Monday, March 24, 2014

Weapons Grade Awful

One has to really love your kid to endure Titanic and High School The Musical. I did luck out somewhat when I noticed the Tranquil Sea did not leave any food for the kid. I went off to the grocery store looking for food my daughter could prepare quickly. As she is growing rapidly and is very thin it is okay to load up on the dairy products. I did pass up my favorites and purchased her some strawberry ice cream. I found a few cans of chicken soup, some microwave pancakes and she reminded me twice on cell phone about fruit roll ups.

On the way back there was a huge fire on Liberty Avenue. I used the crowd to my advantage and headed straight for the hallal truck. She said she wasn't hungry and ate my lunch. I then went to the roti shop for daluri and baigan choka for the mossus.

Unfortunately, while I returned the ship was still sinking. I was actually rooting for the writer of this script to get hypothermia. I have no idea why people went to this dreadful film in droves.

However, that was a minor irritation when compared to High School the Musicl. Idiotic spoiled shallow blondes, pretty boy jock who rebels against his basketball coach day and math wiz minority are a dreadful mix of pc cliches. The singing, actingand writing of this had me yearning for the dreadful drug comedies of the 80's.

I am currently reading Rutherford's New York. One should not expect Mitchener or Kenneth Roberts who do this genre better than Rutherford. That being said thus far the book is better than advertised, but I am still in the Revolutionary War era.


Always On Watch said...

Most of the time, I cannot abide what passes for entertainment today. High School The Musical is a piece of crap as far as I'm concerned.


It takes a lot to equal or surpass the writing of James Michener -- and we shouldn't expect to see his equal, IMO.

Duckys here said...

Mom won't fix her child a meal so you step in with ice cream, microwave pancakes and fruit roll-ups.
The eggplant is some modest nutrition but the child needs a better diet.

Try taking her to Film Forum for the adolescents program. Beats Titanic.

beakerkin said...


The kids mom works night and a sister does the general cooking. As she is growing she needs supplemental calories and items she can prepare quickly. Fruit roll ups are not bad to bring to school.

The daughter is not a film head. Oddly, I asked her if she knew how the Titanic was going to end and like many little kids she did not.
Sadly, the dreadful writing in that film is the real disaster.

beakerkin said...


To expect Mitchner is unfair. Yet, Rutherford uses almost cliche predictable writing in places. One can see the plot twist coming.

Kenneth Roberts series is of a much higher quality.

Duckys here said...

@Beak -- The daughter is not a film head.
Doesn't have to be.
AOW would agree on the merits of being aware of the classics in literature. I think the same holds in film. Gives her a chance to get out from under special effects extravaganzas and broaden her exposure.

Safety Last
To Kill a Mockingbird
Mr. Magoo cartoon festival

Hardly an elitist selection.
It's worthwhile to take a look back now and again.

Anonymous said...

Kurt Vonnegut: Breakfast of Champions (Learn to draw an asshole!)

Kurt Vonnegut:Slaughterhouse Five (Book and movie- get to hear Bach's Largo in the F minor piano concerto-

William Golding: The Inheritors (learn what more sophisticated and evolved man is capable of out of fear)

Dee Brown: Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee (should be read in conjunction with The Inheritors. Technically not a novel but the Beak may beg to differ)

Franz Kafka: The Burrow (Short story about the day in the life of a paranoid rodent)

Oscar Wilde: The Soul of Man (also not technically fiction, but the Beak WILL disagree- find in full in comments section of Beak's previous blog post, Death Cultists Proclaim...)

Poetry: Anything by the bard of Salford, John Cooper Clarke or Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart

Oh and, Year 501- The Conquest Continues by guess who (also not technically fiction-yes, I know, the Beak thinks/knows otherwise. To be read after or before Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee and The Inheritors)

Always On Watch said...

Harvey is Mr. AOW's favorite film.

Just sayin'.

Duckys here said...

The Burrow is perfect, Beak.

You'd really find it loaded with insight.

Anonymous said...

Listen to the Duck, Beak.

Hey, I made a little joke. Duck beak.

Apologies to Ducky.