Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The gay and liberal obsession with the Roman Catholic Church

I have stated before that God and religion are not PC, The Church should be free to preach anything short of criminal acts or exhortations of violence. Thus let any Imam preach that as a Jew I am hell bound, However when the religious nuts start preaching about cutting off heads you have exceeded the First Amendment.

The rules and regulations of the Catholic Church belong to its followers and clergy. If Gays and liberals feel excluded there are plenty of Churches that don't agree with
the current policy.

The larger problem with the Catholic Church has nothing to do with Gays. The clergy forgot that they serve a public trust. The sanctity and spiritual needs of the congregants is the primary duty of any Church. Arogantly, the Church needed a wake up call. No man of the cloth should ever use his powers for sexual gratification. This is not about Gays but a clear example of abuse of authority.

The abuse of the pulpit does obscure the excellent work that a variety of Churches do each and every day. There are no headline in Father Murphy teaches yokel how to read or Rev Diaz tends the sick and dying. It is a terrible thing that we forget these institutions also touch and help people each and every day.

Yet each and every day the sanctimonious liberals and far left gay activists attack the Roman Catholic Church every day. Take the words of a Jew from NYC the Roman Catholic Church helps more people each and every day then far left groups ever did in their entire history.

An odd profession

I was reading VS Naipul's first book Among the Believers and I ran into an odd testament to the infectious side of Capitalism. Palistan is on of many countries that survives in part due to remitances from foriegn workers. Mexico and the Phillipinnes also have similar economies. Rather then make their economies functional Pakistan has an immigration district much like our business districts in NYC.

Capitalism will flourish if left alone but there seems to be something sinister in nthis enterprise. Naipul also describes the professional affidavit men that my coworkers laugh about. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh keep poor records so we must often rely on these dubious affidavits. They seem to be written by the same hand. No doubt many Americans do avail themselves of legal help when preparing legal documents but they do appear different.

The question should also be why we continue to allow floods of immigrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh two countries with no US ties and no prospect of developing key trade. Those slots should be reserved for religious refugees from those countries and sadly I see them daily.

Beamish in 08

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Time to reclaim our government agencies

Lost in the Joe Wilson , CIA agent McGovern fiasco is a glaring question. Who let these deranged far left wing narcasistic bufoons into government . The time has come to stop hiring people with Social science degrees in the State Department, CIA and FBI. We have had more then enough experience to know far left types are disloyal and serve nobody except their deranged internationalist bretheren.

The time has come for us to remove a great impediment to cleaning up our Universities of left Gulags. If Government removed an outlet of employment and dismantled the old Bolshevik network we could have patriotic self servants who look out for you rather then seek to be the center of attention.

This is a typical example of PC in a work place.

Supervisor: Inspector Beakerkin how does a woman from country X give birth to three kids after the age of 60.

Beak: Well country X practices polygamy and a younger wife may do the actual ahem "Heavy lifting" and give credit to the most senior wife who has status.

Useless Lib: I am going to personel and filing a complaint over your racist and sexist use of the term Heavy lifting.

The conversation was not directed at or near useless lib but she has decided to be the local PC police. The truth is the vast perponderance of complaints come from a small handfull of trouble makers who almost always have low productivity ratings.

The following terms were deemed in appropriate " use your cocanut" was deemed sexual.
Last I checked a cocanut was still produce do we have any Vegisexuals out there. I do not think of produce in sexual terms.

The use of sports terms like Foul Ball between men was sexist as it was claimed to be an attempt to exclude women and immigrants. Last I checked the coffee clatch could talk about Desperate Housewives a show with almost zero male viewership.

This hypersensitivity must obviously not extend to Joooooos. In the words of McGoverns OIL speech the I stands for Israel. A constant refrain from the insane far left is that Jooooooos have a dual loyalty problem . If there is one group that has a constant history of treason it is the far left. Any sugestion that a group of people who have bombed the US and preach warfare against non believers is racist. Last I checked Muslims, Arabs and Pseudostinians still do not constitute any known racial category.

How long would a crank pushing the envolope with anti black or gay conspiracies been tolerated. Lets see Colin Powell and Dr Rice are black so they must be negrocons. The media would have a similar field day about insane conspiracy theories about a velvet mafia controling governmental policy.

