Friday, April 13, 2007

Blair, Imus and Roscoe Lee Browne

I want to talk of days gone by and another era. Some us remember our first films we saw and the first songs we heard. The first movie I remeber was John Wayne in the Cowboys. It is one of four films that Wayne dies in and has a couple of real top shelf pros Roscoe Lee Browne and Coleen Dewhurst. Browne becomes the hero of the film after Wayne is killed. The movie stars Robert Caradine who would go onto later fame as nerd Louis Skolnick. Browne always knew how to light up a screen and really was a Broadway actor who did other venues as well. His memorable stint locked in an elevator with Archie Bunker is a classic TV moment. Above all else Roscoe Lee Browne was a dignified man who enriched the lives of those who watched TV.

I have been seeing odd paterns of Caribs leaving the UK to come to NYC. I chalked it up to mere family reunification, but there may be quality of life issues. Blair has focused attention on the problem of Black on Black crime. Yet he doesn't understand the nature of the problem or have the conviction to do anything about it. The problem is not about race as I am painfully aware. The problem exists in the far North with almost no blacks as well. There is less major crime up here because everyone is armed except me. It is funny when I am stopped by police all the time looking for guns, knives and pot. They can find these things quite easily in the car of a local.

Blair misses the point as these problems were somewhat reduced in NYC. Number one handing out a subsitence check in perpetuity is not in the best interest of the recipient. Communist and Socialist vermin talk of compassion but their real aim is paternalism. By feigning concern they abuse the poor and employ a cadre of marginally less useful government workers. The poor are not stupid and life has provided them with skills. Northwind stretches he budget at my expense and sees Earl as a rival. Earl doesn't cost much and is a barrel of laughs.

The best solution for this problem is work. Workfare with demeaning jobs encourages people to find real jobs and learn skills. Yet, in order to aleviate this problem Socialists have to look in the mirror. Socialists are incapable of learning and merely perpetuate the problem forever,

Imus lost his job and his career is likely over. His comments were dreadful but it was over the top attempt at comedy. This really was a case of people paying him back for the non-stop ridicule of Mayor Nagin. The notion that Al Sharpton who has actual blood on his hands for his commentslecturing anyone is funny. Imus is partially to blame as he has been pretending he is a pundit . Either be a shock jock or be a pundit, but only a select few can do both.

The truth is that he hasn't been funny in years except for the Mayor Nagin bit. He just is not interesting or is funny enough to hold your attention. In NYC I would be listening to Curtis and Commie er Kooky er Kuby. In the winter I still listen to them
but in the North country the alternatives are two local talk shows, Imus, Mike and Mike or Bob and Tom. I choose Mike and Mike out of the lack of a better alternative.
Maybe someday some clod up in Vermont will pick up Mark Levin.

Meanwhile Rosie O'Donnel's hateful far left conspiracy BS went off without mention.
I find her comments to be much more offensive than anything Imus ever did in the name of comedy. She and every far left mostly anti-semitic cospiracy kook have made a mockery of 3,000 dead. People should ask Barbra Walters if she has taken leave of her senses as she said nothing.

I want to point out that racial epithets are considered fine as long as the target is correct. Mr Ducky calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah and says this is okay because Harry Belacommie says the same thing. The Duck also calls Eli Wiesel a Shoah Pimp.
Do note that is I used a similar term to describe Sharpton or Jesse Jackson the Duck would be screaming racism.

The thing about the clueless far left is they are oblivious to their own moral and mental rot. We have people who regularly trash America and are anti-semitic complaining about my rhetoric. Excuse me, hellooooo 100,000,000 dead and repeated failure and a core of anti Americanism/semitism, if you can not figure out there are
not good reasons for animosity we can't help you. Then again as we have stated before this blog is not here to make commies feel good about themselves.


sonia said...

Whether Imus is funny or not is irrelevant. He got fired for expressing an opinion. That's wrong. That's scary. There is less freedom of speech in America because he got fired and because so few people dared to defend him.

