Friday, March 28, 2014

Those enlightened lefties part 2

We have had some unusual claims over the life of this blog. At one time the Jooooo obsessed 167 claimed that I hide my Judaism and tried to get non Jews to support Israel. This was amusing in that I seldom write about that subject unless a lefty is on an obsessive tear.

The newest rant is a commie classic "self hating Jooooo" by our own Duncy. He could be basing this on any number of factors. However, as a Jew familiar with the practices of the community I have the right to intellectual freedom. Unlike Marxist drones, I posses cultural literacy in the faith and the history of my people.

This term is an accurate term usually used to describe Marxists who happen to be Jewish and have pathological obsessions with Jews like Gnome Chimpanzee, Norman Finkola and former Jew Nature boy
Joel Koevell who has converted to another faith. They spend their days screaming from the top of their lungs
and are well compensated " I am a Joooo who is outraged by Israel for whatever." In actuality these are political lunatics with off the wall political philosophies that are a surrogate religion.

The Duck could be reffering to my general disdain for Rav Roov and his family whose toxic religious practices are usually at my expense and impact my personal liberty. He could be talking about my disdain for the fringe religious cults whose utter disdain for gainful employment is a source of conflict in the community.
Some of these groups are so despised by the larger community that outside their community members deny their membership in the individual sect.

Once again with the familiar story, I was born into a mostly secular family. We did practice the major festivals but were clearly not religious. My older half brothers and sisters never spent one second in a Yeshiva. I was ripped out of the local public school and placed in a Yeshiva in third grade. I had no desire to make this move as I was placed in a class with kids whose cultural practices were different from my own. I was secular in my outlook and fought to return to my world. The battle took place over many years and I was not able to return to a secular school until ninth grade. I was then sent to a Yeshiva in thenth, but convinced a violent Rabbi to let me return. Ironically, the Rabbi never laid a glove on me because he knew that violence in my case was pointless. Hitting me wasn't going to change me or get me back in line. I never denied what I was accused of and just accepted whatever punishment was given. I also did not discuss my views or attempt to undermine the views of anyone else. If a Rabbi asked in private, I stated I was secular and that all debate was wasted. I did not deny my heritage, but rather I defined myself as secular.

Thus our Dunce could be talking about my Guyanese family that is Hindu or Northwind who was French Catholic and Abenaki or a UN of various other relationships who included Jews of varying   religious commitment from several countries, Asians, Latinas and Caribbeans. Who I select as my significant other
is a personal choice. This is my personal preference and an amusing Muslim lefty with a wife who is also
from his own country infered I was bigoted because I would not date a Muslim. Actually a check of my bio does include a short relationship with a sultry Albanian girl in College who was secular but this is not something I would hold up as indicative of anything. However, I view the choice of long term romantic interest as a personal matter.

In general I have my own issues with the larger community. In my day Yeshivas were committed to excellence in their secular studies. Sadly, as costs spiral upwards the quality of the education has gone downwards and the more religious a school is in general the lower quality of secular education it provides.

The practices of the ultra Orthodox have nothing to do with Judaism and are cult like veneration of imagined ghetto life. As people who came from those small towns were members of my family and community I have a passing familiarity with the actual lives of people that lived in that era. The Jews from the small town were pious, but they worked hard for very little money. If there was an extra dime it was those even poorer.
The village had a Rabbi who led services and was a leader of the community. He provided normal spiritual guidance. The Ultra Orthodox are actually cults with a Jewish motif. There is nothing authentically Jewish about the clothes, music or cuisine of these communities. In fact the get up is a period piece but somewhere people can start a variant wearing Nehru Jackets and Goodluck Jonathan hats later. Self sufficiency and hard work were normal practices venerated in my community long before the Chasidic community was conceived.

Jews have a different relationship with Europe and for the most part did not consider themselves members of the nations they lived in. In my case my grandfather was a Polish Cavalry man who fought for Poland against Bolsevik clowns. He did not consider himself a Pole. Communists prominently describe Jew as a nationality
in Soviet documents.. Communists often deny this, but as my job requires extensive contact with all types of official documents I have the fact in front of me each and every day. Now that it is politically expedient to stoke populist bigotry Commies frequently say "Israel is a religious state and is an anachronism". These same Commies have no issue with ethnically cleansed states with an official religion and theological law just as long as it isn't Jooooish.

It is not politically expedient for Jewish people in the current age to say they are Jewish. In the presence of other officers I never deny what my faith is. However, I elected to define myself as Guyanese and do attend community events on a regular basis. Fellow coworkers who are Poles, Ukranian, Russian and Hungarian will point to a common heritage but Guyana has been listed as the group I identify with. I support Israel for political reasons and am a secular member of the Jewish community. I have not converted to another faith
and doing so would not even accomplish anything. According to the traditions even if I converted I would still be considered Jewish but non- observant by the community. My desire to be buried in Guyana is a family dispute with an obnoxious mendicant relatives than a rejection of my community. The Guyanese heritage is
part of a running joke at work and at the diner.

This is another amusing attempt by Commies to define "authenticity" and shows typical obsession with Joooos. Does our local Communist even know what AOW's ethnicity or religion is? Commies spend their days playing a version of the Howard Stern game who is a Jew. In this case they are more interested in my religious practices than I am.      


Anonymous said...

Your in luck Beak. I couldn't care less whether you are a Jew, a Hindu, Muslim, Guyanese, white , brown, black, yellow, polka dot, nor what your sexual proclivities are. Not interested in the slightest. Whatever floats your boat dude. It's just that ideological concrete suit and boots you wear. Immovable. It's kind of interesting. I do admire your honesty though. Call a spade a shovel. But there's a quality there as well. Something hard to put a finger on. Like a bug in your operating system. A nasty streak. An irrational quality that rears it's ugly head and comes out screaming anytime someone of the opposite political persuasion comes within your radar. It's like you have compartmentalised your mind, with some rooms bolted shut, others just off limits and a whole set that you just won't look in, not even worthy of your gaze or attention. Fascinating. Sometimes you just get so riled up and other times I detect a semblance of humanity. It's funny how you see things as so black and white. I'm right, and they're wrong, when those you dismiss as "Commies" or "death cultists" are far more nuanced and caring in their concerns. I often wonder of what you are really scared. Why you are so fearful of those who wish to see the world, a safer, ecologically sound, more just and equitable place for all and not just a few. You see, even now, I'm laughing at myself for being so sensible here. Laughing at myself for believing a rational conversation with you is actually possible.

You remind me of that joke about the guy who gets up late for work in the morning, runs but misses the bus, starts to walk to work, it begins to rain and he doesn't have an umbrella, gets to work, gets fired for being late, leaves, misses the bus to get home, starts walking in the rain, gets home and realizes he doesn't have his house key, breaks in, sees all the furniture gone and a note on the floor from his wife that says she never loved him and is leaving him, so he walks outside into the backyard, drops to his knees, looks to the heavens and pleads, "Why me Lord, why me?". And a thundering voice answers from the clouds, "I don't know. There's just something about ya."

Duckys here said...

So confused that you'll go to the absurd lengths of calling yourself Guyanese.

beakerkin said...

As I do have Guyanese family this is
not a stretch. I do not deny what my heritage is.

The question is typically asked what country is your family from.

beakerkin said...


Except for the fact you lefties are
obsessed with them Jooos you might have a point.