Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Going to miss the boss

I am going to miss my boss for his skill, humanity and dedication to our profession. He was promoted because he was better then the next guy. He also was far and away the most qualified man for the job. There was some grumbling he got the job because he was gay, but that died quickly and he proved his worth multiple times.

I am proud to have served with such a high caliber person especially during the roll out of DOMA. There were some who were uncomfortable with this law and as an open Conservative I was suspected of being a ring leader of that group. In fact, I was vocally against any effort to mistreat any applicants. We don't have second class citizens in this country gay or otherwise. What all of us can learn from gays is be yourself and the hell with others who can't deal with it.

As a giant of a person and officer and a person we had similar views on use and abuse of law. Respect the law and use common when at all possible. If a situation needed outside intervention, do it. I remember a situation where I was pondering how to resolve an embarrassing gaffe committed outside our office. I told the lawyer if it blows up have no fear as we would resolve the issue at our level. My boss and I looked at each other and we knew the best solution was to bring the matter in to the local level for a more detailed inspection. The matter was resolved quickly and when dealing with advanced seniors time does matter.

My boss is leaving for family reunification and I understand that. There are many days I would like to return to Vermont, but my family is here. I miss the open country and the more industrial type of atmosphere of that office. It was easier to just  go out and get things done. I also miss driving to work. My daughter and granddaughter are young once and need me home. I also enjoy my time in the local Guyanese community and had to decide between personal comfort and professional growth. Every day I spend with the family reminds me I made my choice and it has to be that way. The attorneys also remind me that I am needed at the front.

There has been some grumbling about the new boss. My previous boss reminded me that the greatest prisons are those we construct ourselves. In reality he is 100% correct. With all the crap I have been through including years of workplace bullying my fears were stupid. I tell the boss why I am doing something and she understands. Example, I would like to get this task done now, but I have two problems. It can be done at a later date once those matters are resolved. We have taken x steps to put this to rest. She is not my previous boss and should not be expected to be. She is herself and that is all we can ask anyone to be.

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Unknown said...

Are you legally married?

Still can't figure out why you had so many problems with the frummies staying at your place if you were living with your wife.