Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bawer a Breath of Fresh Air and Relevant

Bawer is the anti Steyn in his approach to the mess in Europe. In chapter two he points out the immaturity of Europeans and their irrelevance. It seems as Europeans become more irrelevant they become more belicose.

The truth is most Americans do not care what Europeans think about America. The sole exception is the bird brained Duck who feigns Marx while aping and aspiring so called European enlightenment.

A typical misunderstanding of Americans was the idiotic letter writing campaign of the Guardian to Ohio voters. Rather than persuade Americans it back fired, it would seem the far left types of Europe seldom move beyond NYC or San Fransisco. As a NYC native we are used to tourists and are friendlier than advertised. Most of us will ignore your oafish need to lecture us about our internal affairs unless you get to shrill. Enjoy your stay spend lots of cash and go home.

It would seem those that like to lecture the USA about intervening in local matters seem to all be experts on local US politics. I have reminded many a Euro we do not elect your leaders and frankly we do not care. However, the belicose rhetoric does take its toll over time. India was a loathed country largely due to the big mouth of
Indira Ghandi. Her son broke with her lifetime idiocy and now India is very much respected.

Bawer compares European Socialists to little children that need to be spanked. The US
largess has allowed Europeans to create a huge welfare state. The US taxpayer has subsidized this by paying to defend Europe durring the Cold War. The Euros created a quasi socialist state with confiscatory taxation and endless regulations on business.
The chattering classes were all infantile Marxists and they created a monoculture.
There is far more intellectual and media diversity in the USA than in Europe.

Bawer starts with a mindless staple of the far left response to anti-semitism in Europe. He recounts several stories of Muslims harassing Jews and the Socialist left
blaming it on the policies of Israel. The far left also like to hype imaginary numbers of hate crimes against Muslims. According to the FBI statistics in the USA 2004 there were over for times as many hate crimes against Jews and Gays than those against Muslims.

The Duck seems to miss this point regularly. One does not see outraged Randoids blowing up Mosques. However, one does read about Muslims throwing grenades in the tent of their fellow soldiers. One does read of Muslims shooting pregnant women in Jewish offices in Seattle or having target practice in El Al ticket lines in LA. The mindlessness of the Duck is that inspite of adnausem acts of genuine violence by Islamonazis he is worried about dolts like MZ. The reality is one has to go way back to Baruch Goldstein to find an example of Jews who perpetrate mindless violence.

Many of us were disappointed in Steyn. Bawer delivers where Steyn failed in America alone. Bawer tells us of his life in Europe as a gay American. He paints a vivid picture of Socialist infantilism and a Euro fatalism. One can see this in some of the mindless commenters on Sonia's blog who compare Bush unfavorably to Castro.

I want to point out there are leftists like Jams who come from a coherent position of idealism. This is opposed to the Duck who is reflexive in his anti-Americanism
and anti-Semitism that is often little more than a cliche. The use of the term " Shoah pimp" or describing Condi Rice as " Aunt Jemimah " is out of the question for someone like Jams whose ideals are from the heart.

There is a difference between left and left behind. Many of those like Ducky and the shrill Euroleft are left behind as relics of the cult of Communism. They grow increasingly belicose as their discredited arguments fade into the ashbin of history.

Beamish in 08.

Mr Beamish has hired a media expert for his Presidential run in 08. Bert will be providing his expert opinion on media matters and web strategy for team Beamish.


Mr. Ducky said...

Far more intellectual anc cultural diversity in America?

Maybe so, but it's all on the left.

The right hasn't bothered to study a painter born after 1700, read something that isn't published by Regenrey Press, watched a foreign film, or listened to a variety of music. They are frightened to move outside the canon that Bill Bennett constructed for them.

beakerkin said...

Beg to differ Duncy

Sonia watches more film than you. Jason and the Farmer clearly read more than you. I spend enough time in Art Museums to loathe caligraphy
and view it on a par with mimes and other garbage.

Maybe I will do my own version of the Ducky story. I could have Beakerambo play the voice of sanity. I will call it I Ducki the story of a Marxist Moron.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, speaking of Aunt Jemima, where was that useless cooze during the Iranian incident?

Nancy Pelosi was doing a hell of a job brokering things through Syria.

It is nice to see that Bush has been cut out of the picture.

beakerkin said...

It is nice to see that you ape the Eurocommunist vermin in your 100%
anti-American sentiment. I hope the Guliani administration starts enforcing the laws of treason. He could ship Madea Benjamin back to Cuba, only as a Gitmo detainee.

I would love to deport Commies who break the laws of sedition. All aboard the Beakerkin express with stops in North Korea and Zimbabwe.
You can debate Marx with Mugabe and starve before he necklaces you.

Mr. Ducky said...

Our welfare checks at work

beakerkin said...

Killing members of FARC is a good idea. The BBC forgets to mention that FARC is a narco-terrorist outfit for two decades.

They should clean up the New School for Comunist subversion next. Eliminating Commies is always a prudent investment.

American Crusader said...

Beak...this is a little off topic (but related) and I thought it would interest you. An interesting read on left-wing politics.

beakerkin said...


That is on target and shows how out of touch Ducky and the Salon Communist anti-semites are. I was aware of Jumblat's break with Hezbollah.

The Duck has always been out of touch. However, the far left in general has been out to lunch for decades.

American Crusader said...

ducky said..
"Beak, speaking of Aunt Jemima, where was that useless cooze during the Iranian incident?"

