Thursday, April 12, 2007

Leftist Mental Health Defectives

I want to point out while the Duck has said some odious things he has not endorsed the zany 9-11 conspiracies or the Jooish cabal behind the Iraq War. He has said some blunders but nothing of this magnitude.

I want to point out the hypocrisy in the treatment of Rosie O Dumbell and Don Imus. Imus made dreadful remarks about the Rutgers Womens basketball team. They were clearly in the context of humor that was inappropriate. Imus got suspended for two weeks for his idiocy.

Rosie O'Dumbell has started the idiocy of a goernment conspiracy on 9-11 on The View.
She was not reprimanded and the majority of her castmates said nothing with one exception. She was very lucky that a more astute person like Monica Crowley was not on the set. Crowley would have been smart enough to cut to the chase and ask O'Donnel who did it name names.

The reality is that people who espouse this theory are highly anti-semitic. Art Bell
who does a talk show that specializes in conspiracy has also noted the over the top
Anti-Semitic hatred of this crew. Weazie is well aware of this so he blames Cheney but offers no evidence.

O'Dumbell gets away with making a mockery of the sacrafice of brave men who dies trying to save others for naked political ambition. Imus was guilty of an ill concieved joke, but O' Dumbell made a mockery of 3,000 dead Americans. Was she suspended? Was she ridiculed? A dreadful joke on a comedy show gets Imus suspended for two weeks. Hateful conspiracy rhetoric mocking 3,000 dead Americans impling a government conspiracy on a political show gets no notice.

Lets just say Rosie will not be sitting in on the Mark Levin show or with Monica Crowley anytime soon. Sadly, a Levin massacre of Rosie O'Dumbell would be suitable justice for her crime. Shame on the network honchos for falling asleep at the wheel.

Beamish in 08


Anonymous said...

It's true! Ducky's not the only Blogger around here that goes around shooting his mouth off.

Anonymous said...

The Ay-ga Afia-ma runs Hollyweird. Just look at what they did to me.... You should have seen what Eisner made me do.

It isn't the Ew-Ja's that run things... that was just the cover story...

The wabbits ah comin' hooway, hooway!

Anonymous said...

that has got to be the ugliest wig I ever wore.

Mr. Ducky said...

What? I sell out my country to Israel and all I get is a T-shirt?

beakerkin said...

Ah yes Ducky the old dual loyalty canard of the far left. Jews who support Israel are deemed disloyal
by those who praise Cuba, North Korea and the Soviet Union. This seem to be a Fwench Socialist staple.

Of course when someone wonders about Muslim shooting up Jewish offices in Seattle, Ticket Counters in LA and tossing grenades at their coworkers they are a weactionary. More Elmer Fudd Social dementia. What is next from the Duck. I hate those wascaly Joooish Neocon Wabbits Heheheh.

More Jooney tunes after these messages.

z said...

farmer john?..what? can you explain?

re: Rosie, don't you think it's hysterical that she's blaming the THOUGHT POLICE for Imus' firing? she's on HIS side? WHen, really, the only reason she is on his side is she knows darned well SHE ought to be fired for the very things Beak's outlined here, and more. The hilarious thing is she's probably blaming Bush for THIS, too....when someone alerts her to the fact that it's her beloved lefties who've caused the political correctness that permits Imus's problems, she'll see she even needs to fear HER OWN. What an awakening. THis "chill wind" Tim Robbins alluded to is THEIR OWN chill wind...chillier than Bush's, when he was accused of censoring the Dixie Chicks because he said "Hey, they have the right to say anything they want and people can buy or not buy their music".. Now, THAT was CHILL, huh? (not)

I'm hoping Larry Elder gets listened to...a black talk radio show host who had the guts to suggest that maybe the Rutgers people, instead of cashing in on the situation, enabling the team to feel like victims instead of the winners they are, ought to have said "Get on with life, won, you're terrific, and nobody like Imus can get you down.......let's show the world you're bigger than he is.".. BUt,no...Sharpton, Jackson...all the pundits, they just had to use this opportunity..seize the moment for the right camera angle. "YOU, TOO, can be a VICTIM!$$$"

Imus must be reeling......."hey, I turned Leftie..what's UP with this!? I played the game, and I GET THIS?"

I wonder what the Greek Chorus, Charles will do now. And Bernard has something like 4 kids, I hope he'll have a job.


beakerkin said...


It really was a terrible statement by Imus. However, the statement was on a show designed to be comedic. The furor is really about the non-stop ridicule of Nagin on the Imus show.

Imus was great when he was non- political pranking Idi Amin and doing Moby Worm clips. He became less interesting as a pundit.

I wonder what would happen if he ever did get Idi Amin on the phone.

Mr. Ducky said...

Bet that his first celebrity guest after his two week suspension will be Joe Lieberman. Imus has been kissing that traitor's ass for years.

beakerkin said...


Imus is finished and will have to retire. Once the advertisers bolt it is over.

Meanwhile has Rosie been held accountable for insulting America and 9-11 survivors. Rosie should be terminated and humiliated live by letting Donald Trump deliver the boot.

Her comments were much more offensive and not intended as comedy. Let her explain herself on the Mark Levin show or Hannity.

Sharpton also threw Imus an anchor.
This is disgusting behavior from a person whose words have instigated a riot in Crown Heights and a deadly arson in Crown Heights. The their is affair de Pagones, Pagones
life and career was ruined by Sharpton's slander.