First they came for the racists
but I wasn't a racist, so I didn't speak out...

Then they came for the misogynist, but I wasn't a misogynist, so I didn't speak out...

And then they came for me, and there was nobody left to speak out for me...

Anonymous said...

"their real aim is paternalism?

...and I thought it was to increase their own influence through making the voters their dependents thereby increasing their own powers as dispensers of political patronage.

A pater (father) tries to get his kids to grow up and leave. Democrats try and do the opposite.

beakerkin said...

Sonia Imus's remarks were disgusting but in the guise and context of comedy. He should have been suspended and left at that. O'Donnel's comments were much worse
and clearly not intended as comedy.


You are correct but there is also an elitist disdain for minorities that borders on arrogance.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, I have to confess that I would be less animated about Condominium Rice if the right hadn't displayed their collosal stupidity by actually proposing that moronic shit stain as a presidential candidate.

Anonymous said...

Once you've "made it" financially, you get used to bossing around the hired-help. And it becomes hard not to see everyone who daily-labours for their bread in the same light as their servants. You start to develop a "good-bad/master" vice "good-evil/slave" morality... although in this case I'd have to call it a "good-evil-bad/slave-master morality.

Anonymous said...

I really had no problem with Imus's comment, so what if he said "Nappy headed Ho's", I'm far more offended watching the Knicks still playing in the greatest arena in the world!

Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are the real racists, Imus was trying to make a joke, unlike Sharpton and the onslaught of "fake outrage", which is the real joke.

beakerkin said...

Ducky there is no excuse for that stuff seriously..

What are your thoughts on Roscoe Lee Browne? He certainly was a professional actor in the most noble of traditions and projected dignity.


The NY Knicks are the greatest disgrace in professional sports. Every franchise has had players get arrested or end up in court. How many teams have to worry about their coach and General manager.

The Knicks may be good in 2020

Mr. Ducky said...

What are my thoughts on Roscoe Lee Browne? Don't have many. He did some good workmanlike stuff but was never particularly distinguished.

I'm sure he made you feel comfortable.

beakerkin said...


Obviously you are not a thinking man. Browne was a skilled profesional whose also did live shows. He was a great actor and it is your loss that you can not recognize a skilled actor.

Browne was a Broadway actor who did work on the Silverscreen and the small screen like a Fritz Weaver. For all your arrogance you are quite bind to brilliance.

Do note many of Browne's charachters were small, but his larger than life ability made them better. An example of this was his small role on All in the Family.

I guess your talk of film is all hot air.

American Crusader said...

Moronic shit stain?
Political science major at the University of Denver
Master's Degree in political science from Notre Dame
Ph.D. in international studies at the University of Denver
Do you know anything about her background? Her father was a minister in Birmingham Alabama and marched with Martin Luther King.
She switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party while working at the State Department under Jimmy Carter... sounds pretty smart to me.
Full professor at Stanford and became the youngest as well as the first female and the first minority to hold the position of Provost at Stanford.

American Crusader said...

I can't remember the first movie or song that affected me in any way. I remember going to see the original Planet of the Apes at a drive-in (the whole family event in a Rambler station wagon)...
Caribs? Caribbeans?
You know my feeling towards Al Sharpton. He is directly responsible for at least eight deaths. He has said far more outrageous statements yet he still has a job. The fact that Imus went to him is reason enough alone for him getting fired.
I listened to his station may be twice..nothing there for me.
Rosie has a free pass. Everyone is afraid of the fat lesbian, including Barbara Walters. She can say what ever she wants without any fear of losing sponsors or her job.
100 million is a conservative estimate.
Lighten up ducky...all that hate is a heavy load.
The New York Knicks aren't even in the same class as organizations like the Atlanta Falcons, LA Clippers, Cincinnati Bengals, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Montréal/Washington Nationals or the San Diego Padres.

beakerkin said...

Ducky's comments about Rice are more of the same hatred we are used to. However what did Roscoe Lee Brown ever due to earn the disrespect of the Duck. He played noble admirable people who were dignified and all the same human.

