Monday, March 31, 2014


We have our cliche Communists discussing my ideological armor. This comes from a clown with rather over the top anti american obsessions and not one iota of intellectual independence.  

Not Worth the Wait

I finished With Musket and Tomahawk volume two in one evening. It is an enjoyable book if you are not familiar with the Battle of Oriskany. As I have read several books on this subject it didn't add much I didn't already know. However, if you are unfamiliar with the events in question it is excellent light history.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Those enlightened lefties part 2

We have had some unusual claims over the life of this blog. At one time the Jooooo obsessed 167 claimed that I hide my Judaism and tried to get non Jews to support Israel. This was amusing in that I seldom write about that subject unless a lefty is on an obsessive tear.

The newest rant is a commie classic "self hating Jooooo" by our own Duncy. He could be basing this on any number of factors. However, as a Jew familiar with the practices of the community I have the right to intellectual freedom. Unlike Marxist drones, I posses cultural literacy in the faith and the history of my people.

This term is an accurate term usually used to describe Marxists who happen to be Jewish and have pathological obsessions with Jews like Gnome Chimpanzee, Norman Finkola and former Jew Nature boy
Joel Koevell who has converted to another faith. They spend their days screaming from the top of their lungs
and are well compensated " I am a Joooo who is outraged by Israel for whatever." In actuality these are political lunatics with off the wall political philosophies that are a surrogate religion.

The Duck could be reffering to my general disdain for Rav Roov and his family whose toxic religious practices are usually at my expense and impact my personal liberty. He could be talking about my disdain for the fringe religious cults whose utter disdain for gainful employment is a source of conflict in the community.
Some of these groups are so despised by the larger community that outside their community members deny their membership in the individual sect.

Once again with the familiar story, I was born into a mostly secular family. We did practice the major festivals but were clearly not religious. My older half brothers and sisters never spent one second in a Yeshiva. I was ripped out of the local public school and placed in a Yeshiva in third grade. I had no desire to make this move as I was placed in a class with kids whose cultural practices were different from my own. I was secular in my outlook and fought to return to my world. The battle took place over many years and I was not able to return to a secular school until ninth grade. I was then sent to a Yeshiva in thenth, but convinced a violent Rabbi to let me return. Ironically, the Rabbi never laid a glove on me because he knew that violence in my case was pointless. Hitting me wasn't going to change me or get me back in line. I never denied what I was accused of and just accepted whatever punishment was given. I also did not discuss my views or attempt to undermine the views of anyone else. If a Rabbi asked in private, I stated I was secular and that all debate was wasted. I did not deny my heritage, but rather I defined myself as secular.

Thus our Dunce could be talking about my Guyanese family that is Hindu or Northwind who was French Catholic and Abenaki or a UN of various other relationships who included Jews of varying   religious commitment from several countries, Asians, Latinas and Caribbeans. Who I select as my significant other
is a personal choice. This is my personal preference and an amusing Muslim lefty with a wife who is also
from his own country infered I was bigoted because I would not date a Muslim. Actually a check of my bio does include a short relationship with a sultry Albanian girl in College who was secular but this is not something I would hold up as indicative of anything. However, I view the choice of long term romantic interest as a personal matter.

In general I have my own issues with the larger community. In my day Yeshivas were committed to excellence in their secular studies. Sadly, as costs spiral upwards the quality of the education has gone downwards and the more religious a school is in general the lower quality of secular education it provides.

The practices of the ultra Orthodox have nothing to do with Judaism and are cult like veneration of imagined ghetto life. As people who came from those small towns were members of my family and community I have a passing familiarity with the actual lives of people that lived in that era. The Jews from the small town were pious, but they worked hard for very little money. If there was an extra dime it was those even poorer.
The village had a Rabbi who led services and was a leader of the community. He provided normal spiritual guidance. The Ultra Orthodox are actually cults with a Jewish motif. There is nothing authentically Jewish about the clothes, music or cuisine of these communities. In fact the get up is a period piece but somewhere people can start a variant wearing Nehru Jackets and Goodluck Jonathan hats later. Self sufficiency and hard work were normal practices venerated in my community long before the Chasidic community was conceived.

Jews have a different relationship with Europe and for the most part did not consider themselves members of the nations they lived in. In my case my grandfather was a Polish Cavalry man who fought for Poland against Bolsevik clowns. He did not consider himself a Pole. Communists prominently describe Jew as a nationality
in Soviet documents.. Communists often deny this, but as my job requires extensive contact with all types of official documents I have the fact in front of me each and every day. Now that it is politically expedient to stoke populist bigotry Commies frequently say "Israel is a religious state and is an anachronism". These same Commies have no issue with ethnically cleansed states with an official religion and theological law just as long as it isn't Jooooish.

