Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On Board With Mike

If Mayor Bloomburg should run for President I am on board. I am somewhat perplexed why Al Sharpton is on board. It is
A direct rebuke to the Clintons and oddly to Bernie Sanders. Sanders has an unfair label as a lefty from a State with almost no Blacks. While true this is entirely missing the point and record of Sanders who did March in the Civil Rights era. Oddly Black support is the hope of Hillary. One can make a case that Bill Clinton embraced the community more than the aloof Obama.

I respect Bloomburg and defer to his competence and personal integrity.

RIP to Abe Vigoda who joked about being mistaken for dead for since the seventies. His face and his tired look lent itself to these gags. All of us die yet Vigoda took this to new levels. Hey guys I am still here was funny because we know there is an ending yet it isn't just yet until the final act. He brought a smile to life's grimmest topic


Ducky's here said...

But Mike wants to ban your trans fats and 64oz. Diet Dew's.

beakerkin said...

Unlike Obama Bloomburg embodies competence. He offers coherent logic that can be respected even Ina disagreement.

Mike's America said...

Bloombergs stand on gun control would make it impossible for me to support him.