Saturday, December 26, 2015

My Perspective on Christmas

A Jewish man lives in a house with Hindu family and we celebrate Christmas. There are some that claim to speak for me
That think I have hatred in my heart towards Jesus. This is illogical as the fruits of the civilization we enjoy stem
From the teaching and values of Jesus.

Christ is the fulfillment of Judaic prophesies. Accepting Jesus is the mechanism that allows Gentiles to be part of that tradition. When and where one runs into those that hate Jews one is dealing with a toxic cult that infects religion even as it mocks it. This disease is by no means limited to Churches as political Marxist stooges mock faith they know nothing about.

Barry O is not the savior. He is an inept media and university elite foisted on America with great effort to conceal his flaws. He is a poor leader and part of the Cultural elite that castigated Christ. He reserves his animus for Christ by waffling PC Islam propaganda points.

True Christians are the backbones of their communities. They exude a grace that make those around them better people.
You serve Christ by building communities and extending a hand up to those in need.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Is Beckham gay

The NFL opened the door to some odd criticisms when it banned a certain stupid N word. That word has no place in a decent conversation. However, I am opposed to it being singled out among all slurs as solely above all other slurs. My point is that the NFL either had to ban all slurs or leave it alone.

I don't care if Odell is gay. We go through this every time an athlete has a stupid hairdo. Mike Piazza dies his hair
Blonde and the gay talk starts. Odell isn't doing himself any favors with the hairstyles that look worse than Dennis Rodmans.

Speculation about who is gay is not confined to bad hairstyles. There was a time when Troy Aikman was rumored to be gay. From his malaprop one can likely speculate on the number of concussions and it is a high number.

Beckham has been targeted for over the top abuse and he finally snapped. The league should look at all the games and
See a consistent pattern ignored by the NFL. Given the variety of cheap shots it is a miracle this didn't happen sooner.

The Panthers are a low class bunch and Beckham should have company sitting on the bench.

PS The idiot former owner of the Clippers dropped his lawsuit against the idiot Stiviano. Sorry but there is a word about a woman who exchanges sex for high priced gifts. Sorry but even in that line of work there is a code of honor.
I don't like Magic Johnson ever since he got a coach fired. I never bought the convenient smiles or the publicity notes.

On a holiday note, the economy is bad and sometimes there are food issues. I bought five cucumbers for the rabbit and the daughter claimed them. I bought chicken livers and eggs for Mr Maltese and the Mrs said no. Sometimes I use the same color bags as the leftovers for fresh meat so I can cook it later. The Mrs figured that trick out long ago. It is odd that there is plenty of food but not everyone eats everything. Somewhere the daughter figured out Turkey meatballs sauce and shredded mozzerella work. In fact Mr Maltese figured that one as well.

I tried unfamiliar produce but that doesn't work either. The Honeydew was gone before I sat down. Apparently Wax beans wasn't to difficult either. There are still items I am guaranteed to get because nobody else touches it. Only I eat Kielbasa. The Cheekie Kid likes a slice and oddly garlic mashed potatoes.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Frustration with Obama crating Trump bump

I am not a fan of Trump. He is all bluster and arrogance. He reminds me of Obama with an IQ or at least Obama if he put down the bong.

Obama is the worst President ever. He was media anointed and protected because he fit a dream. Elect a Black President and the nations sins will be expunged. The truth is Obama has more in common with the media elite than the
Guys down the block. Obama was raised by s Marxist White family educated at elite schools while using a racial narrative to self promote.

There is no evidence of any wedding or relationship of Barak Obama Sr. And hippie loser Dunham. There are no photos of such a wedding. There are no witnesses to the event in question. The only proof of such a relationship is the divorce certificate. To this date no record of such a union or witnesses or photos have ever been uncovered.

There were hysterical attempts by Obama to link himself to the Civil Rights era. Sorry but what was likely a one night stand gone awry has no connection to Selma. There is no evidence other than some anecdotes in an immigration file of any relationship between Dunham and Obama Sr. There are no photos of the couple or proof they lived together.

Rather than the spirit of Selma it was likely the aroma of Pot and beat literature that had more to do with the accident called Barak Obama II. This might seem harsh but the Obama facts have never come to the public while allegedly false stories of young Romney gay bashing were everywhere.

Obama has attempted to fuse the story of his fathers scholarship with JFK programs. Obama Sr arrived in the Eisenhower era and the scholarship may or may not be connected to Stalinist clown Paul Robeson. No credible story has ever gone into the financing of Obamas education. In fact he has made a mockery of programs designed for poor families not a pot head reject from Saved by the Bell. In truth the original fashionista was supposed to be Jewish. She was replaced by a black female fashionista. The programs were intended to help poor inner city and rural black youths get a hand up. Instead we get a Preppie from Honolulu who thought class was something to do between bong hits.

Trump is the anti Obama. He understands how to get things done. He is likely to be as imperial as Obama but not incompetent. The Obama legacy can be undone quickly with adult leadership. Let's start talking about Obama and his failed policies. Even the French are calling us weak.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The joke is on us

Obama is about to pass into history and much of the media spin is about to come off. Expect personal biographical stuff that will raise your hair. The extent of the relationship with Ayers will be far closer than presumed .The antisemitic material will surpass Nixon.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015


The idea advocated by Trump while logical is neither practical nor legal. It isn't legal to exclude a whole religion from entering the USA. However, there needs to be a change in tone where Muslims understand that they are not victims.The United States owes nothing to Muslims. It owes no double talk about a Jim Crow culture that is religious
Totalitarianism and gender apartheid.

We need to be less concerned about stepping on toes. Freedom of Speech including the right is part of our birthright.
If you can't or don't want to hear Islam criticized you may emigrate.

I am with Cruz. Tear up Obama Care and the Iran Treaty.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Let's Blame The Victim

Once again lefties have found a way to tie talk radio into a shooting. A victim was a messianic Jew who listened to Shaun Hannity.,You will never see Israel.The killer was not complaining about Limbaugh when he massacred his coworkers. Of course the victim deserved to get shot for not accepting Obama as the savior.

I have come to believe Messianic Jews are more Jewish in style and substance than the other cult Jews for Obama or the corrupt mendicant Satmar.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Into Every Life

The Beavis and Butthead managers of the office are departing. The brains of the duo is leaving for the private sector. It will take her employer about a month to realize she is incompetent. She has the Machiaveli bit down pat but as she ages it will be harder to disarm her critics with beauty.

Her witless toady is off on a detail for years and I wouldn't expect her back ever. Her support system will not be with her. She was faced with entering a hornets nest of her adversaries and jumped. I pointed out that her power was on the wane. I was to be traded and engineered an escape which the crony endorsed. Who needs a relentless foe in their midst. My boss killed the move and had another team member sent out. He made his case and defeated the crony on her turf.

I want to point out that unlike her I went into the lions den and survived. The problem was as a skilled survivor every two bit punk wants a name. The very top bosses know I am inclined to walk away quietly. Much of my day is spent
On the front lines and teaching.

The top bosses and lower bosses are fans. The local attorneys also went to bat for me as well. The problem was I don't tolerate incompetence and cronyism. I also stand by fallen peers. The crony thought she could take me out but I out witted her multiple times. In the end when she was walking into the vipers den our interests coincided. I do not need her scalp on my wall. I would rather someone else. Do the job. My supervisor outsmarted both of us and I tip my hat. He reminds me every day why I chose to hang my hat on his team. Besides where else can I get away with singing Jeremiah was a Bullfrog and Angel is the Centerfold. Harmless musical memories between interviews.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Death Spirals

This post is not an attack on Obama policies. The greatest flaw of Obama is his inability to plan and develop effective programs. Obama care is about to enter a phase where remind go through the roof and insurers leave the market. The reality is the quality is worse and choices are reduced for most Americans.

On immigration I support some of the principles of the Obama initiatives. Going after hardcore criminals first makes sense. My issues is not understanding the impact of his policies on staffing has lead to sweatshop conditions for workers and an improperly served public.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

A bombing campaign will never defeat ISIS

Obama is a stupid pothead whose ignorance at times is monumental. Unfortunately the best he can do is wait for a grown adult or even a more manly Hillary to come up with a real policy. Sending the brain impaired Gomer Kerry accomplishes nothing.

ISIS apparently raises funds Lois Lerner style. They tax and raise fees and function like a more competent version of the IRS. This is because ISIS unlike most terrorist groups and the Obama administration has a sound business plan. They do not provide Obama phones or Obama care for the locals. Perhaps Gomer Kerry in between his endless reminders he served in Vietnam before knifing his fellow vets in the back could assist ISIS in building day care centers.

Unfortunately, the complex finances means nothing short of an invasion is going to diminish ISIS. It has little structures that can be bombed and taking up real estate is the only option to defeat it. It is a far greater danger to Assad and the Alawites who face genocide and the Iranian proxies Hezbollah than anyone else.

Obama won't protect the Kurds or even deal with the double game being played by his Turkish madman friend. In reality
he would have gained leverage has he allowed Putin to spank Turkey. Turkey has been an unreliable ally and should be tossed out of NATO. NATO really has no reason to exist and the US should only defend worthy allies like Poland, the U.K. and Italy. There is irony in the left having a poster child President that is more feckless than France when they need us. Hollande should address his countries past cliche anti Americanism.

No progress can be made while a pothead pretender plays Bill and Ted in the White House.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Dear Proctor and Gamble

I am a loyal customer. Unfortunately I have an unusual problem. My female relatives use all of my men's care products. My preteen daughter and her friends swear by the Old Spice line claiming that women products are not made to the high standards. Even the adult daughters use my 3x claiming no feminine product matches the clean standards of

Can you guys create and market something to women that matches the effectiveness of your body washes created for men.

Nobody is a Communist

The left plays a mildly amusing game that nobody is ever a Communist. This game of deception is well known and decades old. Stalinists were portrayed as victims who cared about Civil Rights. Communists use code words to let you
Know who they are. If you hear Progrrssive and ramblings about social Justice you are dealing with a Communist.

