Monday, November 07, 2005

The Duck hates Renoir

I have a lengthy history with the Duck going back to our days at FPM. The odd thing is he has an odd disdain for Renoir. He prefers still life and the dour style of Chardin. I prefer to see women painted in lively colors to dead fish and bowls of fruit.

This is odd but apparently true and if one reads my blog and several others he is constantly refering to sodomy in political situations. Now having alternative preferences does not make one a bad person . An amatuer psychological diagnosis would show a strain of misogyny in the Duck .

There are plenty of well adjusted gay people who do not fulminate against Renior. We all have sisters , mothers and female loved ones.

Mr Beamish has a brillant version of Renoir's Girl with Watering Can. You can visit and observed true genius by clicking on the links section.

Is the Duck a misogynist ? Does the Duck fly North when all the other Ducks fly South? Is the Duck a pathological attention seeking boor who will say anything for attention.

My guess is it is the last. Who ever heard of a person loathing Renoir ?


Jason_Pappas said...

My wife likes Renoir. Chardin? Not too shabby but I prefer Ingres and Bouguereau.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak you silly, I don't "hate" Renoir. He is a sentimental technician.

Now, I am sure someone will say that I simply disdain bourgeois themes but that is hardly the case. The love of bourgeois pleasure presented by a great colorists like Bonnard, who has much more compositional skill than Renoir is my preference.

Mr. Ducky said...

Oh and Beak, I'm sorry you have never seen still life in a bright pallette. Try Cezanne.

Mr. Ducky said...

Well. I'll give you some credit Beak, when you take a shot you don't censor.

That puts you a cut above beamish and mustang.

Anonymous said...

Dear Beak,

I am a junior at a small midwestern university. I was recently out on the quad telling theatre majors that they are all gay communist islamo fascist appeasers when out of the corner of my eye I spotted something I never expected to see.

She said that her name was Charlotte in a voice that reminded me of a huskier-voiced Rita Crosby. I know it is surprising, but as a twenty year old Bush supporter, I've never actually been with a member of the opposite sex before. It was an exciting and novel experience being talked to by someone in a dress I must tell you.

Anyhow, Charlotte led me back to her dorm room and after some small talk about who was more macho and swarthy, Sean Hannity or Jon Gibson, she pored me a glass of Boone's Farm. No I know it is surprising, but as a twenty year old and Bush supporter, I had never drank any alcohol before. It was an exciting and novel experience drinking such a quality beverage I must tell you.

Well after a while we put on what I guess was music to set the mood. And I have to tell you after what happened I will never be able to listen to Tobey Keith again without saluting in all available modes.

It was a night, well five minutes of passion I must say. And though I was told by Charlotte that I was already finished with my pants still on, she showed me a thing or two I had never seen before, except when I look under my swimtrunks when I shower. I admit I am still only twenty years old and a Bush supporter, but Beak I did not know that women are equipped with the same material that men have.

Why hasn't anyone told me this before?


beamish and mustang, not beamish and filly

Anonymous said...

Dear beamish etc;

Having lived the sheltered life of a rural young Republican, I am not surprised that at college the world is opening up to you. Many people in your position would naturally feel excited and more self-aware than usual.

However, stop it.

The only true path to a full-life as an adult is to repress your inhibitions to the greatest extent possible when you are young only to see yourself reach your middle ages. Then you can let go of your repression with a private series of humiliations. For you, I'd suggest a good pissing upon at age 35.

Oh, and by the way, that was no lady. That was obviously, one of Karen Hughes' daughters, known to troll various areas of the Midwest and pray upon innocent Fox News viewers. Should this person approach you again, I would suggest an ample supply of garlic, suppositories, and batteries.

There is nothing in the experience you described that will retard this premature awakening except to buy How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter. Buy it, read it, commit it to memory, and cite it repeatedly in any endnotes you have -- the proper page does not matter.

Oh, and also a hot water enema. Caught on video tape and emailed to me at ""

Warren said...

Dear anonymous, I really hate to rain on your parade, but I think you should be aware.

Many a sheltered young man, (usually a run away from the Almish community), falls into a similar situation. I know its your first time away from the elders and their stern influence.

Charlotte, was not a female! I know this will come as a shock to you and hope you are mentally stable enough to accept reality.

Many have failed, after undergoing such a traumatizing experience, mixing reality, fantasy and false memory into a form of post traumatic stress syndrome complete with the false memories of an alien abduction.

Just remember, there wasn't an abduction and there was no medical examination. However, the question of an anal probe remains open.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Excuse me, Ducky. I've never censored anyone on my blog, ever. Your homoerotic fascination with my penis size is still in the comments section of my blog, under the old post you left it under. Want the link?

And I really don't care if you're a cock-bobbin' little sissy faggot. That's you're business. Just keep it your business. Don't come around here with shit on your breath, either, 'coz frankly, that's nasty, sweetheart.