Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More Death Bed antics from Greg

Anyone who runs a blog of any size does come across mentally unstable people sooner or later. This is not a jab at the Duck who is a contrarian. The people I am talking about are dangerously unstable people like John Brown and Greg. Mental health defects issue criminal threats and spam blogs.

Greg has been spining a series of death bed conversions. He is now using a term I coined Pseudostinian. He denounced my use of that term and called me a racist and had a henchthing issue a series of threats.

Greg failed in his attempt to recreate himself as the other MZ. His imitation of MZ could be best summed up as mindless zionist. Now he is trying to position himself somewhat to the left of MZ in my niche. He borrows the very term he cried on his blog was racist and denounced in emails that I have read.

He even feigns an appology for throwing me off his blog for its use. In fact I had dismissed him using the phrase close the door behind you as you leave. Greg reuses that prase in his blog, but I was unaware of it until Freedomnow pointed it out later. Now he is feigning an appology for banning me after I told him to hit the road and he begged twice to remain. He then lifts MZ's quote about me behaving like a 12 year old girl. Does this imbecile ever write his own copy? Has he figured out that invasion of privacy is a serious matter and that people see it and want nothing to do with him.

Greg has attempted to split MZ off from Florian in a tush kissing shallow performance. "MZ we have become staunch allies, you should allow my henchman back after he launched an unprovoked attack on Florian. MZ is not quite as stupid as Greg thinks. Even the idiot KY wonders if this will be Greg's final position. Greg's henchman has acted on his threat under the alias of Deep Throat.

Greg has also made comments on MZ's site in an attempt to stir dischord between Jews and Christians. Any comment made by Greg should be viewed in the context of a dangerously unstable sneaky lunatic who is best avoided.

I would like to take this opportunity to appologize to Freedomnow. Freedomnow is a classy person and my cutting ties with him is not any indication of any disrespect towards him as a person. Greg is a very unstable and sneaky person and I want no connection with any site that welcomes him.


FLORIAN said...

So what'd he say about Jesus this time?

beakerkin said...

Greg attempted to make a sly comment that Islam is closer to Judaism than Christianity. Greg presented this in the sneaky was as the alleged wisdom of a settler.

Of course MZ is not stupid and said the right thing. There has been friction between Jews and Christians on MZ's site for the last week .

Russet Shadows said...

Oh my geez! I was wondering who that person was. I saw a very similar post (and a whole lot of other bigoted remarks) over at TMW's. I left the thread rather than honor their trash with any further response.

Anonymous said...

Islam and Christianity are so far apart, Christianity and Judaism are far more closer, at least in my opinion.

beakerkin said...


That bigoted person was likely Omin. Greg may be devious, sneaky and evil, but he is clearly not capable of any intelligence bigoted or otherwise.


Classical Christianity is the acceptance of Jesus as the fulfilment of Judaic prophecies.
Post Constantine there has been drifts, but I see it the same way as well.

Always On Watch Two said...

I'm glad that I missed those recent exchanges. A power outage with damage to one's home circuitry has a way of making a blogger lose out on threads.

The Merry Widow said...

As was very obvious in your posts!
Omin and KL do have a lot of prejudice, but I thought it was better to have an open thread and let out the "bad" blood. I'm thinking this maybe a combination of hyper-pharisitical teaching and probable prejudice by gentiles. So I figured there was a lot of anger and hurt under the surface. Though I agree with RS that the attitudes of snide superiority were annoying.
But I exercised restraint and hopefully lanced the abcess, to the betterment of relations later.
Beaker it was actually hilarious that you "got it" better than the religious Jews! I have found this "blindness" in certain others who depend on the writtings of men to "explain" G*D!
Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for your insightful additions to the thread! Now I'm off to offend someother rest for the mischevious! Yes, I'm teasing! I don't do what I do to be offensive, but to cause others to rethink some of their most cherished beliefs. You never know, Truth may be uncovered!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I see it in a completely opposite light.

Lots of horseshit has been done in the "name" of Christianity against Judaism through the years, none of which can find justifying basis in the Bible (Old and New Testaments) MZ, OMIN, and the others are righteously on guard in presenting Judaism in the context of the Jewish experience with Christian and "Christian" history, and I understand that.

Those that seek truth shall find it. Nothing they have said do I disagree with, other than that my point of view is not a perversion of theirs.

I guess I'm in an open-mindedness contest that I hope to lose.

The Merry Widow said...

Mr.B.-You have been doing a masterful job, truly an asset to the discussion.
That is why I brought up the anger issue, a lot of damage has been done by thoughtless and even educated "christians" in the past.
That was why lancing the abcess was my purpose. That underlying, simmering hurt is unhealthy. And interferes with living!
By showing that I am willing to "take some hits" without hitting back shows one of the things Christians should be known as, and that is "shock absorbers". To take the hurt and anger and instead of just passing it on to other people, we take it to G*D and leave it there! Stops the cycle of pain so to speak!


beakerkin said...


KL, Omin and even MZ seldom point to the joy of the faith.

One could talk about Shavout with Rav Roov. You would hear the familiar story. If you asked he might explain why Ruth is read on this holiday. Roov is focused on the holiday.

Judaism has always recognized free will and responsability for one's actions. The Mickey Mouse religious theocracy advocated by MZ is not Jewish in any real sense of the word.

MZ and KL place way too much faith in God and should let skilled profesionals handle dangerous mental patients. One does not go to a Rabbi to fix your muffler. One should not assume religious teachings will help a dangerous nut. It is not easy to get a section eight in Israel. The notion of Greg as Klinger is way off base.

The question of where and when his next stunt will be remains unknown.
Why MZ keeps a dangerous nut around remains a mystery.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

I have no patience for these sorts.
There was plenty of friction before the Greg idiocy also.

The idiocy of MZ and Kl lecturing the person whose privacy has been invaded and saying zero to the perpetrator was enough. MZ asked Florian to ban me for far less than invasion of privacy. He also asked me to ban Greg for calling him Hitler. It seems that when the shoe is on the other foot they sing different tunes and then castigate others for the exact same request.

MZ only invokes the Talmud when it serves his purpose. That being said I still should not have made the remark about the Talmud. MZ and KY are religious hypocrites of the first order. The Jiffy Teshuvah satire was closer to reality than many understand.

The Merry Widow said...

And I prefer to go straight to the source, i.e. The Word. Sounds like the Rav and I could have a very productive and mutually enlightening conversation. And I don't think he would get into a snit because I went off in praise, he would see it for what it was, honest praise from the heart, not an imitation of "Lucy in the skies". That remark could be made of David and his psalms...


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


I have no personal conflicts with anyone in the discussion over at TMW's, and I've given as much flak as I've gotten over there. It's a rigorous philosophical / theological exercise to me and I'm enjoying it immensely. Don't forget that in a lifetime ago I was a kid thinking about becoming a minister. I may be an Olympic level sinner and hypocrite in my own religion, but I do still feel drawn to these kinds of discussions. You might say I'm a sucker for them.

If I've taught anyone half of what I've learned from reading everyone else I can die happy.

Or at least have something to think about and meditate upon. If everyone did this we'd have no time for war.