Yet Ray McGovern"s anti semitic crank views never seemed to be cause for dismissal.
Lets see are we back to the lefts usual some victims are more sacred then others game. Last I checked the Great conservatives Howard Dean and Susan Estritch denounced the Israel and the Jooooos had anything to do with Iraq cannard as anti semitic.

Societal parasites and kooks belong far away from National security. Let them work in Starbucks and the DMV . They are uniformly lousy personel who are poor team players. Placing idiots whose sole learning consists of Chomsky and I Rigoberta in areas of national security is foolish. Let them work in the private sector first and
real life experience.

A new American Holiday April 15." Get your paws off my wallet you socialist vermin"

I would like to propose a new holiday on April 15. We should use that day to tell the social engineers to get out of my wallet.

Unlike most conservatives I do believe in a basic safety net for people who really need it. This means children, the real disabled, seniors and war veterans. Everybody else must work period end of conversation .

If you want a public assistance check you must work for it. The choice of menial work is endless clean the streets, flip burgers or god forbid work in Walmart. The usual excuse is those jobs are undignified. Sitting at home and sucking off taxpayers is not dignified. Dependency on handouts is a form of slavery of the worst kind.

We must also seriously penalize employers who flout the illegal labor laws. The notion that illegal labor is exploited is 100% correct. Lets throw the book at employers and publish their names. FYI Tyson foods was involved in a big scandal as was Walmart through a subcontractor both companies were tied to the Clintoooon crime family. Words said by Bill and Hillary Clintoooon about Tyson foods conviction of using illegal workers 0.

My heroes are the working poor who go about their business each and every day and are spat upon by the nanny state socialist vermin. Meet Jerome who is an African American who works in a wharehose and security gaurd each and every day. The left talks about helping him but it raises his gas, telephone taxes and if he wants a beer and a smoke after working two dead end jobs we will tax that two. What does the left say to Jerome other then drop dead don't work so hard. Jerome is a man of dignity and doesn't want your handouts or government cheese. Meet Elizabeth a legal Columbian immigrant who strugles to make ends meet as a health care aid. She has a young daughter and because she works her fanny off the libs won't lift a finger to help her. Elizabeth and Jerome w2ork hard each and every day at horrible jobs and neither wants your pity or handouts. They are not bitter or envious of others and they have self respect.

The failed socialist liberal paternalism wastes resources by draining resources from productive citizens and creates a new type of slavery. Welcome to the socialist plantation where you will be paid to live a subsistance life and do nothing. This is arrogance personified and poor people are not animals to be fed a few bread crumbs and patted on the head. I would sooner help the working poor like Jerome then a person that sits at home watching Dr Phil and Oprah.

Self respect is every persons right and paternalistic victimology helps nobody.

"Hey you socialists get your stinking paws out of my wallet. We do not need you or your poverty pimps. How about dignity self respect and hard work. Dignity the feeling I get when I earn my paycheck until you mug me with idiotic social programs. Each and every week I get mugged. No I do not mind paying for roads, military defense but paying for people to perpetualy not work is a crime.The safety net was never intended to be a way of life. Help without any concept of self reliance is slavery and inhuman"

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Clearing the house on Thansgiving

This post is dedicated to those of us who are forced to deal with obnoxious relatives as the holidays approach. The best way to clear the house of unwelcome guests is to serve Tofurkey instead of Turkey. Most guest will run as soon as you mention tofu. The rest will excuse thenselves about an hour or so after you eat the substance.

I am a traditionalist as I like to see the big baloons in the Macys parade. They throw in a retro baloon for the boomers but I would love to see Bulwinkle or Gumby but it is not their turn. Has anyone noticed the resemblence of 167 to Mr Potato head.

I also like to watch the football games but the Detriot Lions without Barry Sanders are a bore. The Cowboy and Denver game promises to be much better. I do remember LT returning an interception 95 yards against Detroit on Thanksgiving.

I expect a dead animal on my plate for Thanksgiving. However, my time in VT has made me more flexible so if a vegitarian switches the Turkey with Tofurkey all one has to do is have a meeting between Ford and mother nature. A Moose is quite delicious but risky unless one is driving a tank. Aim for anything smaller then a deer but skunk is not popular for obvious reasons. Lets see three rabits and a racoon take route 127 and be back in an hour.

