Friday, March 14, 2014

The human side of all of us

Dr. Yeagley was a friend. Like any other friend we disagreed with each other on many things. He was brilliant, personable, a man of faith and loved America.

All of us journey through life and grow over time. Hopefully, most of us move past our hangups and challenge our assumptions. I am not the same person I was in college and over time I will not be the same politically five years from now.

All of us need to challenge ourselves.

The obituary I just wrote could be written about any of us. We need to evolve over ideas and not cling stubbornly to prisons of our own creations. However, in life there is always another challenge to overcome
as the music stops and our journey ends.


Anonymous said...

Do those "death cultists" have a human side? Do all those "cumwads" have a human side?(rhetorical questions?) Are your irrational, illogical, factually errant, ignorant, rants at "death cultists" and "cumwads" part of your "evolving over ideas" side? Is it you moving "past [y]our hangups and challeg[ing] [y]our assumptions"?

No, that's right, what you write here is RIGHT, and only applies to those who believe what you believe.

Unfortunately for so many in this world, and your beloved america,the music stops and the journey ends far too early. In fact, for many, there never was music and the "journey" never really started. And that has more to do with structural and institutional inadequacies, insidious unjust systems of competition and inequality within the working world, political world and education system, that breeds attitudes that suggest, more like trumpet, that those down the bottom, those with not much or nothing at all, are there because they haven't challenged themselves, or tried hard enough and their complaining about their lot, along with all the anxiety and stress, and demand for "entitlements", is a sign of their lack of worthiness, their laziness and the "station" they deserve.

That abstract entity called "america" cares more that pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies (and the rest), make a profit, than that its own citizens may "profit" or benefit from a humane healthcare system. To name but one area of REAL concern.

That cognitive dissonance you must carry in your head must be well and truly separated, compartmentalized, and packed away, so you can get on with your life of overcoming challenges with proud feelings of success, while maintaining a thoroughly well deserved sense of self worth, dignity and satisfaction. Those last three things being things that so many, in america and the rest of the world, will never know anything about, while the systems you champion so much are maintained, among many other horrific things. But hey, you're a "rudy republican" and must be rudy right.

Look forward to your predictable set of hangups, ideas and assumptions disguised as reasonable and rational responses. Oh, that's right, we don't deserve them. I forgot.

Maybe it's because I'm not (nor all those death cultists and cumwads), brilliant, personable, nor a person of faith and find it hard to love an abstract concept like "america". I tend to reserve my feelings for actual people like you Beak! Are you an actual "person" Beak? Unlike those death cultists and cumwads who don't deserve respect like your good friend because they don't have a "human side"? Which logically leads me to the conclusion that you do not include them when you write of "the human side of all of us"? Fair enough I suppose. When you're right your rudy right!

Long live america, land of the....

Duckys here said...

"... and over time I will not be the same politically five years from now."

I doubt you'll change a bit.
The white supremacist Yeagley would not have either.

Hopefully it was peaceful but I can't say his bigotry will be missed.

beakerkin said...


The late Dr. was more complicated
then you assume. Yes he was obsessed and hated Blacks, but attended a largely Black Church.

That being said you are obsessed with Jews and have convenient Marxist jargon to attempt to hide your obsessions. If we judge you
on the same basis as Yeagley your
bigotry is quite evident.

For years you gay bashed the Dr. without evidence. The Dr. did fall
madly in love with a Jewish woman
at Harvard. For unknown reasons likely related to faith or location the relationship ended.
The Dr. was never bitter about that relationship and cherished its memory. Unlike many the Dr. had nothing but fond memories and wished this woman who broke his heart well.

You know little about my views other than I despise Communists.
On the other hand you will merely repeat the party line no matter how stupid or inane.


You are correct. Communists are animals who really should self deport to North Korea and Cuba.
They should be marginalized and scorned and unlike the rest of us
are not capable of growth until they walk away from advocating violence and theft.

