Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yes we are working on Cyber wedgies

This site has always been commited to non-violnce even for the most odious of freaks.
Nazis, Jihadis, Racial Power Nuts, Communists and bigots deserve to be humiliated for their general stupidity. Now actual voilence would be uncivilized so we are working on a cyber wedgie icon.

In reality Communists are freaks with deep psychological problems. They advocate dangerous utopian solutions that are dangerous to human welfare. They castigate their superiors Christian, but while Christians build Schools, hospitals and orphanages, commies build human suffering.

Communists like their Jihadi and Nazi peers feel that they as heirs to the divine truth they know what is best for the unwashed masses. This arrogance is only exceeded
by their general stupidity. A typical example is the American Communist idiocy on Cuba. American Commies seem to think they know what is going on in Cuba based upon a short stay in a tourist trap. Meanwhile perplexed Cuban-Americans like my coworkers,
who fought as Communist mercenaries in Angola, still have relatives who live in the mess created by Fidel's Groucho Marxist idiocy. These commies also know more about Native Americans than Dr David Yeagley and more about being black than Prof Thomas Sowell. In short they select voices that parrot their idiocy like Fake Native American Ward Churchill. They also present lies as truth when it agrees with their idiocy like Rigoberta Menchu.

In an effort to promote real justice we will be issuing cyber wedgies to Utopian clods. The reality is that self righteous freaks are ripe and deserving of humiliation in real life. The Marxist morons cry America isn't perfect, but ignore the fact their creations like Cuba and Zimbabwe are worse.

There is a fellow that lives down the hall from me. He is a Canadian who lives and works in the USA as taxes back home are crushing. He is hobling around on crutches waiting seven months for knee surgery back home. I listen to Canadian Talk radio and the complaints about the medical system are nonstop. This is not to castigate Canada
but their problems are different from ours. Any system is going to have some problem
but Marxist solutions make everything worse.

Tommorow I am taking a trip to the VT Bayou. I have a stack of books including one on Jewish Communist Anti-semites and more. Earl has been known to jump in the car when he smells food. I will be looking in the local swamp for a snaping turtle. I caught a glimpse of a huge one based upon the size of the head I saw. In the Northern Swamps they are the top predator, unless I get hungry. Earl stays wherever the food is and that is near the car.

Beamish in 08


The Merry Widow said...

Morning, Beaker!
I like the idea of cyber wedgies, maybe in the future you can develope cyber noogies! I could use those!
Utopians of all stripes, IMHO, are micromanaging busybodies! They do not have their own lives, so if you have one, watch out! They will be out looking to take it over! And your thinking. They can't handle dissent, so they want to control your tongue, then they realize they have to control your brain much to control before they sleep!
Sounds like Earl has officially adopted you! You can fight it, but he has made up his mind! At least he doesn't want to control you past dinner...
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I have a little trouble picturing the bayou's of VT. NH, maybe, but VT?

Don't let the alligators get ya!

jams o donnell said...

Enjoy your day. Sounds like it will be very enjoyable

sonia said...

we are working on a cyber wedgie icon

I like to think that my Assclown Award is a form of cyber-wedgie...

Btw, you've been tagged.