Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Time to take Student Visa Seriously

The shooting at VT appears not to have been perpetrated by a second Amendment Yahoo.
The Communist clowns will have to spare us lectures about gun culture. Commies are also silent about people blowing up public transportation, starving people and creating gulags.

The reality is that the time has come to take a serious look at student visas. The visas are granted way too easily and there needs to be more scrutiny. Moreover, it should be stated that non-citizens do not have the same rights as citizens. If they get arested for any reason other than traffic violations they should be deported. Specifically, if you are in one of these so called peace protests and end up arrested they should be deported.

This should apply to all non-immigrant classes who are here to study or work. Do what you intended to do and then leave. If you find these conditions unreasonable do not come here. A student who marries a US citizen should have to remain married for five years before being eligible to be a legal permanent resident.

The reality is that is is quite easy for a student to remain here for a dozen years legally. We should encourage people who are serious about their studies and craftmanship. Those who want to become political activists should be sent packing.
Periodic reviews and interviews should be held at the students expense.

Of course the real facts that this is a foreign student are at odds with the Communist Narritive. The Marxist need good old troubled youth like the Columbine Nuts
to pitch their story. Muslims shooting Jooos in Seattle, El Al ticket counters doesn't play into the stories about American gun culture.

While Commie types perpetuate myths about gun cultures, they avoid reality about Islam and gratuitous violence. They also ignore the reality of human rights debacles under Marxist goonery as well.


Ducky's Here said...

I think you should arm the student body. Figure 3 out of thirty in a class are armed. Gunman goes to his class one day. He's knows who the mucho macho "Warrens" are so he blows them away first.

Then you start firing and the idiots in other classrooms pull their weapons, don't know if there are multiple gunmen and start shooting each other.

beakerkin said...

Well at least you recognize the heroic qualities of Warren. Placing me in close proximity with firearms and Marxists would not be a good idea.