Shame on the Duck for the Condi bashing. What did Roscoe Lee Brown ever do to be dissmissed by the Duck?

troutsky said...

Don Imus should just get a blog. He could call anybody anything and make the same as we all make for our efforts.He could talk about obscure actors, Condi's credentials, whatever..

beakerkin said...


Roscoe Lee Browne was by no means an obscure actor. He was a professional actor who was even more impressive on stage. He was an erudite man who always brought a cerebral air of dignity to the roles he played.

As far as calling people names like
he could use your friend John Browne as an example. Look in your own house for venom first.

Justin said...

Once again the Duckbrain has exposed the left and himself with his arrogantly ignorant,distateful and hate filled racial comment regarding Condi. Yes feather brain your reading right, Im calling you a hate filled biggoted racisit.

The only black you will accept is one who grovels at the feet of Jackson and Sharpton who are your over seers and perpetuate your and your Northern Democratic Massah's Liberal Party line that dey is all victims of dat nassy old slave holder 200 years ago.

Any black who dares to stand and defy your line and actually raises their status by learning, working and taking responsibility for their own life and not letting you and your cronies dictate it for them are not BLACK. They are to be reviled, ridiculed and hopefully be whipped back into the old party line.

Before you want to make your "shit-stain" remark again I would suggest that you go take a long hot shower and wash your hair about a dozen times because you have your head so far up Sharptons and Jacksons rectum that if they make a sharp right turn it will break your neck.

Being the bird brain that you are you deserve no respect from your peers and believe me Ducky Boy you will never get any from the likes of the Sharptons and Jacksons of the world. To them you are a useful tool for now but in the end you are still white and they will have no use for you.

Ya su massa Duck Ise gwanna stay right chere in this wonnerful crime ridden, drug infested ghetto dat you and massa Sharpton and massa Jackson has created wif yo money. Why, nooo su massa Duck I wouldnts nevah wants to get me one of dem edumecations. Hell, I mights just starts to think fo my self and den I would go outs and gets a job and actually become somebody.

No, No, massa Duck I sho donts wants to become one of dem uppity blacks what takes caye of demself and dey kinfolk like dat uppity ole Miss Condi. You know mass Duck rumor is she really aint black atal.

Admit it Ducky you and your side cannot tolerate anyone who thinks for themselves or actually believe that they do not need you or any government to take care of them.
You scream against racisim (well selective racisim) yet you practice it in its purest form.

You Ducky are a Northern Eastern Liberal Anti-semitic Racial Biggot. Live with it.

beakerkin said...


I am almost used to Ducky's bigotry
and have come to expect it. However, what was he thinking with the snide remark about Roscoe Lee Browne. Browne always played dignified yet wonderful charachters
and was a genuine profesional actor. He was as dedicated to his art as Tony Randal, Fritz Weaver and did excellent live work.

I guess the Duck disparages Browne's dignified intellegence as an attempt to make Whites comfortable. Would the elitist snob make the same remark about Vincent Price? Price was a lefty but also very intelligent and he wanted to bring Edgar Allan Poe to new audiences.

Shame on the Duck for his bigotry, but his remarks about Browne managed to surprise me. I guess the film snob doesn't know a skilled professional when he sees one.

Purple Avenger said...

Slightly OT, but Afghanistan has joined the club of countries to sport commie era mass graves.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

The epithets Ducky uses when speaking about the Secretary of State ("cooze," "nappy headed ho," "Aunt Jemima," among others) all have denotations and connotations that can't be excused as anything but racism.

Those of us who realize and understand that all leftists are ideologically obligated to attempt to convince reasonable people that all leftists are morons can patiently wade through the bigotry and hatred, but it sure does make a mockery of the "tolerance virtue" claimed by the left.

After all, there is absolutely nothing in that great leftist Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf that Ducky disagrees with.

Warren said...

What I find striking about Nostradumbass's remarks is that he blames President Bush for his racism!

Talk about loony, he a textbook case.