Friday, April 06, 2007

Bawer The Anti Steyn

One of the oddities of my experiences in the web is the virulent obsession of gay Marxist types with Jews and the denial of reality about Islam. From the earliest inception of this blog we have had an abundance of Gay tpes in denial. Oddly the Gay Dane 167 was the most outspoken of these idiots. His idiotic friend Simon Jones a prime contributor to the crank dot net web site Jewish tribal review is even more bombastic in his anti-semitism. Among Jone's more amusing comments was that Native Americans viewed gay people as the chosen people and an implication that the USA is a defacto Jewish State because we have a Holocaust Museum.

The reality is the most homophobic people on the planet are Muslims. One might mince words about the stupid comments of idiots like Falwell or Robertson. There is zero equivalence between stupiid comments and countries that persecute, jail and kill gays as a matter of law. I also want to point out that MZ who has major issues with Gays has never called for killing or imprisoning them. The moral spin of those on the left that homophobia is Abrahamic is just denial of reality. MZ may be called a homophobe for wanting to stop a gay pride march in Jerusalem. Yet the notion of having a similar event in Mecca is unthinkable in a country that kills homosexuals.
Nor is the preposterous claim of 167 that all gays in Iran and Saudi Arabia were executed because they were pedophiles anything other than a fable. The Kangaroo Sharia courts are not even close to an independent judicial system and have far more in common with show trials in the Soviet union than with English common law.

Bawer reports the familiar myths. Children dead in Beslan killed and the spin about terrorism and poverty starts. After assasinations in Europe blaming of the victims starts. Crimes by Muslims are covered up in the European media. I do have to look into the claim that the newly emerging fascist state Sweden has a higher murder rate
than the USA. Swedish socialist vermin harassing, beating and even having members of opposition parties fired from their jobs.

Bawer also reports the far lefts attempt to ban speech it doesn't like. Obviously, these dolts have never been to a University and listened to Commies wax about Jews.
I guess one should read select passages from the Koran itself in public and see if the law is applied.

The far left has behaved like ostritches and no group has more at stake than gays. Jews and Christians may live as dhimis, but I would rather fight to the death. Gays,
Pagans and Commies have no such rights and are told convert or die. Most Commies are quite feckless and will start chanting Allah Ahkbar at the drop of a hat.

The reality is that Commies and Jihadis endanger all of us. Commies willingly gloss over Islamo Colonialism and Jim Crow and their own history of similar crimes. The minorities that were persecuted need to be silent because their stories conflict with the commie narritive.

I should finnish the Bawer book tommorow. I want to point out I was disappointed in Steyn who danced around an important topic. Bawer doesn't dance and knows his future
and yours is tied to ending the culture of denial and idiocy in Europe. Europe is not Valhalla and those who think of it in such terms are divorced from reality.

Beamish in 08

Another Clip From I Ducki

Ducky: We lefties own art and culture. None of you righties have a clue.
Beakerambo: Me me meep Elitist Asshole me me MEEEP
Ducky: At least I do not have a speech impediment. You are a reject from every special education program
Beakerambo: Me me miii Meep Incoherent me me mi Meep
Ducky: Who are you calling incoherent you comercialized labotomized capatalist stooge?
Beakerambo Me mi mee You me meep
Ducky: What have you done other than hawk products and the worst excesses of Capatilism
Beakerambo: Me me meep Jealous mi me meep.
Ducky; Of you well I there is more to life than pitching lunch boxes, action figures and violent patriotic productions.
Beakerambo; Me mee mee Stalinist me mee meep
Ducky; Take that back you Capatalist stooge on steroids. Just you wait I will send you to the Gulag when we take over.

Tune in for the next clip where Ducky lectures Beakerambo about liberation via starvation and minorities under Islamic oppression should just shut up.


Always On Watch Two said...

When I first learned about some of the tenets of Islam, I fully expected to find that gays and feminists would be vociferously condemning Islam. Instead, I found them making excuses for Islam.

Despite what Falwell believes about atheists (that no atheist can possibly understand the threat which Islam poses), early on I found Jason and Sixth Column. In fact, I got into quite an argument with one of Falwell's administrators at the America's Truth Forum Symposium I attended last year. I don't think I acquitted myself very well in the over-dinner discussion--probably due to that second glass of wine I just had to have because of the unreasonable obstinancy of that Falwellite and his cohorts.