It is not politically expedient for Jewish people in the current age to say they are Jewish. In the presence of other officers I never deny what my faith is. However, I elected to define myself as Guyanese and do attend community events on a regular basis. Fellow coworkers who are Poles, Ukranian, Russian and Hungarian will point to a common heritage but Guyana has been listed as the group I identify with. I support Israel for political reasons and am a secular member of the Jewish community. I have not converted to another faith
and doing so would not even accomplish anything. According to the traditions even if I converted I would still be considered Jewish but non- observant by the community. My desire to be buried in Guyana is a family dispute with an obnoxious mendicant relatives than a rejection of my community. The Guyanese heritage is
part of a running joke at work and at the diner.

This is another amusing attempt by Commies to define "authenticity" and shows typical obsession with Joooos. Does our local Communist even know what AOW's ethnicity or religion is? Commies spend their days playing a version of the Howard Stern game who is a Jew. In this case they are more interested in my religious practices than I am.      

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Those enlightened Lefties groan

Lefties like to rant about their enlightenment. They are more hateful in style and substance then your average KKK clowns. Any visit to your average Occupy Wall Street sites or alleged Peace Protests shows thinly veiled over the top obsession with Jews, paranoia about the rich and a series of criminal behaviors including links to terrorism. A visit to Tea Party events show not much out of the ordinary other then a few people obsessing over the Obama birth certificate.

Lets all rant about the 1% while not bathing.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Weapons Grade Awful

One has to really love your kid to endure Titanic and High School The Musical. I did luck out somewhat when I noticed the Tranquil Sea did not leave any food for the kid. I went off to the grocery store looking for food my daughter could prepare quickly. As she is growing rapidly and is very thin it is okay to load up on the dairy products. I did pass up my favorites and purchased her some strawberry ice cream. I found a few cans of chicken soup, some microwave pancakes and she reminded me twice on cell phone about fruit roll ups.

On the way back there was a huge fire on Liberty Avenue. I used the crowd to my advantage and headed straight for the hallal truck. She said she wasn't hungry and ate my lunch. I then went to the roti shop for daluri and baigan choka for the mossus.

Unfortunately, while I returned the ship was still sinking. I was actually rooting for the writer of this script to get hypothermia. I have no idea why people went to this dreadful film in droves.

However, that was a minor irritation when compared to High School the Musicl. Idiotic spoiled shallow blondes, pretty boy jock who rebels against his basketball coach day and math wiz minority are a dreadful mix of pc cliches. The singing, actingand writing of this had me yearning for the dreadful drug comedies of the 80's.

I am currently reading Rutherford's New York. One should not expect Mitchener or Kenneth Roberts who do this genre better than Rutherford. That being said thus far the book is better than advertised, but I am still in the Revolutionary War era.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The death cultists proclaim there is no such thing as intellectual independence.

Marxists are forever repeating precanned cliches when presented with things they just cant explain like facts history and logic. They are herd animals marching behind a deranged cult leader trying to pass off failed ideas that do not work along with toxic amounts of anti Americanism and not to thinly disguised antisemitism.

My views are quite easily discerned from any basic reading of this blog. They are discerned by those who work with me. Those who see me every speak louder and with more authority then deranged drones who can't buy a clue.

The best way to have a healthy disrespect for governance is to be in its employ. Rules and procedures protect the public from abusive government. This is something I am familiar with first hand. I am not amused by those who seek solace in the power of the almighty state. The ends don't justify the means and we can look plainly at the debacle at the IRS as a classic example of abusive government. Unfortunately, basic integrity at the IRS has been lacking for years.

The herd animal bleats out precanned garbage about Rand. I have never read Rand. This is a classic response of the herd animal to those who are hostile to the Children of Class Genocide and Theft. The other rants are usually about talk radio and Faux news. One does not have a chance to listen to Talk radio when commuting on Public Transportation. I also haven't been able to watch Faux news in years as my schedule does not allow for it.

The Death Cultist need to lump all of their intransigent opponents into neat groups. The death cult fails to understand its opposition to its criminal pathology is as unique as the general population it disdains. Of course we will now hear the rant about false consciousness, serfdom to corporate interests and so forth.

