Monday, April 16, 2007

While you were watching

No doubt many of you were horrified by the shooting at Virginia Tech. Shooting Engineers is the worst location for this type of mahem. If one is going to get carried away and start shooting kindly have the decency to do it in the Social Sciences were we produce nothing but Marxist clowns.

Of course there will be every assinine theory advanced by these same Marxist dolts. Lets see if it was a lovers spat gone terribly wrong they can blane it on heterosexual male rage. Johny X was dumped by his girlfriend because he left the seat up well naturally..... Will all the amatuer forensic pathologists just shut up and lets talk about facts.

Funny but when Colin Furgeson gunned down whites and Asians what did his Commie attorney Ron Kuby do but invent the Black Rage defense. I didn't get good service at Friendly's and the racist soda jerk forgot to place nuts on my banana split. So lets go on a homicidal rampage mumble a few words about being a Marcuse approved victim and its justified.

Sorry Comwads, everyone gets stepped on and that is just part of life. The idiots of Marx want to rationalize every psycopathic behavior and worry about people chanting USA or reading Rand. There comes a time where the excuses stop for normal people but not Comwads.

Speaking of useless countries Muslims are rioting in Sweden. It must be those wascally Joosish neocons. Wait there are none in the one party emerging communist idiocy formery known as Sweden. They can't blame this on Sarkozy either. Maybe a crackpot system that makes elaborate rationalizations for criminal behavior is the cause. Roits and leftist governance seems tied together, but it is just me.

There aren't many riots in Cuba because everyone is trying to figure how to escape Infiels mess. Lawlessness seems rising in Uncle Hugo's wonderland.

Excuses don't cut it.


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I was watching President Bush's speech about the dangerous game the Democrats are playing with war funding and the importance of our commitment Iraq to the war on terrorism when the news broke of this VTU shooting spree.

So imagine my surprise when an event that claimed the lives of barely over 1% of the death toll of September 11th, 2001 started being billed by the media as "the worst massacre in American history."


Always On Watch Two said...

My cousin attends VT. Thank the Lord that she's with her father in Iowa at the moment (death in the family). Otherwise, she'd have been in that building of slaughter.

beakerkin said...

We did have some people express concern for some students saftey.
I am glad your neice was away. This may be the rare instance where cutting classes was a good thing.

The Merry Widow said...

It is a mess, and the whole thing stinks to high heaven!
BTW-Thanks for coming over and commenting, you seem to see more clearly than talmudic "scholars"! They seem to have clouded their minds with men's words instead of reading the clear and understandable text of what G*D wrote. I'd rather read a clear text than a lot of words that cloud my mind!
So, thank you!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


beakerkin said...


Do understand MZ is a late life covert or Baal Teshuvah. As such he understands the law but it is devoid of substance.

The beloved Rav Roov does not quite see eye to eye with MZ and has studied many times more Talmud.
MZ has the letter of the law but is void of the spirit.

Ducky's Here said...

Shootings occurred in a foreign language class. A couple of local kids were among the dead in German class.

Well image you're in Iraq and you have this sort of thing 40 or 50 times a month.

beakerkin said...


This doesn't happen in North Korea so should we starve people. There ia another obvious reason this happens in Iraq and in onther places with greater frequency and it is not related to verbs conjugation.

Les Ismore said...

"If one is going to get carried away and start shooting kindly have the decency to do it in the Social Sciences were we produce nothing but Marxist clowns."

If that is your sick attempt at humor, it is not well taken. Who are you the Ann Coulter of NYC?

A sick, pathetic, callous remark.

beakerkin said...

I take that as a compliment.

The post was a reaction to the wild speculation that the shooter was part of American gun culture or a engineering student who was not versed in the humanities. Apparently, the student was an English major force fed a diet of PC.

I hear Bernie Sanders is going to push through legislation to mandate a seven day waiting period before one can become an English major. However, if you do not like the humor you maay go elsewhere vaya con dios.

Urban Infidel said...

Ron Kuby. Man, can't remember the last time his name was invoked.. oh yes, indeed that's right, Colin Ferguson.

Do you remember Carolyn McCarthy, who's husband was killed, shot down as many were by Colin Ferguson? She ultimately ran for Congress and voted down the 'John Doe' bill to protect citizens from being sued if they 'say something'.

PS: As a side note. Do you remember Sukrete Gabel?

beakerkin said...


I do remember hearing the name Sukrete Gabel. I do not remember wear.

McCarthy was formerly a Republican but became a crusader courted by the likes of my cousin Babs. Streisand is a distant blood relative much to my embarassment.

Urban Infidel said...

OMG, you're related to Streisand? LOL!!

Sukhreet Gabel--
"I’m still a kook,” insists Sukhreet Gabel. Years after her brief stint as the city’s most visibly nonconforming civil servant, she’s anxious about blending in among the other 40ish divorcees in her neighborhood. “I’m the bird lady of 69th Street,” she says. “As I walk down the block, my parrot sits on my head or my shoulder shrieking and wolf-whistling.”

In 1988, Gabel was the star witness in the “Bess mess,” a debacle that stood out even in the annals of the scandal-rich Koch administration. Bess was Bess Myerson, the popular cultural-affairs commissioner (and former Miss America), and Gabel was her special assistant. Prosecutors charged that she got the job because of an illegal deal between Myerson, whose sewer-contractor boyfriend Andy Capasso was looking for someone to lower his alimony payments, and Gabel’s mother, Hortense, a respected State Supreme Court justice who was looking for someone to hire her eccentric, depressive daughter. Gleefully taking the stand in the trial of her mother -- a near-blind, aged woman who had risked rank and reputation for her -- Sukhreet emerged as a loopy ingrate. “I didn’t testify against my mother,” she now says. “I was simply a witness.”

Though Myerson, Hortense Gabel, and Capasso were all acquitted of bribery and conspiracy charges, none returned to public life. But Sukhreet, whose mind Bess’s attorney compared to “Swiss cheese with holes in it,” milked it for all it was worth, working the talk-show circuit, calling a press conference in an East Village bar, singing at El Morocco.

Today Sukhreet lives with a roommate, a block from the building where she grew up. She supports herself with her inheritance and by designing dresses made from ethnic fabrics. As for her beleaguered former boss? “Like the Jews in Fiddler on the Roof who say ‘God bless and keep the czar . . . far from me.’ That’s how I feel about Bess,” she says. “I have seen her by chance bounding down Third Avenue. She looks ghastly, but after all, she is pushing 80.” (Actually, she’s 73.) Occasionally, Gabel receives a nasty piece of mail, like the letter from a mental-health group identifying her as “an example of why we don’t like electroshock,” or overhears an unpleasant “Bess mess” reference. “But no,” she sighs. “I won’t leave New York.”