Communists have a pathological obsession with Jews. This cartoon obsession is viewed as a force multiplier allowing
Communists the right to form alliances with the most venal elements in the Muslim community. Muslim leftists never said a peep about the Soviet and Chinese treatment of Muslims because the Soviets championed fake indigenous people as a distraction. For the left Palestine is the PC way of saying Jews to the ovens. Palestine exists only as a vehicle to repackage bigotry. Our Ducky would not talk of free speech if an Opera about Baruch Goldstein were creTed.

We have the imbecile from Australia lecturing the USA about police brutality. Yet he remains silent about Pseudostinian execution of colaborators without a trial. When the hypocrisy is pointed out we get silence. Another drag queen imposter on Mikes America has a history of dual loyalty comments. Had Mike or I made similar remarks about
Muslims they would scream about hate crimes.

Muslims get a free pass on the hate crime angle. If you smoke a tad of pot and bomb a marathon you get a cover on rolling stone. If you butcher people in Paris the media won't call it a hate crime. The term hate crime only applies to those who kill abortionists or Blacks.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Doing Nothing

This is a strange post where I support Obama. We as Americans are not suited to wars where civilians are cannon fodder. Russia and other nations are held to lower standard. I don't like war in general and it is even worse fighting an enemy with a snuff film mentality.

What has to be done is brutal and beyond our ethos. You beat such a foe by sapping the will of the public. You make support and shelter painful. You make people turn on their neighbors. You level whole neighborhoods. This is quite different from a traditional foe.

ISIS unlike the left is factually correct. As all of the States are colonial constructs the argument for yet another
Arab state is facetious. It always has been a false narrative pretty much a repackaging of old time Jew hatred. It is not fashionable for Ducky to rail about Jews. Thus he turns his maniacal focus on the planets only Jewish state. He does so knowing that Palestine was contrived after Jews into the Sea didn't market well.

Obama is a lame duck and should sit this one out. Let the issue become a campaign issue and let the next President decide.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ruining it for all of Us

France is largely a mess. Sarkozy is probably right in saying that we should just adapt to the new realities. We are in a war and open borders are going to be a casualty. I am somewhat concerned about a facility to de radicalize Some Muslims.

The days we could sit back and wait are behind us. I don't know if we as a nation have the stomach to try Muslims who join ISIS with treason. The courts might be jammed as such trials are lengthy.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The country we should be

Over time we are going to be asking ourselves if we want to make certain changes in our lives. In general we went too
Far with restraint in the Cold War. We allowed terrorists like Ayers and other lefties too much leeway.

A President who thinks Bill Ayers is quaint isnt who we need right now.

1) Are you willing to charge US Citizens who fight or recruit soldiers with treason?

2) Are you willing to have additional scrutiny on foreign communications, commerce and travel. It may be as simple as a few questions. Mr Goldfarb why did you stop in North Korea on your way home. Mr Bond who is paying for all this travel.

3)Are you willing to ask foreigners for additional biometrics upon entry for student visas.

These questions and more are in our future.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Don't blame Islam for the attacks

There are some of us who want to blame Islam for Friday's crimes against humanity. The blame belongs squarely on the political left and their elites in media and academia. Yes we don't want to harass our coworkers. However, the notion that this is a two way street is lost on the left.

Islam is in conflict with every religion it comes into contact with. The left and the elites rationalize this and hysterically blame Jews for having the nerve to establish a Homeland on less than one percent of the total land in the region. Claiming Palestinians are an ethnicity is an insult to actual people like Kurds and African tribes with far better cases for nation status.

Muslims don't settle their own refugees. They dump them on the West or leave them in camps. It is better to exploit Philipinos and others to do actual work. Kuwait did settle Palestinians who sided with Saddam when they were invaded.
Stick your refugees in a non Muslim country and agitate for rights.

No amount of barbaric behavior gets a complaint. Deliberately shoot people in wheel chairs is a reprise of tossing Americans in wheel chairs off an Ocean liner. Leave it to a lefty to make a musical number about a heinous crime against a disabled person.

The problem is not nor has it ever been Islam. It is the rationalization of a political elite that are so wrapped up in self righteousness they don't even blink at the most absurd behaviors.

Only one American should be handed a gun and sent to Syris. Let Gomer Kerry talk with ISIS and if he loses his head, he never used it anyway.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Billion Dollar Flop

Some of you read the story about USCIS spending one billion dollars to move to paperless adjudication and getting one
Form out of 95. Even that story is not the whole picture. The agency is a cross between a comedy and mad magazine. Cronyism is rampant and the sad truth is management is unaccountable for its actions and failures. EEO cases take four years with endless delays and no real attempt to look at evidence.

Workplace bullying was an accepted practice. It was commonplace and there has been zero training on the subject. The odds of seeing an active shooter are slim but there is annual training. The odds of a worker being bullied are far greater and there is zero training.

Will anyone be held accountable for mess and the others

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Athletes and Domestic Violence

I am syarting to wonder if the wisdom of Ray Rices wife was not factually correct. The massive media campaign against
these athletes is likely causing some victims to go underground. There are likely athletes that are being blackmailed
With photos.

The idea is that the players must go into mandatory treatment yesterday after these crimes. The entire mental health aspect of the NFL really needs to be rethought. It isn't just domestic violence but a sport with seriously disturbed individuals. There are those who say it unfairly punishes Blacks who also make up a large number of the players. There is also family structure and other issues involved.

I want to point at the death of a deservedly mediocre player. Sash largely played on special teams and had a suspension for an ADD drug. In his specific case the drug was likely prescribed by a professional for a serious condition. The NFL needs to grasp that if the drugs are part of a therapy to leave well enough alone. Sash died way too soon and addiction to pain killers was cited.

Getting athletes into treatment and compensating victims or healing families should be the goal.

At least one does not have to worry about Tim Tebow on the police blotter. Then again he was always a better person than athlete but we don't give awards for decency and being an all star human being. I asked my Union Rep why he hates Rosey Grier. Serving the spiritual and mental health needs of the troubled largely quietly should be a role model for all. There is something wrong with us when we celebrate flash and crass like Deon Sanders and miss the work
Of Grier.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Immigration Insanity

Globally we have a mess caused by the political classes. World wide migration from the third world has transformed from a honor played by a set of rules to an obligation. Once again Muslim countries refuse to settle their own refugees. Turkey and the Gulf states have pushed their problems into Europe and eventually some will be in the USA. In the USA we are also getting waves of Central and South Americans.

Immigration has never been a right. We need to expedite deportations and close loopholes. There is a whole range of reforms needed by Universities and Trade schools. No more Visas without bonds posted and agreements to return barring
Certain science specialists who are exempt. In other words Science, Business and a handful of language specialists stay and everyone else returns. The familiar scam of my Uncle promised my tuition but married a younger woman ends. Even if such students form relationships that are the basis of a green card their status should be altered. Never attended any classes a 20 year bar on sponsoring relatives. Only one year of school a fifteen year bar.
All trips abroad are subject to five hundred dollar tax.

The idea that new arrivals are entitled to hospitality and social services is absurd. Short of basic medical care and very substandard food. Think basic produce with no animal produce. The notion that the red carpet gets rolled out is folly. Minor criminals get repatriated and microchipped. A simple DWI with no status gets a ticket home and a ten year bar. Citizen tests should be toughened and no fee waivers for anyone except military families.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Curse of the Frummies

Any time the Frummies are around strange things happen. Let's see since they visited the last time Victir Cruz has yet to get on the field. 26 seconds left overtime and punting. Not with the Frummies visiting some bizzare act like a run back and the punter getting a face mask call followed by a long field goal.

Who needs the ten plauges when the Frummies are around.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Harry's Place Fraud Endorses Hillary

The airhead Bon vivant of the DC fondue and Chablis set has endorsed Hillary. Zitver is more of a pretentious lazy upscale Obama Zombie than a serious thinker. I would respect the clod more if he endorsed Col Bernie Sanders who is at least honest about who he is.

Harry's Place used to be excellent reading. However, the airhead Bon Vivant Zitver has turned a formerly great site into Obama Zombie HQ. His Israeli counter part Marc Goldberg probably deserves some Kudos for writing with a concussion or some other brain impairing malady.

Neither Hillarys terms in the Senate or performance as Secretary of State merit serious consideration for higher office. I don't remember NYC types booing Trump at sporting events or gatherings of fire fighters. This happens when
Lefty frauds pretend to be interested in local events.

After he endorsed Hillary he waxed nostalgically about hanging out with Halston and Capote in Studio 54.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

RIP Al Molinaro

He was known to most as Al from Happy Days. He was also Murray the Cop from the Odd Couple. I preferred his as the loveable Murray the Cop. It's sad to see so many icons of TV and film pass away. He was good friends with his cast mates from the Odd Couple until the very end.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

RIP Maureen OHara

It is sad that many film legends are no longer with us. Most of the actors who starred with John Wayne are gone. Off the top of my head only Kirk Douglas and Ron Howard are still with us. Ohara was a close friend of Wayne along with Claire Trevor. His type was Hispanic women but apparently he did run around with Marlene Dietrich.

It was nice to see Ohara return to the screen as John Candys mom. It was sad to see John Candy go long before Ohara.
It would have been sweet to see her and Trevor in the Shootist.It was good to see Jimmy Stewart and John Caradine in the last film.

Monday, October 26, 2015

The NFC Least

The Division is a mess from top to bottom. The Giants offensive line is one player away from being among the better teams. Unfortunately they can't rush the passer. Moore can rush the passer but is a mess and liable to hurt you with penalties. JPP is a jerk and likely has played his last game here. Ayers is a decent player who can't seem to stay healthy.Beason, Kennard and Amukamara are injury prone. Other than Shane Vereen catching the ball the Running backs are ordinary but Jennings has a heart the size of NYC.

Dallas has a pass rush and a world class offensive line. Romo is injury prone and Dez Bryant is injury prone and disruptive. Written is above average everyone else is ordinary. McFadden can be excellent for a few games but the wear and tear get to him.

