Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Insulting Muslims

Pretending that A person screaming a classic Muslim phrase while gunning down your coworkers is workplace violence is an insult to the intelligence of the US Citizenry. We are not made safer when a President treats Muslims like children who can't handle a discussion about a serious problem within their faith. There is a world of difference between a Muslim Patriot who cares about his faith and his country like Stephen Schwartz and the CAIR crew. Muslims are not the only group that have issues. However, rationalizing violence that deliberately targets civilians with any
Cause is BS. Throwing an American senior citizen on an Ocean liner in a wheel chair has zero to do with Palestine. If
an American upset with the Boston Bombing shoots a random Muslim this is a hate crime. It's time to stop rationalizing hate crimes by Muslims and treat all of the citizenry like adults.

Once again one needs to stop pretenting that deliberately targeting civilians is acceptable. Exactly why were those people inside a Kosher store targeted by Muslim terrorists and what did they have to do with Palestine. It is time for the left to stop rationalizing hate crimes committed by Muslims. There is no excuse for the racist actions of Roof. Yet let a Muslim kill a Jew in a foreign locale and lefties rationalize it with Palestine.

My religion is junkfoodism. I am tired of Nutritional Nazis invading my kitchen. Does this give me the right to harangue Michael Bloomburg for his nutritional nanny nonsense. Of course I am allowed to politically organize. I can
Write articles and politically ridicule the policies and even within the bounds of good taste ridicule Bloomburg himself. My protected right to free speech ends at violence and way before incitement to violence. It is fine to joke
About a grown man in the nutritional closet pretending he likes Watercress sandwiches or tofu meat substitutes. That is humor all of us can relate to.

As an American I can deal with criticism of some of the chapters of American history. I can deal with the history of Jim Crow. Yet as Americans lefty elites want to give us a Disneyfied version of Islamic history where Islam was spread by trade and Jews and Christians yearned to be treated by Jim Crow abuses. Sorry but if I can handle those unflattering chapters as an American so can Muslims.

There is no excuse for terror and crimes against humanity. A President who is more concerned that Donald Trump might hurt the feelings of Muslims than about crimes against humanity is not reality based. Exactly how many of those girls were helped by the First Lady's stupid hash tag PR game. Now that Muslim mobs have molested women in Cologne can Obama and Merkel tell Muslims Don't Diss Your Sis. Are we more concerned with actual public safety or the feelings of
A group who are infantilized by the political left.

I think your average Muslim grasps that there is no excuse for the behavior in Cologne. The irony is that if the authorities imposed the penalties under Shariah law without the Jim Crow nonsense we would be more draconian than Trump who has yet to propose amputations or floggings.

America is not made safer by treating Muslims as wayward children and the US cutizenry as imbeciles as the Obama rhetoric does daily.


Ducky's here said...

@Beak - My religion is junkfoodism.
When did the "nutritional Nazis" invade your kitchen?

Other than forcing substitutes for trans fats this meme is pretty shallow.
You can still get a big huge "diet Dew" if you want to punish your body.

Most meat substitutes are soy. The veggie burgers at Whole Foods (you ever sho at one) are pretty good.

Still stuffing the kids with Gummi Bears?

Ducky's here said...

When has Obama treated Muslims like children?

Unless you think it's proper for the President to come out and say "All Muslims suck", I don't see the problem.
When has Obama rationalized violence?

What attracts you to Stephen Schwartz other than the fact that he's a shill for the Israeli government?