Sorry, but I am an American in spirit and substance. My rights are God Given to me as an individual. The State exists to serve my fellow citizens and rules and procedures exist to protect the public from imperial government. My country like any other has had its share of moments where we failed to live up to our ideals. However, when the same standards are applied to its critics they rant and have no answers. The sons of Marx are political criminals and cultist drones. It takes zero intelligence to follow a herd or blindly repeat party lines and idiocy from the party approved texts.

Of course when the people revolt against Marxist thuggery the Duck calls them spoiled rich kids. This would describe the Keystone Marxist terrorists like Bill "Imbecile" Ayers and company.

The cult can not deal with facts and logic.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Giving Back

I spent the morning as a guest lecturer. One does not feel old until one has made the transition from the chair to the front. Apparently the students have a very positive reaction and it was covered in the previous students comments. The class was twice the size of previous years and I was not prepared for such a large class.

When I teach I tend to be interactive in style. I allow the students to use their own instincts and place them in the role of the professional and the public servant. I remind them that public service is a responsibility and great honor. I show the subtle nuances like making contact and subtly establishing the tone of the process.

I am told the students had a very positive response. I also reminded them about cultural and economic biases in interviewing and assessments.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Self Deception

We have an ignorant death cultist who illustrates my points entirely. Communism is a mental health defect and a moral failing. I don't go around life jealous of those who have achieved success. Communists are driven by paranoid delusions about the undeserved wealth of other people. In truth the death cult serves as a guise to rationalize theft of property for those whose skills and mental health defects have marginalized their earning potential.

They also feign that they "care" about the under privileged.  Actually, they only use their plight to rationalize theft and thug like behavior once they get into power. Gitmo has better health care and food then Cuba. In fact if Cubans were ever shown the food that our prisoners eat the locals would storm the prison trying to get in.

Anon has a pathological hatred of the USA that hysterically extends to the Communist party endorsed comedian President from a deranged Marxist family who hangs out with spoiled rich Marxist terrorists. None of these facts ever gets into mind of the deranged death cultist. They merely run around in an ignorant stupor usually ranting about the wealthy, spreading mindless Jooooo hatred or rationalizing whatever stupidity the party elite toss out their anus.

When actual people who work with the poor and various community groups seek assistance they mysteriously find me. These are professionals dedicated to serving the actual poor as opposed to seeking political power and stealing property based upon whatever.

As far as the rant "see me in the streets". Communists would be better served in insane asylums then in the streets. In fact a classic example was the attitude when actual homeless types camped out with OWS idiots. The OWS imbeciles didn't want to share their food and complained about theft of property. the name of the game is for the communists to steal from the wealthy in the name of the unwashed masses who are not worthy of getting actual food or sharing their spaces.

Sorry, but I will continue my public service to all types rather than stew in ignorance like our death cult ignarantii.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Let the EU deal with Putin

I am tired of all the hysterical EU types who drone on and on about America crying about the Ukraine. Let the useless EU do something without the USA. Let all the Obamabots tell us about the leader of the clueless one. When and where has Obama ever led anything?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Times a changing

I have spent seven years in one place in the NYC Office. I rose to be a mentor from a rags to riches story. I formally asked for a transfer to another unit. I have done my time and wish to move on. Unfortunately, I am a valued member of my home unit and my wishes may not be granted.

I fought for a type of peaceful process. My fight was long and had many turns. Now that this is the accepted practice it is time to do other things. Of course there will be some opposition, but new tasks beckons.

The Vanishing Record Store

It seems there are less places to comb through the shelves of CDs, Books and DVDS. It is sad that my granddaughter will never know the fun of looking through bins for a gem. It is rare that I get down to the Princeton Record Exchange but it is well worth the trip.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The human side of all of us

Dr. Yeagley was a friend. Like any other friend we disagreed with each other on many things. He was brilliant, personable, a man of faith and loved America.

All of us journey through life and grow over time. Hopefully, most of us move past our hangups and challenge our assumptions. I am not the same person I was in college and over time I will not be the same politically five years from now.

All of us need to challenge ourselves.

The obituary I just wrote could be written about any of us. We need to evolve over ideas and not cling stubbornly to prisons of our own creations. However, in life there is always another challenge to overcome
as the music stops and our journey ends.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

RIP Dr Yeagley

Dr Yeagley passed away yesterday. He was and will always be my friend in spite of some odious views. The Doctor and I shared a love of America, but we had different concepts of Americanism. In my heart, I still believe in the big table of equals open to all who share a common set of beliefs. America and Christ ( he was a man of faith) are egalitarian in that all who believe in a common set of ideas are part and parcel of the community.

