Tuesday, November 08, 2005

VS Naipuls Beyond Belief Iran section

Naipul is a wordsmith and a brilliant writer. He takes his reader through a Journey of Islamic Countries.He makes references to botany and fine art and is a treat for the educated reader, unlike waterfowl.

In the Iranian REvolution there was a Central fussion between Islamascists and Communist from Tudeh. The role was not ancilary but Central to the movement. In the end Khomeni who is revealed as a shake down artist opts for the theft of Communism but dispatches the Communists after they have served their purpose.

We see the disillusionment of kids used as human mine sweepers. Swept by a religious fervor Khomenni9 sent children to act as mine sweepers. Most died but the couple Naipul interviewed had a loss of faith in the government. There was much bitterness over the war with Iraq.

There was also the rampant sloth of the population and totalitarianism everywhere. Thgere was the girl who was swept away by the religious thugs for a wrong hairstyle. The corruption of the religious police is rampant and they act as defacto pirates.

There is the youthful rebellions of listening to Western Music. The religious POlice are looking out for CD and Sattalite dishes. There was also the demented youth who rejected Islam and fashioned himself an Aryan and a Nazi whose first act vwas to harass a Jewish family.

Iran emerges as a nation in chaos from all directions.


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