Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The wisdom of Commies

I would like to thank Communist clown Renegade Eye. He notes that I do not argue points with Commies. I do not waste time with Nazis, nor should I. I do not waste time with racial power nuts. Nor will I waste my time with Jihadis who advocate terror and global Islamic Hegemony. I can talk with Stephen Schwartz who is above all else an American patriot who happens to be Muslim. Schwartz also does not excuse or condone terror and is blunt on the subject.

There are idealists like Jams who envision a nicer world. He presents his case without anti-Americanism or flat earth excuses about Marx. He disagrees with the war and doesn't see it as good policy. This is the opinion of an articulate decent person
with whom an honest discussion can start.

Lets take a typical Communist who frequents Sonia's blog. Sonia has a discussion about Iraq and the response from a dedicated commie is Saddam was America's boy and Israel armed Iran. First of all the remark itself is comedic as the USA does not make T series tanks, Migs, Mirage or French nuclear reactors. Israel has nothing to do with the Iraq war. Moreover the great Conservative Howard Dean call any discussion of Israel and Jewish Cabals in the context of the Iraq war anti-semitic.
No doubt the usual suspects will point to Dean's Jewish wife, need for Jewish money
or playing to Jewish media as an excuse.

Communism is not a valid excuse and it is in fact a lethal alternative lifestyle.
Pardon me I just feel the urge to appriate your posessions give you a few rotten fish heads to eat while I send you to the gulag. You are being sent to the gulag for your own good to be a neo-slave. When we execute you as part of a persecuted class
it is part of our lifestyle. But it is for your own good repeat the slogans as you die Starvation is liberation and death is liberation from life.

There is also the Zinn idiocy of indicting a culture by its history. However, unless one lives in Monaco or Iceland this game can be played with anyone's history. The second one uses Zinn's technique on Islam they scream bigotry. When the same technique is applied on Communism the faithful go into denial and Sgt Schultz mode.
" I know nothing about Kulaks, Killing Feilds, Mao's disasters, Cuban repression and rampant anti-semitism". They repeat the same old tired cliches true communism hasn't been tried yet or its person X's fault.

Communists like conspiracy theorist start from a warped viewpoint and all their alleged scholarship is worthless. Case in point the Duck would argue that Black and Native American perspectives are vital parts of American history. The Duck in this case is 100% correct as the story of America can not and should not be told without those perspectives. However, the Duck becomes Linda Blair when Jewish, Christian, Zoroastrian and Hindu perspectives on Islamic history are presented. The Duck doesn't want to hear about the people who lived under Islamo-Jim Crow as it doesn't fit into the Commie play book.

Schwartz is a visionary and wonders if Muslims have courted disaster by aligning themselves with the far left. The reality is Schwartz knows plenty about the far left as he was a member of it. Sadly, the face of Islam is not Stephen Schwartz or maybe we don't see enough of him. Dealing with Stephen Schwatrz starts with the premise of respect of life. Gratuitous waste of human life is just as offensive to Schwartz as it is to me. Schwartz also understands the value of great works of Litt and art. As a writer he understands the value of freedom of thought. We shouldn't blaspheme Islam and my criticism is always based current events.

Schwartz envisions a cosmopolitan Islam that joins civilization as opposed the backwards Wahabi and Iranian war on civilization. He envisions a world where Islam is a global and tolerant force. The problem in my view is he faces a daunting and dangerous task. The very forces that smacked the planes into the WTC see Schwartz's cosmopolitian Islam as a threat. Yet he does this task with a courage and dignity
each and every day.

The reality is Schwartz may not be too far off base. There is a place where Muslims, Christians and Hindus get along without much mayhem, Guyana. There is some animosity
between the groups but nothing that is unusual. People change religions and have family members in all religions. The secret of Guyana as a new country with few Native Americans all its institutions were direct imports from the UK. Sadly, they also imported Socialist stupidity causing mass emigration. There is a reason the only dead people in Guyana are stupid American Kool Aide drinking Communists. The reason is likely that a common Guyanese ethnicity is percieved by the public.

Contrast the Guyanese tranquility with the disasters in France, Sweden and to a lesser point the UK. A Muslim in Guyana is very much percieved as a fellow Guyanese.
He works with others of other faiths and goes about his life. Moving to France the Euro snobs really do look down upon Muslims hand them a welfare check or assign them menial roles. The Socialists will come around like vultures and repeat some idiocy about Zionism and Anti- Americanism around election time. The cycle will continue until Muslims break it themselves or it consumes the society.

The question becomes do I have more in common with Stephen Schwartz, Jams, TMW or Renegade Eye. All of the above resoect human life and liberty except for Renegade Eye. All of the above are capable of thought beyond mere slogans except for Renegade Eye. All of the above are genuine students of History and Civilization except for Renegade Eye. The reality is all of the above come from different perspectives and have the intellectual honesty and independence to be whole people. People who ascribe to Nazism, Communism, Wahabism/Jihadism, Kahanism, Racial power theories are not genuine people worthy of debate, they are cartoons.

Communists are always fast to hector Americans with the question of " Why do they hate us". They need to start asking the question " why do they dismiss us as kooks and nuts" about themselves.


Les Ismore said...

The worst thing about the commies is that given the chance, they will steal our precious bodily fluids...our essence.

beakerkin said...

Class Genocide and property theft are bad ideas.

However, fear not as we are creating a cyber wedgie icon for communists. In real life they are freaks and pariahs deserving real wedgies. However, we are non-violent and will be issuing cyber wedgies.