In general non Hindu vegatarians are the meanest people one will encounter. This is because they are always trying to save the world from maladies created by their like minded socialist nutjobs. " How can you eat Turkey when there are Killer whales dying in Alaska. Hmmmmmn Killer whale would taste good but will it go with cranberry sauce and stuffing. I go to my table to eat have a good time so if the tie died crowd is bent out of shape too bad.

The far left can have arbor day and all their dopey ideas like take your daughter to work day. I would like a persecuted tax payer day on April 15, but do not hold your breath on that one.

Monday, November 21, 2005


Iommorow I will attempt to return home to my beloved city and family. It does not matter that the forecast is for a nasty winter storm and I will be in the center of it high in the Adirondacks at about noon. I will gladly drive through the storm when smarter men stay home.

Thanksgiving is about counting our blessings even when they are few in number and difficult to focus on . A year ago I never dreamed that my chance to serve my country that I love would ever arrive. Many people gave up on my dream but I never lost hope.

I am greatful to my wonderful friends both old and new and to 90% of my readers not named after Poultry or given numbers. Yes we are a small family and I look forward to reading the familiar blogs each day.

I will most likely be returing for good in January but I will not soon forget my wonderful coworkers most of whom I will most likely never see again. Yet I need the action and excitement and energy of my city. I miss the Museums and the ethnic enclaves and my brothers from all over the world.

I an thankful each and every day I live in this country. I am thankful that I have a wonderful extended family and someday we will boot the Commies , Jihadis and racial power nuts into the dog house either Cuba or that new Islamic nation emerging in Europe called New Algeria. I do not need an abstract bs about social justice as 90% of us are bound by reality and the markets.

There is and never will be Utopia and all who strive for it in this world are fools.
Think of solutions that work and are in touch with human nature.

I wish all a happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Change and the long voyage home

I will be departing on Tuesday back to my beloved city. I shall be returning for an extended stay.My wise mentor will be departing for Hartford. Three of the old crew including my favorite coworker will be leaving for another building. I will miss them as the old boys club is breaking up.

Most Vermonters can not understand my love of NYC. NYC is my home and I love the energy and I will take crazy cabbies over deer anyday. I will sop in to visit the drum master in NJ

I also plan on spening time at the met in the Renoir section. I will mix with friends and family . My new location is going to be a stones throw from Ground Zero.
Some of my Vermont friends will be joining me and I will show them the city I have always loved. NYC can be a scary place but several natives will be part of the contingent.

Friday, November 18, 2005

VS Naipul"s Among the Believers Iran

The good Mullahs of Iran kick the Commies tail at the end of the chapter. The religious zealots are compared to a tee with the Commies who are put to good use by the Jihadsts as Useful Idiots. They are then brutaly surpressed in a bit of history our own Commie prefer to forget.

The overwhelming presence of the religious police upsets Naipuls Commie guide who admires Stalin. The police come into the train compartment and demand the guide and his girlfriend stop playing cards as it is unIslamic. The irony there about the Commie fink crying about a police state is comedic.

The specter of a Jihadist judge laughing about people he sent to death is eerie. A clear picture of Iran as a police state is apparent in even a casual reading. Old Soviet hands will see plenty of overlap.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lie of the Century

Most long term readers of this blog know I look at ID papers daily. I have seen abou twenty from Gaza pre 1967 marked Egyptian . I have seen about twenty from the West Bank marked Jordan. The notion of a distinct Palestinian identity is a myth refuted by the PLO charter that has Palestinian Arab and Arab unity all over the Charter.

I have seen people classified as Pseudostinians born in Europe, Central America and in every Arab and Muslin country.There is zero historical ties between Palestinians and Phillistines or Cananites. They are Arab invaders who have 21 Judenrhein countries allready. The Arabs make a mockery of real indigenous people Assyrians and Copts in their never ending quest to steal land.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dreams can Come True

My awaited return to my beloved city is close at hand. Vermont is a great place but it not home. It looks like January after a short spell in KC not near Mr Beamish. Vermont grows on you but I have zero in common with the locals and miss real bookstores theatre and art. I do not miss the Commies in Union Square but I will over look them. Maybe some day we can have a Commie rodeo and send them to Gitmo where they belong.

