Thursday, April 12, 2007

Doing Something Correct

When commies are upset and outraged we have done our job well. In fact if Commies ever started agreeing with me I would have to check my blog.

Most lefties are too cowardly to post. This is not a country club site and I am not here to make social pariahs and mental misfits feel good about themselves. If you are a Communist, Jihadi, Racial Power Nut you deserve all the abuse we heap at you.

I will post the back part of an exchange from a brain impaired dolt who calls himself Trotsky.

Troutsky: Speaking of strawmen, Beakerkin, I also don't wish to fight. But I will invite my readers ( all three) to peruse your site and judge for themselves the level of vindictive, nay venemous vitriol directed at lumped up generalites as "leftists", the French, or the Palestinians. The "message" is a testoterone cocktail with a slice of Franco.

My response was in Coulteresqe mode

B: Have you figured out that the real Franco was a vast improvement over the policies you advocate? Original thinking is not your forte, but your kind always over estimates its IQ.

As far as testosterone is correct, we consider that a good thing.
(Commies need to disarm and starve people before asserting themselves)

Do note that I do not come here looking to berate your kind. History's verdict is allready harsher on your kind than any of my quips. Send my best wishes to the Dodo Bird and other extinct relics.

Then another dolt chimes in


Yes, I had a look at Beakerkin's site. It is classic wifebeater logic on a global scale.

The attacks on "leftists' are almost certainly veiled attempts to disguise their own extreemism. There is nothing conservative about them.

( When did I become a group? I never call myself a Conservative either. Wife beating on a global scale sounds like Shariah to me. Now when have I ever candy coated Shariah.)

Whether it's fascism is open to debate I guess, but in the end , labels are jut words. The death toll and the misery of millions resulting from these lunatics is real.

This person is talking to an advocate of Communism who excell only in the creation of death and human suffering. The message is merely sent to the wrong party.

It is moments like this that the wit of Mr Beamish and o Kuhnkat are needed to place an exclamation point on this stupidity. Sorry there Comwads if you think that your unabashed Anti- American and Anti- Semitic stupidity is enlightened you have come to the wrong place. There are places where you belong like North Korea, Cuba and Zimbabwe but not amongst thinking life forms.

The far left thinks its hatred are chic, but in reality you are mentally inbred and incapable of higher thought. This is why you need to create accademic gulags and stiffle any independent thought.

There are decent idealists like Jams who are sincere in their beliefs. They stick to the point at hand and deserve rerspect. I have no respect for those who repeat cliches that are so blatantly false such as the USA armed Saddam or make excuses for Cuba. If you want to see hatred listen to the 9-11 and Iraq conspiracy freaks and almost every one of them is a leftist freak.

The great Richard Poe stated " tis no great feat to discern a sincere man from a Knave". Richard Poe looms more correct with every passing day.

Beamish in 08.


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I miss Moonbat Central.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

It was a good group of people. Above all I miss Richard Poe. He knew how to run things.

sonia said...

Actually, the likes of Troutsky never defend sharia or North Korea. Where they are tragically wrong is in wasting their energy in defending people who are hardly victimized, while always failing to attack true oppressors.

beakerkin said...


I will agree with you up until a point. Troutsky is a member of the far left. He seems to think my disdain for anti-Americanism and anti-semitism and a myopia about the legacy of communism is unwarranted.

I live far from home and one of the reasons the real locals like me is I mind my business. I respect the local customs and sometimes even partake in them. In short I am a good guest and I never lecture locals about their affairs. Europeans who comment about internal American politics need to learn similar manners.

Those on the far left are more prone to a Disney version of Islamic history. This is as obscene as people talking about happy slaves or Indians embracing their genocide in American history.

Troutsky need to deal with the legacy of Communism. Lets just put it bluntly he is off the map and out of the mainstream. Communism is a form of mental illness with deadly consequences.

troutsky said...

Definately out of the mainstream, yes, but me thinks democracy needs differing points of view vying with each other to stay dynamic.As for apologizing for Stalin, i hardley knew the guy. ( check out differences between communism,socialism, Marxism)

beakerkin said...


The whole mess is failure and one needs look no further than Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was a terrible place, but it took Marxist stupidity to create famine in a food exporting country. Apartheid was evil but what replaced it was worse.

The whole idea is a failure with deadly results. Nor was brutality exclusive to Stalin or the Soviet Union itself.

Socialism is a codeword for theft and a RX for economic disaster.