get hungry. Earl stays wherever the food is and that is near the car.

Beamish in 08

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Not So Funny Post and the decline of Europe

I want to point out that we do laugh at and ridicule communists. Communists deserve to be humiliated, the sad part is that so few ever place them on defense. The position of the blog has always been Communists should be under governmental scrutiny, just like Nazis,jihadis, racial power nuts and many extreeme animal rights and greens. When any of the above break the law they should be prosecuted. Peaceful protest does not include attacking police, local residents, vandalism and giving money to our enemies in Falujah. The penalty for the last crime commited by Code Pinko should be twenty years in jail or denaturalization and deportation. Free speech does not include criminal acts never has never will.

While we do laugh at and ridicule Communists for the most part we leave them alone. They really aren't good for more than a laugh or two. They pretend that they have moral authority, but are merely idiots and clowns. None of us should treat them seriously in a debate. The advocacy of property theft and class genocide precludes any pretense of rational thought. This blog has never advocated violence of any type.

I want to point to the sick comments on MZ's site from a French Muslim. The French Muslim is so brazen about his attacks on Jews he offers to send MZ recordings of actual attacks and names an alleged future victim. There are those on the commie left who seem to think that this is isolated behavior or events in a third country justify this. These same mindless far left turds are so worried about Islamophobia
that they ignore behavior like this.

America is a far different country and even in placid Vermont the locals would never allow this. There was a period of time when some of our big cities were out of control, specifically NYC. The people that suffered were mostly poor blacks and hispanics. The problem was reduced by increasing the number of police officers and backing them when they do their jobs. There will always be police critics mostly far left clowns, but the police have to be given the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

Crime is rising in Europe and will continue to do so. Even in France, the public may elect a law and order candidate. I am still skeptical that France may elect anyone with any Jewish heritage no matter how diluted. Riots and lawlessness mostly produce a backlash against poor leadership in a normal population. Why this process has not happened in Washington DC and New Orleans may be related to one party control. Mayor Dinkins was swept in with the crime in Bensonhurst. He was booted largely after a three day pogrom in Crown Heights. The city got tired of lawlessness and elected Rudy.

The question is where are the law and order Europeans. The old days of Europeans looking down their noses at crime and alleged racism in the USA are over. In the old days Eurosnobs would talk about blacks rioting, but now it is Muslims rioting in their cities. Most Blacks want the same things white people want jobs and decent services. The sole exceptions are accedemic hacks who toe the communist line to higher income. Muslims rioting in Europe want to place their fiefdoms under Islamic law. Europe has two options surrender or elect law and order type of candidates or raise the white flag. Of course many people may vote with their feet and I have seen cases of Caribs, Indians and Jews fleeing. Some of this may be family reunions, but Europe has its own slums and different problems. I suggest Commies listen to Canadian news about conditions in Canadian health care.

There are no excuses for threats or invasion of privacy in the blogosphere or in real life. I will have to see if I can talk Warren or Steve into the creation of a cyber wedgie icon. Cyberwedgies will be grouped into the following classes 1 Communist 2 Jihadi 3 Nazi 4 Racial Power nuts 5 People who just want wedgies. We invented the troll abortion to deal with John Brown's spam. The practice spread off this blog onto other blogs and some naughty people just wanted to have the experience. This is not an endorsement of wedgies in real life. However, most commies as social outcasts have probably been wedgie victims and may experience flashbacks. This blog is not liable for any flashbacks of past wedgies applied to communists as social pariahs.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The VT Killer and the demon inside us

One of the problems with abnormal psychology is the problem of over identifying with
disturbed people. Yet there are common threads that should resonate with bloggers. As human beings we have more in common with each other than we would concede otherwise.

Most of us have a desire for attention, but the question is how to get it. Most of us posses the required social skills to do it positively. Many of us blog to get ratings or be a part of a larger network. We look forward to the interactions and familiar friends.

The VT killer seems to suffer from the all too human condition of lonliness. He wanted people to notice him but lacked the social skills to do so in a normal manner.
On a human level we have all been there. Most of us find solace in a hoby or join a group or a church. For some people even these interactions are just not enough. They seek to be remembered long after they were gone. They commit pointless criminal acts seeking a fame in death that would make their wasted lives memorable.

Now all of us have need for attention and some of build various persona to get there.
Many of you have figured out that I do have a razor sharp wit. I also have a genuine disdain for Communists. I swat them around when they stupidly venture here. They are used to people who take them seriously, like a Sonia. I see no point in taking such idiocy seriously and I don't.

I treat all Utopians to my persona Beakerickles. Commies are humor impaired as well as stupid and their bufoon like reactions make for great comedy. Thus a typical Beakerkinism was when I descibed Socialism for imbecies. " Socialism is theft by a self appointed lazy class. The class excells at the creation of nothing other than human misery and death." Along comes a goon with a Che Avatar apoplexic about being called lazy. I guess he is fine with genocidal. I would rather be called lazy than homicidal, but I am just a reactionry.

Most of the time I am content to do my blog with the familiar circle of friends. I look foward to the comments of familiar friends. Yet for some even this isn't enough.
The VT Killer was motivated by the media attention. He even mailed out a package to NBC and ranted about getting even with rich people. It is obvious the source of that rant did not originate from watching the 700 club. The Ismael Ax stuff was probably more for shock value than anything serious. Some of us have jumped to the point that Islam was the motivator. In this case Muslims like Jews do not tatoo themselves. If there was a relationship it was a disturbed person seekinh to join a growing problem in Islam, not a Muslim who was motivated by the Koran.

There is nothing wrong with living an ordinary life. Most of us work jobs for which we are never thanked and part of a larger whole. We come home to a household ans sometimes we feel unappreciated by those who live with us. This is the human condition at its most basic, that most of us live with every day.

Yet the solution to this angst of human existance starts with each and every one of us. If we go to work with a smile and tell those who share our abode they are important to us in subtle ways you can change that. Now if Northwind were to ever make a kind gesture I would guard my wallet, but it works for everyone else.

The secret to happiness is that you can not find it in others. If you want to find happiness you have to be determined to do it yourself. People like being with other
happy pleasant people and that attitude will help end the lonliness. The vast majority of normal people avoid rabid dogs and depressing people. The solution isn't to paint a fake smile on our faces those times we should be sad. On those moments we should express ourselves but with with the determination to move ahead.

More Death Bed antics from Greg

Anyone who runs a blog of any size does come across mentally unstable people sooner or later. This is not a jab at the Duck who is a contrarian. The people I am talking about are dangerously unstable people like John Brown and Greg. Mental health defects issue criminal threats and spam blogs.

Greg has been spining a series of death bed conversions. He is now using a term I coined Pseudostinian. He denounced my use of that term and called me a racist and had a henchthing issue a series of threats.

Greg failed in his attempt to recreate himself as the other MZ. His imitation of MZ could be best summed up as mindless zionist. Now he is trying to position himself somewhat to the left of MZ in my niche. He borrows the very term he cried on his blog was racist and denounced in emails that I have read.

He even feigns an appology for throwing me off his blog for its use. In fact I had dismissed him using the phrase close the door behind you as you leave. Greg reuses that prase in his blog, but I was unaware of it until Freedomnow pointed it out later. Now he is feigning an appology for banning me after I told him to hit the road and he begged twice to remain. He then lifts MZ's quote about me behaving like a 12 year old girl. Does this imbecile ever write his own copy? Has he figured out that invasion of privacy is a serious matter and that people see it and want nothing to do with him.

Greg has attempted to split MZ off from Florian in a tush kissing shallow performance. "MZ we have become staunch allies, you should allow my henchman back after he launched an unprovoked attack on Florian. MZ is not quite as stupid as Greg thinks. Even the idiot KY wonders if this will be Greg's final position. Greg's henchman has acted on his threat under the alias of Deep Throat.

Greg has also made comments on MZ's site in an attempt to stir dischord between Jews and Christians. Any comment made by Greg should be viewed in the context of a dangerously unstable sneaky lunatic who is best avoided.