I have been in VT way too long. I saw a picture of Paris Hilton's new pet and wondered if it would taste good roasted with potatoes.

Canibisism a "Progressive" illness

I am always amused when I hear far left types talk. They seem to suffer from Canibisism the mistaken belief that they can save the world while reading Chomsky and Marx and living lives that are akin to Cheech and Chong films.

Far left types seldom have real jobs or life experiences . Their leaders are protected by tenure and the creation of accademic gulags. Lets see racial diversity of the student body is paramount. However Greens, Reds and Anarchists are exponentialy over represented. Yet the sole place one might encounter a conservative is the economics department or in the business sections. Commies could teach classes in creative corruption.

There is a cure for Canibisism. Get a real job and work with the people you claim to speak for. Go to a housing project or a rural town and see the abject failure of paternalistic socialism. See the lines of Canadians at the local doctors , gas station and booze shop. They get their tobacco at the nearest Indian reservation along with entrepenurial locals.

A real job with the challenges of a spouse and kids are the cure for this malady. What do the locals think of the far left sacred gas taxes and hunting paranoia ?
The locals here think the far left is out of touch. Go to a black church and talk about Marx to a black pastor and you might get the fear of the Lord in person.

The truth is the far left has never been in touch with the real people they claim to speak for. Real people are not perpetual victims and a saftey net without the dignity of self reliance is "Progressive " slavery.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Book Review VS Naipuls Beyond Belief

Reading Naipul is important on many levels. The simplest is that his style is pleasant and articulate . One never gets machine gunned with facts or quips. Naipul is quite subtle and clever with his message.

Islam is the worst sort of colonialism and is used by opportunists. People neglect their own history and create an Arab fiction. No other religion goes to such great effort to destroy personal idenity. This is why Islam is similar to Communism as it seeks to recreate man rather then serve his spiritual needs.

Reading Naipul gives us insights into the ethnic groups thst comprise the familar artifical countries. In Pakistan alone we meed Pathan, Sind , Mojairs and briefly the Baluch. All of these people are legitimate ethic groups except for the Mojairs who were created our of the partition.

Naipul is an enjoyable informative experience and in even a casual reading one will not think of Islam as a religion it is a colonial pathology.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Local theatre Review A funny thing happened on the Way to the forum

I got shanhaied to go to the local production of a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum. I do try not to visit Community theatre but often get roped in by friends. I have seen this particular show on Broadway done well and abysmaly in a role trademarked by Zer Mostel butchered by Whoppi Goldberg.

Celebrities on broadway are graded on a different scale. Some like Fritz Weaver and Brooke Shields are great. Others like Anne Heche , Alec Baldwin were below average but are not to be graded as credible Broadway performers. Then there are those who stink and should not be allowed in front of paying audiences like Goldberg ( Goldberg the wrestler would have done better) or Richard Dreyfus who STINK.

The local theatre production was superior given the limitations of local theatre. Its production value was comprable to that of some low end off Broadway shows. The main role made famous by Mostell is difficult to cast as it calls for a NYC scheemer.
This is not an easy role to fill but the local did a better job then Whoppi Goldberg although he made the main role appear as a clown. This is just a difficult role to cast. The brothel owner is supposed to be smarmy but again this is not an easy thing to convey. The female lead was superior and had a voice that was better then some I have heard on broadway. The person who played the father and the Eunuch were excellent in their roles. The Eunuch was amazing considering it was a limited role and he was playing other parts .The person who played the father also excelled. The rest of the cast was above average and a pleasant surprise.

The sole exception was the poor guy who had the role of hero. The less said about that performance the better. Graded as Comunity theatre I give it a 95.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Distressed over Bloggers flag cencorship

I am distressed over bloggers inane policy of placing flags over blogs for objectionable conrent. I am against censorship and do not want even the vilest antisemitic Communist rag of 167 censored. The first amendment is my birth right as an American, Sometimes we have to put up with moronic dolts like the bird brained duck or the acolytes of 167. However they are best used as comedic props and are more amusing then rubber chickens.

