Sunday, November 13, 2005

Local theatre Review A funny thing happened on the Way to the forum

I got shanhaied to go to the local production of a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum. I do try not to visit Community theatre but often get roped in by friends. I have seen this particular show on Broadway done well and abysmaly in a role trademarked by Zer Mostel butchered by Whoppi Goldberg.

Celebrities on broadway are graded on a different scale. Some like Fritz Weaver and Brooke Shields are great. Others like Anne Heche , Alec Baldwin were below average but are not to be graded as credible Broadway performers. Then there are those who stink and should not be allowed in front of paying audiences like Goldberg ( Goldberg the wrestler would have done better) or Richard Dreyfus who STINK.

The local theatre production was superior given the limitations of local theatre. Its production value was comprable to that of some low end off Broadway shows. The main role made famous by Mostell is difficult to cast as it calls for a NYC scheemer.
This is not an easy role to fill but the local did a better job then Whoppi Goldberg although he made the main role appear as a clown. This is just a difficult role to cast. The brothel owner is supposed to be smarmy but again this is not an easy thing to convey. The female lead was superior and had a voice that was better then some I have heard on broadway. The person who played the father and the Eunuch were excellent in their roles. The Eunuch was amazing considering it was a limited role and he was playing other parts .The person who played the father also excelled. The rest of the cast was above average and a pleasant surprise.

The sole exception was the poor guy who had the role of hero. The less said about that performance the better. Graded as Comunity theatre I give it a 95.


Kyle said...

I have seen some great theater in local productions. As a young man I was involved in community theater. I HIGHLY recommend it if you are a straight, unmarried young man. There are always lots of young women in theater, and most of the other men will be gay, so there is little competition.

Esther said...

LOL Kyle. But the women will assume you ARE gay. ;)

Kyle said...

Yes, I had that problem, I just had to prove otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Good live theatre will beat a movie any day, but has Dreyfus done anything interesting in the last twenty years, that hasnt been corrupted by his rampant ego?
Robert Shaw derided him throughout the making on Jaws,even through the fog of alcohol, he recognized the prima donna.Whoopi?...well, there's ghost,where she was quite good but still.
The hollywood squares?...fate.

samwich said...

Esther, while I was at Fort Benning, Georgia in 1971, after returning from Vietnam, one ladies man in my unit took ballet lessons and was investigated for being homosexual. I went to a few lessons with him to see his boast for myself. He and I were the only straight men there and every woman there had the hots for our attention, but only at the lessons.

Outside the lessons there were a determined few who kept us constant company.

There was no competition for us to get their attention and companionship.


Recidivist said...



Blessed are the illiterate :)