I would like to take this opportunity to appologize to Freedomnow. Freedomnow is a classy person and my cutting ties with him is not any indication of any disrespect towards him as a person. Greg is a very unstable and sneaky person and I want no connection with any site that welcomes him.

The wisdom of Commies

I would like to thank Communist clown Renegade Eye. He notes that I do not argue points with Commies. I do not waste time with Nazis, nor should I. I do not waste time with racial power nuts. Nor will I waste my time with Jihadis who advocate terror and global Islamic Hegemony. I can talk with Stephen Schwartz who is above all else an American patriot who happens to be Muslim. Schwartz also does not excuse or condone terror and is blunt on the subject.

There are idealists like Jams who envision a nicer world. He presents his case without anti-Americanism or flat earth excuses about Marx. He disagrees with the war and doesn't see it as good policy. This is the opinion of an articulate decent person
with whom an honest discussion can start.

Lets take a typical Communist who frequents Sonia's blog. Sonia has a discussion about Iraq and the response from a dedicated commie is Saddam was America's boy and Israel armed Iran. First of all the remark itself is comedic as the USA does not make T series tanks, Migs, Mirage or French nuclear reactors. Israel has nothing to do with the Iraq war. Moreover the great Conservative Howard Dean call any discussion of Israel and Jewish Cabals in the context of the Iraq war anti-semitic.
No doubt the usual suspects will point to Dean's Jewish wife, need for Jewish money
or playing to Jewish media as an excuse.

Communism is not a valid excuse and it is in fact a lethal alternative lifestyle.
Pardon me I just feel the urge to appriate your posessions give you a few rotten fish heads to eat while I send you to the gulag. You are being sent to the gulag for your own good to be a neo-slave. When we execute you as part of a persecuted class
it is part of our lifestyle. But it is for your own good repeat the slogans as you die Starvation is liberation and death is liberation from life.

There is also the Zinn idiocy of indicting a culture by its history. However, unless one lives in Monaco or Iceland this game can be played with anyone's history. The second one uses Zinn's technique on Islam they scream bigotry. When the same technique is applied on Communism the faithful go into denial and Sgt Schultz mode.
" I know nothing about Kulaks, Killing Feilds, Mao's disasters, Cuban repression and rampant anti-semitism". They repeat the same old tired cliches true communism hasn't been tried yet or its person X's fault.

Communists like conspiracy theorist start from a warped viewpoint and all their alleged scholarship is worthless. Case in point the Duck would argue that Black and Native American perspectives are vital parts of American history. The Duck in this case is 100% correct as the story of America can not and should not be told without those perspectives. However, the Duck becomes Linda Blair when Jewish, Christian, Zoroastrian and Hindu perspectives on Islamic history are presented. The Duck doesn't want to hear about the people who lived under Islamo-Jim Crow as it doesn't fit into the Commie play book.

Schwartz is a visionary and wonders if Muslims have courted disaster by aligning themselves with the far left. The reality is Schwartz knows plenty about the far left as he was a member of it. Sadly, the face of Islam is not Stephen Schwartz or maybe we don't see enough of him. Dealing with Stephen Schwatrz starts with the premise of respect of life. Gratuitous waste of human life is just as offensive to Schwartz as it is to me. Schwartz also understands the value of great works of Litt and art. As a writer he understands the value of freedom of thought. We shouldn't blaspheme Islam and my criticism is always based current events.

Schwartz envisions a cosmopolitan Islam that joins civilization as opposed the backwards Wahabi and Iranian war on civilization. He envisions a world where Islam is a global and tolerant force. The problem in my view is he faces a daunting and dangerous task. The very forces that smacked the planes into the WTC see Schwartz's cosmopolitian Islam as a threat. Yet he does this task with a courage and dignity
each and every day.

The reality is Schwartz may not be too far off base. There is a place where Muslims, Christians and Hindus get along without much mayhem, Guyana. There is some animosity
between the groups but nothing that is unusual. People change religions and have family members in all religions. The secret of Guyana as a new country with few Native Americans all its institutions were direct imports from the UK. Sadly, they also imported Socialist stupidity causing mass emigration. There is a reason the only dead people in Guyana are stupid American Kool Aide drinking Communists. The reason is likely that a common Guyanese ethnicity is percieved by the public.

Contrast the Guyanese tranquility with the disasters in France, Sweden and to a lesser point the UK. A Muslim in Guyana is very much percieved as a fellow Guyanese.
He works with others of other faiths and goes about his life. Moving to France the Euro snobs really do look down upon Muslims hand them a welfare check or assign them menial roles. The Socialists will come around like vultures and repeat some idiocy about Zionism and Anti- Americanism around election time. The cycle will continue until Muslims break it themselves or it consumes the society.

The question becomes do I have more in common with Stephen Schwartz, Jams, TMW or Renegade Eye. All of the above resoect human life and liberty except for Renegade Eye. All of the above are capable of thought beyond mere slogans except for Renegade Eye. All of the above are genuine students of History and Civilization except for Renegade Eye. The reality is all of the above come from different perspectives and have the intellectual honesty and independence to be whole people. People who ascribe to Nazism, Communism, Wahabism/Jihadism, Kahanism, Racial power theories are not genuine people worthy of debate, they are cartoons.

Communists are always fast to hector Americans with the question of " Why do they hate us". They need to start asking the question " why do they dismiss us as kooks and nuts" about themselves.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Getting a bit absurd

As predicted many people can not resist the urge to play amatuer shrink in the VT massacre. When I was on the way home I heard media dolts blame this on Science geeks who can relate to lab equipment, but not humans. I heard another talk show host rail about gun culture on a sports station.

Stereotypes are for idiots who often try to advance an agenda or bigotry.Many of us were looking for a Muslim angle. We have seen the media down play the ethnicity of the LA airport killer and the Seattle office tragedy.

The killer was of all things an English major.The student was an foreigner and could have absorbed gun culture via the drinking water. A certain nameless blogger announced that there was a Islamic connection. Now certain people are running with the Islam theory and it is absurd. The killer was an Enlish major and the name Ishmael just happens to be in Moby Dick. Maybe the killer was obsessed with Mellville
trying to read too much into the minds of crazy people is a mistake. Granted people with severe emotional problems often seek solace in religions especially Islam. Islam is fairly popular in prisons, but many death row inmates have become Christians. The most extreeme example is the head of the Butt Naked Brigade is now a minister. On a personal level we have seen a deranged person with a history of inexcusable behaivior claim he is becoming more Jewish. Many people bought this act, but I don't.

The far left likes everything to fit into its diabolical playbook. Yet if we try to grasp at straws we emulate everything wrong about the left.

On a more realistic note, sometimes young people just don't know how to deal with adversity. They come from schools where everyone's esteem is coddled. Yet the most important of life's lessons is how to deal with adversity. Many people like TMW call on their faith and it is a good thing. Others like myself are just so cynical and expect life to throw them a hand grenade every now and then. I got the promotion, what's the catch? Yet in my office when several of my younger coworkers got shafted some of them took weeks off. Life doesn't owe anybody a thing, and sooner or later everyone gets a raw deal. Learning to deal with it with grace builds charachter. I didn't make it the last time but at least all those people are out of my way this time.

I am tired of Commies blaming guns, American culture, Science students and video games every time someone steps off the deep end. The same people do backflips to white wash Islam every time some Islamo Nazis commit an act of barbarism. We may never know what that reference to Ishmael was. However to blame it on Islam, Melville
or the seventeen laws of commas are absurd.

Lets let the investigators do their job.

Bernie Sanders has announced he wants to sponsor a bill to propose a seven day waiting period before people can buy or read Moby Dick. Libraries will be required to keep it in a glass counter under lock and key. Parents will have to sign trauma waivers before it is assigned.

Radio on April 27

I will be the guest on the Gathering Storm radio show. I am planning a special surprise guest who may be on with me. Those of you who do not understand Brooklynese
will be out of luck.

I also want to remind the Commie dolts who read this blog. I am not nor have I ever described myself as a Conservative. There are unhinged Commies that define anti-communism and support for the war as Conservative. One would hope that rational people would be strongly anti-communist. Even some of these far left clowns fall over themselves to distance themselves from Stalin or Mao.