Philadelphia can beat you on any given day. They have a decent pass rush and ordinary corners. The interior of their line is subpar.

Washington has some interesting pieces but isn't there yet. I still think RGlll deserves another shot.

Anyone can win this Division.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Obama and the future revolution

Within thirty years there will be a revolution in the United States. The cause of this revolution is the Hugo Chavez precedents of a circus clown President. The unlawful tactics and abuse of power have ruined the trust of the American
People in government.

The endless fiascos, the abuse of power and total convivance of much of the elite media has our nation headed towards a civil war in the future. The left has gone way too far and the protests against police should not even be labeled as Black. Those Blacks that work or are rational grasp the police have a tough but important job. This is not even the ranting of genuine inner city folks. This is Hollywood hypocrites living in gated communities and Marijuana Marxist goons like Obama and the Ninja Turdle Mayor Dumblassholio. This is bankrolled by Soros and covered up by his
Amen corner in the media.

This is a failed President who allegedly is an expert on Constitutional law failing basics. Ignoring whole sets of laws that he does not like and claiming those he does are settled is imperial. I need no lectures from amateurs on prosecutorial discretion. I have championed that concept long before Obama. However the bar has been set way too low.

The Lerner affair is the grossest abuse of power by the Obamarhoids. The DOJ investigates a former employee and finds nothing wrong in the worst abuse of power in US governmental history. Apparently if you are on the left abuse power and obstruct justice it is peachy. Lerner is not free by a long shot. There are civil suits and whole ranges of behaviors that will make the remainder of her days miserable. As she served Obama and persecuted Zionist groups she should be greeted as Kapo number one and be given the Hitler salute at any gathering in the community.

The answer of Obama to the worst economic crisis is to open the immigration floodgates for jobs that don't exist. The whole goal is to turn Texas and Floria into democratic strongholds so we will be stuck with one party rule and corruption.

The government under Obama is unaccountable and imperial. It will not happen in my lifetime. These abuses of power make anything imagined by Nixon trivial. There is some irony in my saying this. At work I frequently am the buffer between governance and imperial abuse. I frequently fix things off the rails. When people are Kojaks of the mind and run off the rails I can be counted upon for a fair review in the grossest of errors. I have fought for accountability and rational use of power.

When law is arbitrary and power is being abused we are headed for some rough times ahead.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A strange loan

I lent a supervisor who is journeying home an odd relic. In my wallet is the Torah on microfilm. It was given to me by a Lubavitcher shortly before 9-11. He looked at me and said Something to the effect of danger seems to follow you.
Put this in your wallet. The path ahead is dangerous. I looked at him. He said put it in your wallet so it will go with you.

Days later indeed I was on hand for 9-11. After three initial energy to run a strange feeling came over me. The proclamation of faith in conning of the savior. I envisioned at that moment resignation or sarcasm.

My boss is journeying home to bury his father. He made the choice to end life support. All of us answer life differently. I know that is not my way. When trouble came to my home I threw my body in a way to protect the children. I could have looked for my daughter but protecting my grandaughter came first.

As my boss left I told him to carry the item home. I can't explain it but it has a calming effect


Truthers are communist antisemites. They are fond of demanding absurd levels of proof and absurd inferences that aren't meaningful. Truthers use the same techniques as Holocaust deniers. Then they pretend that these toxic
Agenda driven games are merely logic driven attempts to get to the bottom of the facts.

Art Bell noted Truthers are obsessed and antisemitic. The fact that the Holocaust Museum shooter is directly linked to trutherism is never held against Commies. Unlike imagined links to Fox News of your average shooter these links are direct smoking links.

While the media brings up Trumps birtherism it never gets around to holding idiots like Rosie Odumbell accountable. She should be hounded at every opportunity like a member of the KKK. Truthers should be denied tenure and if tenured asked to retire. This should also be grounds for an immediate psychological evaluation on any job dealing with the public. This is a pathological mental defect attempting first amendment games.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A lesson learned quickly

My daughter unfortunately asks for my help with her homework. The teacher has an abnormal fixation on technology reports in Current events. My daughter had a friend print a news article. Unfortunately the article was from Alex Jones. I gave her a lesson in what conspiracy kooks think. Even people with very little history of reading news can discern that truthers are not to be taken seriously.

I comment on Mikes America with a bore named Elwood. He has claimed that there was a 9-11 cover up. When asked multiple times he refuses to name who did it. Most likely it fits the pattern of Jews. This is the same nut who sees no Obama problems in the IRS, Ben Ghazi. It seems that low IQ Jew haters love Obama.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Football Not as Fun as it used to be

Maybe it's me but players don't seem to be having fun out there. Yes sports are a business. However it is rare to see true passion for the game. The Mannings are more akin to professors. Maybe in all the dollars we forgot about people from nowhere who have a passion for the game.

The Cowboys are losing and other than Sean Lee did anyone care? Where are the football mavens calling for the head of the NFLs Napoleon Chip Kelley. Where are the jokes about the Lions being so bad that Snaggle Puss refused to be their mascot.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Junk Food Culture

The sad part is that Mom and Pop shops become a thing of the past what can we share with our kids and grandkids. I remember going to a barbershop with my grandfather. The places we went are long gone except for Nathan's in Coney Island, Katz Deli and Yonah Schimmel. Even mighty chains fall but only some of them are missed. I miss Roy Rodgers, Arthur Treacher and Tads Steakhouse.

The passage of brands is not exactly subtle. I tried to fool Cheekie by switching out Pringles for Chex Mix. That didn't work at all and the kids asks for it. I switched from Mountain Dew around Cheekie to Hawaian Punch and that did not work. I tried eating dried Papaya and apricots but the kid hates them. Oddly the kid like Pecans which is kind of silly seeing a toddler munching away on that.

I remember my grandparents and parents brands. It would be nice to sit on a restaurant owned by a family. This is why I love the Greek Dinners so much. Until we get into a new age where the little guy has a chance it's junk food culture.

Did I mention I loathe Subway, Au Bon Pain and Pret a Manger. Only the last one is worth a visit. Give me Potbelly or
a real old Blimpie any day. How many of our memories are tied up in brands. It was good to see my daughter play the board game life. Many of the oldies like Dungeon Dice and Statego are rarely seen.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Haloween Whoper

After three days of green poop, I am starting to rethink artificial coloring as just stupid. I am not as against preservatives or flavor enhancers but these dyes are just silly. Three days for a item to be broken down just doesn't
Sound right. I would still drink my Diet Dew without the coloring. In fact since I learned about it I cut back and switched to other beverages.

Chemical colors is not worth the headache or likely health issues.

Friday, October 09, 2015

This is a test

Our minds are very strange sometimes. We remember certain things and not others. Even people not born when the crime occurred remember Robert Chambers. The same people don't remember the name of the thug who executed two cops. We remember Baruch Goldstein but forget almost all the names of Muslim terrorists.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The NFL is still a game

In life some of us like a good underdog story. We have had a few in NYC sports. I was annoyed when the Giants cut Hynowski for an unknown. Fullbacks are a dying breed and although Hynowski excelled he played infrequently. His replacement Nikita Whitlock plays on offense, defense and special teams. He is a decent pass rusher and got his first NFL sack. It is underdogs like Whitlock who despite being undrsized still gets the job done. If he were in NE with Belechick he would be a household name. The Patriots are masters of moving people into other positions. For now we can enjoy watching the few plays on offense and defense.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Lord of the Flies

I want to talk of logic and lynch mobs. Lynch mobs are not logical and if you find yourself in the center of the storm move quickly. Lynch mobs react to rumor and speculation. One does not argue with a mob. They do not burn themselves out. They are usually the actions of drunken loser types without jobs.

Even having a rational conversation is impossible when you are dealing with this element. Case in point all of us die
At some certain point. While the circumstances of each death are open to conjecture the results of autopsies are not typically mysterious. Great conspiracies only exist in fiction.

A local dies before her time. Are we certain about her family medical history. All types of accidents of varying types are possible. This is not the case of a car crash victim or the death by obvious cause. Until the coroner speaks everything is speculation. If the body is released and buried and there are no arrests one needs to let it rest.

If I were dealing with more literate types explaing the tabloid cycle and the absence of a story is not apt to work with people who don't read much. Tabloid Journalism 1001.

1) Beautiful victims sell papers. The public likes its victims pretty.

2) Obnoxious bad guys from wealth sell papers. All of you remember Robert Chambers. What was the name of the slob that shot the cops who were executed in NYC

3)Readers like a lost love angle. A love triangle angle sells papers. Jilted at the altar sells papers. Shot for stinking up the bathroom doesn't.

The only thing the story lacked was a body part joke or a sex tape. If you can work in a cute dog or cat it is a plus. There was no story because there was no arrest and no proof of foul play.

Human Nature

Humans are capable of both good and evil.We are imperfect and nothing ever really floors me. As someone who was falsely accused of a great crime, I indeerstand this personally. I was fortunate to have a union behind me. I remember the looks of people who to this day swore I got off on great lawyering. Even though the facts spoke loudly and clearly in my favor some to this day think I skated.

People watch TV shows and think they are all Kojaks or Quinvy. In reAlity actual work is done on longer scales. Thus
I urge untrained people not to speculate when things hit close to home. Even if the fActs speak loudly we must await
The efforts of a flawed system.

We never really know people. We kid ourselves we know Billy Bob up the block. We know this person only within the context of our interactions. We never see the full range of possibilities even with those we live with. Given the right circumstances many of us are capable of anything. We should also know that our justice system is flawed and its biases help those with money and hurts eccentrics. When dealing with eccentrics they frequently can be convicted of things they never did.

Eccentrics are those people who live in their own world. Few of them have the social skills to know this. They tend to overestimate their intelligence and law enforcement has field days with them.

Those who are reading this should view this as general information. My situation remains the same and I Amin no trouble of any kind. The best you can do when there is a cloud in your community is say you don't know. In reality we never know anyway. Innocent men go to jail and the guilty skate.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Being loved

There are many tributes to Yogi Berra. The most amazing is the universal love that people have for him. Yogi was very small by baseball standards. I doubt a 5'7'' man would be allowed to catch. He would probably be moved to second base. Perhaps given his excellent arm third base. He was a very competent outfielder.

