Friday, April 20, 2007

A Not So Funny Post and the decline of Europe

I want to point out that we do laugh at and ridicule communists. Communists deserve to be humiliated, the sad part is that so few ever place them on defense. The position of the blog has always been Communists should be under governmental scrutiny, just like Nazis,jihadis, racial power nuts and many extreeme animal rights and greens. When any of the above break the law they should be prosecuted. Peaceful protest does not include attacking police, local residents, vandalism and giving money to our enemies in Falujah. The penalty for the last crime commited by Code Pinko should be twenty years in jail or denaturalization and deportation. Free speech does not include criminal acts never has never will.

While we do laugh at and ridicule Communists for the most part we leave them alone. They really aren't good for more than a laugh or two. They pretend that they have moral authority, but are merely idiots and clowns. None of us should treat them seriously in a debate. The advocacy of property theft and class genocide precludes any pretense of rational thought. This blog has never advocated violence of any type.

I want to point to the sick comments on MZ's site from a French Muslim. The French Muslim is so brazen about his attacks on Jews he offers to send MZ recordings of actual attacks and names an alleged future victim. There are those on the commie left who seem to think that this is isolated behavior or events in a third country justify this. These same mindless far left turds are so worried about Islamophobia
that they ignore behavior like this.

America is a far different country and even in placid Vermont the locals would never allow this. There was a period of time when some of our big cities were out of control, specifically NYC. The people that suffered were mostly poor blacks and hispanics. The problem was reduced by increasing the number of police officers and backing them when they do their jobs. There will always be police critics mostly far left clowns, but the police have to be given the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

Crime is rising in Europe and will continue to do so. Even in France, the public may elect a law and order candidate. I am still skeptical that France may elect anyone with any Jewish heritage no matter how diluted. Riots and lawlessness mostly produce a backlash against poor leadership in a normal population. Why this process has not happened in Washington DC and New Orleans may be related to one party control. Mayor Dinkins was swept in with the crime in Bensonhurst. He was booted largely after a three day pogrom in Crown Heights. The city got tired of lawlessness and elected Rudy.

The question is where are the law and order Europeans. The old days of Europeans looking down their noses at crime and alleged racism in the USA are over. In the old days Eurosnobs would talk about blacks rioting, but now it is Muslims rioting in their cities. Most Blacks want the same things white people want jobs and decent services. The sole exceptions are accedemic hacks who toe the communist line to higher income. Muslims rioting in Europe want to place their fiefdoms under Islamic law. Europe has two options surrender or elect law and order type of candidates or raise the white flag. Of course many people may vote with their feet and I have seen cases of Caribs, Indians and Jews fleeing. Some of this may be family reunions, but Europe has its own slums and different problems. I suggest Commies listen to Canadian news about conditions in Canadian health care.

There are no excuses for threats or invasion of privacy in the blogosphere or in real life. I will have to see if I can talk Warren or Steve into the creation of a cyber wedgie icon. Cyberwedgies will be grouped into the following classes 1 Communist 2 Jihadi 3 Nazi 4 Racial Power nuts 5 People who just want wedgies. We invented the troll abortion to deal with John Brown's spam. The practice spread off this blog onto other blogs and some naughty people just wanted to have the experience. This is not an endorsement of wedgies in real life. However, most commies as social outcasts have probably been wedgie victims and may experience flashbacks. This blog is not liable for any flashbacks of past wedgies applied to communists as social pariahs.


Ducky's here said...

Why won't we extradite this terrorist?

Damn Beak, the guy took down an airplane and killed over 70 people. You've been going ga-ga over someone living in Baghdad who killed one person.

Beak, do you have a double standard just like the Bush administration?

Ducky's here said...

Let's see, some muslim starts posting at MZ's place and that is sufficient evidence to predict the collapse of Europe. If you say so, Beak.

Nice of you to give the nutlog muslim publicity though.

troutsky said...

And you may be selling yourself short. Wedgies are still very funny at our local Junior High.

beakerkin said...


Western Communists are very well aquainted with wedgies. Most of you are social outcasts and on the receiving edge of wedgies as freaks and pariahs.

We are advocating cyber wedgies for communists. No actual communists will be humilated . In fact some of you might even come here and ask for a virtual wedgie.

beakerkin said...


A malicious threat naming a victim and offering to send a tape is signs of a sick culture. However, this nut would be ill advised to pull a stunt like that in the USA.

Of course the fact that this is an actual threat naming a future victim and looking for MZ's address doesn't faze you.

Redwine said...

" Most of you are social outcasts " - I doubt that: and exactly those who think it is an intellectual game, exactly those hijacked it. Who is MZ?

beakerkin said...


