Monday, April 16, 2007

Just soooo woried about anti Muslim sentiment

The mindless far left is so worried about anti-Muslim sentiment in the USA. Lets see Muslims smack two planes into office buildings and one into the Pentagon but blame it on Joooos. The fourth flight is blamed by some lefties and Jihadis on a missile.
A muslim tosses three grenades at his fellow soldiers, but he is motivated by something else. A Muslim shoots a bunch of women at a Jewish philanthropic agency and he is upset about policy. The DC sniper creates havoc in DC but is motivated by
an unjust divorce settlement. I could go on and include Jewish houses of worship blown up in Argentina, Turkey and Tunisia or the beheadings of Pearl and good socialist Nick Berg. How many of you were aware about a kidnapping and torture of a Jew in France by Muslims. We can add public transportation in the UK, Spain, schools in Beslan and theatres in Moscow. I guess the folks in Moscow were motivated by poor performance.

We also have Muslims around the globe calling for death and destruction of infidels but specifically Jews. The left is still worried about anti-Muslim sentiment. Yes we must be worried about Randoids beating Muslims with copies of Atlas Shrugged. Look at the hate crime statistics Jews and Gays are around five times more apt to be on the receing end of a hate crime and Blacks around three times more likely. Okay who commited the crime motivated by heterosexuality. It seems Muslims may be more apt to commit a hate crime than be victimized.

Where are crimes against Communists listed. We hear countless stories about Republicans and Jews being harassed but no stories of Commies being harassed. It would be nice to read ROTC unit pelts Communist traitors with water baloons. Maybe when Commies or Jihadis burn flags we should burn pictures of Mummia, Lynne Stewart, Chomsky or Ibrahim Hooper.

Commies have no clue as to how bigoted and out of touch they are. Lets see the constant siding with every enemy of America leads many to view them as traitors.
Sorry Comwads but Stalin and Mao do not have a monopoly on Communist human rights disasters. Your entire movement is one huge human rights debacle. The lefties feign ignorance at the blatant anti-American , anti-semitic and arrogance towards Christians. I am so worried that Pat Robertoson will go off the deep end and make another loopy remark. Funny members of the 700 Club don't toss senior citizens in wheel chairs off ships or shoot children in the back.

Socialism is theft.

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z said...

I'm really worried about anti muslim sentiment, too, beak. (like I worry that Hitler will be too vilified in textbooks).

Today, there's news that a Minnesota college is joining in with an Australian college and building special bathrooms for muslim students where they can wash their feet in private before praying. We all know that airports are considering private muslim prayer rooms so they can pray before flying. And, muslim cab drivers won't take fares with liquor or dogs, and muslim Traget employees don't have to touch pork; they get reassigned.

I was wondering what would happen if a Jew decided he wouldn't touch that unopened pack of pork he had to ring on his register. Or how's about if a Christian asked for a private praying room at an airport?

What about pharmacists who don't like giving the morning after pill because it's against their faith/beliefs...doesn't that rather resemble the Target store/pork situation? Why do the pharmacists get disdain but the Target muslims get respect for putting their money where their mouth is in regard to their faith?

ANybody listening? I guess the ticket is you have to kill 3000 Americans in cold blood to get any respect around here, huh?