What makes Yogi so loveable is the humility and decency. I don't think he ever bragged or said a bad word about any athlete. He mentored in a simple way and mentored hundreds. He took great pride in the game winning triple by Joe Girardi a fellow Italian Catcher. He had a key triple in a one zero game and Yogi beamed with pride about some player he called Joe Girardio.

Modesty and a good sense of humor are the reasons many of us love Terry Bradshaw or Michael Strahan. In the end it is meant as a form of entertainment. There is room for thoughtful analysis but there is a difference between the classy
Chris Colinsworth and the loathed Tiki Barber. Throwing athletes under the bus when you were the king of fumbles and excuses is low class. The other athletes do not need to mention their history. If you didn't know Bradshaw has won four Super Bowls you would mistake him for the NFL version of Bob Uker. Phil Simms is a first rate commentator who might talk in passing about his career.

What is also belongs in a discussion of Yogi is his love of his wife and his friendships. He played cards with Phil Rizuto as the later was in hospice. He went home only when his friend went to sleep. He called his wife Carmen his greatest team mate. It is fitting that the Yankee greats were on hand for the great runs in the late 90s.

Hopefully Derek Jeter as the greatest living Yankee will assume some sort of role like Berra. He does have the love of the game. He also has enough resources that he need never work again. The torch of Berra has now been passed to a
Different sort. Jeter has more diva in him but understands the traditions and history of the Yankees.

One almost never heard Berra discuss his service in World War 2. Perhaps being there on D Day made every future situation trite. He didn't whine about missing time to serve his country.

What surprised me the most is how his Yogisms are even known abroad. Sometimes I quote him as a local philosopher. Apparently, these may have taken a life of their own. Berra said "I never said half of the things I said". I can relate to this as my sense of humor is widely known. I get credit for many jokes that I never uttered. Some of these are better than the ones I did.

Yogi groomed the late Elston Howard as his successor. Howard was the first Black Yankee and later one of the first Black coaches. You hear plenty about Berra being mentored by Bill Dickey but very little about how Berra mentored Howard. Sadly in the great tradition of Yankee catchers Howard and Munson died way too early. Munson like Berra was devoted to his family. He was the heart and soul of those 70 teams. Sadly Munson and Murcer are no longer with us.

The term national treasure is thrown around too frequently. However in the case of Yogi it was well deserved. I intend to drink a bottle of Yoo Hoo in his honor.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

RIP Yogi Bera

The world has lost more than a great ball player. Yogi was a comedian and philosopher. I was shocked that in the UK he was widely known for his wit. He made fun of himself as a simple man but was a shrewd businessman investing in the Yoo-hoo drink that I still enjoy today as a middle age adult. In Phil Rizutos last years Yogi visited him in the hospital until the end. I will leave this post with a classic Yogi quote.

If you don't go to other people's funerals they won't go to yours.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pedophelia and Our Afghan Allies

There are some who mitigate all practices no matter how abhorrent to cultural differences. The fact that pedophelia has a long history in Afghanistan. In this case soldiers were given lectures to ignore this problem.

This was a mistake we need fix.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Dumbest Man in Professional Sports

JPP of the NY Giants wins this hands down. Awaiting a 15 million dollar a year contract he decides to play Willie Coyote and blows off part of his hand. Rather than be forthright he hides the condition and does not work with the medical staff. He might step on the football field but he is not an elite althlette anymore.

At this point JPP deserves to be cut. His whole behavior has been injurious to the team. We should take the fifteen million and give it to Eli and a signing bonus
And reduce the burden of his contract.

There are those who will give credence to maturity issues. Over time JPP can be forgiven unlike Tiki Barber. I never bought the crying act after the fumbles. His treatment of his QB and coach were classless. Okay JPP was immensely stupid but he certainly did not do this maliciously. He was fun to watch but screwed up.

The Giants have no pass rush. Perhaps Moore is mentally with JPP. The First Pick in the draft is looking good. I would trade Eli to the Bils for their number one pick. The team needs a total rebuild and winning four games with Nassib makes more sense.

Hire Bill Cowher.

In the meantime Preston Parker needs to go. The drops and wrong routes are not funny. If someone hasn't signed Corey Washington bring him back.

Dahl may be a coaches favorite but he has to go.

Now some of you noticed in one part I said to trade Eli and in other parts I mentioned keeping him on a more friendly
Deal to the salary cap. If management thinks they can quick fix the defense fine. If not rebuild.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I gave my nephew a stupid gift. On both events at the WTC I was wearing a NY Yankee Jersey. I refer to it as the cursed shirt. It was tucked away deep in my closet. I never take it out or wear it. My nephew calls it the good luck
Shirt. He wears it all the time and calls it a Lucky shirt.

I prefer never to see the shirt again. However, it is a genuine Jersey that costs more than one hundred dollars. There is no logical connection between the shirt and those experiences. I never wore it again after 9-11. When my nephew asked for it I was perplexed.

Then again in another era hand me downs were more common. I had plenty of clothing from siblings. I even reluctantly
gave my brother one shirt I got as a giveaway when the Yankees were still playing at Shea. I remembered watching in awe as Catfish Hunter, Bobby Bonds, Thurman Munson and others took the field against the As.

It is pretty odd that my nephew sees the same item as lucky. Perhaps our perceptions to a certain extent are subjective.

Racist Bird Brain

If someone on the right made remarks about mostly Black and Indian immigrants the Duck would be screaming racism. However as a moron follower of Marx he feels himself above basic norms of behavior. Interestingly his comments on immigration are especially dumb.

West Indian immigrants run the entire gamut and can be found in every profession. The most notoriously, bad mouthed group is Haiti. However, one can visit business run by Expatriates and visit with skilled professionals in almost every endeavor. All of the West Indians readily become American with ease. A surprising number serve with honor in our military. In two generations they are indistinguishable from other Americans.

I will contrast this with Emigrants the Duck champions. They do not absorb American values and have tendencies that would shock even the most jaded of us. Lefties are very fond of hyping homophobia when expressed from a right of center pastor. Lefties pretend much more incindiary comments aimed at Jews and gays from Muslims are rather quaint. Homophobia is a problem in the West Indies. The largest group of gay asylees comes from Jamaica. Of course Obama will
not dare lecture West Indians or Muslims about mistreating gays. He did lecture Africans who do not emigrate for this reason.

Immigration is about individuals and how well attached they are to our values is subject for debate. I have not witnessed anything other than love for the USA in my community. Education for its own sake is not as prized as learning a vocation. There is nothing wrong with those who wish to labor in those areas. Sucky views them as unwashed
Masses who need the divine wisdom of the all mighty Marxist State.

In reality almost every immigration story centers around jobs.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Dark Ages

The refugee crisis is exacerbating the end of Europe. The continent will not didappear. However, the era of cradle to grave entitlements and open doors will end. Europe will find itself beset with high crime. The era of light prison sentences will likely yield to something more American in style. The Jews will flee first. Those with money will flee to Australia or perhaps Russia. America was given a bullet to the head by the Obama policies. We will find that Obama has damaged the country more than its enemies could.

By 2100 nuclear exchanges will have destroyed this formerly great planet. The architect of this soon was the far left that allied with Nazi theocratic thugs. Saying that a people who are intolerant of their own coreligionists and inhuman to others is a cultural variant is part of the game to usher in the bankruptcy of Capitalism.

Capitalism itself was never the problem. The problem was socialists expanding social programs and killing business. Mourn not for the arrogant know it all sin the EU. Mourn for a planet less free by those who endangered our future for political points.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

NYC parades

Some NYC parades are gaudy, most are boring and some dangerous. The West Indian day parade can be gaudy but at times violent. It is unfortunate that a few jerks can spoil an event for thousands. You live in NYC you learn which parades
Are safe and boring.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

The Left and BS rhetoric

When police are executed, lefties become free speech partisans. They are free to rationalize exhortations to extreeme
Criminality, but go near any of their sacred beliefs and you will find yourself suspended or threatened with discipline. Question whether race and gender should be a factor in hiring and admissions and you might find yourself
Branded a white supremacist. Point out some ugly realities in Islamic history and you might have protesters at your door for a decade.

Policemen just happen to be turning up bullets as an Obsma approved racial hate group starts loudly calling for violence against cops. Of course Obama could show actual leadership and talk of rational discourse, but that would be
The actions of a genuine leader. We are stuck with the Socially Promoted Preppie Diversity Hire Barney Fife. Sorry but any look at his bio shows this is Dramatical fighting of windmills rather than substantive life experience angst.

Despite what the far left tell you, Black people want good jobs, safe streets and schools that function. The ones I know and are part of my life are just as bothered by street crime and a lousy job market because they are on the front lines of those maladies. I sit with a buddie from work laughing at my being profiled multiple times by Vermont Police. It was so bad the police knew where I kept my title and registration better than I did.

In all truth the experiences of being stopped asked dumb questions was annoying. Yet there was never any inclination that I should be disrespectful. Why are you at KFC? JPs is closed, I eat in the back table regularly. You regularly eat there. Six days a week, I even come on my days off, it's like home. The officer in question had observed me eating there multiple times and joking with the family that owns the place.

When asked to assume the position I did so. Captain Crunch, diet Mountain Dew and Charmin. Are you sure there's nothing in that Dew. Nothing but pure cafine and chemicals. Do people really mix it with alcohol. Captain Crinch what are you 8. You got any guns. Nope and no drugs either. Roll up your sleeves. Got nicked by Black Fly. It sure is frustrating but my non hostile gentle responses let them understand they have the wrong guy.

Friday, September 04, 2015

Racism of the Duck

One can see the not too subtle racism in the Ducks statement of incredulous astonishment when I state the gulf states and Iran should settle Muslim refugees. The Christian refugees should be granted Asylum. The Druze can settle in Israel or Lebanon.