If you don't like a blog do not read it.

Secondly, it does not alow us to see the name and blog of the person who objected. I saw fags placed on almost every blog I frequent left or right. I will not flag blogs as I believe in free speech.

Friday, November 11, 2005

The " Average American" laughs at Communist Anti Semites

Our token antiSemitic Communist bigot has taken to calling me " Mr Average American". This illustrates the arrogance of the Commie left as they think they are above the rest of you ordinary folks.

I do not recoil from the term Mr Average American I embrace it. My brothers and sisters can be found in Walmarts in Indiana or in Housing Projects in Harlem. My family works hard in Barrios and Chinatowns and we are united in our common life and values. My brothers go to aq wide variety of Churches, Hindu and Jewish Temples etc and some go to none at all.

Ninety nine percent of the people that live here our my brothers. While you have your multicultural fantasy that fails again and again.
We have our melting pot that makes men like Warren, B, Jason , Mr Beamish and women like Always and Esther a family despite our differences. Sadly you are part of the alien 1% as a Communist that is outside our home in the doghouse with other failed ideas like Jihadism, Nazism and racial seaperatism.

I find your fulminations about McDonnalds interesting. Plenty of Europeans enjoy McDonnalds, Starbucks and Coca Cola. If they didn't they would not be doing business. Most Europeans unlike you do not have their brains where the sun doesn't shine.

Lastly, courage and manliness were never your strong suits. You could have placed your absurd critique here. This blog unlike yours has never deleted a comment or banned a poster. You whine and cry about freedom but we practice it here each and every day. How does one comment on a blog that one repeatedly claims they do not read.

I am an American and Damn proud of my people

VS Naipuls Pakistan from Beyond Belief a Gem

Most of us read the same sources but Naipul does something unique. He goes to Islamic lands and you get a grasp of the corruption loss of faith and religious scheeming.

Naipul gives us reare insight into the Baluchis. Baluchis are critical in the War on Terror and are most likely harboring Osama. Ramzi Youseff of WTC 93 fame and Khalid Shiek Mohammed were Baluchs on Saddams payroll. Communists agitated a nomadic people into revolting failed to provide arms and they were butchered by the Pakistanis.

The irony is that their Russian allies caused the great exodus of Pashtuns into their land where they starved. Naturaly the religious fundamentalist step into the mix and exploit the Baluchis again.

We also learn of the chaos of the Mojairs who left India for a crime plauged life in Karachi. There was violence in the separation but plenty of Muslims are left in India and there are no Hindus or Sikhs in Pakistan on top of this they are still demanding more land. The Mojairs in the book yearn to emigrate back to Lahore and get away from the crime and corruption around them.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Answering the Bum from Jersey

Unlike the Japanese in WW2 Muslim Americans have perpertrated a series of crimes against the US Government. The consistent failure of its community organs to lift a finger to remove the violent vermin will lead to a crackdown. This is not something I want or desire. However letting in potential terrorists via immigration from countries we have zero hgistorical obligation is foolish.

The question is who is to blame for what will be stern measures when we get hit again. Believe it or not I am stopped by Police in VT far more then Muslims in NYC because I have out of state plates and work odd hours. If Muslims feel inconvienced good let them blame the radicals in their community.

One does not have the right to fund terrorism here or preach what amounts to sedition under the guise of Jihad or domestic revolution. Idealy, people should be offered the choice twenty years in jail or deportation and denaturalization for their immediate house hold. If you have raised money for any of these terrorist front groups you are to be held accountable and you have forfieted your right to rermain here.

The other misconception you seem to have is the comparison of Islam to Christianity.
Modern Christians do not commit rampant human rights abuses such as shooting school kids in the back. They do not seek global hegemony or to impose Jim Crow laws on non believers. I could care less if any religion says that unbelievers are hell boung . However exhortation to commit criminal acts is a different matter. Jihad is a religious justification for criminal behavior .

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Saving the USA from itself

We do have the mechanism to save our country from the demise of Old Europe. Current immigration law bars Communists, Anarchists and Totalitarians by name. The question is whether we have the courage to stand up and name Islam as a form of Totalitarianism.