I am a Republican because Democrats like Gomer Kerry have a history of working with Communists. I also do not see patriotism or testosterone as a bad thing. I have more freedom of thought as a Republican and socialism is theft and at odds with human nature.

Time to take Student Visa Seriously

The shooting at VT appears not to have been perpetrated by a second Amendment Yahoo.
The Communist clowns will have to spare us lectures about gun culture. Commies are also silent about people blowing up public transportation, starving people and creating gulags.

The reality is that the time has come to take a serious look at student visas. The visas are granted way too easily and there needs to be more scrutiny. Moreover, it should be stated that non-citizens do not have the same rights as citizens. If they get arested for any reason other than traffic violations they should be deported. Specifically, if you are in one of these so called peace protests and end up arrested they should be deported.

This should apply to all non-immigrant classes who are here to study or work. Do what you intended to do and then leave. If you find these conditions unreasonable do not come here. A student who marries a US citizen should have to remain married for five years before being eligible to be a legal permanent resident.

The reality is that is is quite easy for a student to remain here for a dozen years legally. We should encourage people who are serious about their studies and craftmanship. Those who want to become political activists should be sent packing.
Periodic reviews and interviews should be held at the students expense.

Of course the real facts that this is a foreign student are at odds with the Communist Narritive. The Marxist need good old troubled youth like the Columbine Nuts
to pitch their story. Muslims shooting Jooos in Seattle, El Al ticket counters doesn't play into the stories about American gun culture.

While Commie types perpetuate myths about gun cultures, they avoid reality about Islam and gratuitous violence. They also ignore the reality of human rights debacles under Marxist goonery as well.

Monday, April 16, 2007

While you were watching

No doubt many of you were horrified by the shooting at Virginia Tech. Shooting Engineers is the worst location for this type of mahem. If one is going to get carried away and start shooting kindly have the decency to do it in the Social Sciences were we produce nothing but Marxist clowns.

Of course there will be every assinine theory advanced by these same Marxist dolts. Lets see if it was a lovers spat gone terribly wrong they can blane it on heterosexual male rage. Johny X was dumped by his girlfriend because he left the seat up well naturally..... Will all the amatuer forensic pathologists just shut up and lets talk about facts.

Funny but when Colin Furgeson gunned down whites and Asians what did his Commie attorney Ron Kuby do but invent the Black Rage defense. I didn't get good service at Friendly's and the racist soda jerk forgot to place nuts on my banana split. So lets go on a homicidal rampage mumble a few words about being a Marcuse approved victim and its justified.

Sorry Comwads, everyone gets stepped on and that is just part of life. The idiots of Marx want to rationalize every psycopathic behavior and worry about people chanting USA or reading Rand. There comes a time where the excuses stop for normal people but not Comwads.

Speaking of useless countries Muslims are rioting in Sweden. It must be those wascally Joosish neocons. Wait there are none in the one party emerging communist idiocy formery known as Sweden. They can't blame this on Sarkozy either. Maybe a crackpot system that makes elaborate rationalizations for criminal behavior is the cause. Roits and leftist governance seems tied together, but it is just me.

There aren't many riots in Cuba because everyone is trying to figure how to escape Infiels mess. Lawlessness seems rising in Uncle Hugo's wonderland.

Excuses don't cut it.

Just soooo woried about anti Muslim sentiment

The mindless far left is so worried about anti-Muslim sentiment in the USA. Lets see Muslims smack two planes into office buildings and one into the Pentagon but blame it on Joooos. The fourth flight is blamed by some lefties and Jihadis on a missile.
A muslim tosses three grenades at his fellow soldiers, but he is motivated by something else. A Muslim shoots a bunch of women at a Jewish philanthropic agency and he is upset about policy. The DC sniper creates havoc in DC but is motivated by
an unjust divorce settlement. I could go on and include Jewish houses of worship blown up in Argentina, Turkey and Tunisia or the beheadings of Pearl and good socialist Nick Berg. How many of you were aware about a kidnapping and torture of a Jew in France by Muslims. We can add public transportation in the UK, Spain, schools in Beslan and theatres in Moscow. I guess the folks in Moscow were motivated by poor performance.

We also have Muslims around the globe calling for death and destruction of infidels but specifically Jews. The left is still worried about anti-Muslim sentiment. Yes we must be worried about Randoids beating Muslims with copies of Atlas Shrugged. Look at the hate crime statistics Jews and Gays are around five times more apt to be on the receing end of a hate crime and Blacks around three times more likely. Okay who commited the crime motivated by heterosexuality. It seems Muslims may be more apt to commit a hate crime than be victimized.

Where are crimes against Communists listed. We hear countless stories about Republicans and Jews being harassed but no stories of Commies being harassed. It would be nice to read ROTC unit pelts Communist traitors with water baloons. Maybe when Commies or Jihadis burn flags we should burn pictures of Mummia, Lynne Stewart, Chomsky or Ibrahim Hooper.

Commies have no clue as to how bigoted and out of touch they are. Lets see the constant siding with every enemy of America leads many to view them as traitors.
Sorry Comwads but Stalin and Mao do not have a monopoly on Communist human rights disasters. Your entire movement is one huge human rights debacle. The lefties feign ignorance at the blatant anti-American , anti-semitic and arrogance towards Christians. I am so worried that Pat Robertoson will go off the deep end and make another loopy remark. Funny members of the 700 Club don't toss senior citizens in wheel chairs off ships or shoot children in the back.

Socialism is theft.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why do they hate us

Commies like to ask this very question to anyone who has a gripe about America, Israel and the Jews. Yet they seem very perplexed at why decent folks hate them. I want to again differentiate between honest idealists like Jams and people who need professional help and meds.

A perfect example of this are the mental heath defectives who insist on "9-11 Conspiracy talk". 3000 dead Americans are incinerated and the far left blames everyone but the actual culprits. The preponderance of the conspiracy talk is decidedly anti-semitic, even noted by Art Bell. Bell has described the hatefull anti-semetic hysteria of the 9-11 conspiracy crew.

The frequent response of these idiots when cornered is "we are just asking questions". Missing potato chips and a thermos found with Kool Aide means it was Jim Jones. However, Jim Jones is dead so let me blame the real culprit people who wear clown shoes in public. Normal people avoid rabid dogs but society should consider the Old Yeller solution or at least medication.

I have my own questions for the 9-11 conspiracy crew. Do you know you are morons? Do people often describe you as stupid? How many people are involved in this mega conspiracy? How long a leadtime would such a plan take? Have you been to a mental health professional? Would you like to be sterilized?

The bottom line is when you corner a conspiracy kook they always get around to blaming the Joooos. The vast preponderance of these nuts are Elmer Fudd types of Communist moonbats. These sorts want to crucify Imus for a poor attempt at comedy
but blaiming dem Jooooos for 9-11, Iraq is peachy.

Far lefties talk about alleged right wing rednecks who use the F word to describe gays and the N word to describe blacks. They have their own silly word games and odious tactics that are identical. Lets blame the Iraq war on a Jooish conspiracy
we won't call it that but we will use the term Neo-con to describe every Jew who disagrees with the idiocy of Noam Chimpanzee or to the right of Stalin. Lets play idiotic word games with Zionist as the vast preponderance of Jews are Zionists except for Communists. Communists who are Jews make careers out of trying to justify Communist anti-semitism. Communists by nature are not Jews, Americans and treason and sedition are as natural to this crew as breathing.

Another tactic is bringing Israel into every conversation. Israel is held to lofty standards and the rest of the world is held to none. They also frequently play this game with America. A coup occurs in Lesotho so obviously the CIA, Walmart, KFC and Bobby Vinton were behind it. The price of Tofu or Granola rises this is obviously the work of the CIA.

Communism has been proven a repeated failure with deadly results. Lab rats have more sense than people who try and spin repeated failure and the cult of excuses. Liberation via starvation, Death is an Alternative form of liberation, freedom via repression doesn't work for those of us who posses IQ's.