I get these high handed lectures about the nature of Islam. They will spend thousands killing each other in senseless
Wars but the cost of the refugees is now the burden of European taxpayers. There were refugee camps in Europe after WW2. But the refugees were resettled. Israel deals with refugees each and every day. Many of these refugees are fleeing Jew hatred from Muslims and far left governments. Contrary to the lies of the Timmerman family they were

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Failure of the political establishment

The political elites have mostly with rare exception failed us in the immigration crisis that is global. With the rare exception of Syrians these are economic refugees who should be returned unless they have a compelling Asylum claim. Gays and Christians from dangerous spots should be accepted. All the other Ashlee's should be repatriated.

Muslim countries have the means and wealth to settle their own refugees. They refuse to do so because the shrill left is mired in post colonial guilt. These refugees need to return home with expedited removal hearings. The sob stories
Need to stop and some common sense respect for the tax payer and our under employed.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Laughing at myself

There was an arrest in my office and I was injured. Naturally people assumed it was in an altercation with the aplicant. Not only is that not true, the applicant who was later arrested was a perfect gentleman. I was pinch hitting with my new boss who made the arrangements. Had I pulled out of the interview the arrest would have been compromised. I took a Motrin and did the last two interviews.

The top boss asked why I waved off removal to the nurses office and continued. In seven years I have never failed to complete an assignment. No matter how sick or in pain I would hold out till a review day to rest. Even in the CSU I made my assignments until the boss there told me to take a five day rest. Formally, I was on call in case of an emergency. There have been days where I was off except for a strategic meeting to wrap up a case and got a full day's work thrown at me. In one instance I told the boss, my guy first then everyone else.

My place is especially brutal but I earn my keep and make things entertaining. Oddly I am losing my reputation as a boss killer.When one of the bosses went haywire my response was caustic but muted.My response was if I took out a leger pad you would see this slight is unwarranted. Alas I have too much class to cross words with you over this matter.It was the mildest rebuke of about eight fights that supervisor had. The Director laughed at my measured sarcasm. I told her I am too old for much more than a quip or two.

Obama lectures Jews

The antisemitic clown in the White House created the Nadler mess. Obama needed to pressure a real Jew Nadler into going along with his insane plans to have Israel annihilated in a nuclear war. Nadler was immediately and deservedly
attacked by his constituents as Kapo. Unlike Election Day frauds Feinstein and Boxcar Bertha in CA, Nadler was the genuine article. He is no longer the genuine article and chose loyalty to a power mad Nero president over the will of
His constituents.

The Obamaphiles need to pay for their perfidity and a Hitler salute followed by a shunning is appropriate. Lefties feel perfectly fine calling Schumer a real Jew all sorts of names. The failed messiah if he were a man would apologize to Nadler for ruining his reputation in his community forever. His failure and turning his back on his community will have consequences for the remainder of his days.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Gay Black Killer Huge Obama Fan

Every time there is a mass shooting the left tries to tie the crime to Fox or talk radio. Well now we have a gay rainbow flag waiving Obama fan as killer lets extend the inane Obamunist logic further.

This particular nut was so race obsessed he thought serving watermelon was a hate crime. We serve the stuff daily in my house with fried chicken and okra. Okra is a major vegetable that is everywhere in Guyana and enjoyed by all regardless of race.

Following this logic my boss who isn't Jewish is racist for serving Chinese Food and Pizza at our meetings. He made references to Kool Aide which are obvious code word for dumb Guyanese even though only stupid Americans drank the stuff and died in Guyana.

I want to point out Gays are far and away the most discriminated against in my workplace. Yet amazingly Black people who go to far lengths to bash people for imagined racism are among the worst offenders dropping slurs and gay jokes that are mean spirited. Nor have I ever seen an instance of gay people being hyper sensitive to inclusive humor. Inclusive humor are those jokes intended to laugh at human nature. Coworkers were joking that the man always gets stuck with the check so gay men pay twice as much to avoid fights. There was a picture of a smiling Bill Clinton in between two gay men at work. I pointed out he never smiles like that when Hillary is around. Coworkers of all descriptions were on the floor laughing. Gays were looking forward to the skit where I was mistaken for gay in a training video.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Advice for the serious candidates

The Trump numbers reflect an electorate tired of Obama. They are tired of excuses and making deals with Obama. They reject the policies of Obama. They are tired of the mindless Obama policies and hatred of all things American. They are tired of pretending Obama is an effective leader when it is obvious he is incompetent.

You get the Trump voters by attacking Obama.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Inside The Curtain

I am not a fan of Donald Trump. That being said the NYT piece gives a peek at the workload of Immigration Judges. They are overworked and there are a range of factors. This is the reason I avoid sending marginal cases there. There
is always time for serious criminality and statutory cases. However, I try to send people there only after all the evidence has been considered. Judges never complain about that drug dealer, gang member or sexual predator on their docket.

In fact our investigators have no complaints about going after sexual predators. They typically are more than happy to get them off the street. Assuming Trump wins, ( big if) he probably should provide an incentive for ICE Officers to work 25 years instead of 20. Trump would need to boost staff at the airports and USCIS as well.

On the plus side, Trump is known for results. He will hire only the best and hold everyone accountable. Anything would be welcome from the Obama malaise.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pothead Mayor gives up on Carriage Horses

The increasingly unpopular ignorant oaf Mayor has decided to quit pestering hard working tax paying Central Park Horse carriage operators. It was a stupid position that was widely ridiculed especially in a city where nothing works.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hacked from Israel

My email accounts were hacked from Israel. There is nothing of value in those accounts as I do not bank or trade stock on line. In this case it was wasted efforts. I still would like to torture credit card thrives and computer hackers. A nice round with a tazer gun followed by jail time would feel good by violates cruel and unusual punishment. After sex criminals they are amongst the lowest of the low.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Market correction

All of us took a bath today. The China blues and other factors are leading the sell off. It is not a bad thing and I took the opportunity to buy a tiny position in B&G foods. I live the products and the company and decided it is another company I want to own.

Stay the course look for opportunities and wait in a down market.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Homelessness worse in NYC than in Guyana

Diplomats have noticed the determination of the city under Mayor Pothead. Pothead claims he is a victim of bad press.
The city has become a great toilet under the socialist imbecile. A diplomat from Guyana stated homelessness is worse in NYC.

Winter should be brutal and there should be plenty of disease. These were the conditions that led many to flee the city for suburbia. The pothead socialist needs to go.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lerner cries victim and spouts ignorance

Once again the arch criminal Lois Lerner is crying victim. If the new documents uncovered by Judicial Watch are accurate this conspiracy spread to the DOJ and FBI. Lerner should be looking at RICO charges and jail without the possibility of parole for her crimes against the American People.

Her comments about Abe Lincoln are even stupider than the garbage usually said by Ron Paul lunatics. Her idiotic comments that Lincoln should have let the South go so we could have a left wing utopia.

Lerner is crying about her treatment at the hands of those evil Republicans. Every utterance reveals a lack of remorse or comprehension of the magnitude of her crimes. The crimes exceed anything imagined by Nixon and a RICO trial would last well beyond the Obama administration. Those that conspired with Lerner should not be spared.

There should be mandatory retirements at the IRS and the culture needs overhaul. There is zero room for abuse of authority at any level of the government.

Trump polls and Sanders numbers are a reaction to Obama

I am not on the Trump bandwagon. I did take the time to discuss the phenomena with those who are on Team Trump. After
Eight years they are frustrated by Republican timidity to oppose Obama. They are tired of apologizing to every group on the planet. They are tired of a leaderless dishonest President who call opponents of his programs terrorists and refuses to call Muslims who attack America terrorists.

They are tired of a jobs market that gives jobs to illegal aliens, high crime and Obama care.

Oddly, the true voice of anti Obama sentiment would be Ted Cruz or Gov Walker. The latter causes lefties emotional pain. However, I share this frustration with the GOP. I would be less inclined to vote for Rand Paul than Trump if he were the nominee. Rand Oaul needs to come out once and for all and state firmly that none of his fathers kooky followers will be in his administration.

Disgusting Hypocrites

The left does beat up on some companies. However, it gives a largely free pass to Amazon and its Neanderthal tyrant for conditions that are a cross between a mental hospital, a sweatshop and a gulag. Sorry, but maintaing a system where employees can snipe behind the backs in the shadows lends itself to workplace bullying. There is reasonable work hours and commitment to a job. Pretty much Bezos had created a high tech plantation. It is okay to demand excellence and dedication, but giving people less challenging work because they are parents or have cancer is
inhuman and illegal.

I will not spend a nickel at Amazon. Bezos represents the worst of aspects of Capitalism. He is pretty much a sociopath with a corporation. Had any of the working conditions described happened at Wallmart the left would be storming the gate. Pretty much the response is Bezos is a jerk now lets get some more goodies.

I have known plenty of people who worked for Donald Trump, Bloomberg and had anyone else displayed such arrogance and
inhumanity it would be in the papers 24/7. The people I know describe demanding but fair bosses. Bloomberg would never dream of coming down hard on an employee for taking time off to care for children. Trump may pop off with the mouth but he treats his people well.

Amazon is at the stage where the Federal government should step in. Either Bezos treats his employees like humans or
The fed breaks up his company into smaller pieces.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Stupid Pothead Marxist Mayor Booed By Dominicans

Add Dominicans to the growing list of people annoyed by Mayor Pithead. He took it upon himself to interject his opinions on internal Dominican policies. Most countries have firm immigration policies. Poor countries can not afford
Unlimited amounts of illegal aliens to drop in. Casting the matter as a racial issue is a progressive mania. Immigration is not nor was it ever a divine right. The need of the Mayor to comment on extraneous overseas issues is just Pothead Progressivism.

I am somewhat disappointed in Col Bernie Sanders. He certainly knows how to verbally dismiss crackpot lefties. He should not be paralyzed by fear by Soros agitators. The Black Lives Matter is a fraudulent group that quotes cop killer Joanne Chessimard. Sanders has no need to apologize to this sort and should have denounced these interlopers as bought and paid for by Soros and Hillary.

