Saturday, April 07, 2007

Final Review of While Europe Slept by Bruce Bawer

This is book delivers where Steyn failed, but in the last pages he fails where Steyn failed. The notion that Europe has anything worth saving is far fetched. Bawer, does point out the mandatory Americans should not welcome the future turmoil in Europe. Bawer also points out the emigration of the Dutch to Canada, Australia and Norway.

I have been seeing cases of people fleeing Europe and other hell holes. Oddly, Caribs are fleeing the UK for unknown reasons. Jews are also leaving but they tend to use other methods than family reunification. I did see cases of Jews fleeing Venezuela and more Christians fleeing Sudan.

Bawer notes that the early signs of people revolting against the arrogant social elite are there. The EU was never more than a perpetuation and a jobs program for Socialist couch potatoes. Yet the claims on the far left about xenophobic Fascists are hot air.

The truth is the mindless socialists allready have fascism entrenched in Europe. There is the one party Swedish debacle with harassment of people who dare vote against the Socialist idiocy. Bawer should write an entire book on the myth of Sweden. The Socialists allready have speech codes and a media monopoly to avoid any critical thought. The exception to the media monopoly is the UK where a few newspapers and channels toe a different line.

Europe has never had the protections of the First and second Amendment. There is no talk radio and the standard Michael Savage show would land him in jail in many countries. For better or worse we are somewhat protected by the market place as well.
Talk radio exists because large swaths of the country have no alternative source of information. Talk radio is the alternative to the far left local paper and even in Vermont it is Conservative. In Europe the government owns or may subsidize media.

The truth is crime is escalating in Europe. In the Eighties it was fairly common for a haughty European to lecture Americans about Blacks. Yet the average Black American
is still very much a part of America. The exception has always been the vocal University Marxist telling lefties what they want to hear. At anytime one could walk into a Church and see real ministers trying to help their communities from within.
For these dirty secret is that African Americans always wanted to share in the American way of life. Nor did Louis Farakhan originate the concept of self reliance amongst American Blacks. These concepts were always there at the grassroots level except that the media will hoist up frauds like Robeson and Jesse Jackson.

Unlike African Americans who mostly share our values Europe has Muslims who have nothing but contempt for the cultures they live in. The arrogant Socialist pat Muslims on the head hand out a welfare check and prattle a few stupid lines about Pseudostinians. The notion of people having to get jobs or do something for the check is barbaric. Bawer points out that crime is sometimes rationalized in Mosques as in Europe dhimies do not pay Jiyzah. The far left continues in denials as Jews and gays are harassed by Muslims. Muslims unlike Black Americans want to institute Sharia and overthrow the existing order. Sharia is not intended for Muslims alone
and it is a gross form of human rights abuse ignored by the Commie left.

Bawer writes about the constant idiocy that comes from European media. After each attack Madrid, London and Beslan the spin is terrorism is caused by povery and powerlessness. In the ultimate insult Muslims are complaining about the Beslan memorial being exclusive.

Bawer also points out the Castro worship and nostalgia for Communism amongst the mindless elite. Cuban Dissidents were told to hit the road by the EU goons. The voice of sanity is Havel who knows exactly what these dissidents are up against.

Bawer's book is very interesting and far better than Steyns. I would have rather read more about the failure and maladies of Sweden than his jumping around Europe.
For those who are content with a snapshot here and there it is an excellent book.

Beamish in 08


FLORIAN said...

Beak...Europe hasn't really been free since the mid-1600's when all the Calvinists, Hugenots (spelling), and other reformed Christians were de-balled and sent packing after the Vatican ordered an all out war on them. This is partly why Communism has such a strength in Europe. Oliver Cromwell and Gustavus Adolphus fought tooth and nail against this. To no avail I would say. Look at Ireland, England and Sweden now.

beakerkin said...

There is still hope in Ireland and to a lesser degree in the UK. Sweden is a mess and a vivid depiction of the left wing fascism that the Duck would like to impose on us.

Bawer sees hope, but I see the fat lady warming up. I hope the USA bars Socialists from emigrating and replicating their European disasters here.

I would sooner admit Cubans, Venezuelans and Christains fleeing Islam than allow a single spot any Socialists fleeing the mess they created.