These Commies should be asking why they are hated. However, objective rational thought disqualifies one from being a commie. Following an increasingly bizzare set
of bigotry and deadly failures with excuses like sheeple is classic commie behavior.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Never take Romantic advice from Beakerkin

The kid next door was heart broken and he asked for romantic advice. I told him getting dumped is like getting hit in the head with a baseball. The first time you freak out. By time number five or six you expect it.

The kid pointed out to me would I be saying that if Northwind leaves. I pointed out Northwind leaves all the time, but who cares. She always comes back when she is broke
and it is a running joke.

I guess the message won't hit home for a decade or more. There is some truth behind the humor. At least one can count on Earl the cat. When there is food being served he is always there looking for his cut.

Friday, April 13, 2007

For those of you trying to re-establish email links

I had to close my email address over an invasion of privacy blackmail attempt. The people who invaded my privacy did act on their threats and reprisals will be swift painful and relentless.

Those of you who wish to re- establish links with me may do so in one of three ways. The most obvious is to leave your email in the comment section of the moderation field. Your messages will be previewed and not posted and I will give you the new address.

Those of you in contact with Warren or AOW may also contact them off line and they will contact me.

I appologize for the inconvenienence, but it is important to know Greg is at fault. There is no excuse for this stunt and those of you who think my policy of severing ties with blogs that host Greg would be singing another une if he pulled this stunt on you.

Blair, Imus and Roscoe Lee Browne

I want to talk of days gone by and another era. Some us remember our first films we saw and the first songs we heard. The first movie I remeber was John Wayne in the Cowboys. It is one of four films that Wayne dies in and has a couple of real top shelf pros Roscoe Lee Browne and Coleen Dewhurst. Browne becomes the hero of the film after Wayne is killed. The movie stars Robert Caradine who would go onto later fame as nerd Louis Skolnick. Browne always knew how to light up a screen and really was a Broadway actor who did other venues as well. His memorable stint locked in an elevator with Archie Bunker is a classic TV moment. Above all else Roscoe Lee Browne was a dignified man who enriched the lives of those who watched TV.

I have been seeing odd paterns of Caribs leaving the UK to come to NYC. I chalked it up to mere family reunification, but there may be quality of life issues. Blair has focused attention on the problem of Black on Black crime. Yet he doesn't understand the nature of the problem or have the conviction to do anything about it. The problem is not about race as I am painfully aware. The problem exists in the far North with almost no blacks as well. There is less major crime up here because everyone is armed except me. It is funny when I am stopped by police all the time looking for guns, knives and pot. They can find these things quite easily in the car of a local.

Blair misses the point as these problems were somewhat reduced in NYC. Number one handing out a subsitence check in perpetuity is not in the best interest of the recipient. Communist and Socialist vermin talk of compassion but their real aim is paternalism. By feigning concern they abuse the poor and employ a cadre of marginally less useful government workers. The poor are not stupid and life has provided them with skills. Northwind stretches he budget at my expense and sees Earl as a rival. Earl doesn't cost much and is a barrel of laughs.

The best solution for this problem is work. Workfare with demeaning jobs encourages people to find real jobs and learn skills. Yet, in order to aleviate this problem Socialists have to look in the mirror. Socialists are incapable of learning and merely perpetuate the problem forever,

Imus lost his job and his career is likely over. His comments were dreadful but it was over the top attempt at comedy. This really was a case of people paying him back for the non-stop ridicule of Mayor Nagin. The notion that Al Sharpton who has actual blood on his hands for his commentslecturing anyone is funny. Imus is partially to blame as he has been pretending he is a pundit . Either be a shock jock or be a pundit, but only a select few can do both.

The truth is that he hasn't been funny in years except for the Mayor Nagin bit. He just is not interesting or is funny enough to hold your attention. In NYC I would be listening to Curtis and Commie er Kooky er Kuby. In the winter I still listen to them
but in the North country the alternatives are two local talk shows, Imus, Mike and Mike or Bob and Tom. I choose Mike and Mike out of the lack of a better alternative.
Maybe someday some clod up in Vermont will pick up Mark Levin.

Meanwhile Rosie O'Donnel's hateful far left conspiracy BS went off without mention.
I find her comments to be much more offensive than anything Imus ever did in the name of comedy. She and every far left mostly anti-semitic cospiracy kook have made a mockery of 3,000 dead. People should ask Barbra Walters if she has taken leave of her senses as she said nothing.

I want to point out that racial epithets are considered fine as long as the target is correct. Mr Ducky calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah and says this is okay because Harry Belacommie says the same thing. The Duck also calls Eli Wiesel a Shoah Pimp.
Do note that is I used a similar term to describe Sharpton or Jesse Jackson the Duck would be screaming racism.

The thing about the clueless far left is they are oblivious to their own moral and mental rot. We have people who regularly trash America and are anti-semitic complaining about my rhetoric. Excuse me, hellooooo 100,000,000 dead and repeated failure and a core of anti Americanism/semitism, if you can not figure out there are
not good reasons for animosity we can't help you. Then again as we have stated before this blog is not here to make commies feel good about themselves.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Doing Something Correct

When commies are upset and outraged we have done our job well. In fact if Commies ever started agreeing with me I would have to check my blog.

Most lefties are too cowardly to post. This is not a country club site and I am not here to make social pariahs and mental misfits feel good about themselves. If you are a Communist, Jihadi, Racial Power Nut you deserve all the abuse we heap at you.

I will post the back part of an exchange from a brain impaired dolt who calls himself Trotsky.

Troutsky: Speaking of strawmen, Beakerkin, I also don't wish to fight. But I will invite my readers ( all three) to peruse your site and judge for themselves the level of vindictive, nay venemous vitriol directed at lumped up generalites as "leftists", the French, or the Palestinians. The "message" is a testoterone cocktail with a slice of Franco.

My response was in Coulteresqe mode

B: Have you figured out that the real Franco was a vast improvement over the policies you advocate? Original thinking is not your forte, but your kind always over estimates its IQ.

As far as testosterone is correct, we consider that a good thing.
(Commies need to disarm and starve people before asserting themselves)

Do note that I do not come here looking to berate your kind. History's verdict is allready harsher on your kind than any of my quips. Send my best wishes to the Dodo Bird and other extinct relics.

Then another dolt chimes in


Yes, I had a look at Beakerkin's site. It is classic wifebeater logic on a global scale.

The attacks on "leftists' are almost certainly veiled attempts to disguise their own extreemism. There is nothing conservative about them.

( When did I become a group? I never call myself a Conservative either. Wife beating on a global scale sounds like Shariah to me. Now when have I ever candy coated Shariah.)

Whether it's fascism is open to debate I guess, but in the end , labels are jut words. The death toll and the misery of millions resulting from these lunatics is real.

This person is talking to an advocate of Communism who excell only in the creation of death and human suffering. The message is merely sent to the wrong party.

It is moments like this that the wit of Mr Beamish and o Kuhnkat are needed to place an exclamation point on this stupidity. Sorry there Comwads if you think that your unabashed Anti- American and Anti- Semitic stupidity is enlightened you have come to the wrong place. There are places where you belong like North Korea, Cuba and Zimbabwe but not amongst thinking life forms.

The far left thinks its hatred are chic, but in reality you are mentally inbred and incapable of higher thought. This is why you need to create accademic gulags and stiffle any independent thought.

There are decent idealists like Jams who are sincere in their beliefs. They stick to the point at hand and deserve rerspect. I have no respect for those who repeat cliches that are so blatantly false such as the USA armed Saddam or make excuses for Cuba. If you want to see hatred listen to the 9-11 and Iraq conspiracy freaks and almost every one of them is a leftist freak.

The great Richard Poe stated " tis no great feat to discern a sincere man from a Knave". Richard Poe looms more correct with every passing day.

Beamish in 08.

Leftist Mental Health Defectives

I want to point out while the Duck has said some odious things he has not endorsed the zany 9-11 conspiracies or the Jooish cabal behind the Iraq War. He has said some blunders but nothing of this magnitude.