These paid clods want to disrupt Republican campaign rallies. We support the right of families to get jobs in a growing economy. We support law enforcement officers who need to be accountable but not crucified for every imagined
Slight.A group venerating a washed up cop killer hiding out in a country that has had Black political prisoners is more a punchline than a serious group. Leave it for Marxist Moron Chessimard to overlook the Black political prisoners in Cuba. Leave it to Obama to avoid having Chessimard repatriated as part of his new Cuban policy.

Black lives matter to Progressives only if they are named Obama or are criminals. Poor people want good jobs, safe streets and schools that educate. On every count Mayor Pothead fails miserably. There is but so long that he can hide
Behind his mixed race family and the word progressive. There is nothing progressive about high crime, a poor local jobs market and incompetence in the board of Ed and their teachers union cronies. A better term for the reign of neglect by the Cannibas Commissar is Oppressive particularly on those he pretends to champion.

My being literally sick all year coincides with the Mayors turning the aggressive homeless onto the streets of NYC. I
Literally have to get up an hour earlier and take a different train. On the way home the entire bus had to crowd in the back because a stinky homeless person with a constant cough was sitting up front. In a city where many segments of the population have immune system issues this can be a major problem. How is it the two previous Mayors had this under control but it takes six months of Marijuana Marxism to return us straight to the Dinkins years.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Cowardly Cocktail Party Commisar Zitver shelves the Schumer break with Obama at Harry's Place of Obamunists

One of the oddities of the web is that every left of center antsemite is an Obama man. Most of these Obsma fans are foreign, but their obsession with Jews is predictable. The Bird Brained Poiltry merely mocking bird style repeats the lines of these morons because he identifies with every enemy of Americs while railing about Jews.

There has been no coverage of the Schumer Obama split. Last we checked a Semator is elected to represent his state and is not a vassal of the President. If any criticism is warranted it is against Democrats leading their party off a cliff. Note the verbose pothead Mayor who talks about everything is not saying a word.

The cowardly Zitver merely has fondue and cocktails while waxing off incoherently about Gore Vidal and how to spin a world where Obama has a clue.

Other than Michael Ezra and sometimes Sarah there is no reason to read Harry's Place as it has devolved into the Obamunist Cocktail Party under the reality impaired Zitver.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Sick and Depreaved Lifestyle

A ultra religious brain dead cultist freak practicing a sick and abhorrent life of sloth and stupidity on the dole stabbed a homosexual in Jerusalem. Gays serve in the military and are better people than the ultra lazy and ignorant religious zombie cultists.

Gays make better friends and relatives than freakazoid religious zombies waiting to glean the wisdom of a rabbinical Jim Jones wanna e Rabbi. Gay relatives do not cause problems for mm gay family members. It's time to tell the freak show parasites packing.

Commence Left Wing Bigotry

Our usual Left wing bigots shall commence ranting about Schumers vote against the Iran deal in their usual bigoted terms. I expect Mendez of NJ to be against this deal. Feel free to rant about Cuban Americans while rationalizing Fidel.

We need a real man in the White House. I am tired of pot smoking empty headed narcicists and accomodationist GOP. It's time for Bloomburg. I could care less about Social Liberalism. I want a man who can lead, accountable government
And an actual adult in the White House.

I want a leader who gives a rational answer even when I disagree. I want a leader that supports cops and doesn't stir
The racial pot. I want a person that has been gainfully employed. I want a leader who grasps using the IRS to punish
Foes is an inhuman abuse of power. I want a leader who has been in a truck stop and doesn't ask for arugula. I want someone who doesnt care what the faculty lounge lizards in the sociology dept think.

I want a person of action or the anti Obama.

I will stick with the Govenor who antagonizes labor.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Don't mess with Cheekie

no sooner than I walked in the door Cheekie was there asking for silly putty and Popsicles. I was fairly certain she had never seen a Mr Potato Head. I unpacked the groceries and in a flash Mr Potatohead was gone. Cheekie somehow figured out this was a toy. She played with it for hours.

What still eludes me is Cheekies love of opening packages. I don't get that one.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Black Lives Matter , just not to Progressives

Once again a far left group comes up with a slogan, but is short on facts. In NYC it did not take very long for Pothead DiBlassio to make a mess out of the city Bloomberg handed him. Bloomberg had his faults, but blatant disregard for public safety and alienating NYPD were not among them.

Stop and Frisk got the guns off the streets. It is not fun when police stop you, but it is the price we pay for safer
Locales. The tactic likely won't yield guns but I bet we might find more drugs than one assumed in rich areas. There is a world of difference between working class Blacks who are exponentially more likely to be killed in Street crime than by a bad cop.

Opening the immigration floodgates to compete for jobs that don't exist does not help the Black community. Refusing to deport anyone and sticking the taxpayers with social service bills doesn't help any community of legal residents.

Black lives matter is a slogan by a group of people who venerate criminality and have disdain for law enforcement officers. Here is a clue for ignorant lefties. If a law enforcement officer arrests you remain calm shut your mouth
And with a turnstile justice you'll resume your criminal behavior shortly. It's hard to sympathize with Eric Garner because he was a genuine pro at getting arrested. He was well aware of paying a minor fine was the likeliest outcome.
It is hard to sympathize with a person who has been arrested so many times create the mess that ended his life.

Black lives matter where a cop killer who fled to Cuba is venerated while Black Cuban political prisoners rot in jail
and DiBlassio takes a bong hit.

Monumental Stupidity

It is rare when a clueless sort gets jokes totally over their head. A former coworker reminded me of a classic exchange in VT with a local.

Z: Hey Beakerkin, we got a word for men like you that like theatre, read art books and worked in women's fashions.

B: cultured?

Z: No you moron its faggot.

B: I worked with enough guys with pinkie rings and ankle bracelets to discern the difference between a tough guy and a punk.

Z: Pinkie rings and ankle bracelets dude you're flaming.

B: A regular Mensa member

Z: Is that where your flaming friends meet

B: I will reduce this to your IQ level bag boy. Bag this.

It is absolutely priceless when a clod is so overmatched that the next sound out of his mouth is duh.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Ethics and Governance

Our left wing moonbat Marxist Poultry has shown why radical lefties are not fit morally or mentally for government service. The basic inability to perceive the magnitude of the heinous crimes of Lois Lerner and her pack of flunkies at the IRS. These crimes exceed anything imagined in Watergate and Lerner deserves to be severely punished. The refusal of the administration to honestly investigate this matter leads me to the belief that this scandal goes way beyond Lerner.

Federal employees undergo a variety ethics training. There are videos that get played to federal employees every year.Lerner as a top manager would have definitely viewed the basic videos and likely have had advanced training. As an attorney is held to a higher standard of conduct for these flagrant violation of ethics.

Federal Employees are deservedly held to high standards of personal integrity. When one accepts the job one understands the extra sense of obligations that come with Federal employment. If a federal employee takes a second job it must be cleared. Federal employees can be fired for crimes unrelated to their job. If there is any arrest beyond a simple traffic violations it must be reported to mission support.

On the job the employee must apply the laws across the board. Any hint of bias is dealt with swiftly. Bias is often not understood easily. I asked our expert about a real case. Two people were arrested for cigarette smuggling, one from Mexico and the other from Lebanon. On the latter, the officer must do additional inquiries as a pattern of crime
Is already well established. Doing these enhanced questions with no indication the person across the desk is illegal profiling.

The IRS group in question was not dealing with meaty issues of criminality. In fact the rare incedence that charities
are involved in criminality are some of the Muslim charities that were not targeted. Lerner targeted Conservative and
Pro Israel groups for additional scrutiny. The sole basis for this additional scrutiny was Lerner objected to the politics of those groups.

The abuse included illegal requests for donor lists. The donors were subsequently harassed by the IRS. Of course the
Duck who still whines about Stalanists being denied work sees nothing wrong with a government agency abusing conservatives and people who support Israel with IRS audits. The cases were held up for years by agency obstructionism. Contrary to the Obama excuse, resources had nothing to do with the abuses. The cases could have been easily approved with less expenditures.

No doubt the Duck would be screaming if the officers discriminated against gays or Muslims. The abuses of the IRS were motivated by the pure malice and lack of ethics of Lerner. She deserves to have her name placed on the same page
in the history books as Benadict Arnold. Abusing your authority to pursue advance a political agenda is a heinous crime.

Poultry has ignored the facts and made absurd claims that there was no crimes committed by the IRS. Not even the arch criminal Lerner would advance that claim. If this is true why awkwardly invoke the fifth amendment and go through games with emails. The pressure on the IRS is occurring from lawsuits from the aggrieved parties, notably Judicial Watch. A pattern of Obstruction of Justice is evident and one of the judges is contemplating holding the head of the IRS in contempt of court.

As these crimes are monumental in their scope and strike at the heart of the basic foundations of our government the reactions should be severe. A RICO case should be brought against Lerner and every member of the IRS division that handled the tax exempt organizations. If there is evidence that State officials conspired with Lerner they should be charged as well.

Lastly the employees of the IRS should be punished for the crimes of Lerner. Anyone eligible for retirement for the next ten years should be mandated to leave. Step increases and pay raises should be with held until employees testify against Lerner. Unlike the budget shutdown the employees should not be compensated later.

Lerner should have her passport confiscated. After all of this is done it is fairly likely that she would flee the country. Her pension and assets should be seized, but her spouse should be spared by divorcing Lerner thus he could keep assets held jointly.

If the prosecution of these crimes seems severe, the monumental nature of Lerners crimes against the American people
need to be considered. There is no excuse for the gross abuse of power of Lerneer and her cronies. The American people need to have complete confidence in the professionalism of all of its civil servants, especially those working
at the IRS.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Holocaust Denial

The claim of Poultry that there is no IRS scandal is on a par with Holocaust Denial. This is a claim that not even the vile and reprehensible Lois Lerner would make. It also bears mentioning that pro Israel groups were also targeted for abuse by the IRS.