I never expected Communists to condemn Islam. Commies think that they can use Islam to their own advantage.

Farmer John said...

Ducky's comrades at the New School in NYC have finally decided upon America's new foreign policy direction. Read all about it.

beakerkin said...


I have to do a post but Islam and Communism are very close. There is cross polination of utopian themes.
However, once Jihadis are in power they eliminate Commies.

I did a satire of this with an ill advised post about the beheading of 167. Sadly as 167 has AIDS jokes about his mortality are in very poor taste.


People like the Duck seem to think my depiction of the New School for Communist Treason and Sedition is over the top. I think if anything my satire is on target. Sadly Bob Kerry has not made the school respectable.

Farmer John said...

I happen to think your satiric depictions are on target, too. They like to think they're avante garde. And in the rush to slavery, they are.

beakerkin said...


I wonder when our resident film critic is going to review I Ducki.
It would seem once again Beakerambo
has caputred the hearts of the audience and has sold products.

The Merry Widow said...

Well, you do know that the film critics differenciate between artistic and commercial success.
Commercial success is not uttered in the same breathe as artistic, of course since artistic only plays in art houses, at the Palm d'Or or Sundance Festivals. They can't compete in the neighborhood cinema where real people go to see movies...


Mr. Ducky said...

Please mw, if you haven't noticed, the neighborhood theater is gone and replaced by the megaplex.

No more cutting school and sneaking down to the Publix to see "Creature from the Black Lagoon". Now you've got that Quentin Tarantino crap with multi million dollar budgets. The fun is gone.

Please remember that Mr. Ducky dearly loved the B movies.

Oh and the art houses are fading fast also. The best of both worlds is dwindling and you get stuck with the mediocre boredom in the middle.

I'll tell you this though ... in heaven they have an art house that is playing "Celine and Julie Go Boating" 24/7. And down the street is a drivein and you have to sneak in stuffed in the trunk of your buddy's car and there's a triple bill:


The Tingler

Fiend without a Face

Mr. Ducky said...

Let's see how many real doozies the Beak has in his latest.

Sweden has a higher murder rate than the U.S. --- simply stunning piece of nonsense Beak. Complete crapola.

The execution of homosexuals in muslim countries varies. Iran and Saudi Arabia carry out virtually all of the executions and they aren't all that common in Saudi. Generally those executions occur if gays challenge the state. Gay pride marches are not a good idea in Mecca.
Iran is brutal no doubt about it.
Countries like Egypt, Turkey, India and others with large muslim populations are pretty laissez-faire. So once again Beak may have a worthwhile point to make but he loses it with his insane hyperbole that plays only for the bigoted.

Crimes by muslims are covered up in the European media. Van you give us some documented evidence of that, Beak? I'm not saying that you are just blowing steam out of your ass but you are known to pedal the bullcrap.

The last few paragraphs don't lend themselves to any meaningful analytic calculus. Time for your thorazine, Beak.

beakerkin said...

According to Bawer the murder rate in Sweden is higher than that of the USA. According to Bawer on page 205 the rate is double that of the USA.

Bawer gives plenty of examples where rioting Muslims are described as African. Bawer is a traditional liberal but he has zero patience for Europhile arrogance.

Bawer even mentions Swedish TV making documentaries about your favorite Jews the Rosenbergs.

While you are there read the survey about muslim youth behavior in Sweden.

Mr. Ducky said...

Oh, according to Bawer. Then it must be true, right Beak.

Now way this guy could be blowing smoke out of his ass. Double the rate in the U.S? That would put Sweden near the Top 10. And you believe that like a little blind fool?

beakerkin said...

Bawer is not to be compared with Noam Chomsky. He does say it on page 205. He has a web site and you can ask. He has hit the nail on the head about Sweden. One party thugocracy lite and by no means Utopia. Read the article Duncy you might learn something.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


What is your favorite Troma film?

Surf Nazis Must Die is probably mine.

beakerkin said...

I have always wanted to see that one.

Urban Infidel said...

Egypt still persecutes gays as does most of the Islamic world. It hasn't gotten better. Not at all. It has gotten worse.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Surf Nazis Must Die is, cinematographically speaking, one of the worst films ever made (as is the style of Troma Studios). It's so bad it's horrible.

I'll always remember the New York Times review of the film - "Not even the actors' relatives will find this interesting."