Monday, April 09, 2007

Betrayal by David Pryce Jones

The familiar French as evil has been done before and better in such books as America's Oldest Enemy. This book does not delve into too much that is new except for the French role in helping the Grand Mufti elude Justice for war crimes.

France is an irritant and an embarassment as a nation. Its grand delusion of importance in the world where it is increasingly irrelevant leads it to bombastic Anti- American and Over the top anti-Israel cartoonish policies.

The fact is France ceased to be relevant after WW 2. It may talk a big game but that is about it. It was always an imitator except for the Napoleonic period. As France becomes more irrelevant its rhetoric and policies have become more belicose.

We have leftards who paint Saddam as America's man in denial of all reality on Sonia's site. The far left morons ignore mountains of Fwench weapons and a destroyed nuclear reactor commonly known as O Chirac due to its sponson. The lefties also ignore piles of Mig's and T series tanks.

The French have an oportunity for change with the election of Sarkozy. Sarkozy would be limited in what he could do because the Fwench foreign service is stacked with Noam Chimpanzee clones for around the last forty years. Sarkozy also has Jewish blood and who is a Jooo is a Eurotrash far left obsession.

It is time the United States let France know the limits of its perfidity. France has always counted on Americans to think of the French perfidity as a French defect.
The USA should have placed trade sanctions on France in the 1980s over its idiotic
moves forbiding the use of its airspace in the response to Quadafi Ducky's terror spree.

The reality is Fwench obstinancy did more to cause the current Gulf war than anything else by giving Saddam false hope that Bush wasn't serious. France has a history of this type of duplicity and should be regarded as an enemy. The problem is that the Fwench never seem to worry about American sentiments. The problem is the demented Europhile communist bird brains merely ape their rhetoric and to a lesser degree Cuba lite in Sweden.

The book is more of the same and Jones is way too generous with Fwench politicians by claiming they are not anti-semites on a personal level. Chirac is a case study in anti-semitism and appeasement of Islamo-Nazi thugs. His reaction to the endemic anti-semitic attacks in Fance was denial. He then feigns outrage when Sharon advised Jews to leave.

On a personal level in NYC it was not uncommon for me to run into Fwench diplomats and Journalists. The Fwench in the USA blame the Jews for anti- French sentiment in the USA rather than their own actions. Of course they have legions of Europhile Commies deluding them about fantasies of Jewish led anti- Fwench hysteria. The French
need to spend some energy udoing years of damage led by their salon Socialist dolts.

Beamish in 08


Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, seems to imply that America wasn't right there arming Iraq along with Russia and France.

Of course Beak, is not going to look at the ease with which Hussein was defeated. The west knew what he had and knew he could be easily defeated, but he was useful keeping Iran at bay.

On Beak's Bizzarro world the ill-informed are considered pundits. Please remember this is a comedy site, folks. Beak is trying out some material for talk radio.

beakerkin said...

The United States does not manufature T series tanks, Mig or Sukhoi Jets. Nor does it make Miage Jets or Nuclear reactors named O'Chirac.

Sadaam was one of your boys from the Baath Party more comonly known as the Arab SOCIALIST party. He even has the class genocide part and mindless brutality perfected.

Sadaam was celebrated in France in the anti-semitic Socialist labotomy salons. Maybe the Kahanists can do us a favor and give all the Pseudostinians tickets to France.

FYI if France is so popular in the USA why did Gomer Kerry muzzle his French relatives and get upset when he was called "French Looking".

Face the facts Duncy France is about as popular as Saudi Arabia.

Can we say economic implosion? Eurosocialism is finnished and belongs on the dung pile of history.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

And right on cue to assert the "all leftists are morons" argument for me, it's Ducky...reliable as ever.

What did we arm Iraq with, Ducky?

Spit it out.

Anonymous said...

It must have been the T-72's they lost in '91.

FLORIAN said...

France has been a God-less nation since the mid-17th century. How else do you expect the Frenchies to act?

And to think that my dad's family is from FWRANCE!!!!!!


Always On Watch Two said...

Not a drop of French blood here. LOL.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

What power France has today is maintained by doing business with countries America refuses to. They're like the guy with beer goggles at last call after America has already gone back to the crib with the hot babes.

troutsky said...

I see why sonia tagged this "thinking blog". Deep stuff and few generalizations.

beakerkin said...


I can cite passages from the book if you would like. The anti- Semitic attitude in the French Foreign service dates back a mere one hundred years.

The problem with far left types is that every nationalism is okay except for Jewish Nationalism. Commie paranioa about Zionism is well established and is a constant throughout communist history. One can even cite evidence of it in Eithiopia and Cuba as well.

Do note I can provide ample sources if called upon. I just harbor no illusions about the far left whose obsessions endanger the planet.