I want to point out the hypocrisy in the treatment of Rosie O Dumbell and Don Imus. Imus made dreadful remarks about the Rutgers Womens basketball team. They were clearly in the context of humor that was inappropriate. Imus got suspended for two weeks for his idiocy.

Rosie O'Dumbell has started the idiocy of a goernment conspiracy on 9-11 on The View.
She was not reprimanded and the majority of her castmates said nothing with one exception. She was very lucky that a more astute person like Monica Crowley was not on the set. Crowley would have been smart enough to cut to the chase and ask O'Donnel who did it name names.

The reality is that people who espouse this theory are highly anti-semitic. Art Bell
who does a talk show that specializes in conspiracy has also noted the over the top
Anti-Semitic hatred of this crew. Weazie is well aware of this so he blames Cheney but offers no evidence.

O'Dumbell gets away with making a mockery of the sacrafice of brave men who dies trying to save others for naked political ambition. Imus was guilty of an ill concieved joke, but O' Dumbell made a mockery of 3,000 dead Americans. Was she suspended? Was she ridiculed? A dreadful joke on a comedy show gets Imus suspended for two weeks. Hateful conspiracy rhetoric mocking 3,000 dead Americans impling a government conspiracy on a political show gets no notice.

Lets just say Rosie will not be sitting in on the Mark Levin show or with Monica Crowley anytime soon. Sadly, a Levin massacre of Rosie O'Dumbell would be suitable justice for her crime. Shame on the network honchos for falling asleep at the wheel.

Beamish in 08

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

No sugar coating

One of the reasons this blog attracts so many non commenters is we do not sugar coat the message. I am not here to assuage the feelings of Utopians whose mental disorders are hazardous to the human condition.

Marxists are used to Conservatives who pat them on the head and dignify their genocidal stupidity and history. They do not get that treatment on this blog nor should they get that anywhere. Marxist like to pretend that their intentions somehow mitigate a constant series of disasters. I do not spare Jihadis, racial power nuts and Nazis whos history is just as odious as the common Commie. I will point out a Commie railing at a Kahanist is about as hypocritical as it gets. All of the above would be markedly improved by adopting a less odious mental pathology.

I also call it as I see it. There is a decided obsession with Jews and Israel on the left that has now reached Elmer Fudd like mania. Euros seem to think that talk of Jewish media conspiracies or Insane cabal theories behind the Iraq war are normal conversation. Sorry talk of Jewish conspiracies is proof that you are certifified.

There is also a basic rudeness among leftists. I do not go out of my way to vistit Euroblogs and lecture them who their leaders should be. Euro Leftist seem to think that they are entitled to lecture Americans about our internal affairs and that it is acceptable to utter Anti- American nonsense on an American blog or in an American City. Sorry there Euros but I did not elect Chirac, Schroeder or the airhead one party idiocy in Sweden. Most of the American far leftist basically ape the rhetoric of their European counterparts and are devoid of coherent thought. I think we have been over the Sadam was armed by the American's leftist idiocy on Sonia's blog six or seven times. I guess far lefties think stupidity repeated becomes valid.

I am not here to assuage the egos of the cult of class genocide and treason. If it were up to me you would be under scrutiny and stripped of citizenship and deported if you break the law. Some time in North Korea, Cuba or Zimbabwe should clear all but the brain impaired of any delusions.

Beamish in 08

Amir Taheri and the distance between the Duck and Middle East Leftist

Amir Taheri is one of many Iranian dissidents you should read. I am especially proud of my friend Amil Imani who many of you should become more familiar with. Amir Taheri points out that actual leftists in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon do not share the anti-American obsessions of their American and mindless Salon Euro bufoon counterparts.

I want to talk of Walid Jumblat in Lebanon. Jumblat is a Druze socialist and unlike the Israeli Druze is not favorably disposed towards Zionists. Yet he has turned against Syria and Hezbollah. The Druze are members of a marginally Islamic sect that seems related to the Cult of Angels. Jumblatt is smart enough to understand the danger of the Islamo-Nazis of Hezbollah. Syria arms Hezbollah in an effort to deflect attention away from the apartheid vise grip of power of the Alawites who are not Muslims and in fact are members of the Cult of Angels.

It would seem that those who want secular governments dissagree with their Western leftist counterparts. The reality is most American and Euroleftsits are reflexively
anti-American and anti-semitic. A typical example is the Duck who still clings to the myth that the USA armed Saddam. Just ignore the T series tanks, Migs, Mirages and Exocet missiles and facts. On Sonia's site G and Lefty Henry will regularly compare Bush unfavorably to Castro.

When Dealing with the Duck I am reminded of Trifkovics chapter Exitentialist Gay Suicide Bombers. The Duck is still caught in a time warp where he blames the maladies of Islam on colonialism. He venerated Commies like Fanon and wants minorities like Bat Yeor, Fred Isaac, Sudanese Christians, Hindus and Bha'i to just shut up about Islamo brutality lasing over 1000 years. Trifkovic tells the tale of two Turks with a fascination with Sartre who went from Jihad to Jihad before blowing themselves up. It is also apparent that they were gay. They must be part of the Islamo redemption probram. Suicide bombers are recruited among troubled youth, women who have commited adultury and obscenely amongst the developmentally disabled against their parents wishes.

The reality is that many of those who are vocal in their oppposition to the war are basically opposed to Capitalism and suffer from a Jewish obsession.

Beamish in 08

Now another clip from the King and Ducki

Ducki: A good King needs to starve the masses to liberate them. Death is the ultimate form of Liberation.
Beakerambo: Me me meep idiot me meep mi
Ducki: Think of your potential to go down in history as the first Socialist Monarch.
Beakerambo: Me me meeep TMW me mi MEEEP
TMW: Mr Ducki you will enjoy Bible Study.....
Ducki: Please not that send me to the guilotine. Noooooooooooooooooooooo

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Communists are not Jews or Americans

Front Page Magazine has a post about the insane George Soros. Soros has always been enamored with Communism from his earliest days.

Communism is a pseudo religious movement that seeks to replace religion and create utopia in this world. The chosen followers are entitled to steal, kill and be parasites on the face of man.

When a Jew accepts conversion to Islam or Catholicism he is no longer a Jew. When a Jew advocates class genocide, the creation of utopia in this world, the erasing of nationality, theft or any Marxist crap they are no longer Jews. In fact being a Communist also means you are unAmerican and should be under constant scrutiny for treason and denaturalized when one breaks the law.

America has gotten way too soft and has not prosecuted a treason case in decades. The Bush administration had the opportunity to prosecute Code Pinko for giving money to our enemies in Falujah. The far left seems to think they can conduct their own foreign policy with impunity. People like the CPT, ISM and commies like Lori Berenson need to pay the price for their actions. Lori Berenson went to Peru and got involved in a civil war. I like Prof Berenson, her father, but his daughter should have been executed.

People like Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkola, George Soros, Faux Rabbi Lerner and Joel Koevell are not Jews in any sense of the word. Front Page Magazine seems surprised that Soros would be working to promote Hamas. Commies who have Jewish blood are thrust to the front in an effort to deflect the blatant anti-semitism. Finkelstein
has made a career as a mediocre hack whose sole purpose has been to obscure far left anti-semitism. He may be denied tenure at DePaul and will move to Europe and further promote himself as a victim of his alleged Jooish conspiracy. The only conspiracy that seems to exist in higher ed is the Old Bolshevik network. Need a job in higher ed well pretend you are a Native American with no credentials and flawed scholarship
and you land a job while real Native American Phd's are fired. You can also land a job after jail stints as a Weatherman terrorist, Black Panther or be a mere relative of NYC noted Communist Aptheker.

I may do another post on the similarities of Jihadism and Communism. The Duck is far closer to Jihad than Jefferson. All he needs to do is trade in his Che beret for a Kafiyeh.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Earl may be smarter than Northwind

I was quite tired a after work and went to the Chinese buffet three blocks from where I live. The waiter told me my friend was outside. Obviously Northwind let him out again. I made a plate of shrimp and placed it outside. When I got back he was waiting by the steps.

