Monday, November 21, 2005


Iommorow I will attempt to return home to my beloved city and family. It does not matter that the forecast is for a nasty winter storm and I will be in the center of it high in the Adirondacks at about noon. I will gladly drive through the storm when smarter men stay home.

Thanksgiving is about counting our blessings even when they are few in number and difficult to focus on . A year ago I never dreamed that my chance to serve my country that I love would ever arrive. Many people gave up on my dream but I never lost hope.

I am greatful to my wonderful friends both old and new and to 90% of my readers not named after Poultry or given numbers. Yes we are a small family and I look forward to reading the familiar blogs each day.

I will most likely be returing for good in January but I will not soon forget my wonderful coworkers most of whom I will most likely never see again. Yet I need the action and excitement and energy of my city. I miss the Museums and the ethnic enclaves and my brothers from all over the world.

I an thankful each and every day I live in this country. I am thankful that I have a wonderful extended family and someday we will boot the Commies , Jihadis and racial power nuts into the dog house either Cuba or that new Islamic nation emerging in Europe called New Algeria. I do not need an abstract bs about social justice as 90% of us are bound by reality and the markets.

There is and never will be Utopia and all who strive for it in this world are fools.
Think of solutions that work and are in touch with human nature.

I wish all a happy Thanksgiving.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Be careful getting home. Watch out for suicidal deer.

Jason_Pappas said...

Have a great Thanksgiving. Welcome back to New York City. And watch out Commies in Union Square, Beakerkin is back in town!

Mr. Ducky said...

I hope you have an extended holiday, Beak so that you can adjust your medication Friday.

Cubed © said...

Beak, please don't forget to give thanks for the Constitution, and do say "hello" to the city of my birth when you get there!

Take care, and come back to the Blogosphere refreshed and ready to continue to protect and defend!

bum from jersey said...

Sure there is a utopia. It's called New Jersey. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Beak.

Anonymous said...

Utopia's are for Aristophane's "Birds". Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


beakerkin said...


Utopia is a theological creation of man. As we live in the practical realm it is absurd to recreate man and society.

Bum From Jersey

I am in Jersey now and it is a blast. I tell the yokels in VT if you think I 89 is a pain try the Garden State. There are side streets in Jersey with higher volume then I89 anyway.


When are you going to learn Marx is dead. Israel is a fact and all your anti semitic bloviations will never change this. No matter how you spin it you , your communist pals and your jihadist clown friends are destined for histories ash heap.

Jason I will be in Union Square busting on the commies on Friday.