Monday, March 31, 2014


We have our cliche Communists discussing my ideological armor. This comes from a clown with rather over the top anti american obsessions and not one iota of intellectual independence.  


Anonymous said...

In what comment have I professed an anti american sentiment? Not one. So therefore, you cannot draw the conclusion that I have an obsession with anti-americanism. It's just nonsense I say, nonsense. Perhaps you are confusing the institutional structures and governmental actions, not unique to the US, for anti-americanism. All my favorite music, or most, comes from the US. My favorite musician is american, or was. My favorite political commentators and writers are americans. It's hard to hate an abstraction anyway. I dislike many things and can point to them quite concretely and it matters not from what geological location, bordered and given an arbitrary name, they emanate. So I think you are in this case, like your obsession with this Jooooo thing, that seems to be living rent free in your head, quite wrong in your assessment of my views.The conclusion you draw just cannot logically be drawn from what I have written. Sorry about that.

Clown? Gees, I make two jokes and you go straight for clown!? Come on, you laughed didn't ya. I thought "listen to the Duck, Beak", was pretty good. And that joke about the guy where everything goes wrong? Come on, admit you had a chuckle.

Look, just because it may be that every recursively generated hierarchical structured expression you think or utter is unique, doesn't necessarily mean that the thought or idea you have is.

For example, I have not read one thing of yours regarding politics or your anti death cultist commie proclamations, that I haven't read or heard before. It's not even what you say that is unoriginal, it is how you say it. So when you talk of intellectual independence you are merely throwing a red herring out there into cyberspace.

There are no intellectual islands out there in the world. Any one creative individual or genius draws from the collective intellectual history of society and/or the world- from those who have gone before and those in the present. Throw in one's parents (extrapolate even further back to grandparents etc..) for their support when you were young, singing songs to ya, reading certain books to ya, sending you to certain schools, making your luches. All your friends, teachers, workmates, and everything you encounter in your travels. You owe so much to so many it's just not funny. You Beak, have been molded, indoctrinated, and quite clearly, taught to follow the rules you follow and believe in the current system the way you do in ways you can't even see. Hence that iron suit you wear and those concrete boots. You don't even know where you bought them. They're just there, hanging in your wardrobe and you wear them perpetually. You've carved out your little niche in the world and you're going to protect it no matter what. Perfectly understandable. Most people do that.

It actually takes a lot more courage to fight the oppressive nature of the current system and its institutional structures, particularly considering the powerful forces so often unleashed to protect the plutocrats and oligarchs, against those who would like to see a truly participatory society.

Maybe one day Beak. Maybe one day you will really see and understand. None of us are holding our collective breath however, because quite frankly, you aren't the problem.

beakerkin said...

How quaint, your favorite musician is American. Is this the far left
version of the redneck classic but some of my best friends are Black.

The far left is quite obsessed with Jews. Stoking populist antisemitism is central to the long term goals of gathering huge numbers of Muslim allies as well as traditional Jew haters. This is evident in any assembly of leftist types.

I am quite certain individual Nazis made similar claims. However, the core of the Nazi movement was quite clear.

As a socialist you create zero except large debts and steal resources. You don't have an actual clue that job creation and entrepreneurship create the jobs that pay for social programs.

Even the deranged "progressive" lunatic in NYC is starting to back away from his bomb throwing rhetoric. All he has done is make Gov. Cuomo look sane in comparison
which is a monumental feat. Make no mistake a person who honeymoons in Cuba and views the Sandinazis as a role model uses the term "progressive" to obscure their actual political views.

Anonymous said...

No, was American and no it is not the same as the "redneck classic". See that's your problem, no nuance. No subtlety.

"The far left is quite obsessed with Jews. Stoking populist antisemitism is central to the long term goals of gathering huge numbers of Muslim allies as well as traditional Jew haters. This is evident in any assembly of leftist types."

The above paragraph is actually a good example of your own strange obsession and your deranged psychological state. It is sooooooo bizarre it is not worth commenting on.

You think "social programs" are a good thing? Social is a key word here. They are definitely necessary or there would be severe problems. But come on Beaky, they're like band aides really. If you don't try to help the less privileged underclasses you'd look pretty bad and there's a chance they just might get pretty pissed. Gotta have some mechanisms, quite a few actually, working together to keep the bewildered herd quiet. Take the risk out of democracy! Throw a few bickies at the poor to keep them alive, so they can do the shit work, and you can feel good about yourself? Hey, what about if there was no need for "social programs". You know, a more just and equitable system? The fact that there are social programs and a need for so many of them seems to suggest that there is perhaps something wrong with ye olde entrepreneurial job creation system you like so much. Maybe it needs a tweak, Beak?

Duckys here said...

Uh Beak, the only one obsessed with Jooooos (that usage is quite comic) is yourself. You have a lot of unresolved hostility which you project at random periods.

Homeland Security wants you to quit and makes things unpleasant at work. It's because the bully Joooos, not because they got tired of you playing surf music at work. That's your idea of "creating something".

You oppose #OWS? Then cook up some nonsense it being an antisemitic movement despite all evidence.

DiBlasio caves on charter schools being given free rent when conventional schools including special needs schools need the space. Call him a commie just like the corporate pimp Cuomo.

It's unfortunate that your ignorant tunnel vision is manifest so often on the right.