Although the Dr's views at times were considered offensive, he remained a friend I strongly disagreed with on many things. Unfortunately, people were not able to look past these flaws and see the person. I knew the person and from my perspective in his heart he was a good man.

The heart of the confusion lies in does DNA make you whatever. There are those among us who think they are the arbiters of authenticity. They look down their nose and based on their fealty to a death cult decide who is authentically Jewish, Black or in Yeagleys case Indian. In many respect Yeagley's individualism and the right to define himself were the most authentically American parts of his persona. Americanism and the love of Christ were at the center of his heart. Sadly, at times he was mistaken about the core concepts or was unable to move past some hangups.

All of us have hangups of some sort. Unfortunately, he was quite vocal about his hangups. For the record, I have alabaster skin and mostly green eyes that also have shades of blue. My hair is blonde in the center with Black tips that give it an odd glow. It is seen in relatives on my mothers side. These are just personal traits and I really don't think about them any more than shoe size. My family is Indo-Guyanese mostly Hindu with some Christian. There are times my daughter or grandaughter look at my skin or my eyes and say I wish they looked like yours. I pointed out they are perfect the way they are and I wouldn't change a thing about them.
Despite what many of you may think the Dr. was very supportive of me and my family and was well aware of the ethnicity of my family. We had a long discussion on line about my first Christmas. I am there as a member of a family despite my different views and beliefs. The fact that members of my family have a different faith does not change the fact that I love them as family members. I am there as head of a household and fully supportive. The Dr. understood I had not converted, but was partaking in holidays as a member of a family.

In my last exchanges the Dr. seemed to understand time was running out. His thoughts were of Christ that he embraced from the core of his persona. He also understood the Jewish roots of messianism. In a classic sense Christ is the fulfillment of the Jewish prophecies and taking Christ into your heart allows the gentile to be a part of this bounty. As I am not theological in thought much of this is above my plane. Jewish folk don't really dwell on the topic unless they are devotees of Chabad who seek to make people more Jewish. They do not look for converts, but seek to usher in the comming of the messiah by bringing back those who have assimilated. My response to the query are you Jewish is I am Guyanese. I prefer to keep a healthy distance
and don't wish to partake in ceremonies or rituals.

I will miss Dr. Yeagley as a friend. He wasn't perfect and he had his issues, but he was always my friend and always his own man. In the end there are not many of us who can say that.

Saturday, March 08, 2014


I spent some time with the family in Queens. It is always good to see the daughter and daughter in law and granddaughter. I arrived after a long day interviewing and processing. The old dinner that I went to for twenty plus years was sold and all the workers are gone. Yet even after renovations I sit in the same seat seamlessly watching the TV and eating better food. The new staff recognizes me instantly and knows my quirks. The owner knows my daughter wants a dessert or waffles. I stroll across the street to the barber for a haircut and a shave. I am so relaxed I fall asleep as my hair is cut. Then I stroll to the candy store and find my families favorites and a trusty diet Mountain Dew.

I take the bus home and meet former peers from another job. The Obama recession has hit those of us who work with their hands the hardest. It pains me to see one of the men that worked for me in such sad shape.
I treat him to West Indian Style Chinese food and a beer. He tells me of the desperation looking everywhere for work. He gets 29 hours at one job and is still looking for a second one. He recalls moments we faced impossible odds at work and asked why I left. He told me the story that was told was it was over a woman and that was partially correct. At that point I was needed at home. It was also time to do something else. The industry was in trouble and I didn't want to be a relic clinging to an industry in its death throws.

I arrive at home to see my family. The two small dogs are all over me. The daughter is all excited and everyone awaits as I unpack the bags. There is something for everyone as eyes light up as things I found along the way find  their intended owners. It is odd that my beloved granddaughter grabs the soda and says Doooooooooooooo.  I enjoy the moment but at tired.

I go to sleep and the dogs sleep at my feet. I don't sleep the whole night and head to the Halal truck with little Rex at 1AM. The man at the truck knows the order and I bring roast lamb for the dogs and ponder the next day.