Maybe Marl Levin should interview Pagones, the families of the dead from Freddy's Fashionmart and the Rosenbaum family.

Anonymous said...

Good comparison between the two of them, and thought-provoking. Frankly, I'm surprised that no one has assassinated her yet.

beakerkin said...


If she got fired there would be lines of idiots like Weazie who would see this as evidence of a Jewish media conspiracy.

I never advocate violence against this sort of bufoonery. She should be sent to Mark Levin for humiliation or fired if she refuses.

I can not speak for those of you who watched on TV. I am livid at those people who make a mockery of that day. I will never forget the resigned dutiful looks on the face of those who joined history while I departed the scene

Z said...

I hope I didn't imply that statement by Imus wasn't was..shockingly so.

And yes, I think his career just died the same death Dan Rather's did.

Since I used to be fond of Imus, I'm slightly more sad about that.

I still think that Black America would be better served letting it go and not using this as a "America is still SO racist a country", which it is not...seems to me that promotes more racism than any stupid remark by Imus.

BY THE WAY...does Monica Crowley have a radio show now? I've wondered what she's up to. I guess you know she's ALan Colmes' sister in law..sure would like to be a fly on their Thanksgiving dinner wall, huh?

beakerkin said...

Monica Crowley does have a Saturday Radio Program with a list of local affiliates. She does offer podcasts as well.

I want to point out she is erudite and has the best writting style I have ever seen. Her words flow together with a grace and eloquence. Her two books on Nixon are just amazing experiences.

She is gracious and well mannered but if given cause she is very capable of being tough. I would be more afraid of her than Hannity or Levin because with the other two you know its comming. Crowley is subtle and the Libs may not even be aware Crowley has outsmarted them.

She used to have an excellent NY radio show. She used to exchange emails before a sick stalker harassed her. Monica' jokes about my general male cluelessness were always amazing.

My girlfriend at the time wanted a Pashmina and I tried to get away with a blend. Monica pointed out anyone who puts up with me deserves nothing short of cashmere.

Few people realize that she has a razor sharp sense of humor and that is our loss.

Da Weaz said...

Gets no notice? Yeah, it's pretty obvious, except to you Moron minions, who'd win the debate. So the networks let sleeping dogs lie, because only you ignorant monkeys keep swallowing the official litmus test for brain dead sycophants.


Anonymous said...

CBS has fired him now, too. I guess Imus'll just have to do what Howard Stern did and sign a billion dollar deal for the "Imus and the Nappy-Head Radio Hour." Who knows, maybe Howard would let Robin Quivers co-host the show so they could do a regular Jack Benny- Rochester routine. Or what the hey, I'm sure he can get one of those women Rutgers b-ball players to fill the "straight-man" slot...

Racism has always been great entertainment. Would Chris Rock even have a comedy routine if it weren't.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell I'm cynical?

Urban Infidel said...

Haven't listened to Imus since the 70's.
I was more of a Howard Stern fan. At least Stern at the height of what his fans would call the 'golden age' did social satire. After Billy West and Jackie the Jokeman left he just got lazy.

Imus' comments were idiot he got fired. Big deal. He hardly seems like anyone on the cutting edge or even halfway relevant. He'll just end up on Sirius and no one listens to that anyway.
Rosie O'Donnell should be let out of her contract that is coming up in the next month. ABC doesn't have the balls to fire her.

FLORIAN said...

Here's a zany conspiracy theory for you Beak. I just read from some moron, that the Jesuit Order in the Vatican ordered the 9/11 attacks on America in order to help bring in a NWO and one world gov't. And Bush, the EU, UN, the Islamic states and China are all under the command of the Jesuits--according to this idiot.

beakerkin said...


You are dead on target. I try to stick with Mark Levin as he is outstanding. I like Monica Crowley as well as she is brilliant and is just so classy and darn funny at times.


Conspiracy nuts just add their prejudices to their weak mental capacity. I am sure someone is probably blaming the Dallas Cowboys next.


You are a dolt plain and simple. Conspiracy cranks like yourself are the lowest form of human life. Rosie got away with one because Imus took all the headlines but she is aware of the mess she made.

Always On Watch Two said...

Two different standards for Imus and O'Donnell. Of course, the opposition to Imus's idiocy was more organized. Even more significant, his words were covered in all the media--mainstream and otherwise.

Anonymous said...

The Ay-Gay Afia-May owns all media but Murdoch (My latest conspiracy theory). Rosie is Ay-Gay and one of its' leaders.

z said... said it. His words were covered and hers are only mentioned on the more conservative media.

A friend believes this was a set up..that they were just laying in wait for Imus to mess up again... Apparently, Trump (for some reason) has asked Imus for HIllary to appear on his show 3-4 times and Imus has nothing but disdain for HIllary and wouldn't have her on. Interesting conspiracy theory to think their people were the ones waiting for the next Imus faux pas, because he's said far worse than this, in my opinion..and suddenly! (as have SHarpton and Jackson, of course)

Also, very early on, SHarpton said "I don't know if Imus is racist, but it's not WHAT he said, but WHERE he said it...on FEDERAL airwaves"...when I heard that I thought "Uhoh...something big's coming, this is not about Imus"...and, sure enough, there's apparently a drive now to get talk radio silenced somehow; I don't see how, but who knows? Hate crimes legislation? can you imagine talk radio being so prohibited?

in AMERICA? Hang on, folks..something's coming. Let's hope sane Americans get a grip before it's too late!