My friend had repugnant views, but
never advocated violence or stealing stuff that did not belong to him. His views while odious were part of a man who was otherwise decent. We disagreed about the nature of America, but I
have zero doubt that he loved America and Christ in his heart. In the case of my friend, he did not fully grasp the egalitarian nature of those things he held closest to his heart.

You can stew in your own ignorance and convince yourself that your off the wall views have value. You are not playing with a full deck.

Anonymous said...

The truth is my views DO have value. That I AM playing with a full deck.

It is interesting that you can't see, or choose not to, the inconsistency of your own position. That you lump ALL those who have views left of your own as deathcultists and cumwads. As " marxists" and "communists". As animals.That you cannot reason with them,as I am trying to do, with you, here. That there is no point in trying to. That position leaves no room to move. It leads directly to violence. It leads to the very thing you, yourself hate(well I assume you do) dictatorships or totalitarianism. Even towards things like plutocracy and oligarchies. It leads to a meeting in the streets.It leads to the old, "let's step outside" syndrome. See you on the battle field scenario. But YOU won't be out there really. It will be the police, the military, authorities of whatever sort, with a licence to kill, fighting with ordinary people, just like you, to preserve a way of life that is the exclusive preserve of a privileged few. They certainly DO NOT give a shit about YOU and whatever wonderful little life you have built for yourself. This is an interesting position to place yourself in. Hence why you have to convince yourself that RIGHT is on your side and hide the truth of the logical consequences of your position away in the dark recesses of your mind because it logically leads towards conflict and violence.

And the funny thing is that YOU will have NO actual say in how it all pans out. You never have had,because what YOU call democracy is actually an ILLUSION of it. Real Democracy is a risk that must be avoided at all costs. This was the point of the Edward Bernays' pamphlet called Propaganda from which I quoted in some comments here. A man who without question, believes in the same institutional systems you do. The rabble must, at all costs be kept OUT of the decision making process.

This is that cognitive dissonance I was talking about. Holding two incompatible and opposing views at the same time.Can you see them?

The sentiment expressed in this post is not compatible with your own attitude, constantly and without reservation expressed here and elsewhere, on others who hold opposing political views to yourself.

A strange loop indeed.

beakerkin said...


History speaks loudly and clearly about the crimes of Marxists. If we had an apoliticized mental health it would be treated as a mental health defect.

As a Marxist you don't respect property or the rights of the actual workers to think for themselves. Sorry, but your fealty
to a criminal faith has rendered you into a political cartoon.

The Constitution protects those with criminal views up until the point of treason. Be careful that you don't break any laws. Not that the US government ever enforces the existing laws. It bars private
citizens from interfering in foreign policy. Your friend the fish molester has violated this law on behalf of a repressive criminal regime.

Anonymous said...

Your notion of property is a little off. Most people in the world don't own shit. They certainly don't own the sort of property that brings wealth or access to the levers of power. Some in wealthy countries like the US get to own a house of some sort. Mainly the banks own 'em, but let's not split hairs. But still it's only a small number really.

Only a very very very tiny minority actually own the means of production and other shit that brings with it extreme power and wealth. And that ain't you either Beak. You remember the GFC Beak, and how those you support, idolize and drool over, clambered over all those they screwed to sure up their own opulent lifestyles. They threw a tarp over all those left in ruin, dreams destroyed, to keep the rain out and left them to wallow in theiir depression.

So, respecting property? Yeah, I wonder who really respects it and what sort of property commands most respect? They're the people who run the world. Don't worry Beak, they thank you for supporting them and keeping in them in the lifestyle they've grown accustomed to, but they certainly don't give a shit about you. Just like they don't give a shit about the poor in Venezuela. Never have. Never will. Reagan, Bush, Bush, Clinton, Obama whoever, they're all the same. As long as wages are kept at a minimum, we can do what we want. That's called freedom Beak. Shut up, stop complaining, and get on with helping the rich and powerful remain rich and powerful.

Strange bedfellows you keep, Beak.

Love your work, Beak.

See you on the streets!