Of course Nothwind wanted food but wasn't quite as clever as Earl. Fortunately, I keep provisions around the house but she should have just helped herself. It is suposed to snow again and I told her not to let Earl go out until it is 40 degrees.

Betrayal by David Pryce Jones

The familiar French as evil has been done before and better in such books as America's Oldest Enemy. This book does not delve into too much that is new except for the French role in helping the Grand Mufti elude Justice for war crimes.

France is an irritant and an embarassment as a nation. Its grand delusion of importance in the world where it is increasingly irrelevant leads it to bombastic Anti- American and Over the top anti-Israel cartoonish policies.

The fact is France ceased to be relevant after WW 2. It may talk a big game but that is about it. It was always an imitator except for the Napoleonic period. As France becomes more irrelevant its rhetoric and policies have become more belicose.

We have leftards who paint Saddam as America's man in denial of all reality on Sonia's site. The far left morons ignore mountains of Fwench weapons and a destroyed nuclear reactor commonly known as O Chirac due to its sponson. The lefties also ignore piles of Mig's and T series tanks.

The French have an oportunity for change with the election of Sarkozy. Sarkozy would be limited in what he could do because the Fwench foreign service is stacked with Noam Chimpanzee clones for around the last forty years. Sarkozy also has Jewish blood and who is a Jooo is a Eurotrash far left obsession.

It is time the United States let France know the limits of its perfidity. France has always counted on Americans to think of the French perfidity as a French defect.
The USA should have placed trade sanctions on France in the 1980s over its idiotic
moves forbiding the use of its airspace in the response to Quadafi Ducky's terror spree.

The reality is Fwench obstinancy did more to cause the current Gulf war than anything else by giving Saddam false hope that Bush wasn't serious. France has a history of this type of duplicity and should be regarded as an enemy. The problem is that the Fwench never seem to worry about American sentiments. The problem is the demented Europhile communist bird brains merely ape their rhetoric and to a lesser degree Cuba lite in Sweden.

The book is more of the same and Jones is way too generous with Fwench politicians by claiming they are not anti-semites on a personal level. Chirac is a case study in anti-semitism and appeasement of Islamo-Nazi thugs. His reaction to the endemic anti-semitic attacks in Fance was denial. He then feigns outrage when Sharon advised Jews to leave.

On a personal level in NYC it was not uncommon for me to run into Fwench diplomats and Journalists. The Fwench in the USA blame the Jews for anti- French sentiment in the USA rather than their own actions. Of course they have legions of Europhile Commies deluding them about fantasies of Jewish led anti- Fwench hysteria. The French
need to spend some energy udoing years of damage led by their salon Socialist dolts.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, April 08, 2007

What does the Cult of Angels means in Todays World

Most of you are aware that I am not into theology. Yet the Cult of Angels is something many of you should think about. The cult of Angels is not religion as you or I understand the term. Religion as we understand it has a point of exclusion. The exception to this is Bhaism that is linked to Islam but has also been linked to the Cult of Angels.

In the Judeo Christian perspective there is good and evil. The Yezidi storyis that they are descended from a union of Melke Tawus and Adam. The rest of us are descended
from Adam and Eve. In their version Melke Tawus rebels agains man but repents and given dominion over man by a disinterested God. God in the Yezidiview is similar to Crom in the Conan stories aloof.

Yet we also need to understand that Islam may not be as close to Judaism and Christianity as the PC left imagines. There are groups of scholars that claim with some evidence that Allah was the local name of the lunar God in Meca. The pilgrimage
predates the birth of Islam. Islam like the Cult of Angels appropriates Judaic and Christian themes. However, those who have read the Koran know that while Christianity accepts the Old Testament as is the Koran changes the narrative with
Abraham sacraficing Ishmael.

In short if you are a Christian than Jesus is the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies. Salvation and redemption are in the Jewish faith but raised to a more central role. In reading Dore Gold's account of the history of Jerusalem Christianity today is quite different from its earliest adherents. Early Christians prayed at the Temple and offered sacrafices. There is even some evidence that they took part in the Bar Kochba revolt. Modern Christian anti-semitism dates from Constantine. The Byzantines were not tolerant of Jews or other versions of Christianity. Their ranks were divided and as such they fell against the Muslims.

It is important to know the members of the Cult of Angels have been persecuted throughout their history. A link provided by Kuhnkat provides a series of massacres.
Less well known is the Yezidi fought along side the Armenians durring the era of genocide. The Yezidi risked their lives to rescue Armenians.

It is important to note that the Kurds were the henchmen of the Armenian/Assyrian genocide. They had zero ethnic loyalties to Yezidi and have participated in the genocide of the Yezidi who are fellow Kurds. Muslim Kurds have often exterminated other members of the Cult of Angels irrespective of if the victims were Kurds or Turks.

Historically Kurds and Persians were among the most tolerant people on the planet.
Jewish and later Christian Kurds lived in peace until some converted to Islam. Amil will tell you with 100% accuracy that Persians have a history of religious toleration. The decline of tolerance in Persia accompanies the invasion of Islam.

The Alawites need Israel to divert attention from the fact that they are not Muslims.
If and when Israel falls the Alawites dominion over Syria will be highlighted. Much of their alliance with the Mullahocracy of Iran and arming Hezbollah and the Iraqi terrorists is to keep attention off the aparthied Alawite hegemony in the guise of the far left Marxist/Socialist Baath party.

Europe is much like Persia in that its benign toleration will be its ultimate death sentence. In Marxist brain impaired Europe the only evils are America and Israel. The petty mindless Marxist brain rot of the inteligensia and moral gymnastics have paved the way for their demise

The question is if the Yezidi are Satanists than the actions of those who commited genocide against them speak louder than their apostasy. It would seem that pointless
genocide based on relgious differences is not something Satanists agree with. They would certainly be superior to their Islamic detractors and to the Cult of Marxist Class genocide.

Another problem with the Marxist far left is their anti history. The slaughter and abuses of non- Muslims are not discussed. Typical of this Marxist arrogance is the Duck who has never read a single Bat Yeor book but wants her silenced. Jews, Christians, Hindus and others who have been abused by Islam need to be silenced, their stories conflict with the Commie play book.

Maybe in one thousand years there will be a Marxist parody of the Cult of Angels in Europe. They will be secretive and nominally Muslim while venerating Marx, Lennin, Stalin, Pol Pot and Noam Chimpanzee.

Beamish in 08.

Now a clip from the Beakerambo martial arts thriller Choke the Chicken Spank the Monkey.

Ducky: Ha Ha I will liberate you by starving you. Death is an alternative form of liberation.

Beakerambo: Me me me mi meep Die me me me.

Mr Beamish: That is not his heart you removed that was his apendix.

Ducky: Socialized medicine. You will pay for this

Beakerambo: Me me me mi Die mee meep slat.

Mr Beamish: No Dung Beetle you have labotomized him.

Ducky: Socialism is a valid economic theory...

Beakerambo; Me me me meep Grenade me meep.

Mr Beamish: You have much to learn Dung Beetle. Take this street sweeper and let us clean up the New School for Communist treason.

Not Boring Reading But Too Explosive To Post

Many of you know of my interest in Yezidism. Yezidism is but one of three branches of the cult of angels. The cult of Angels is the dominant religion of the ancient Kurds and may have created a few converts in the view of the authors.

The Cult of Angels is not religion as we understand the term. Religion as we understand it has points of exclusion, The Cult of Angels has no such exclusion and adapts and tries to co-opt other religous beliefs into its systems.

I am reading Mehrdad Izady's a consise handbook of the Kurds. The Cult of Angels at one point attempted to co-opt Zoroastrianism. There are similarities between Yezidism and Zoroastrianism. The author makes the claim that the Shia of Iran but not Iraq. The two Shia sects alleged to have been most influenced by the cult of Angels the Imami (twelver) and Isma'illi' sevener sects.