Islam alone seeks global hegemony and there is adequette theological proof widely available. Islam seeks to place Jim Crow Sharia laws on non Muslims. Sharia is the definition of human rights abuses. Islam places a religious obligation to kill blasphemers and apostates. Jihad is the theft of land and property and is a Central theme of the religion. Islam is totalitarian and we should end immigration from Muslim countries immediately. Contrary to popular belief there is no gaurenteed religious right to immigration.

People funding terrorism in the USA should be deported to the Muslim countryt of their choice or the new emerging one called New Algeria.

Our media has done an abominable job covering the riots. My coworkers who are liberals are complaining that the media refuses to point out who is rioting. Did any of you read about the sons of Allah latest hits burning disabled women in France and beheading Philipin girls. Of couse you didn't see that because underwear on the heads of Muslims is more important.

VS Naipuls Beyond Belief Iran section

Naipul is a wordsmith and a brilliant writer. He takes his reader through a Journey of Islamic Countries.He makes references to botany and fine art and is a treat for the educated reader, unlike waterfowl.

In the Iranian REvolution there was a Central fussion between Islamascists and Communist from Tudeh. The role was not ancilary but Central to the movement. In the end Khomeni who is revealed as a shake down artist opts for the theft of Communism but dispatches the Communists after they have served their purpose.

We see the disillusionment of kids used as human mine sweepers. Swept by a religious fervor Khomenni9 sent children to act as mine sweepers. Most died but the couple Naipul interviewed had a loss of faith in the government. There was much bitterness over the war with Iraq.

There was also the rampant sloth of the population and totalitarianism everywhere. Thgere was the girl who was swept away by the religious thugs for a wrong hairstyle. The corruption of the religious police is rampant and they act as defacto pirates.

There is the youthful rebellions of listening to Western Music. The religious POlice are looking out for CD and Sattalite dishes. There was also the demented youth who rejected Islam and fashioned himself an Aryan and a Nazi whose first act vwas to harass a Jewish family.

Iran emerges as a nation in chaos from all directions.

Monday, November 07, 2005

The Duck hates Renoir

I have a lengthy history with the Duck going back to our days at FPM. The odd thing is he has an odd disdain for Renoir. He prefers still life and the dour style of Chardin. I prefer to see women painted in lively colors to dead fish and bowls of fruit.

This is odd but apparently true and if one reads my blog and several others he is constantly refering to sodomy in political situations. Now having alternative preferences does not make one a bad person . An amatuer psychological diagnosis would show a strain of misogyny in the Duck .

There are plenty of well adjusted gay people who do not fulminate against Renior. We all have sisters , mothers and female loved ones.

Mr Beamish has a brillant version of Renoir's Girl with Watering Can. You can visit and observed true genius by clicking on the links section.

Is the Duck a misogynist ? Does the Duck fly North when all the other Ducks fly South? Is the Duck a pathological attention seeking boor who will say anything for attention.

My guess is it is the last. Who ever heard of a person loathing Renoir ?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Can Islamo riots happen here ?

The answer in short is yes but they would never last quite as long. The United States and the American people would react quite differently. The American people are fed up with the sons of Allah. Do note that a high number of the bias attacks against Muslims came from African Americans. The inner city residents have no love for the sons of Allah.

The safest place for them to hold their riots are in their enclaves or around college campuses where left wing Anarchists will side with the rioters. Yet more then likely the police will have to save these vermin from the wrath of the American people who have had enough.

There are places today like Jersey City where the Sons of Allah threaten members of the Coptic community if they dare speak out. I have been threatened in Union Square Park by the Sons of Allah for speaking about the Assyrians and Copts. Yet I tell the sons of Allah and the Commies " This is America and if you don't like free speech leave".

It is a matter of time until the sons of Allah execute a Conservative speaker. The question is how will we react . Will we fear for our lives or will something ugly be unleashed. My hope is that we restrain ourselves from violent counter reactions but the Sons of Allah will quickly learn Americans regardless of color are a different sort then the French.

There can and will be small scale local disturbances. However the Police and the American people will take swift action. My advice to the Sons of Allah and your far left commie clowns. " If you think you are popular go out of your enclaves and accademic ghettos. Talk the trash in Walmart parking lots and in the barrios. You will find a hostile reception and may not live to tell your friends"

Saturday, November 05, 2005

France the failure of the multicultural dream

The heart of multiculturalism is a lie. All relgions are not equal and there are some that are plainly evil. I do not hear regular people yearning for the days of tribal human sacrafice. Nor do I hear sane vioces advocating widow burning.

