Friday, April 13, 2007

For those of you trying to re-establish email links

I had to close my email address over an invasion of privacy blackmail attempt. The people who invaded my privacy did act on their threats and reprisals will be swift painful and relentless.

Those of you who wish to re- establish links with me may do so in one of three ways. The most obvious is to leave your email in the comment section of the moderation field. Your messages will be previewed and not posted and I will give you the new address.

Those of you in contact with Warren or AOW may also contact them off line and they will contact me.

I appologize for the inconvenienence, but it is important to know Greg is at fault. There is no excuse for this stunt and those of you who think my policy of severing ties with blogs that host Greg would be singing another une if he pulled this stunt on you.


The Merry Widow said...

Or they can go through me too!
Take care!


beakerkin said...

I did forget about that thank you TMW.

American Crusader said...

What a crock. How pathetic that someone would resort to such immature tactics.
It demonstrates an inner view of their soul.

beakerkin said...


Greg has a habit of pulling these attention needy stunts and then crying for forgiveness. This is not the first stunt he has pulled.

I do not post on sites he frequents because I want nothing to do with him or Gert. This may seem like I am being unfair to some people but violation of privacy is a serious matter.

I tell people that he is a very disturbed individual and there is no excuse for this behavior. Do note that many of his antics are designed to draw attention to himself. He really is best ignored
and avoided.