Sunday, January 31, 2016

Time for Jerry Reese and the Giants to bring back the Shrink

The Giants under Parcells made extensive use of a psychologist. It obviously is not foolproof as Lawrence Taylor has some issues. Sadly those of affable Dave Megget were far worse. At least for the most part the players kept the stupidity in line. We knew Will Hikland Damontre Moore were problems but we did not create the atmosphere to help them. Sadly on Parcells teams Bobby Johnson was also a hard core problem and has battled addiction problems.

The Jay Bromley story is my last straw with Jerry Reese. We were told how he is a special man who came from a bad area. Now with the rape charge we see this is pure bull crap. We need to get our players help. There are more important things than winning. I would give back the 1990 Super Bowl to have Meggets problems worked out.

The Giants need to cut Bromley. He is a marginal player. That being said they need to help him put his life together.
He needs vocational and psychological help. No more Dave Meggets or Mark Ingram Sr behind bars. They also need to get
Bobby Johnson on his feet.

Football is just a game. Life is more important than the game. I hope Coughlin does not forget Bromley who probably needs his wisdom more than ever.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On Board With Mike

If Mayor Bloomburg should run for President I am on board. I am somewhat perplexed why Al Sharpton is on board. It is
A direct rebuke to the Clintons and oddly to Bernie Sanders. Sanders has an unfair label as a lefty from a State with almost no Blacks. While true this is entirely missing the point and record of Sanders who did March in the Civil Rights era. Oddly Black support is the hope of Hillary. One can make a case that Bill Clinton embraced the community more than the aloof Obama.

I respect Bloomburg and defer to his competence and personal integrity.

RIP to Abe Vigoda who joked about being mistaken for dead for since the seventies. His face and his tired look lent itself to these gags. All of us die yet Vigoda took this to new levels. Hey guys I am still here was funny because we know there is an ending yet it isn't just yet until the final act. He brought a smile to life's grimmest topic

Monday, January 25, 2016

If you are going to lose. Then make it epic

Brady almost pulled out the impossible at the end of the Denver game. When they are not playing the Giants I root for the Patriots because their coach was here twelve years under Parcells. I am rooting for Carolina on the basis that there GM was from the Giants personnel dept.

If this story is true than Von Miller should cash in on it. Apparently there is a story that he is fined for farting frequently at meetings. I like our boss but I would pay to bring in Miller every time our section chief talks. I am shocked some corporate advertising has not been done. If he wins the MVP for the Super Bowl Von Miller you have won the Super Bowl MVP.... Fart. Don't let this happen to you use product x. Hey guy Disney added the smell of rotting bodies to the haunted house. Wait Von Miller just left.

Von Miller really is a good player. He might be the best defensive player in the game.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rare discussion of race

The elites use race as a tool for their agenda. If you are a typical person you are more apt to be impacted by an economy that is in the toilet or high crim than who gets an Oscar. Of course one could point to the lack of progress in these areas and shrill rhetoric from Obama. At what point do people grap that the policies failed.

When Hillary is defeated it will be her inability to step away from Obama.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016


It is kind of funny when my three year old likes Lawrence Welk because he plays music with bubbles in the backdrop.
I tried to show her the counting part. Making it worse she asked me about Gerritol twice.

The Arizona Greenbay game was probably the best football game I ever saw.

The U.K. Is now officially a joke of a country. I don't agree with Trump but banning people because Muslims and lefties don't like their political speech is a joke. I don't agree with Trump but he has not advocated violence. I will contrast this with lefties who regularly do this. Considering the rhetoric from Mosques and Universities this is
Hypocritical. Unlike the remarks of Trump these are not solely part of internal policy discussions.

