Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Is Communism a Religon

This is not a new concept as historians and many writers have tossed this issue around for years. Religon at its best is a prolife frame of reference that serves to foster mans development. All religions with rare exceptions have a point of exclusion. The rare exception is the Cult of Angels that incorporates elements.

Communism is a failed idea that has been proven deadly in each application. We here
the convenient excuses blaming whomever the dolts want to castigate on a personal level. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot are all to blame for the diasasters, but this is unrealistic as Communism never seems to get one right.

Amusingly, the true believers attempt to paint someone like Chomsky or Finkelstein in another light. "Israeli Jews are a parasitic class" is a famous Finky quote. The fact that he recyles Soviet Propoganda uses communist jargon tells us all we need to know. Much like the Holocaust deniers he attempts to place absurd value in a minor point. For example if Weisel read Kant in Yiddish is a minor point. However, much like the 9-11 Freaks and the Holocaust deniers who are his fans they attempt to build a conspiracy on a non-issue. The fact is Finky was proven wrong as a copy of the book he claims doesn't exist sits in the Harvard Libray published in 1929.

Rather, than ditch a failed idea Commies cling to the hope that the next application will get it right. Meanwhile they live in a fantasy world where the fact that there is poverty in the USA is a problem. They merely ignore more severe aspects of poverty in Communist societies.

Communism has its high priests that act as televangelists. Want to hear a sermon by Noam Chimpanzee well you can for $12.00. You can buy his illucid musings for $18 and as Barnum said a sucker is born every minute. Chimpanzee likes to call himself a dissident, only his dissent is from reality itself. He may appear in a friendly forum like Democracy Now with the ever clueless Amy Goodman.However, Chomsky steers clear of aggressive scrutiny. The truth is he is petrified of what a Sean Hannity or even a Monica Crowley would do. They could pull out series of quotes that show Chomsky is in fact a moron. However, the true believers keep buying the product and Chimpanzee keeps counting the money.

Communists disparage genuine Christians who are their superior in every way. Genuine Christians ( Not the nuts of Liberation Idiocy) build schools, community resources
orphanages and rebuild lives. Communists build Killing Feilds, Gulags and when people want to rebuild their lives they become Boat People. Still the faithful cling to a elitist veneer of self deluded superiority. What this elitist delusion is based upon remains a mystery. Lab rats seem to be more capable of learning than communists. However, they delude themselves into claiming they know what is best for you.

Sorry people who stick with a failed idea are merely idiots.


Ducky's here said...

I'm shocked. Sharia in Israel

Urban Infidel said...

In your view, who's worse?
The Communists or the Islamists-- who harass, oppress and ultimately hide behind women.

beakerkin said...


Communists are much worse as it takes no effort to find good Muslims. Stephen Schwartz who was an ex-Communist is a Muslim American Patriot.

Communists are dedicated to treason and subversion and use Jihadis to further their own goals.


This is a silly comment. I do not see you bothered by request for Muslim only bathrooms in government offices in the USA. Jim Crow is allowed so long as it is Muslims segregating infidels.

Ducky's here said...

Wow, great strawman argument Beak.

I thought the BBC piece was a good reminder that anyone interested in human rights must reject the fundamentalists followers of the Abrahamic religions.

beakerkin said...

Lets see do we worry about Orthodox Jews blowing themselves up
or asking for Jim Crow style accomodations at work.

This also has zero to do with the post. Moreover, providing a service to a community does not deny it to another. For example if I am given a kosher meal or a halal meal it does not detract from me in any way. If I am sent to another cafeteria to eat because my food that I bring from home is non Halal this is another story.

FLORIAN said...

Yes Beak...Communism, Islam, Environmentalism, Socialism are all religions. Christianity isn't a religion--it's a way of life. There's a big difference.

Always On Watch Two said...

Excellent essay! I love that next to last paragraph.

As you know, my focus is Islamists. I'd have to say that both Communists and Islamists are of the same ilk and equally dangerous.

Les Ismore said...

Beak. Whats with the commie obsession...it is so...I dont know...so 50's

kevin said...

""Genuine Christians ( Not the nuts of Liberation Idiocy) build schools, community resources
orphanages and rebuild lives. Communists build Killing Feilds, Gulags and when people want to rebuild their lives they become Boat People.""

Well said Beak, I'm going to use that on that one on the next liberal I meet.

kevin said...

in my view Communism is worse, but Islam is potentially more dangerous.
Mutally Assured Destruction worked (and still works) against Communist agression, but Islam's suicide bombers are truley MAD.

Da Weaz said...

This site for morons still up and running? Well, I guess Ducky is still propping it up, he has a certain soft spot for the morons.

Beak, you are a joke. Chomsky a moron? Coming from you? A half wit who can't spell even with a spell checker? Keep grasping for straws.

What a funny little moron you are. Carry on.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Communism is the opiate of the dumbasses.

beakerkin said...


You are still the ass in the assylum. Maybe if your social skills were better than Charles Mansons you might have commenters.

You are an expert on morons as every time you open your mouth you provide ample evidence that you are a moron.

Have a nice life Weazie and do forget to write.

Mr B

That is a gem.


I am somewhat influenced by Stephen Schwartz. Islam in and of itself is not the problem. The problem is the intransigence that accompanies Wahabism and Ismailism.

The real serious problem is the over lap between Mosque and state.
The need to place non-believers under sharia is a serious problem.

Islam lends itself to abuse more so than other religions. It is much more rigid and unquestioning of authority in nature. The problem of division of power and the role of authority in Islam are serious issues.

Do note while I criticize Islam, I never disparage the practice of the religion. My critique is more aimed at history and reality of the impact on society.


Communism is alive and well and we need to get it out of our Universities. The creation of monothought gulags has ruined the integrity of accademia.

Purple Avenger said...

Communism is absolutely a religion - it requires "faith" that that certain common human traits such as greed, corruption, ineptness, laziness, etc can be overcome and people will be motivated by some unspecified manner to greater glories.

As a practical matter, that motivation usually comes in the form of bullets to the back of heads of people marked as examples of bad attitude. Terror is a wonderful motivational force.

Anonymous said...

A google accident brought me to your site. It was a terrible accident. Something I hope to not have happen again.

beakerkin said...


The feeling is mutual