A relgion that has global hegemony as its goal is plain evil. A religion that calls for the death of apostates is evil. A religon that slaughters those who believe in other paths to god is evil. A religion that kills people with different lifesyles is evil. Jihad does not mean struggle and defense of Islam it is an agressive war waged in hope of the creation of a theological utopia.

This does not mean that your convienece clerk is a killer. However as I sit and watch
France burn I resist the need to gloat. One can not appease utopian thugs and history has plenty of examples. Sooner or later France must deal with this problem with the police or armed forces.

Waiting for riots to burn themselves out will not work. No doubt the far Left is full of excuses about root causes . Yet there are plenty of poor barrios , Chinatowns
and Indian enclaves that do not torch handicapped women or their own enclaves. Victimology and paternalism is a dead end.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Failure of Paternalism and Franco Pipe Dreams

Lost in the story about the riots in France is the complette failure of Euro Socialist paternalism. The French thought they could placate the Muslims by treazting them paternalisticaly.

The French have been at the forefront of excusing Muslim delusions about fake indigenous people. In fact Bat Yeor is correct when she refers to " Palestinism" i8n Europe as a religion. Thus they have acted as spokesmen and appologists for Muslim terror and brutality. The pipe dream of riding a Franco- Muslim alliance to become globaly relevant was a Gaulic delusion. India and China are more relevant on the world stage France is fading .

The idiocy of French police creating no go areas in France where they will not dare tread is a disaster. Immigrants were put on the public dole and no responsabilities were expected of the new immigrants. The Euro Socialist cult of Muslim victimology and excuses for aberant and disgusting social behavior fed the cycle of delusions and grievances.

Maybe saner heads will prevail and demand people go to work and respect the rule of civil laws. The question if a religion that may be totalitarian in nature and incompatible with Western Civilization will have to be examined when the smoke clears.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The French Riots and the hypocrisy of the far left

I have been reading about the rioting in France with some curiousity. The far left has not found a way to blame Bush for the mayhem or carnage. If this were happening in Israel you would hear about this 24/7.

I remember arogant European intellectuals critiquing the status of blacks in this country. The problem in France is the same one America faced as European societies are no longer homogenous.

The problem is not racial but cultural. A disafected element of society will tend to riot regardless of race or ethnicity. The old way of thinking was to create a large safety net and keep masses content. Immigration is a privaledge and there are duties and obligations. Obligation one earn a living or get out. The free meal is over so either work or go back where you came from.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Radical Feminism is not the cure for domestic violence

I wanted to hear the local VT governments non violence classes offered to local felons. Domestic abuse is a serious problem and is no place for hair brained accademics,

The horror stories locals were telling me were too bizarre to be real. I tried to impersonate a local felon but did not pull it off. My question is why such secrecy if the program is on the up and up.

The first thing that should be taught to any such class is detox. Domestic violence and alcohol and drug abuse are tied. Did they make an effort to adress this major aspect, no. They do apparently spend hours on mundane topics like the term girlfriend vs. companion.

If you are in an argument with your life partner and you walk away thi is termed agression by the feminists. If this was told to the class it is irresponsible and dangerous.Common sense dictates if you are losing your temper walk away until you are calm. Have a meal do anything except get plastered in a bar and come back calm. Telling excitable people walking away is not an answer is dangerous.

There was no attempt to teach the correct and civilized way to argue. Do not call your other half names and focus on behavior. We can not afford two hundred dollar shoes and we are up to our eyeballs in debt is productive. You &^%FUYF BGUYGLTFK& *YO*&YBKJU&^ tramp is not. However teaching people a valuable life skill that may save lives or marriages is not on the radar.

This is what happens when social science people who have never worked a real job or lived in the real inner city try to fix problems. The result is nothing gets solved and jobs are created for far left idealouges.

The program will only end when some Muslim sues saying beating his wife is part of his religion and culture. God AND COMMON SENSE SAVE US FROM OURSELVES.