There is a pattern Michael Savage, Pam Geller and Spencer. Then the same clods turn around and cry when Norman Finkola or Gnome Chimpanzee are banned from
Israel. In fact in the case of some lefties activities border on criminality. Rachel the pancake Corrie was aiding a terrorist group building tunnels and had an accident not occurred she warranted a lengthy prison term. Bill Clintons greatest error was preventing Peru from executing Lori Berenson for knowingly aiding a terrorist group. Moreover, Berenson remains unrepentant and should be sent to Gitmo to learn up close where terrorists belong. Neither had any business in conducting their own foreign policy.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lucky to be Alive

The amount of work that was assigned last week was inhuman. In reality workers come before their shift and leave way after. There are some who point to this as a form of stealing. I am still around albeit very tired. I want to be generous and call the practice mismanagement. Hopefully this practice stops soon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Insulting Muslims

Pretending that A person screaming a classic Muslim phrase while gunning down your coworkers is workplace violence is an insult to the intelligence of the US Citizenry. We are not made safer when a President treats Muslims like children who can't handle a discussion about a serious problem within their faith. There is a world of difference between a Muslim Patriot who cares about his faith and his country like Stephen Schwartz and the CAIR crew. Muslims are not the only group that have issues. However, rationalizing violence that deliberately targets civilians with any
Cause is BS. Throwing an American senior citizen on an Ocean liner in a wheel chair has zero to do with Palestine. If
an American upset with the Boston Bombing shoots a random Muslim this is a hate crime. It's time to stop rationalizing hate crimes by Muslims and treat all of the citizenry like adults.

Once again one needs to stop pretenting that deliberately targeting civilians is acceptable. Exactly why were those people inside a Kosher store targeted by Muslim terrorists and what did they have to do with Palestine. It is time for the left to stop rationalizing hate crimes committed by Muslims. There is no excuse for the racist actions of Roof. Yet let a Muslim kill a Jew in a foreign locale and lefties rationalize it with Palestine.

My religion is junkfoodism. I am tired of Nutritional Nazis invading my kitchen. Does this give me the right to harangue Michael Bloomburg for his nutritional nanny nonsense. Of course I am allowed to politically organize. I can
Write articles and politically ridicule the policies and even within the bounds of good taste ridicule Bloomburg himself. My protected right to free speech ends at violence and way before incitement to violence. It is fine to joke
About a grown man in the nutritional closet pretending he likes Watercress sandwiches or tofu meat substitutes. That is humor all of us can relate to.

As an American I can deal with criticism of some of the chapters of American history. I can deal with the history of Jim Crow. Yet as Americans lefty elites want to give us a Disneyfied version of Islamic history where Islam was spread by trade and Jews and Christians yearned to be treated by Jim Crow abuses. Sorry but if I can handle those unflattering chapters as an American so can Muslims.

There is no excuse for terror and crimes against humanity. A President who is more concerned that Donald Trump might hurt the feelings of Muslims than about crimes against humanity is not reality based. Exactly how many of those girls were helped by the First Lady's stupid hash tag PR game. Now that Muslim mobs have molested women in Cologne can Obama and Merkel tell Muslims Don't Diss Your Sis. Are we more concerned with actual public safety or the feelings of
A group who are infantilized by the political left.

I think your average Muslim grasps that there is no excuse for the behavior in Cologne. The irony is that if the authorities imposed the penalties under Shariah law without the Jim Crow nonsense we would be more draconian than Trump who has yet to propose amputations or floggings.

America is not made safer by treating Muslims as wayward children and the US cutizenry as imbeciles as the Obama rhetoric does daily.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Fed up with Obama

There is a disturbing poll that 20 percent of Democrats would vote for Trump over Hillary. This is the downside of the Obama paradox. The Clintoons are afraid to put distance in between themselves and Obama for fear of losing the Black vote. Unfortunately the Obama base extends little beyond the Black community and university elite.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Call it volleyball

I want to say that the Bengals self destruction act was so bad I thought I was watching a Giants game. Epic fumbles are part of the game. Sadly some great careers are defined by key failures. Roger Craig was an outstanding player. He
Failed at a key time and that fumble almost over shadows a fine career. He is certainly no Tiki Barber a season killing recidivist. Predictably the whole world had good things to say about Tom Coughlin except for one big self centered Jerk who is still loathed years later.