The Cult of Angels is also exceedingly impotant in Syria. The ruling clique is Alawite and Sunnis do not recognize them as Muslims. Izady sees the Alawites of Syria as assimilated Arabized Kurds and Spaat made the claim they were Arab converts to the Cult of Angels. They are a highly persecuted group that has used the veneer of Islam to survive. The Alawites have some obnoxious views about women that are absent in the Yezidi or Yarsani.

It may just well be that the aggressive manifistations of Islam comming from Iran and Syria have their roots in the Cult of Angels. This is also odd because the aggressive strain of Sunni Islam Wahabism is also a recent inovation.

I will have to do more research on the Cult of Angels. I still have not made the leap from the Peacock Angel to Lucifer. The cult of Angels also does venerate the number seven. This may have been absorbed from Judaism or indepenent evolution.

Part of the real problem with Islam is its view of all history prior to its origins
as the age of ignorance. There are those who assert Allah was the name of the local
lunar God in Mecca.

Theology is not my forte and I will leave this in the hands of those more inclined to it.

More research is needed on my part but materials on the Cult of Angels are not an easy topic to research.

I am somewhat sceptical of these assertions as there may be political motivations of Sunnis to castigate Shia and visa versa. Alawism clearly is a manifestation of the Cult of Angels and Sunnis do not recognize them as Muslim nor do most Shia.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter

I want to wish all those who celebrate Easter a happy holiday.

I am reading up on the pre-Islamic religion of the Kurds. It seems that the Yezidi, Alevis and the Yarsani are grouped together in a eerie religious similarity called the cult of angels.

How one makes the leap from Melek Taurus the Peacock Angel to Lucifer remains unknown. I have never heard of a peacock as satanic. However, I will rport back after
my reading.

Final Review of While Europe Slept by Bruce Bawer

This is book delivers where Steyn failed, but in the last pages he fails where Steyn failed. The notion that Europe has anything worth saving is far fetched. Bawer, does point out the mandatory Americans should not welcome the future turmoil in Europe. Bawer also points out the emigration of the Dutch to Canada, Australia and Norway.

I have been seeing cases of people fleeing Europe and other hell holes. Oddly, Caribs are fleeing the UK for unknown reasons. Jews are also leaving but they tend to use other methods than family reunification. I did see cases of Jews fleeing Venezuela and more Christians fleeing Sudan.

Bawer notes that the early signs of people revolting against the arrogant social elite are there. The EU was never more than a perpetuation and a jobs program for Socialist couch potatoes. Yet the claims on the far left about xenophobic Fascists are hot air.

The truth is the mindless socialists allready have fascism entrenched in Europe. There is the one party Swedish debacle with harassment of people who dare vote against the Socialist idiocy. Bawer should write an entire book on the myth of Sweden. The Socialists allready have speech codes and a media monopoly to avoid any critical thought. The exception to the media monopoly is the UK where a few newspapers and channels toe a different line.

Europe has never had the protections of the First and second Amendment. There is no talk radio and the standard Michael Savage show would land him in jail in many countries. For better or worse we are somewhat protected by the market place as well.
Talk radio exists because large swaths of the country have no alternative source of information. Talk radio is the alternative to the far left local paper and even in Vermont it is Conservative. In Europe the government owns or may subsidize media.

The truth is crime is escalating in Europe. In the Eighties it was fairly common for a haughty European to lecture Americans about Blacks. Yet the average Black American
is still very much a part of America. The exception has always been the vocal University Marxist telling lefties what they want to hear. At anytime one could walk into a Church and see real ministers trying to help their communities from within.
For these dirty secret is that African Americans always wanted to share in the American way of life. Nor did Louis Farakhan originate the concept of self reliance amongst American Blacks. These concepts were always there at the grassroots level except that the media will hoist up frauds like Robeson and Jesse Jackson.

Unlike African Americans who mostly share our values Europe has Muslims who have nothing but contempt for the cultures they live in. The arrogant Socialist pat Muslims on the head hand out a welfare check and prattle a few stupid lines about Pseudostinians. The notion of people having to get jobs or do something for the check is barbaric. Bawer points out that crime is sometimes rationalized in Mosques as in Europe dhimies do not pay Jiyzah. The far left continues in denials as Jews and gays are harassed by Muslims. Muslims unlike Black Americans want to institute Sharia and overthrow the existing order. Sharia is not intended for Muslims alone
and it is a gross form of human rights abuse ignored by the Commie left.

Bawer writes about the constant idiocy that comes from European media. After each attack Madrid, London and Beslan the spin is terrorism is caused by povery and powerlessness. In the ultimate insult Muslims are complaining about the Beslan memorial being exclusive.

Bawer also points out the Castro worship and nostalgia for Communism amongst the mindless elite. Cuban Dissidents were told to hit the road by the EU goons. The voice of sanity is Havel who knows exactly what these dissidents are up against.

Bawer's book is very interesting and far better than Steyns. I would have rather read more about the failure and maladies of Sweden than his jumping around Europe.
For those who are content with a snapshot here and there it is an excellent book.

Beamish in 08

Friday, April 06, 2007

Home Alone Beakerkin and Earl

I tried my best to placate Northwind's temper tantrum. I offered to take her out, bu she said no. I cooked some fresh Mahi Mahi but she hardly looked at it. She had two beers and went home in a bad mood. She has been upset with me ever since I cooked the Shrimp for Earl. After she left I fed Earl the Mahi Mahi she didn't look at. I cut off a small section of mine to keep him occupied.

I do not worry too much about Northwind. She comes and goes on a whim and on some nites the breeze is gentle, other nights it is icy and worst of all is cyclone mode.
Never rely on wind as it is unpredictable. Earl on the other hand is very predictable. He just wants food and a place that is warm.

When it gets warm Earl will have his own adventures. Sometimes he will join me in the park if I have food and he has nothing better to do.

Bawer The Anti Steyn

One of the oddities of my experiences in the web is the virulent obsession of gay Marxist types with Jews and the denial of reality about Islam. From the earliest inception of this blog we have had an abundance of Gay tpes in denial. Oddly the Gay Dane 167 was the most outspoken of these idiots. His idiotic friend Simon Jones a prime contributor to the crank dot net web site Jewish tribal review is even more bombastic in his anti-semitism. Among Jone's more amusing comments was that Native Americans viewed gay people as the chosen people and an implication that the USA is a defacto Jewish State because we have a Holocaust Museum.

The reality is the most homophobic people on the planet are Muslims. One might mince words about the stupid comments of idiots like Falwell or Robertson. There is zero equivalence between stupiid comments and countries that persecute, jail and kill gays as a matter of law. I also want to point out that MZ who has major issues with Gays has never called for killing or imprisoning them. The moral spin of those on the left that homophobia is Abrahamic is just denial of reality. MZ may be called a homophobe for wanting to stop a gay pride march in Jerusalem. Yet the notion of having a similar event in Mecca is unthinkable in a country that kills homosexuals.
Nor is the preposterous claim of 167 that all gays in Iran and Saudi Arabia were executed because they were pedophiles anything other than a fable. The Kangaroo Sharia courts are not even close to an independent judicial system and have far more in common with show trials in the Soviet union than with English common law.

Bawer reports the familiar myths. Children dead in Beslan killed and the spin about terrorism and poverty starts. After assasinations in Europe blaming of the victims starts. Crimes by Muslims are covered up in the European media. I do have to look into the claim that the newly emerging fascist state Sweden has a higher murder rate
than the USA. Swedish socialist vermin harassing, beating and even having members of opposition parties fired from their jobs.

Bawer also reports the far lefts attempt to ban speech it doesn't like. Obviously, these dolts have never been to a University and listened to Commies wax about Jews.
I guess one should read select passages from the Koran itself in public and see if the law is applied.

The far left has behaved like ostritches and no group has more at stake than gays. Jews and Christians may live as dhimis, but I would rather fight to the death. Gays,
Pagans and Commies have no such rights and are told convert or die. Most Commies are quite feckless and will start chanting Allah Ahkbar at the drop of a hat.