The actions of the IRS at the direction and instigation of Lerner were outrageous. Lerner knowingly abused her authority of her positions to punish those with political views she opposed. This violates every ethical standard of Federal service.

Federal employees take multiple courses on this situation. As an attorney and manager Lerner should be held to a higher standard. She was well aware of her crimes and the actions with the emails amount to tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice. She took the fifth amendment protection in a bizarre manner that call into question her basic competence as an attorney.

I want to point this out to the bird brained poultry. We had several policy changes in regards to gay applicants. Many officers refused to work the new case type. I was accused of being a ringleader of that group. My boss pointed out that actually the reverse was true. I spoke out against this illegal action and took on multiple extra cases so that the public was served.

Actually when the change in policy had been granted I took an unusual step. Like with every other applicant I welcomed the public to my office. I spoke about the policy change and noted that subtle changes to my interview required slight modifications. Actually I was somewhat surprised at how minor the changes were. I think there were minor changes to the word spouse. I got it wrong on the first interview, caught it myself. I think there was one minor error. I joked wrong interview chalk that up to the learning curve and proceeded. The error was minor, but my ability to laugh at myself and genuine honest efforts to welcome the public made the error a mutually comedic point.
In general, the public is not stupid, they know the difference between a sincere person and a hateful jerk.

I spoke multiple times and addressed those few officers who refused to work this case type. In the end the only trouble I had was switching cases with the officers who objected. After a few days management stopped this practice and stated everyone would have to work this case type after specific training.

I did not object to gay marriage. My objection was to a lack of respect for a sector of the public for being themselves. Now admittedly, there are parts of the interview where we joke about all being guys and picking up the check. There was a quip about me being upset with the Mrs for taking hours to select a single item of clothing. I joked with my boss thank god you will never have to endure that. My boss looked at me and said he endures that problem as well. There is a difference between laughing at common experiences and laughing at people. Thus joking about picking up the check devolving into martial arts is something all guys can relate to.

Lerner abused her position in a manner to punish those whose politics she objected to. The magnitude of her actions exceeded anything imaginable at Watergate. The asking for donor list and unreasonable requests for evidence, delays and subsequent harassment would be unacceptable to poultry if it were one of his favored groups. This is why poultry lacks the temperament to be a public servant.

Public officials are responsible for applying laws and regulations in a sane manner across the board. There are plenty of times reasonable well intentioned parties can disagree. I had a dispute with another agency involving bank records donated by an ex girlfriend could be released to another agency. The matter was resolved after a short discussion with two sets of attorneys. The questions were related to privacy and unsolicited evidence.

The tone of Poultry indicates why he and many other extreme lefties lack the decorum and moral core for public service. Why does he bring up the subject of Pollard to a Jewish officer. This is normal behavior for Poultry who has an Elmer Fudd style obsession with Jews who support the State of Israel. Good Jews are religious cultists who are on the dole who share his obsession. Good Jews are Communists who by the nature of who and what they are have ceased being Jews. These are small vocal and despised minorities within the community. Poultry has a blatant history of using racist epithets at Black Conservatives as he regularly calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah and Clarence Thommas Slappy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Obama Stupidity

The recent comments of Obama on the IRS scandal rank up there with the most ignorant comments of a President in modern history. The President had denied the scandal and then tries to blame any issues on Republicans for lack of funding. The IRS is not nor has it ever been underfunded. Look at the bonuses awarded Lerner and the travel and training budgets that put any other agency to shame.

There is ample evidence Lerner conspired with outside agencies. In this case, we are facing the Federal equivalent of the Blue Wall of silence. Congress should place an immediate pay and hiring freeze on the IRS until the workers step forward and testify against Lerner. If Lerner thought she was hated before let her coworkers feel it in their pay checks. If Lerner had an ounce of ethics, she would spare her coworkers. She has no ethics and continues to play victim. Her actions are a text book example of abuse of power and violate every ethics law on the book. Lerner as a lawyer should be held to a higher standard and should spend the rest of her life in jail with violent criminals.

Monday, July 27, 2015

President Pothead

Our cowardly President has deemed it appropriate to lecture Africans about gay rights and women's rights. He does not have the courage to make a similar speech in Saudi Arabia. In fact he has made a nuclear arms deal with the most backwards country on earth for gay rights and leading sponsor of terrorism.

Let John Gomer Kerry make a speech in Teheran about respecting gays, non Muslims, women and sponsoring terrorism. In the mad world of Gomer Kerry all of the Death to the USA is just flowery rhetoric. I would not be shocked if Col Bernie Sanders does not support this treaty. Sanders may be on the left, but is not as obtuse as Obama. He is also more honest and intellectually independent then Obama. If Onama ran on immigration reform and busting up mostly far left Lilly white enclaves he would have increased the midterm massacre even more.

The papers can correctly ascribe all types of motives to the theatre shooter. Yet a Psuedostiniam texting Koran quotes with a ZZ Top beard is depressed.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The noblest of creatures

The Maltese is an interesting companion. He never leaves my side. No matter what odd place I sleep he finds me. I slept on the patio he has there. I made a midnight run to the Taco Truck he was there and got an extra meal.

Perhaps with lefties hiking minimum wage to insane levels all we might have in some places are food food trucks. I like them because they are different.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Defending My Family

Lefties who visit this blog do not have the class or decency to comment on the illegal threats of agression by a communist regime against the sovereign state of Guyana. It is quite revealing that people who talk in racist stereotypes about dual loyalty will not even consider denouncing the criminal behavior of a communist regime. It appears the usual suspects are devoid of basic morality.

Communists have questioned my right to defend the country of my family from communist agression. I will point out that unlike Rachel Corrie, Lori Berenson and other leftist criminals I do have family in Guyana. I live in a Guyanese
Family in a Guyanese community. I will point out extending this critique are communists who obsess about Pseudostinians as a vehicle to express base populist Jew hatred are revealing themselves to be hypocrites on many levels.

The matter of the border was resolved one hundred years ago. Venezuelans threats are illegal violations of international law. My right to defend my family against communist agression should not be disputed. Sadly the deaths will likely be some peasant and not the political clods responsible for this illegal action.

Unlike lefties I will keep my activities legal. If hostilities start I will do what I can within the confines of the laws of the USA.

My issue is not with the Venezuelan people. My issue is with a criminal regime sending the poor to die for their death cult theology. Venezuela already posses an abundance of oil without threatening its peaceful neighbors. The matter was settled 100 years ago. This is really blood for oil by lefties who rambled this prase falsely at the USA. Of course I don't expect logic or sanity from mindless lefties who reek hypocrisy and are loyal to a death cult.

This Venezuelan militancy just coincides with more economic misery. It is a clear attempt by a criminal regime to boost support despite an economic train wreck caused by Mickey Marxist Malfeasence. It is amusing how hypocritical lefties are when one of their own violates international law.

Scratch yet another failed workers paradise.No doubt lefties will contrive another savior of Marx. Who knows maybe it
Will be Di Blassio

Monday, July 20, 2015

No blood for oil

Now that the criminal regime in Caracas is threatening a peaceful neighbor over a border dispute settled over 100 years ago the silence on the left is deafening. The failure of lefties to condemn this naked aggression by a criminal
Regime is proof of their dual loyalties to the enemies of the USA. Ordinarily, I would not point this out, however as
Lefties themselves do this with Jews who support Israel a taste of their own hypocrisy is deserved.

We need to start peppering lefties with constant harangues based on their support of a criminal regime. Feel free to give lefties a taste of their own medicine.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dumb comment by Trump

I salute the military service of all our Vietnam veterans not named John Kerry. There are times McCain is exasperating and annoying, but the man is still a hero. The comments of Trump are dumb. He has a lifetime of stupid comments familiar to New Yorkers.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Killer of Marines Pseudostinian

Once again the Obamunist media has obscured the facts of a terrorist case. The Killer was a Psuedostinian born in Kuwait. The same Psuedostinians that collaborated with Saddam and were tossed out after the U.S. Liberated Kuwait. The family is linked to Hammas.

On another note Venezuela is threatening Guyana. Should they invade the region is ripe for guerrilla tactics.

Monday, July 13, 2015

He isn't boring

There are many things one can say about Trump. However, even his critics must admit he isn't boring. The latest fiasco is the threat of a son of the drug kingpin. I hope the toupee is bulletproof. He certainly does not lack publicity.

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Sanctuary Madness

I want to talk about the current madness about sanctuary cities. In reality I lean towards the sentiments of the original intent of this policy. Genuine advocates of humane treatment of the public in the immigration experience should be treated as humanely as possible. I fought for humane treatment of applicants long before it was fashionable. No immigration advocate or attorney I know has ever supported the insane policy of shielding dangerous criminals. This is a policy that makes no sense whatsoever. Shielding dangerous violent criminals is not progressive, it's insane.

Behind some of the familiar numbers are likely situations that involve recidivist criminals from nations that don't accept their own criminals back. Cuba is notorious for this policy. The question is what do we do with people who have served their time, but don't belong here. Repatriation needs to be negotiated by both governments. Perhaps additional incarnation or tighter supervision is required. This is a serious issue that would be best dealt with by a capable set of leaders, not Obama.

Now we can argue about what is a serious crime. I am not advocating turning over Johny for smoking a joint or a single DWI. Even with minor arrests like disorderly conduct there should be limits. Five minor arrests and out. The system of endless appeals and long dates between hearings needs to be scrapped. Motions on criminal matters should be
Done outside the USA. Mr evocation should be automatic for green card holders and Naturalized citizens. Appeals for people in these categories should have their cases heard domestically. Revoked green card holders should only be allowed to travel once a year for two weeks after paying $1000 dollars with no fee waivers permitted. An additional two trips can be purchased for one thousand. Any departures with a year would be considered self deportation. Revoked citizens would get two free trips and could pay for an additional two.

The notion of wanting crime victims, people with medical conditions and children in school is a sound idea. Sheltering serious criminals is outrageous.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Not so Crazy

The stock market halted trading and my first question to the boss was if there was an act of terrorism again. The boss pointed out the market stops trading if the market crashes. China was down big and a reciprocal sell off is not out of the question. My portfolio was down but not seriously.

