Friday, March 21, 2014

Giving Back

I spent the morning as a guest lecturer. One does not feel old until one has made the transition from the chair to the front. Apparently the students have a very positive reaction and it was covered in the previous students comments. The class was twice the size of previous years and I was not prepared for such a large class.

When I teach I tend to be interactive in style. I allow the students to use their own instincts and place them in the role of the professional and the public servant. I remind them that public service is a responsibility and great honor. I show the subtle nuances like making contact and subtly establishing the tone of the process.

I am told the students had a very positive response. I also reminded them about cultural and economic biases in interviewing and assessments.  


Duckys here said...

The transfer didn't come through, heh?

beakerkin said...

For better or worse I am strongly identified with the current regime.
Each regime has their people they count on to deliver.

I expect it will take time as I have paid my dues. I am still needed as a mentor and innovator,