Nice ducky, a little racial rant at the Secretary of State while Nancy undermines US policy (wearing a headscarf no less) jumping through hoops for Assad. I wonder why she didn't secure the release of Israel's soldiers still being held?

Truth is, Nancy couldn't broker a deal with her own party to get John Murtha as the next House Majority Leader but she has fooled enough gullible people to believe she has accomplished something good.

Mr. Ducky said...

So Ahmendinijad is gifting back the sailors to England.

And Dorquemada loses his chance to bomb the fuck out of Iran. I'm sure Bush has convinced himself that it was all the muscular posturing in the Gulf that convinced the Iranians to relinquish the sailors, not any "hostage swap" on the part of the Brits.

What I find particularly striking about this whole incident is that once again, George Bush, in an effort to promote his own saviorosity, entangles himself in someone else's "sichwashun" and almost fucks up any attempts that Britain had of getting the sailors released.

Remember when Bush botched London's terror investigations?

And once Bush realized that he could wave the "fear" card around again, once the British sailors were taken hostage, he just couldn't keep his mouth shut, much to the chagrin of the Brits.

"Nobody unnerstans how important Ah am."

American Crusader, please feel free to substitute that useless clown Condo Rice for Bush. I have to much respect for my country to call that clown "Secretary of State".

beakerkin said...


I guess Commies read Von Clownowitz. Speak softly and carry the big stick. Any response would involve US forces. FYI Iran just happens to notice Three Aircraft Carriers.

Obviously Commies never see beyond what the story line of the moment is.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Give it a rest, Ducky. You're not fooling anybody. You use racist epithets when speaking about our Secretary of State because as a leftist the default political exemplar you have to emulate is Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. You leftists are all racists and anti-Semites.

Without notable exception.

Always On Watch Two said...

I didn't find the portion I read in Steyn's book all that disappointing. Then again, I abandoned it to read Because They Hate.

Not used copies, BTW.

There is a difference between left and left behind. Many of those like Ducky and the shrill Euroleft are left behind as relics of the cult of Communism. They grow increasingly belicose as their discredited arguments fade into the ashbin of history.

Those who cannot adjust their failed attitudes are bound to throw tantrums of some sort.

Mr Beamish has hired a media expert for his Presidential run.

I suppose that expert is Bert. Think he can deliver?

The right hasn't bothered to study a painter born after 1700, read something that isn't published by Regenrey Press, watched a foreign film, or listened to a variety of music. They are frightened to move outside the canon that Bill Bennett constructed for them.

Pfffft! I can't speak for others, but except for that foreign-film bit (I'm not much on films in general), your little stereotyping doesn't fit.

And you still haven't learned to spell the publisher's name. Does that prove you're illiterate?

Warren said...

Cuz said:
"You leftists are all racists and anti-Semites.

Without notable exception."

Hear, hear!!

Ducky, you forgot to blame Bush for herpes, syphilis and the needle tracks to which you leftists are prone!

Russet Shadows said...

For someone who prides himself on art, the Duck seems to be very much ignorant of what it, and what artists are.

As for the canard that rightists don't listen to a variety of music, let's blow that one apart, shall we? Speaking only from personal observation, there are tons and tons of musicians who play in the CCM arena; not all of these are rightists, but many of them are. Now if you know anything about musicians, you know that they all listen to a ton of music. As an example, I present myself. I listen to a variety of music -- in no order: darkwave, doom metal, Romantic (Bela Bartok, Smetana, Grainger, Holtz), Baroque, Classical, folk/neo-folk, metal (thrash, death, doomdeath, primitive black), sadcore, 50's/60's, industrial, and that's just scratching the surface.

It looks like you're wrong once again, Ducky. You're not dealing with cardboard cutouts, but real people who can blow down your house of sand and twigs without even really exerting themselves.

Someday you will realize this and abandon the absolutely bogus conceit that the left (which bears no ideals) is somehow interested in art (which communicates and preserves ideals). Artists do not labor for nothing; indeed, the agonia is something which lesser men cannot handle.

Ducky, you are the supreme embodiment of the art critic -- the one who has a passing familiarity with many things, and presumes himself a cultured creature, to atone for the emptiness within at being unable to produce any art whatsoever.

You preen about art, but say nothing when the savages destroy art (think of the Bhuddas in Afghanistan). You preen about culture, but you cannot distinguish between high and low. You preen about artistic license, but do not lift a finger in defense of liberty in which artists thrive.

You are a bottom-feeder, the kind of mercenary soul that prowls art galleries and private showings jostling to impress himself with the in crowd; a hanger-on, a ignoble soul desperately riding the coattails of souls even lower than himself.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Racism and anti-Semitism are the refuges of the terminally stupid.

Why wouldn't such a classification contain all leftists, who by creed and deed strive to convince all they meet that leftists are terminally stupid?

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Baruch Goldstein died defending himself against Arabs beating him to death with a fire extinguisher. Would have never happened if Arabs would return to their 67 AD borders.

Anonymous said...

We've started poster-boarding the beamish in '08 campaign. Of course, we still need to do tons of focus group testing and presence polling, but compared to the Obama Campaign, we're in great shape!

Anonymous said...

All the Obama has for campaign material so far is an Obama as Jesus Store Window figure. How much presence does that have?

Hmmmm. Note to bert. Can we make millions of different size gas masks to fit over all existing statues of Jesus, et al? ...and then go around the world putting the masks on statues and taking pictures of them... kinda like those lawn gnomes that go on vacation... that would fuel a good beamish in '08 campaign advert. Soon, everyone will want to be seen in a gas mask.