In the United States people who advocate Communism are indeed social outcasts. People like Troutsky most likely were picked on at school and are the laughing stocks of their community. We have a different culture in the USA.

MZ is a demented fellow blogger who posts under the title Mad Zionist I think the title is He indeed did recieve a threat asking for his adress and naming a future victim. The IP was traced back to a college in the UK, no surprise.

It speaks to the level of mental illness on many of those on the far left. No doubt the Duck sees nothing wrong with this behavior.

The Merry Widow said...

I see a great deal wrong with that kind of threat. Even if it is a juvenile, college "prank", it is very disturbing that there are people who "joke" like that! Especially on the internet.
I think MadZ did the right thing about contacting the authorities, or at least holding that info in case something untoward happens. Jews are fleeing France with good reason, and starting to flee Venezuala(sic) that is a bad sign of things to come.


Always On Watch Two said...

Cyber wedgies? LOL. Probably won't have deterrent effect, though.

beakerkin said...


The cases are quite clear, but the left pretends they do not exist.


I think Commies might flock for the honor of getting a cyber wedgie. Most Commies are social pariahs and deserve wedgies in real life for advocating genocidal stupidity.

jams o donnell said...

Whjy do you think it's no surprise that an ip address? Yes, there is a lunatic fringe here but, surprise, surprise, most people here go to college to study (and to have fun), whatever the subject. Most students are apolitical or apathetic about politics.

One chat room I frequented until Yahoo had a person who made death threats against an american chatter. He even phoned her. The psycho in question is Indian and at the time he purported to be a follower of Ayn Rand.

Psycho's come in all shapes and size and political persuasions.

As for Law and Order, the Blair government has made it a key policy plank since elected in 1997. Over the past 10 years overall crime rates in England & Wales, have fallen by over 40%. This is according to Home Office statistics - I know the Home Office has big problems but its crim stats are as reliable as anyone is going to get. Violent crime rates do not show the same fall but are still substantially lower than the US. For example, there were over 16,137 murders in the US in 2004 compared with 830 murders in England & Wales in a similar period. Adjust for population size and it would appear you are about 4 times more likely to be murdered in the US as in England or Wales.

It is Not that I am crowing that the US is a more dangerous place, I know that crime rates have fallen substantially in the US. Less crime is good news, especially those at most risk of being a victim!

Of course Europe has its crime problems, only a fool would deny that.

beakerkin said...


I met that fellow you describe and he is a creep. Oddly, I am the one person he will not harass because I know how to deal with his type.

Crime has many factors and age, narcotics and a few others are factored in.

The overall numbers are going down in the USA. However, overall European rates are on the increase.

Riots cause the rise of law and order candidates in a normal culture. Sweden, DC and New Orleans are one party fiefdoms and as such the ability to reform messes are restricted.

Urban Infidel said...

This must be why Jews are leaving France in droves:

French Rabbi Punched in Anti-Semitic Attack

by Hana Levi Julian

( Anti-Semitism is on the rise worldwide, but France has seen a particularly significant jump in the number of violent attacks on Jews. On Thursday, a rabbi was punched in the face and hospitalized.

The rabbi of Nord-Pas-de-Calais in northern France was violently attacked Thursday morning by a 20-year-old man while walking in the lanes of the Paris North train station.

Rabbi Elie Dahan said, “I arrived from Lille and was walking in the Paris station when the man, who was accompanied by a woman, looked at me and cried: dirty Jew, you are looking at me, I will punch you, dirty Jew," Dahan recounted. "He then punched me before running away.”

“My glasses were broken and my eye started bleeding. Several people try to catch my attacker but he escaped," said Dahan, who added that he was surprised by this attack. "I think the guy wanted to show off to his girlfriend. He saw my beard and hat, and told himself: here is a Jew to beat.”

The rabbi was taken to a nearby hospital after the incident. Police said the attacker could not be identified, but a “well-informed source” told the European Jewish Press that surveillance cameras in the train station had probably filmed the event.

Anti-Semitism on the Rise Worldwide, Especially in France

The Chief Rabbis of France and Norway have called on Jews not to step outside with obvious Jewish symbols, according to Professor Dina Porat, who authored a new study of worldwide anti-Semitism with Dr. Roni Stauber,

Both researchers are from the Tel Aviv University’s Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism and Racism.

The study, funded by the World Jewish Congress, noted a jump in the number of anti-Semitic incidents worldwide, a 31 percent increase over the statistics for the previous year.

The Merry Widow said...

UI-That is outrageous! It is getting to the point that the only acceptable prejudices are against Jews and Christians, why? Because we are not called to be violent. To turn the other cheek, to bless those who curse us! To not go around looking for offenses...but then G*D always was contrary to this sick world!