I am more bothered by idiotic calls on allegedly defenseless receivers. The blow was with the shoulder and not the head. It is real football and whole careers were made on such collisions. There is the claim that the rule changes are designed to protect players. The head problems are not usually associated with Recievers. They are associated with lineman. Probably helmet redesign is most of the answer.

The ignorant observers talk about the hit of Shazier. This was a running player who lowered his head.

Haven't we seen enough Pac Man Jones to predict stupidity. Great player attached to a plethora of stupid behaviors.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

RIP Pat Harrington Jr

I am watching the tribute to Pat Harrington. Norman Lear shows have a reputation for excellent writing. One day at a time was largely carried by Harrington and the girl next door beauty of Bertenelli. The show is barely watchable when Harrington is not on screen.

Friday, January 08, 2016

The circle of work

I want to thank those I mentored at work. It has been a rough stretch losing so many mentors in a short time. It has been tough because I never imagined I would be here and they would not be here. You just take for granted they are around to provide their wisdom. I should be thankful but I am vexed with one who just left. As comedic revenge I started a rumor he was going to paint landscapes and write love poetry into his retirement.

The cycle is you are mentored. If you are good you mentor others. You either get fired, find another job, retire or die before any of the above. My choice is the latter as I fought so hard to keep this job I will stay until the end. The end comes and the names change and you are forgotten.

My work will be in historical archives as part of larger stories.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Obama Policies Written By The Onion

I am starting to think of the Obama Presidency as a huge Onion satire where nobody gets the joke. I understand liberals and I can follow their arguments even when disagreeing with them. In this case I can point to the courage and articulate style of Michael Bloomburg. He gives you a well thought out articulate response that you can honestly
disagree with but respect.

Obama is not a liberal or progressive. If he were progressive he would stop treating the American Worker like cannon fodder. How much illegal immigration is enough? Do we really need to be lax when jobs of any kind are scarce. Obama has no real interest in anyone other than the elites in academia and media. He lacks the grey matter to be either, but he pretends his policies make sense.

Obama only uses the word terrorist to describe those opposed to his satire agenda. Actual terrorists are rebranded as workplace violence or film criticism. The next huge attack will occur immediately after a Baron Sascha Cohen project.
Muslim film critics are just using symbolic criticism. Oddly Jews are exponentially more apt to be the victim of hate crimes than anyone else, but let's ignore actual crimes while we get at the TelePrompTer and pretend we are articulate.

Obama is a satirical president. Nobody gets the humor, but elites pretend to get it rather than admit the material just isn't funny.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Losing a hero

Officers have heroes and mentors. In a short order I have lost two of my three mentors due to retirement. I maintained a relationship with my boss in VT. He was a class act and being ex Coast Guard was a plus. The funniest moment was the lobster hands. I had a pile of admin closures and did not realize the new stamps did not require force. My hands were so swollen it was decided I shouldn't drive. The day after was cold and my land lord had a laugh
But by day two I was healed enough to work. He also knew my joke about sliding into home wasn't funny. I had a flash back with low flying jets was PTSD. We laughed about my stash of diet dew and chips in a tin being found later. I didn't think I would be in NYC long. He was a great boss and better person and I learned plenty.

My first mentor in NYC left without telling anyone. It was a shock to hear he was hanging it up. He was blatantly discriminated against because of age and ethnicity. He was the greatest officer I ever worked with. It seems a waste for him to go to Boca and become a condo commando. I learned if I live to such a moment to allow students and peers a chance to celebrate and mourn. He was a giant when it came to standing up to the self described elite. He reminded them that their work and methods were shoddy.

Another mentor in NYC will be leaving any day. Like the first one he won't be announcing the date. At least he told us it's close. He was a hero to the officers who were bullied. He was loved by the public and attorneys.

My last mentor is in another office. He is younger and figures to be around for years. Now most of our correspondence is about life.

My students saw how upset I was. It is like losing a beloved neighbor you worked closely with. I miss these mentors, but I have been carrying on there work for years now. I can only full my own shoes and am nowhere close to these heroes and legends. I am a different type of legend more known for wit and grit than as a hero. Guess it takes all kinds