The reality is that Commies and Jihadis endanger all of us. Commies willingly gloss over Islamo Colonialism and Jim Crow and their own history of similar crimes. The minorities that were persecuted need to be silent because their stories conflict with the commie narritive.

I should finnish the Bawer book tommorow. I want to point out I was disappointed in Steyn who danced around an important topic. Bawer doesn't dance and knows his future
and yours is tied to ending the culture of denial and idiocy in Europe. Europe is not Valhalla and those who think of it in such terms are divorced from reality.

Beamish in 08

Another Clip From I Ducki

Ducky: We lefties own art and culture. None of you righties have a clue.
Beakerambo: Me me meep Elitist Asshole me me MEEEP
Ducky: At least I do not have a speech impediment. You are a reject from every special education program
Beakerambo: Me me miii Meep Incoherent me me mi Meep
Ducky: Who are you calling incoherent you comercialized labotomized capatalist stooge?
Beakerambo Me mi mee You me meep
Ducky: What have you done other than hawk products and the worst excesses of Capatilism
Beakerambo: Me me meep Jealous mi me meep.
Ducky; Of you well I there is more to life than pitching lunch boxes, action figures and violent patriotic productions.
Beakerambo; Me mee mee Stalinist me mee meep
Ducky; Take that back you Capatalist stooge on steroids. Just you wait I will send you to the Gulag when we take over.

Tune in for the next clip where Ducky lectures Beakerambo about liberation via starvation and minorities under Islamic oppression should just shut up.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Lesson of Bawer You can't Escape Yourself

There is a lesson in Bawer's book for American liberals who claim to speak of Europe as more enlightened. Bawer is a gay American tired of Falwell and decides to go off to enlightened Amsterdam. Not after he is there he isacosted by a Muslim punk who attempts to rob him.

Bawer moves to Norway and his patrner is attacked by a jihadi. Bawer's partner beats up the punk. His partner finds the perpetrator has allready at the police station claiming that Bawer's partner tried to kill him.

Bawer finds out something most NYC types are well aware of, Europeans are rude. One of the reasons I am somewhat popular with the locals in VT is my respect for the local culture. Hunting, Fishing and Smelly Dairy farms were part of the lifestyle long before I arrived. I wouldn't want VT to turn into Soho North and it should retain its local culture minus the alcoholics who fall off curbs everywhere. I do not comment on local politics even when asked except to say Bernie Sanders is a national disgrace.

I am a good guest in that I visit and never would dream of lecturing the people I visit about their political leaders. I can envision my first trip to London. This would be a great city if you could get rid of the Communist Anti- Semitic mayor. Or I could visit France and lecture them about Chirac. This sort of behavior is rude and impolite. I remind European visitors you are a guest in my country so have some manners. Then the lecture comes about how American's do no travel. Excuse me the distance when I take a trip to Chicago is further than London to Zurich. Moreover, as a NYC resident I have had a more diverse exposure to culture than Euros ever experience. My coworkers and friends look like the UN General assembly.

Bawer talks about the elitist nostalgia for Communism. He notes that amongst the handful of books translated into Sweedish are tracts by Commies Chomsky and Finky the anti-semite. There is less media diversity in Europe than in the USA with the exception of the UK as it has some alternative perspectives.

Bawer like many people think by moving to another locale he will find less bigotry. The truth is you will find bigotry wherever you go. The most bigoted people on the planet are far left types. Sonia writes an anti-Castro post. Invariably the vermin will spring forth attempting to compare Bush to Castro. Bawer describes the Fidel haiographies in Europe that forget to mention repression, genuine torture and political prisoners. Europe is not Valhalla or more enlightened and it has failed to integrate its immigrants.

Beamish in 08.
Beakerambo to star in the new movie I Ducki

Ducky: Aunt Jemimah is a useless paper pusher. I can use racist terms because Harry Belacommie uses them.

Beakerambo; Mi Me MEEEEP Jerk Me me me.

Ducky: Well at least I am not an exploited idiot hawking my likeness on lunchboxes, action figures, Video games.

Beakerambo: Me me meep mi Snob me me phbttsss

Ducky: When is the last time you have been in an art museum.

Beakerambo: Me mi meep Exhibit A meep mi

Ducky: Mr Beamish improves the old masters in the Gugenhiem. Monabeaker this is blasphemy. Has the NEA heard about this!!!!!!!

Tune in for more clips of I Ducki

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The return of Earl

I took Earl back in because it is expected to rain all week. This morning he hid when I got up. It seemed Earlwas right as it is snowing again and on the interstate there is no visability at all. I missed my exit but as there is a hairpin turn I was not too upset.

Earl was at the door looking for food as usual. I boiled some shrimp that I save for such moments. Who needs to forage when hot meals are provided. Northwind is not to happy about Earl being around again. He is amusing but needs to be outside when it gets warmer and drier.

Bawer a Breath of Fresh Air and Relevant

Bawer is the anti Steyn in his approach to the mess in Europe. In chapter two he points out the immaturity of Europeans and their irrelevance. It seems as Europeans become more irrelevant they become more belicose.

The truth is most Americans do not care what Europeans think about America. The sole exception is the bird brained Duck who feigns Marx while aping and aspiring so called European enlightenment.

A typical misunderstanding of Americans was the idiotic letter writing campaign of the Guardian to Ohio voters. Rather than persuade Americans it back fired, it would seem the far left types of Europe seldom move beyond NYC or San Fransisco. As a NYC native we are used to tourists and are friendlier than advertised. Most of us will ignore your oafish need to lecture us about our internal affairs unless you get to shrill. Enjoy your stay spend lots of cash and go home.

It would seem those that like to lecture the USA about intervening in local matters seem to all be experts on local US politics. I have reminded many a Euro we do not elect your leaders and frankly we do not care. However, the belicose rhetoric does take its toll over time. India was a loathed country largely due to the big mouth of
Indira Ghandi. Her son broke with her lifetime idiocy and now India is very much respected.

Bawer compares European Socialists to little children that need to be spanked. The US
largess has allowed Europeans to create a huge welfare state. The US taxpayer has subsidized this by paying to defend Europe durring the Cold War. The Euros created a quasi socialist state with confiscatory taxation and endless regulations on business.
The chattering classes were all infantile Marxists and they created a monoculture.
There is far more intellectual and media diversity in the USA than in Europe.

Bawer starts with a mindless staple of the far left response to anti-semitism in Europe. He recounts several stories of Muslims harassing Jews and the Socialist left
blaming it on the policies of Israel. The far left also like to hype imaginary numbers of hate crimes against Muslims. According to the FBI statistics in the USA 2004 there were over for times as many hate crimes against Jews and Gays than those against Muslims.

The Duck seems to miss this point regularly. One does not see outraged Randoids blowing up Mosques. However, one does read about Muslims throwing grenades in the tent of their fellow soldiers. One does read of Muslims shooting pregnant women in Jewish offices in Seattle or having target practice in El Al ticket lines in LA. The mindlessness of the Duck is that inspite of adnausem acts of genuine violence by Islamonazis he is worried about dolts like MZ. The reality is one has to go way back to Baruch Goldstein to find an example of Jews who perpetrate mindless violence.

Many of us were disappointed in Steyn. Bawer delivers where Steyn failed in America alone. Bawer tells us of his life in Europe as a gay American. He paints a vivid picture of Socialist infantilism and a Euro fatalism. One can see this in some of the mindless commenters on Sonia's blog who compare Bush unfavorably to Castro.

I want to point out there are leftists like Jams who come from a coherent position of idealism. This is opposed to the Duck who is reflexive in his anti-Americanism
and anti-Semitism that is often little more than a cliche. The use of the term " Shoah pimp" or describing Condi Rice as " Aunt Jemimah " is out of the question for someone like Jams whose ideals are from the heart.

There is a difference between left and left behind. Many of those like Ducky and the shrill Euroleft are left behind as relics of the cult of Communism. They grow increasingly belicose as their discredited arguments fade into the ashbin of history.

Beamish in 08.

Mr Beamish has hired a media expert for his Presidential run in 08. Bert will be providing his expert opinion on media matters and web strategy for team Beamish.