Sunday, April 08, 2007

Not Boring Reading But Too Explosive To Post

Many of you know of my interest in Yezidism. Yezidism is but one of three branches of the cult of angels. The cult of Angels is the dominant religion of the ancient Kurds and may have created a few converts in the view of the authors.

The Cult of Angels is not religion as we understand the term. Religion as we understand it has points of exclusion, The Cult of Angels has no such exclusion and adapts and tries to co-opt other religous beliefs into its systems.

I am reading Mehrdad Izady's a consise handbook of the Kurds. The Cult of Angels at one point attempted to co-opt Zoroastrianism. There are similarities between Yezidism and Zoroastrianism. The author makes the claim that the Shia of Iran but not Iraq. The two Shia sects alleged to have been most influenced by the cult of Angels the Imami (twelver) and Isma'illi' sevener sects.

The Cult of Angels is also exceedingly impotant in Syria. The ruling clique is Alawite and Sunnis do not recognize them as Muslims. Izady sees the Alawites of Syria as assimilated Arabized Kurds and Spaat made the claim they were Arab converts to the Cult of Angels. They are a highly persecuted group that has used the veneer of Islam to survive. The Alawites have some obnoxious views about women that are absent in the Yezidi or Yarsani.

It may just well be that the aggressive manifistations of Islam comming from Iran and Syria have their roots in the Cult of Angels. This is also odd because the aggressive strain of Sunni Islam Wahabism is also a recent inovation.

I will have to do more research on the Cult of Angels. I still have not made the leap from the Peacock Angel to Lucifer. The cult of Angels also does venerate the number seven. This may have been absorbed from Judaism or indepenent evolution.

Part of the real problem with Islam is its view of all history prior to its origins
as the age of ignorance. There are those who assert Allah was the name of the local
lunar God in Mecca.

Theology is not my forte and I will leave this in the hands of those more inclined to it.

More research is needed on my part but materials on the Cult of Angels are not an easy topic to research.

I am somewhat sceptical of these assertions as there may be political motivations of Sunnis to castigate Shia and visa versa. Alawism clearly is a manifestation of the Cult of Angels and Sunnis do not recognize them as Muslim nor do most Shia.

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