Sunday, April 22, 2007

Book Review The Jewish Divide over Israel

We spend the time and effort to read books off the beaten path. This is not a book for the average reader. However, to those of you who loathe Communist Anti-Semites this book is a god send.

Most normal people view communist as freaks and psychos. These freaks and psychos tend to congregate around institutions of higher ed and to a lesser degree in media.
Communists are exponentially over represented in faculty and the question of if an old Bolshevik network exists is obvious. Mumble a few words about Marx and commit terrorist acts and you can get a job that you are unqualified for in higher ed. Wear Sunglasses and a ponytail and claim you are a Native American who repeats Marxist cliches and you become a department chair. The fact that University Marxists could not tell a real Native American from a Communist tells us how inbred the Old Bolsheviks are. Produce no scholarship and you can get a high paying job as long as you have a relative in the NYC Communist party.

The reality is that Communists are psychos who are extreemly anti-semitic. The far left plays a Groucho-Marxist game with pretending that Chomsky, Finkelstein, Seymour Hersh are just regular Jooos who disagree with zionism. Finkelstein does collaberate with actual Neo-nazis and provides interviews and accsess as well as hawking his books on their site. The stench of Marx is quite obvious in the statements of most os these psychos who play with quotes, accuse others of accademic fraud and are amazingly ignorant. When one is dealing with a Finkelstein supporter you are dealing with a hardened anti-semite. " Isreali Jews are a parasitic class" seems to have a logical source. The quote by Finky would be true is the Israelis in question are Communists.

The material on Chomsky is covered in the anti-Chomsky reader. The chapters on Finkelstein and Hersch are well writen and worth reading. It seems 60's trash Hersch
has a history of idiotic unproven charges. His book the Sampson option was based on the source of a Walter Mitty type of psycho Ari Ben Menashe. An entire book should be written about Herch's mendacity.

The Chapters of Salon Anti-Semite Tony Judt and George Steiner are less fun. Judt is basically annoyed he has to defend Israel at faculty parties. The chapter on Steiner should only be read by Farmer John. Steiner's knowledge of Judaism is based upon the musings of philosophers. He sees nationless as the soul of the Jews who are guests and dedicated to the texts. He then blames Jews for their own persecutio and wonders if mankind would be better off without them.

I am reminded of Flynn's work Intellectual Morons. In the cases of Finkelstein, Hersch and Chomsky we are dealing with actual morons. The book is not for everyone
and those looking to nail Chomsky have a better book available. Bogdanor has mentioned a possible sequel and I hope he does write another. On his website he slaps around the comedic Mark Elf. Elf claims he isn't a Communist but he just happened to write for the infamous Lenin's Tomb blog until a personality conflict set it. His commenters are to a man communist and included 167. 167 left Mark Elf when he dared criticize Peter Taschel in unflattering terms. 167 was upset by the satire of myself and Warren about his identification with a group that would kill him for his lifestyle.

This is great book if you enjoy giving wedgies to communists. Most Communists need to hear from the public you are freaks and psychos. We make a great mistake in treating them any different from Nazis, Racial Power freaks and Conspiracy clowns.

Beamish in 08

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troutsky said...

One thing about thematic consistency, it drives a point home! I guarantee the campuses here in the Rocky mountain west are far less infiltrated than you suggest.