A coworker who wasn't jammed up checked and found out it was a computer glitch. Apparently, my concern was shared by scores of other Americans.

Word to cellphone stock apps. If trading is halted just placing a cause would be appreciated.

Perhaps all of us take that the stock market can afford the best technical support is invulnerable to human error. Maybe we should marvel that it doesn't happen more frequently.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The final ride

i have been a small owner of Tootsie Roll industries. It has been a good twenty year run. I enjoyed my annual 3 percent stock dividend. More than anything else I enjoy the products. The CEO died in his 90s. His wife is in her eighties and it looks like the. Company will be sold in the next year. Hopefully it will be sold to Mondelez or Hershey who I own.

I love the ever increasingly hard to find big tootsie roll. I also have a soft spot for Dots. The older grandaughter likes Dots also.

When the company is sold I will make a small profit, Yet unlike most companies that get bought out I really will miss
The fun and reliable we'll run company with products that are part of my life story and in some odd places in military history.

I did buy a tiny block but I hope it will still be in my portfolio at New Years.


I have been on vacation for a week. I got a call from Cheekie that she wants Popsicles, Silly Putty and Water Mellon. Guess it is time to cut my vacation short and return home from Upstate. It was nice visiting the family property in the Catskills but the commute is long.

It was good to walk the trails even though nature has changed and I dont have Rusty the Dog to protect me in the forest. The greatest danger remains feral dog packs. Bears are more common but are not a problem unless they are protecting Cubs. I would prefer Rusty to traveling with relatives along trails I know well. Traveling in a group of three is safer than the alternatives. Bears and other wildlife get out of your way.

I miss that mischievous little kid

Monday, July 06, 2015

Duck Soup

This timeless classic was on yesterday. My favorite part is the ending where they throw fruit at the woman singing the national anthem. I thought of that when Hillary got booed by the firefighters after 9-11 or Pothead Warren Wilhem
got booed at a Mets game.

I still think if they ever remake Marx Bros films Andrew Cuomo plays Chico. I went looking for a Chico Marx hat and couldn't find one. When I go back to Guyana I am wearing a Chico Marx hat. The last time my tropical fedora created unwanted attention. My brother in law sold it for 400 dollars.

If we do a Beakerkin parody of this I am playing Jewford T Zionist.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

The Unspoken Truth via Trump

Donald Trump is a horse's behind. He has spoken a truth that is uncomfortable to many. The immigration system has many problems. In a rush to curtail deportations, the administration has turned a blind eye towards criminality. There are dead and maimed citizens who have been harmed by the arrogance of idiotic leftism.

The sanctuary city movement is an abomination. Cities have opted out of reporting dangerous criminals municipalities
Turn them loose on the public to commit more crimes. They won't typically bother lefties who smoke pot in their gated
Communities. In general they prey on the working poor where they live.

I want to point out that even the most passionate immigration advocates draw the line at criminality. This is an extreme policy foisted arrogantly on the community by limousine Pothead Marxists with zero regard for the public. Obama regularly takes the most off the wall positions and pretends this is the norm. Few of us want a deportation for
The clod caught with a small amount of pot. However, must we endure multiple DWIs and violent crime. This should be part of a national discussion. Instead these policies are foisted on the people by pothead tyrants on the people.

One of the policies that is off the wall is the move to end arrests at the local offices where they are safer for everyone including the perp. Once again the administration has taken extreme measures with a blatant disregard for public safety. Obama loves to interject himself in conflicts between law enforcement officers and the public and goes
Out of his way to increase them. Of course the pothead progressives on the local level think nothing of endangering the lives of officers and the public with this extreme policy.

The criminality in the Mexican and Central American community is no laughing matter.The situation where certain countries notably Cuba and China refuse to take their hardened criminals back is well documented. Obama has made relations with Cuba a central part of his legacy. Let him insist Cuba take their hardened criminals back. Obama seems
disinterested in the return of Communist Cop Killer Joanne Chesimard. No doubt the Duck will pretend the crimes of Ayers and Chesimard are somehow different than the mental case Moron With the bad hairdo.

We have selected outrage at Trump for his presentation and lack of style points. He speaks for plenty of people who are fed up with a complete disregard for the law in the immigration system. There is also an arrogance in the illegal
Community. You broke the law and did not follow the rules and demand benefits and jobs that increase the cost to the taxpayers. To the kids that were knowingly smuggled in sorry but your family made this mess. Don't start demanding benefits when you should not have been here in the first place. Don't blame America, blame your family members who have zero respect for the laws of the United States.

Moreover, are these Trumpophobes defending hard core criminality that is apparent to any law enforcement officer. Why
Do these cases frequently take decades with endless motions. There is no excuse or defense for the levels of criminality in the immigrant community. Nor is there any defense for the utter disregard for public safety by the Pothead Progressives.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Fun with Sulu

George Takei has apologized for his over the top comments about Clarence Thomas. In the spirit of comedic satire, we would like to have a few jokes from Clarence Thomas.

Sulu is upset that he got less fan mail than the guy that looked like Davy Jones next to him.
His highlight of his career was a guest spot on King of the Nerds
His acting was so bad it stood out in The Green Berets
He is still upset he didn't get to guest star in Different Strokes
He was the only Asian actor that didn't get casted in Midway

Friday, July 03, 2015

The truth hurts

This is an adult conversation for Americsns. If you are clearly not American or have no respect for our history or traditions, this is not the post for for you. On this post the only lefties who will be allowed to comment are Ducky
And BB. We will publish those comments from those outside the USA who have demonstrated a respect for our history and traditions.

Immigration offers many challenges to the host country. The comments of Trump are crude, but they do contain enough elements of truth that should be discussed. Ann Coulter in her publicity circus mode taps into some of the same questions. We are not diplomats at this blog. However, we are going to discuss it from an entirely different perspective.

Americans should respect people from other cultures. Our values include tolerance of different religious and cultural
Customs. While we should respect these cultures there are lines about our own culture that also need to be firmly respected. Respect is a two way street and right now it appears that respect for our laws and traditions are lacking.
Immigration is not a divine right. It is an honor granted by the American people provided you comply with a set of rules and in some instances make a compelling case.

That being said the first and foremost part is public safety. There is no excuse for the flagrant disrespect for the law. Those immigrants who come in and have five disorderly conducts need to go home. Now I am not talking about deporting every immigrant with a joint. However, when you are talking about five arrests excluding idiocy like littering or parking tickets you are a recidivist and don't need to be here.

In essence the administration has set the bar way too high for deportation. The Federal government has refused to do its job enforcing the laws and has forced municipalities to pay the bills for social services and incarceration.
The costs of incarceration, education and social welfare are staggering. It is cheaper to buy first class plane tickets than to pay for educational costs.

There is also the matter of family law and community standards. In some cultures it is acceptable for a thirty year old to romance a young teen. Any law enforcement officer is familiar with these cases. Too often kindly judges error and wink and nod at this vile behavior. This is swept under the rug with hasty marriages and it needs to change. Behavior of this type should be met with swift deportation. If you want to engage in this type of behavior go home and do so. People convicted of this crime should be barred from entering the country for life. In general the laws are way too lax for pedophiles. There are communities where this behavior is widely practiced. Our community standards are not to be disrespected by politically correct judges with no regards to public safety or community standards.

There are places where polygamy is perfectly legal. If you can not respect our laws and traditions there are plenty of places to go. Now there are those who compare polygamy with gay marriage. Two consenting adults is quite different than a group situation.

The Obamunist media is negligent in its reporting on the entire DACA story. Both Republicans and Democrats have allowed the Temporary Status Protection Program. The same countries that have been awarded TPS have the unaccompanied
kids crossing the border. The TPS program needs to be overhauled and other than war a three year limit followed by a return to their country of origin for five years. If a person applies for any other benefit it is double the cost.

Hispanic leaders are demanding Republicans distance themselves from Trump. He is guilty of stating a basic truth about a serious problem in blunt terms. All of these countries are guilty of crass hypocrisy given their own policies on illegal immigration at home. Moreover, being in the USA without a visa or overstaying a visa is still a crime. I have no patience for criminality and even less for those who weren't supposed to be here in the first place. Respect is a two way street and it is apparent that many of the leaders in the Latino community think immigration is a right.
It is an honor granted by following a set of rules.

There are plenty of criminal aliens and green card holders who need to depart. They have failed to comply with the laws of the land. Moreover, politicians of all kinds need to be held accountable for TPS, our joke of an Asylum system and DACA.

It is time to end our family based system with anchor babies and brides. It is time to scrap TPS and overhaul asylum.
It is time to limit endless motion and appeals and fee waivers. All of these excesses are not enough for the left.

Public safety is the first job of government. It's time all of us remembered that.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Bikers vs Commies

In an amazing development, bikers prevented a flag burning in Brooklyn. If I did not have to work I would have show up with a seltzer bottle. The Commies who were burning the flag to protest police violence had to seek police protection. Our NYPD officers are too honorable to allow a tar and feathering of communist and anarchists even though
they deserve it.

Burning objects is unrelated to speech. It is an incitement designed to provoke and goad people into violence. Note Commies need a variety of items to function. They need a whole bunch of terms and front groups to hide their stench. They abuse these causes and whine it's all about whatever. Thus if scores of people shout base antisemitic comments lefties will reflexively state don't let a few jerks ruin the spirit of whatever. Of course if a single person says the N word at a TEA party function every attendee is guilty. As there were scores of cameras at the event and Elijah Cummings is prone to hypocrisy this event likely did not occur. His behavior in the Lois Lerner matter has tarnished his entire career.

In the next Presidency, the issue of IRS abuse should be discussed. If employees do not come forward the entire agency should be subject to a pay and hiring freeze. Lets see how many of Lerners cronies protect her when paychecks
and careers are on the line. In this case the perfidity at the IRS is so severe anyone who is eligible to retire should be forced out