There is changes and the workplace is evolving. I point out to my peers that the new boss is not as cute and cuddly as the previous one. She is okay and has some admirable qualities. I point out how I have been through stupid, cruel, incompetent and one insane boss and survived them all. All things come to pass and so will this boss and the next before the music is over. The new boss wants me to think of a more managerial role. Unfortunately, the scars of PTSD from long ago have not healed and will likely never heal. It is difficult working closely with those who bullied you. The sad part is that over time it has become apparent that those in the crowd were less skilled than the target. A person in power selected a target and tried her best, but in the end numbers don't lie, nor do the outsiders who viewed the spectacle from afar. Those in the crowd
were not skilled as the person they harassed. I started to notice it when I was assigned the task of repairing errors. Normally, we laugh it off and learn. However, when people walk around like they own the joint and abuse others it is something different.

I think of how the family has sustained me through bad times. I think of how the dreams of the person across the desk sometimes required some extra effort. Many things sustained me in the bad times but my family, community and the public kept me going when a smarter man would have given up.

Lost on many, the ends don't justify the means. I never had to learn that lesson. I also knew how to treat the support staff and be a brother to my peers. Bullies are not cool. When you bully at the behest of someone in power you are a toady. I despise toadies and flunkies.

Lab Rats Learn Commies Don't

I am amused at the silence of the faithful at the implosion of yet another lie. The thought that these workers paradise states are an illusion does not register to the brain impaired death cultists. In many ways the crazed jihadist types who seek a global caliphate are more reality based than the sons of treason.

The responses from the mendicant moron believers exceeds the length of my post.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

When belief fails

I am amused by the silence of Troutsky and the defenders of the latest Marxist failure. Marxists are not capable of reason or rational thought. No doubt this latest failure will be given a series of party line excuses. The next savior will fail and so forth.

Meanwhile the death cultists will ramble on in vain exercises of pompous intellectual self delusion. The faithful will peddle Utopian dreams and the myth of Eden while rationalizing theft and all manner of crimes.

The people want jobs and consumer goods and the death cult response to this desire is to believe the masses are not intelligent enough to make their own choices. When dealing with Marxists, facts, logic and reason are pointless.  Do the masses have the right to make their own choices? Who decided that bug eyed cultists know more about the masses then the masses themselves?

Of course seeing the light when Utopian dreams crash yet again is above the IQ of Marxist drones.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Going to miss the boss

I am going to miss my boss for his skill, humanity and dedication to our profession. He was promoted because he was better then the next guy. He also was far and away the most qualified man for the job. There was some grumbling he got the job because he was gay, but that died quickly and he proved his worth multiple times.

I am proud to have served with such a high caliber person especially during the roll out of DOMA. There were some who were uncomfortable with this law and as an open Conservative I was suspected of being a ring leader of that group. In fact, I was vocally against any effort to mistreat any applicants. We don't have second class citizens in this country gay or otherwise. What all of us can learn from gays is be yourself and the hell with others who can't deal with it.

As a giant of a person and officer and a person we had similar views on use and abuse of law. Respect the law and use common when at all possible. If a situation needed outside intervention, do it. I remember a situation where I was pondering how to resolve an embarrassing gaffe committed outside our office. I told the lawyer if it blows up have no fear as we would resolve the issue at our level. My boss and I looked at each other and we knew the best solution was to bring the matter in to the local level for a more detailed inspection. The matter was resolved quickly and when dealing with advanced seniors time does matter.

My boss is leaving for family reunification and I understand that. There are many days I would like to return to Vermont, but my family is here. I miss the open country and the more industrial type of atmosphere of that office. It was easier to just  go out and get things done. I also miss driving to work. My daughter and granddaughter are young once and need me home. I also enjoy my time in the local Guyanese community and had to decide between personal comfort and professional growth. Every day I spend with the family reminds me I made my choice and it has to be that way. The attorneys also remind me that I am needed at the front.

There has been some grumbling about the new boss. My previous boss reminded me that the greatest prisons are those we construct ourselves. In reality he is 100% correct. With all the crap I have been through including years of workplace bullying my fears were stupid. I tell the boss why I am doing something and she understands. Example, I would like to get this task done now, but I have two problems. It can be done at a later date once those matters are resolved. We have taken x steps to put this to rest. She is not my previous boss and should not be expected to be. She is herself and that is all we can ask anyone to be.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Obama the jokes is on Us

The world looks to Obama for leadership in the Ukraine crisis. Of course expecting Obama to do anything
competently should come as a punchline to a joke on the American people. Sorry, but endlessly droning on about hope and change behind a Pepsi knockoff logo does not make a leader.

At least we are almost done with the failed Presidency of excuses and ineptness. Of course Hillary will feign she hardly ever knew Obama.